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Cafe Ch. 02

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Sonya dozed a little while Tony slept. She managed to extricate herself from under his arm. The time period between the morning coffee and now had passed in a blur of erotic pleasure. It was now just after midday and she regretted not having a snack when offered. She wasn’t sure if the knot in her stomach was entirely due to hunger or the multiple intense orgasms she had experienced. Either way, she needed sustenance.

She slipped on her light cotton dress and shoes quietly. She consciously neglected her underwear. She knew her bra was in her handbag but she had no idea where her panties resided. She picked up the room key together with her handbag and noiselessly slipped out of the room.

The walk to the café was an experience in itself. She could feel the semen leaking from her, her labia rubbed as she walked heightening her arousal. Sonya was getting horny just walking. She purchased a few light sandwiches from the café, the retailer barely taking his eyes of her breasts as her served her. If asked what colour her eyes he would have no idea.

Sonya returned to the motel room with her food and slipped inside the door as quietly as she had left. She turned to check the bed and was alarmed to see it was empty. She listened for a moment and heard the shower running and assumed his location. She placed the food on the small table, slipped off her dress and shoes and joined him in the small cubicle.

The water was hot and abundant. Tony welcomed her by dragging her in by her arms. She crashed into his chest and was immediately kissed hard on the mouth. He released her from his grip and proceeded to wash her, paying particular attention to those areas he had assaulted with his cock and mouth.

He spent considerable time ensuring that the small strip of pubic hair above her mons was soft and shampooed. He adored the sculptured pubic hair even more than those complete shaved in the Brazilian style. The “landing strip” directed the observer’s gaze to her clitoris hidden under the hood of her folds.

They left the shower cubicle together, Tony toweling Sonya dry with meticulous care. He finished by standing behind her rubbing her hair dry. To Sonya, it was almost like a massage. She closed her eyes, enjoying the attention. Her hair was almost dry.

A soft cloth covered her closed eyes and before she realised, Tony had placed her in a blind fold. She turned unseeing trying to determine what bursa escort was happening; her hands were suddenly cuffed together. Sonya could feel his hands at her neck and realised he was fitting a neck halter.

“Kayak is the safe word, if you’re frightened, say Kayak and I’ll release you” he whispered

Tony led her into the room by gripping the links between the cuffs and her halter. As she was blinded, her other senses were now more acute. Her senses of touch, smell and hearing were at a heightened level. The bed she lay back on was cool to touch. He raised her arms above her head and when he released his grip, she found herself tethered.

In an authoritative voice, he commanded her to roll over onto her stomach. Compliant, she did so and tensed, waiting for the next sensation. When it came, it was soft, barely noticeable. A feather or similar, sliding down her back, slowly. It felt so sensual, she moaned with pleasure as the object slid own her spine, to the cleft of her buttocks. Without realising, she opened her legs, hoping he would toy the feather on her genitals.

Her slight movement was met with a stinging slap across both her buttocks. She whimpered a mixture of pain and pleasure. She clamped her thighs back together as she tensed to the sting. As the pain ebbed, she felt the feather brushing against her calves, then rising slowly from her knees towards her groin. Wedged between her thighs, the feather brushed lightly against her pussy, it felt light a butterfly landing on her butterfly. She felt the feather split her folds and work delicately upwards and outwards.

The sensation was exquisite as it passed the orifice of her vagina, dragged between the clefts of her buttocks and over the anus. Her body shivered to the touch.

Her body temperature was rising. She then felt him between her feet, gripping her ankles.

“On your knees,” he ordered, pushing her ankles forward until she was resting on her knees.

Instinctively, she had also risen up so she was on her hands as well as her knees. She heard the woosh of the lash before she felt it stinging across her buttocks again.

“I said on your knees, not hands and knees”.

She planted her face back onto the bed as ordered. She waited expectantly; the sensuous sting on her buttocks was all she felt, nothing appeared to be happening.

