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By The Pool

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It was a beautiful day in spring and I was home alone. It was probably the best weather we’d had for months and I decided to take advantage of it. With summer coming up I’d be spending a reasonable bit of time at the beach and I wanted to get a start on my tan. And I didn’t want any tan lines. They tend to spoil things. So I was going to spend this nice hot afternoon sunbaking by our pool – naked.

It had a lovely naughty sound to it, that word – naked. However, there wouldn’t be anything really naughty in what I’d be doing. Mind you, I’m eighteen, so if I wanted to do a few naughty things I could, but I hadn’t really reached that point in my life. Soon, possibly. Probably, I guess. I’m just as interested in various unknown aspects of life as anyone else and would eventually be exploring those aspects. Just not today.

I grabbed a beach towel, spread it out on the grass next to our pool, stripped off and laid back to enjoy the sun. I’d hear the car when my parents returned, so I’d have plenty of warning to get dressed again. Our fences were high enough to ensure that our yard wasn’t overlooked, so I was quite safe.

I relaxed, lying back, eyes closed, soaking in the sun. I had the radio playing and a bottle of cold water. Tie a string and a cork to the bottle and drop it in the pool and the water stays cold. When you want a drink you just grab the cork and pull up the bottle. Good as having a fridge.

It was a pleasant way to spend a lazy Saturday. I turned over a couple of times, getting a light even tan, remembering to use a bit of sunscreen so that I only tanned, not burned. A little sunburn can ruin your whole day. And the ensuing week. I’d found that out the hard way.

Lying back, eyes closed, I could tell when a small cloud passed over the sun. I could literally feel the shadow on my face, so when a shadow fell on my face I just waited for the cloud to pass. It didn’t. It just seemed to settle in front of the sun, shading me. The forecast was for a clear sunny day, and it irked me to have this cloud shadowing me. I opened my eyes to look at it and try to estimate its size.

Oh, my, fucking, god. The ‘cloud’ was about size foot tall and standing next to me, blocking the sun. I suddenly really understood what naked meant. I made some sort of squeaking sound and my hands darted very quickly to cover my breasts and pussy.

“Now don’t do that,” the intruder said, speaking in a nice, warm, friendly voice. “I was enjoying the view.”

(By this time I’d recognised the man. It was Mike, one of my father’s assistants.)

With that comment, Mike reached down, took my wrists, not seeming to notice that his hands also brushed against my breasts and loins while doing so, and just casually moved my hands back to my sides.

“Ah, my father’s not home,” I said, hoping he’d take the hint and go away.

“I sort of guessed that when I saw you out here, dressed so becomingly,” he told me, smiling, and it seemed to me that what I had always thought was a very nice smile was really a fiendish smirk.

I suddenly felt like a total idiot. Not only was I naked but I’d just informed Mike that I was all alone. All I need was a little sign saying ‘Rape Me’, because I was quite sure that that was about to happen.

Mike must have seen my sudden trepidation, because that nasty smile of his seemed to get even nastier.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, sounding suavely polite. “Afraid I might take advantage? Don’t worry about it. I’m not going to rape you.”

Damn it all, I have to learn to keep my big mouth shut. I had felt most peculiar when he said he wasn’t going to rape me. Relief that he wasn’t going to and insulted that he wasn’t. I as near as damnit blurted out, “Why not?” Wouldn’t that have gone down a treat?

“Yes, well, um, I’d like you to leave, please, so that I can get dressed,” I told him, speaking firmly but politely. “If you care to wait up at the house I’ll be along shortly.”

“Now, Maria, just because I’m not going to ravish you doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy looking at you for a while. Maybe even tasting you a little.”

With that comment he sank down onto the grass next to me and I could practically feel his eyes running over me. He ran his thumb lightly over my lips, pulling my lower lip down slightly. Then he kissed me. It was just a light kiss, his lips just lightly brushing against mine, but I felt his tongue moving against the inside of my lips, doing his tasting.

After kartal otele gelen escort that he sat up again and his thumb traced back over my lips. Difference was, this time, after he dragged my lower lip down a little, he released it and his hand kept on moving down until his palm glided softly across my breasts.

Just as gently as you like his hand soothed its way across my breasts, and I could feel my nipple tugging against his rough hand. His hand trailed from one breast to the other, just a light touch, but boy, I knew it was there. Then his thumb rolled each of my nipples around, teasing them erect.

He shouldn’t be doing that and he knew it. I knew it, too, and told him so.

“Stop it,” I said, trying to speak firmly but barely whispering the words. “You know you shouldn’t be doing that.”

I can’t help feeling that my protests would have been a bit more forceful if he’d been rougher, greedier, but I found I quite enjoyed the soft brush of his hands on my breasts. At least, he listened to me and shifted his hand.

That’s a plus, right? Wrong. He also shifted his head, lowering it to capture one nipple with his teeth. He gently bit down, holding it, while his tongue washed over it. After a moment, a very long moment, his mouth slid across my breasts, seeking and finding my other nipple, which promptly got the same service.

