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Cabin Fever , Me

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This story was inspired by Cabin Fever 1 and 2 written by Markf.

* * * * *

I had gone up to Breckinridge, Colorado for a weekend away. I had just broken up with a woman I had been dating. At first the relationship had gone very well. We seemed to be sexually compatible and were beginning to go a little further each time. She had confessed that she liked to be spanked and we had one very hot session where I really spanked her hard until her ass was really red. I got some lotion and rubbed it all over her ass. I began to caress the cheeks of her ass and run my fingers up and down the crack of her ass and across her slit. She started to moan and move her ass up and down. I brought my tongue down and licked around and into her anus until she was begging me to fuck her. She got on all fours and told me to fuck her hard and fast.

She was incredibly wet and I slid in right to the hilt immediately. She started crying out, “This is a great fuck, I love it when you spank me, my ass still feels warm and I loved having your tongue in my ass, fuck me, fuck me… Oh, baby, I’m commmmmingg!!! I wasn’t far behind and we collapsed on the bed. “What a great fuck” she said. “I loved having your tongue in my ass” “I loved doing it I told her” I have a very sensitive ass too. I love having my ass played with”. She didn’t say anything and I never got to experience her tongue in my ass. The problem seemed to be that she would consume at least a bottle of wine before making love. It was as if she had to lose her inhibitions in order to let go. Finally she told me that she really didn’t consider herself a sexual person unless she had been drinking. We ended up breaking up shortly after.

I had a time-share in Breckinridge and could sometimes get in a weekend away from my usual time. This weekend I was lucky and able to get in for two nights. I thought I would go hiking in the mountains and get a good work out to keep my mind off sex. Boy, was I wrong!

It was a beautiful day. The sun was warm, the sky was blue and the trail and the trees were magnificent. I was working up a bit of sweat so I stopped for a rest near a cabin next to the trail. I took out my bottle of water and had a good long drink. Below where I was I could see two cars in front of the cabin below. All of a sudden my mouth dropped open. A naked woman came walking out to one of cars, opened the door and took out an overnight bag and walked back inside. I couldn’t believe it! My curiosity got the better of me and I decided Ankara bayan escort to see if I could get close enough to look inside. I made my way down to the cabin and was able to get to a point where I could see into the living room.

I was elevated a little from the window and in some dense trees so I didn’t think I could be seen. I had a great view and what I saw instantly made my cock as hard as a rock. There were 4 people in the room, 2 men and 2 women, all naked. One of the women seemed to be saying something to the two men who then proceeded to get on the floor in a 69 and take each other’s cocks in their mouths. My shorts were undone and my hand was sliding up and down my hard cock. I had lately been having fantasies about sucking another guy’s cock. I had almost done it a few years ago when I was involved in a MFM threesome. Both women were on the couch playing with themselves. The two men seemed to be really going at it. All of a sudden the one on top pulled away as a huge spurt of cum erupted from the man on the bottom. One of the women stood up and seemed to be cheering.

Maybe they were having a contest. I was very close to cumming myself but before I did the man who had been on the bottom got on all fours, and the other man got into position behind him. One of the women crawled in front of him and he bent his head down into her pussy. The other man was directly behind him and I watched as his cock approached his ass and began to enter him. I could see his cock going in and out of his ass. I let my shorts drop completely and inserted a finger in my own ass. I was in heaven. I imagined that it was my ass being fucked. My cock was slick with precum. I licked two of my fingers of my other hand and inserted them in my ass. I was mesmerized as I watched the two men fucking. I could feel my orgasm coming and all of a sudden the cum flew out of my cock and landed about 4 feet away. I nearly fell over but managed to grab onto a tree and steady myself. It had been one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

I thought I had seen everything but apparently not. I refocused my attention on the window. One of the women had a huge strap-on dildo; it looked like it was about 12 inches long. She knelt behind the man on the floor and slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. My cock was getting hard again. I have been fucked in the ass with a strap-on dildo several times and loved it. It is probably why I got so turned on watching the two men. I think I was ready to try the Escort bayan Ankara “real” thing. The woman continued to fuck the man with her dildo for about five minutes. I could see her reach around with her man and begin to stroke the man’s cock up and down. It didn’t take long for him to come and they collapsed on the floor in a heap.

