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By Your Side Ch. 01

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Tyler sat there and waited for the bell to ring. ‘Five more minutes, five more minutes till I get out.’

He sat through the boring, lifeless lecture on historical events that now have nothing to do with him. Tyler looked back at Vivan and she air shot herself with her fingers. He giggled a bit and continued doodling on his ‘notes’ then felt his phone buzz. Viv, of course, it said “me. u. shopping after class.” Tyler slowly text back “sure.”

Viv and Tyler have been best friends since the beginning of time. It was odd couple, she was a short 5 foot 3 Asian girl. A bit quirky and weird, but still seemingly attractive. He was around 5 foot 9 black hair that wasn’t too short or long. It was long enough to lightly cover his green eyes and was swept neatly to the right. The bell made Tyler jump a bit in his seat and he got up to meet Vivian.

“So where are we going?” he asked her. Viv always dragged him around. Tyler didn’t seem to mind, unless she made him hold Sakarya Escort her purse.

“Mall, Plaza wherever.” she giggled. “You’re driving.”

“Oh yeah.” He smiled. “I drove us this morning.” Tyler walked down the hallway next to Viv. He saw Jacob Levitt. Every-time he saw him he felt his heart in his throat. Tyler and Jacob used to be amazing friends, until the day Jacob told Tyler he was gay – Then proceded to tell him how much he was in love with him. That left Tyler confused. He wanted him so much, but he can’t be gay. His parents, his family, everyone would be so ashamed.

That’s when Tyler pulled away from Jake. He knew in his heart he couldn’t be around him just as a friend, he had to be more. So he had to stop. Jacob didn’t take it too well. After all he gave him, Tyler just left.

“Hey Jake.” Tyler called out. But no answer. He just looked at him brifely, and walked away. Tyler’s heart sank. Tyler just wanted things Adapazarı Escort the way they used to be.. Maybe even more. He walked idly to the car and sat in the driver seat. Viv sat next to him.

“You okay?” she asked. He just stared out. “If you love him, why can’t you just be with him? He loves you so much, Ty.”

“It’s not that easy. I can’t be with him. And it’s been 6 months. Why the hell would he still love me? I’m such a ass.”

She looked at him, “Jake loves you so much, Ty and you love him. You just don’t know it. He’s loved you forever. Why the fuck can’t you be with him?” she yelled.

“I just can’t.” he said softly. “As much as I love him, I can’t. Do you know what my parents would say? They already give me hell.”

“I don’t understand why you’re still with them either. They treat you like crap.” she looked at you. “Last time it was bad enough you had a broken nose.”

He remembered that day. He had come Serdivan Escort home late and his father was drunk. Tyler didn’t even have time to defend himself. A blow straight to the nose. He packed up his bags and crashed at Viv’s for a few weeks.

They have been sitting in the parking lot for over 15 minutes. “Where are we goin?”

“Uhm… Mall.” she said. “I need a dress.” Viv smiled.

“Ohh. Hot date?” he asked and laughed.

“You don’t remember? Friday? Party?”

“You always have parties. I don’t remeber one weekend you haven’t had a party.” they both laughed.

“And guess who’s going to be there?” she smiled. Tyler already knew the answer to that.

“Jake Levitt?”

“Yes! And you’re going no matter what. I don’t care! I’m dragging your ass there.” she looked at his face, his reaction was blank. “Ty, sweetie?”

“I can’t go. Everytime I’m around him, I feel so much guilt. I want him so badly.” he wimpered.

“Then you need to go get him. Who cares what your parents think? If they don’t support you, you still have me and everyone else by your side,”

And he’d hate to admit it, but Vivian was so right. “Off to the mall!” she peeped, “We need some outfits. The party is in three days.”

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