I pushed at him, moving his head away from my breasts.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I demanded. “I said stop it.”

“Tasting you, the way I said I would,” he came back swiftly. “And I don’t want to stop. Not yet. You taste like honey and cream.”

He started kissing me again, effectively silencing any protest, while his hand closed over my breast again. He kept on doing that. I’d push his hands away and his mouth wreaked havoc on my breasts. I pushed his head away and his hands were back again, teasing and tantalising. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to protest, my breasts seeming to be highly pleased with the attention.

I made one last determined effort. I pushed his hands away, saying, “Leave my breasts alone.”

I don’t make small mistakes, and saying that was a mistake, for two reasons. One, he left my breasts alone and I found myself missing the attention. Two, his hand settled upon my mound and I suddenly had a lot more unwanted attention.

I’d have protested, loud and long, but Mike was ahead of me. Even as his hand settled on my mons and started massaging, his mouth settled on mine and shut me up while he kissed me. My hips did sort of bounce up off the ground in shock, but even that he use to his advantage, letting my upwards bounce help guide his hand between my legs until his hand neatly cupped my entire mound.

From that point on things went rapidly downhill. When Mike finally freed my lips it was only so he could start nibbling on my breasts again, but by that time I was so aware of what his delicate touch was doing to my pussy and internal flesh that I was struggling to form a coherent thought, let alone form any sentences.

“You can’t keep touching me like this,” I finally managed to wail. “It’s just not fair.”

With that he reared up slightly, looking at me with a serious expression.

“You’re right,” he said. “Let me make it up to you.”

With that he took my hand and placed it on his groin. Oh, hell, why beat about the bush. He slapped my hand smack down onto his cock, which was both erect and free of his trousers. He closed my hand over it and then returned to bedevilling me. Now what was I supposed to do?

I’d never really paid much attention to a man’s privates before. I knew all about them, in theory. I knew I’d get closer acquainted with one sometime soon, but that was also only in theory and supposedly in some hazy future date. This was the here and now. Theory said nothing about finding myself starkers in the middle of my yard, while a man chewed on my breasts and probed my pussy, clearly expecting me to attend to his cock. Attend to it how, pray tell?

It seemed to me that as Mike seemed to feel he had the right to thoroughly explore my body, I might as well do a little exploration of my own. I moved my hand up and down his cock, getting a feel for it. It was big and hot and it felt awfully hard. He made a funny noise when I rubbed the end of it, just rolling it around in my hand as though polishing a doorknob. I did that a second time and istanbul kartal escort he muttered something rude, with a sort of gasp in his voice. I giggled and explored further, tracing it all the way down to his testicles. I wonder what would happen if I squeezed them? Unfortunately I was a little too nervous (and a little too distracted) to find out.

The only thought that really registered with me was thanks that he was only going to feel me, not rape me. I had a feeling that his cock would split me in half if he stuck it in me. I decided that I’d find a smaller one for my first time.

While I had been tentatively familiarising myself with Mike’s cock there had been nothing tentative about his assault on my private parts. His exploration had been so thorough he probably knew them better than I did. Every little touch (and there were a lot of them and not so little either) was stirring me up and arousing me. When he finally drew back I was a mess, just lying there, quivering, one hand clutching his cock.

I blush to admit that when Mike pulled back he practically had to pry my hand off his cock. I just didn’t notice I was still clutching it. I just lay there looking at him, feeling stunned, not even noticing that he was moving my legs a lot further apart.

I damn well noticed when he moved between them and started brushing his cock back and forth along my slit, rubbing it against my swollen lips.

“You said you weren’t going to rape me,” I protested, trying to squirm away from that monster.

“And I won’t,” Mike calmly replied. “Do you want me to stop?”

And with that the son-of-a-bitch just smiled at me, still brushing his cock back and forth against my lips. Lips which I could tell were pursed and wet and reaching for him. How dare he put it on me? A gentleman would have just ravished me on the spot, ignoring my protests.

On second thoughts, a gentleman would never put me in this sort of position, but that didn’t help me now. What the hell did I say? If I said stop he just might, and then where would I be – extremely frustrated. But I couldn’t say yes, not really. I was reduced to spluttering and glaring at him.

“Seeing you’re not saying no, I think I’ll just push in a little,” said Mike softly. “You can just say stop when enough is enough.”

With that Mike seemed to flex his fingers and pull my lips further apart and the head of his cock slipped between them. He took his hand away and my lips just closed around him, holding him.

I was looking down at where his cock was entering with a certain degree of consternation. I hadn’t said he could, but neither had I said he couldn’t, and he’d given me the chance. Was I agreeing or not? I decided I could afford to let him go in just a little more before I had to decide.

Boy, can I call them wrong. I thought I’d just wait a moment and feel his cock press against my hymen. My assessment of Mike made me think he wouldn’t just force his way though, he’d give me one last chance to back out, and I was going to take it. I really was. Unfortunately, that whole plan was based on the assumption that my hymen was some sort of barrier that had to be broken through. It turned out to be a bubble that faded and was gone as soon as Mike’s cock touched it, and I suddenly had this whacking great cock advancing majestically down my passage.