I was building up to my second orgasm when all of a sudden I lost my footing and went tumbling down the hill. This time I couldn’t catch myself and with my shorts and underwear around my ankles I went head over heels until I crashed into the wall of the cabin. While I was making sure I hadn’t broken anything or damaged the family jewels one of the men and one of the women came out the door onto the deck. I must have looked pretty funny, shorts and underwear still around my ankles, leaves and underbrush all over me and a sheepish grin on my face. The two of them looked at me and then started to laugh. The woman, said, “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have been laughing but you do look kind of funny like that. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I replied, Just a little sore and embarrassed to be caught with my dick hanging out” That’s okay, she said. I supposed we should be flattered. Do you want to come inside and clean up. I followed them inside. The woman announced, “it seems we have a peeping Tom who got all worked up watching us”. They introduced themselves as Mark, Jeff, Deb and Anna. I told them that I was the peeping Brian. We all laughed. I asked if I could use the shower and went in to get cleaned up. The hot water felt great and I was relieved that I did not have any cuts or bruises that I could see. Toweling off my cock started to get hard again wondering if they would want to continue the activities.

I was not disappointed. When I came out of the bathroom they were all still naked sitting on the couch and floor drinking wine. I gratefully accepted a glass of wine and sat on the floor next to Mark. He was the one who I had seen being fucked in the ass. We all started getting comfortable with each other. I started to tell them how I came to see them and I got to the part where I saw Mark and Jeff in a 69. I looked over and noticed that Mark’s cock was starting to get hard. I stopped my story and bent over and took his cock in my mouth. It was so warm. I felt it getting harder in my mouth and I tried to go up and down on the shaft. I put my hand around the base and start to move it up and down the shaft. I shifted position so that I could get more Bayan escort Ankara of Mark’s cock into my mouth.

My ass was up in the air, an inviting target. I saw Jeff get up from the couch and come around behind me. His hands started caressing my ass. I moved my ass around to let him know I was enjoying his touch. I also started to suck harder on Mark’s cock. Then I felt Jeff’s tongue start probing around my anus. I moaned in ecstasy as his tongue entered my asshole. I shoved my ass back against his tongue and moaned again. He lubed up my ass with his saliva and inserted two fingers in my ass. Mark had his hand on the back of my head and was moaning himself. I could feel his balls starting to tighten. I sensed that it would not be too long before he came. Meanwhile Jeff removed his fingers and brought his cock to the entrance of my anus and pushed. I was surprised how easily it went in. I felt so full. Jeff started to move in and out of me slowly. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I really started to suck on Mark’s cock and played with his balls. I reached underneath and started to probe his ass with my finger. He shifted his position so I could get my finger inside him. Jeff really had a rhythm going now.

I was loving it. I took my mouth off of Mar’s cock long enough to tell Jeff how good it felt to have his cock in my ass. I could tell my cock was hard and leaking precum. I had completely forgotten about Deb and Anna. The next thing I knew was there was a warm mouth around my cock. Anna had slid underneath me and was sucking my cock. I looked over to the couch and could see that Deb had a dildo moving in and out of her cunt while she pulled on one of her nipples. The look on her face as she watched Jeff fucking me while I sucked Mark was one of pure lust. I could feel Jeff’s cock begin to swell inside of me and then his hot cum flooded into me. Right about the same time Mark’s cock started to expand in my mouth and his cum spurted into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some of it spilled out of my mouth and ran down my chin. Anna was still sucking on my cock and with the other distractions no longer on my mind I was able to really enjoy the feeling. I had already cum twice earlier so I was surprised to feel the intense pleasure of an impending orgasm. It was an incredible feeling as I emptied my cock into Anna’s mouth.

We all collapsed on the floor and fell sound asleep for several hours. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking and exploring all the various combinations and permutations that only 5 sex crazed people can imagine. I took Deb’s strap-on up my ass while burying my tongue deep into Anna’s ass. I also got to fuck both Mark and Jeff in the ass. Those stories will have to wait for another time.

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