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By The Fire

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Big Tits

We had been looking forward to this weekend all week. We were going up into the mountains to camp with some friends. We’d know Patrisha and Carl for years. Carl had been the best man at our wedding and when he finally got involved in a steady relationship, Dale and I were very happy for him. Patrisha and I hit if off wonderfully. Sometimes a little too wonderfully. There had been several times over the past few months that Patrisha had gotten a little touchy-feely and sometimes it made me nervous. I have never been a prude. I love sex and everything to do with sex. I just had never really thought about having sex with a woman. Could I? I didn’t know. I knew she was interested in me, but I hadn’t been with a woman before and I had told her that. My running joke with her was- I was so straight, I didn’t bend when I sat down. I had never even fantasized about being with another woman. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what this trip would bring. I lifted the whiskey bottle out of the basket and looked at it, thinking that it might cause more trouble than fun. With a sigh, I pushed it back into the bottom of the basket and covered it over.

When Dale got home I was ready for him. We loaded everything up into the Jeep and I jumped in and gave him a deep kiss. I pulled his tongue into my mouth and sucked on it deeply, my hand stroked across his jean-covered cock. It twitched and pressed hard against his pants.

“Stop that, or we’ll never get to the mountains!” He laughed. “Oh, and you started early, eh? Is that Southern Comfort I tasted on your mouth?”

I have him a sheepish grin and said, “Well, I want to have a fun weekend.”

“Yeah, so does Patrisha I bet,” he laughed and pulled the Jeep onto the road.

“Is that a problem?” I asked, looking down and pulling at the top of my boots.

“You know it isn’t. You are your own woman. I’d never stop you from doing anything you wanted to do.” He answered.

“Who said I wanted to do anything?” I asked and smiled, then turned on the radio and turned it up loud. It worked to change the topic and we sang along with the radio and talked about what I’d brought to eat and how much fun the trip would be.

Dale loved to harass me about Patrisha. He thought her playfulness around me was hilarious. He’d just sit back and watch with this dippy grin on his face when she’d make some comment about women and sex and leer at me, and I’d squirm and change the topic. They both thought this was amusing. Carl would just laugh and not say anything. I never did know his take on the subject.

If I had been interested in girls, Patrisha would have been a good candidate. She was cute, with curly, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She was much shorter than my 5’7″, at about 5’1″ and she was very buxom and curvy. She had a little meat on her bones and it looked very good on her. She was always confident and self-assured, something I admire and strive for, mostly unsuccessfully. We could talk for hours and I considered her a very good friend and a great person to hang out with. She was always a ball of fun!

We arrived before they did and pitched the tent and organized the equipment. As I was unpacking the last of the items from the Jeep, I heard tires on the gravel road and saw Carl and Patrisha waving out the truck windows.

“Hey baby!” She yelled and laughed.

“Hey gorgeous!” I yelled back, laughing “about time you showed up! We were just packing to go home. We had all the fun we could take and decided we needed a break!”

“Hey! There will be NO fun before I get here!” She said sternly and then laughed as she exited the truck and came over to give me a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. I hugged back and smiled. She hugged Dale and made a comment about how he looked like he’d been losing weight. He just beamed. It was good to have people like her and Carl in our lives.

We parked our butts on the picnic table and began chatting away as the guys worked to set up their tent. “Ya bring anything to drink?” She said, her eyes sparkling. “Of course, brand new bottle of SC,” I scoffed. I took another look into her eyes and realized. “And just what did you bring, girl? That’s not whiskey that’s made your eyes red and shiny” I laughed as she stuck her hand into her pocket and pulled out a handful of neatly rolled joints.

“Oh geez, just don’t tell Dale. You know how he hates for me to do that shit.” I said.

“Does that mean you don’t want to, Leigh?” She feigned a pout.

“I didn’t say that, hon. Just don’t get me in trouble.” I said.

She leaned her body into me, her face just inches from mine, so close I could smell the marijuana on her breathe, and said “I’d never do anything to hurt you, baby.”

My head swooned and my heart started pounding. The table shook with a large *THUD* as Dale dropped a cooler onto it. “Hey girls, ya wanna get dinner started before it gets dark?” He asked. He and I exchanged glances, neither one betraying anything.

“Sure, steaks ok?” Patrisha asked and she hopped up quickly and started rummaging thru the cooler.

She and I worked Kuşadası Escort together on dinner as the guys finished up setting camp. We all ate very well on steaks, fried potatoes and onions, and corn on the cob. I had made a last minute stop at a small store just before the mountains and bought a half-gallon of Moose Tracks ice cream. It was a favorite of Patrisha’s and of Dale’s. I dug it out of the bottom of the cooler and we all sat around the tub of ice cream with our spoons and ate quickly as it started to get melty. We laughed and fought for the goodies in the ice cream as the night started to fall.

We built up the fire for a roaring blaze. The spot we had picked to camp was very secluded, and it was quiet. The crackling of the logs and the gentle chirp of the crickets were the only sounds.

We all sat there in silence for a while, just soaking in the gentle night breeze. Finally, Patrisha broke the silence, “Hey, I need to go to the bathroom, wanna come?” She said to me. I nodded and noticed that she reached into her purse and pulled out her lighter on the way to the trail. I grinned and followed along behind her.