Then suddenly she felt cold on her back, both sides of her spine in the region bursa escort bayan of her kidneys. Nothing further happened for a few moments. The ice was melting quickly, her increased body heat sufficient to cause them to dissolve more rapidly. She could feel the cold fluid run down the sides of her chest. The dribble of fluid ran own the undersides of her pedunculated breasts, over her areolae and drip from the tip of her hard olive like nipples onto the bed.

Her position on the bed, buttocks raised, her vulva exposed, the incredible sensation of cold running across her nipples, helpless as her hands were bound, she purred with pleasure.

She felt a similar cold against her vagina. She concentrated; it felt like an ice block rubbing against her clitoris and vagina. She felt the tug of her halter as he pulled back while he slid the block up and down splitting her labia. Finally she felt pressure against her vagina until it popped inside her.

It felt cool, it felt sensual. The touch of his tongue on her folds sent a quiver through her body. His tongue penetrated her vagina, moving the block around inside her cavity, the melted fluid mixing with her secretions. Sonya could feel the fluid dribble from her cavity as he assaulted her love canal with his tongue. The orgasm wracked her body, her vaginal muscles contracting expelling her juices and the remnants of the ice block. The tension on the halter released and she could hear Tony slurping the mixture from her pussy.

Though the pangs of orgasm were still coursing through her body and mind, she was aware of pressure against her ass. Tony was inserting an ice block into her anus and she could feel his tongue pushing it further inside. Her waning orgasm was accentuated and elongated, audibly confirmed by her extended cry of passion. As the tongue continued to probe her sphincter, another sensation, more orgasm wracking her body until she collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.

She was still convulsing as Tony tipped her on her back. By the time she was fully “mentis compis”, her legs had been tied to the bed legs, spread apart exposing her sex.

She felt him moving on the bed between her knees, the familiar pressure against her vagina of a cock demanding entry, the sensation of that cock penetrating her pussy, the impact of the head of his cock on her cervix. A finger toyed with her clitoris, her arousal increasing again, and her breathing erratic escort bursa and then it happened against. She exploded, the intensity akin to her vagina trying to blow his penetration out of her vagina.

She became vaguely conscious of his weight in her chest. Sonya was still in the land of euphoria. His hands gripped her breasts, clamping them together. She could feel his cock sliding between her breasts. It was hard and she could sense the long strokes as it moving up and down between her compressed globes, but more importantly, she could feel the head bumping against her chin as her masturbated his cock using her tits.

She opened her mouth in the vain attempt to capture the organ orally. She heard his breath becoming raspy, she knew he was close to unloading his semen on her. She desperately wanted to watch him cum and wriggled in a futile attempt to remove the blindfold. Her actions only accentuated the sensation of her breasts on his cock but her attempt to remove the blinding cloth was in vain.

She groaned in disappointment when suddenly the cloth was ripped from her face in time to watch his streams of semen eject from the eye of his cock. Her long period of blindness had caused her pupils to contract, the sudden explosion of light in her eyes provided her a sharpened vision. In optical detail, she watched the long ropes of his cum cover her face, some landing on her lips which were met with her nubile tongue lapping them into her mouth.

His exertions consumed the last of his energy. He collapsed on the bed, face own beside her. He reached up to release her arms from their bonds. Sonya sat up, untied her ankles and draped her body over him. She hugged him until she could hear the rhythmical breathing of his deep sleep.

She quietly showered and dressed. The knickers were still missing, but for all intents and purposes to an observer, she was dressed appropriately. Having her pussy bare after being fucked was a sensation she enjoyed anyway. The sandwiches still sat on the bedside table, she picked up one and slipped it into her hand bag, pecking Tony on the back softly with her lips. She stood and stared longingly for a moment.

She had had plans, but he had managed to usurp them. Not that she was upset, he had ravished her in a manner which could have only dream.

Her legs were wobbly as she exited the room and walked to where her vehicle was parked.

Knickerless, she again enjoyed the sensation as her thighs and flaps rubbed as she walked. There was still ample time to pick up the kids from school, but take-a-way seemed in order tonight. She couldn’t be fucked cooking, she was so fucked.

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