It was far too late to call a halt now. I just lay there, eyes glued to where Mike was slowly pushing into me. That damn cock looked every bit as huge as it had felt, and I could already feel it deep inside me and going even deeper. I could feel my passage wrapped around him, softly clinging and also softly yielding to his hardness and more of him surged forward.

I was fortunate, in that Mike was taking his time, letting me adjust, giving me time and room to stretch and accommodate him. Once again, it was theory that said that a woman would stretch to take the man, but not something that I’d practised. Now I was finding out the truth behind the theory, and my poor passage was being stretched in all direction trying to take Mike.

There came one last push and Mike’s groin was flat against mine, the big difference between us hidden inside me. I transferred my eyes to his face, not sure how I felt about this. Appalled that I’d yielded so easily, eager to see what was next, pleased that it felt so good, indignant that Mike could actually do this to me.

He smiled kartal rus escort at me, and if he’d been smug I’d have slapped him, but he just looked content and happy for me.

“Keep watching,” he said softly.

With that I felt him moving inside me. I looked down and I could see him slowly pulling out of me, his cock dragging against my passage. Its hot hardness was scraping along, passing gentle vibrations deeper into me. I watched and it came out until Mike was rearing above me, his cock just barely inside me. Then he drove back down, sliding rapidly back into its hot wet burrow, driving home rapidly.

Looking back, I guess I was making funny noises when Mike first drove into me, but I don’t really remember them. This time, feeling that monster lancing back at full speed, that basketball sized head rubbing against me as he drove in, I squealed loudly. (OK. I know it wasn’t really the size of a basketball, but might I point out that it was inside me, not you. I’m just telling you my impression of what was happening.)

This time I knew that Mike was laughing at me. I could see it in his eyes when I looked at him. Then he was pulling out and I tensed and looked down, waiting for that next fierce drive. And waited. And waited some more. Then I looked back at Mike, wondering what was going on. He had the gall to wink at me and I was shrieking again as he drove down.

For the next few minutes Mike teased me, driving me around the bend. He’d pull out and then push back in hard. Or maybe not. He’d make me wait a moment. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

He finally settled in to a slow rhythm, encouraging me to move with him. After a few false starts I got the hang of it and we started moving very nicely together. Mike didn’t seem to be in any hurry and, while I was quite prepared to hurry things along, I didn’t really know how or what I wanted. I had to let Mike do all the running.

The whole thing felt fantastic, and it kept on getting better. I’d stopped squealing when he thrust into me at about the same time as he started the gentler rhythm. This doesn’t mean I was silent. I was giving soft little cries of pleasure as he took me, the cries getting slightly louder as the pleasure increased.

I’ve no idea how long he was ravishing me. Some of my friends have confided it’s all over real fast but it sure didn’t seem that way to me. Mike just seemed to keep going and going, driving me slowly out of my mind with pleasure.

After a while I seemed to reach a point where the pleasure couldn’t go any higher without something giving, and then Mike seemed to be able to hold me at that point. I thing I was almost gibbering, desperate for relief when Mike gave this groan. Next thing I knew he started in on me, pounding away at me like a mad thing. I tried to keep up with him but the extra exertions were too much and I was just swept away, trying to scream but finding I had no voice or breath. I could feel Mike jerking and bouncing on top of me and I knew he was ejaculating inside me. I could feel his seed splashing into me. (Thank god for the pill. I’ve been on it for years.)

When I had my wits about me I found Mike lying on the grass next to me. He looked amazing content. Actually, I have to admit he looked the way I felt, sort of smug and glowing. It had been a most interesting experience. He, I noticed, had tidied up his clothing. I, on the other hand, was still lying there, letting it all hang out. Mike’s hand was on my breast, gently stroking it.

He must have felt me stir because he sat up and looked at me. All of me, his eyes travelling all the way down my body and back up to my face.

“I’d better be going,” he said. “If your dad gets back and finds us like this he’ll go ape-shit all over me and I wouldn’t want that to happen. A word of warning. If you’re going to sunbathe like that, make sure the side gates are properly closed and locked. You never know what sort of riff-raff may wander in.”

I wasn’t so sure about that. I’d just found out the sort of riff-raff that might wander in and the things they might do to my poor helpless little body. I kept my mouth shut though. Let him sound all manly and bossy.

Mike gave my breast one last squeeze before rising to his feet.

“This might have been a first,” he said, “but I can guarantee it won’t be the last time this happens. I’ll be visiting you again. You have my word on that.”

“That doesn’t mean that I’ll agree to anything,” I pointed out.

“That’s OK. You don’t have to make any promises or agree to anything. As long as you don’t disagree I’m sure we’ll do very well.”

I wanted the last word, but damned if I could think of anything to say. I just lay there, watching him go, wondering when he’d be back and what would happen. It could, I decided, be interesting.

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