When we reached the bathroom, she reached behind me and locked the door, dug into her pocket and pulled out the bag of joints. “Courtesy of Pete”, she said and grinned.

“How’s he doing?” I asked, “I half expected him to be here.”

“I’m mad at him! We told him he could use the house while we were in Florida. When we got home, he told me that he had borrowed one of my toys, but that he had cleaned it well afterwards.”

“Your toys?” I asked, but knew.

“Yeah, he brought one of his skanky whores into my bedroom, took one of my vibrators and used it on her. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I just threw them all out and made Carl buy me new ones!” She laughed.

I just rolled my eyes and reached for the now lit joint she held out to me. I inhaled deeply, feeling the acrid smoke fill my lungs and held it there as long as I could without turning blue and passing out. I let the smoke come out my nose slowly and immediately felt my body responding to the drug. I giggled and put an arm out to brace myself against the wall. I have no drug or alcohol tolerance. I’m a real “cheap date”. Patrisha laughed at me and took a toke herself, then passed it back.

“Hey, you got your lipstick on it! What kinda person wears lipstick on a camping trip?” I harassed her.

“What kind of person wears expensive leather boots on one?”, she pointed to my feet.

“Touché” I said and handled her back the joint after taking another long drag.

We stood there, harassing each other, and finished off that cigarette and another before heading back to camp.

We both tripped and giggled our way back, holding onto each other for support along the trail. I was very pleasantly buzzed by the time we arrived at the fire.

“Anybody want a drink?” Patrisha asked as she headed for the cooler, “I brought some Goldslauger”.

“I’ll have some Southern, if you wouldn’t mind getting it,” I said. The guys both opted for beers.

We started drinking and within the hour, everyone was feeling good.

“Ok, who’s up for Truth or Dare?” Patrisha asked, her eyes sparkling.

The men both agreed to play and everyone looked for my reaction. I finished off my glass of whiskey and just sat there.

“Am I gonna have to tickle you?” Patrisha asked and started to get out of her chair.

“No, no!” I laughed, “I’ll play.” I knew I was gonna regret this.

“Truth or Dare?” Trisha asked Dale.

“Truth” he answered.

“Where’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?”

“My old boss’s office, on the floor and desk, ” he said.

I grinned, remembering that night.

Carl got to ask me a question and I opted for truth.

“What’s your wildest fantasy?”

I blushed in the near darkness and hoped no one could tell from the firelight.

“Ummm, I’d like to watch 2 men having sex.” I said

Dale shook his head and laughed. Carl said “I hope you aren’t wanting me to have sex with this bum!” He hit Dale in the arm. They both laughed and the questions continued.

When they got back to me, it was Patrisha’s turn to ask.

“Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever wanted to have sex with another woman?”

“Make that dare!”

The laughter erupted and was loud.

“Oh, come on. I wanna know,” she continued.

I rolled my eyes and said, “Well, I’m a pervert, you know that. Maybe. Well, not really.”

“That’s not an answer, but we’ll let it go until the next round,” she said and frowned.

I stood up, wobbly and announced “I gotta pee!”. Everyone laughed and I started towards the bathroom. I sat there longer than I needed to, just trying to sober up and collect my thoughts. When I started out the door, I almost ran into Patrisha.

“You ok?” She asked.

I nodded and smiled.

She stoked her fingertips across my face and said “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t,” I lied, “I really had Kuşadası Escort Bayan to pee.” I laughed.

I stepped out of the doorway to let her pass me, and as I did, our breasts brushed. I shuddered involuntarily and she just smiled.

“Want me to wait for you?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said thru the closed door.

We walked back to camp in silence. The boys were talking and laughing as we approached.

“Everything all right?” Dale asked looking at me.

“Just fine,” Patrisha answered. I nodded to him.

We continued the game. I had made up my mind as to how I was going to handle it. When it came time for my next question. I said “Dare” right off. Carl told me to make out with Dale and grope his groin. I grinned ear to ear and said “piece of cake”. We really put on a show for them; Dale grabbed my ass as I leaned over to kiss him and I rubbed his groin with my hands and ground my breasts into his chest as our tongues dueled. We kissed for several minutes before Patrisha said “Ok, ok, stop it before you two start having sex right here!” and laughed.

I broke the kiss and said to her, “would that be a problem?”

The game continued. My next one came from Patrisha.

“I want you to dance in front of the fire.”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrows and stood up and shrugged my shoulders.

“…Bottomless,” she continued.

I sat back down.

“Of course if you are chicken, we can end the game right here.”

I looked her in the eyes. It was a direct challenge, a dare, and she knew me well enough to know that I’d have to do it now. I had always been too damned stupid to walk away from a dare.

“Do I get to wear my boots?”

Our eyes met and she smiled and nodded yes.

I looked at Dale and then at Carl. Everyone was expressionless and waiting to see what I would do. Between the pot and the alcohol, my inhibitions were gone. I pulled off my boots and stood up. I unzipped my jeans and the guys whistled.

“Shut up” I warned. They did.

I pulled my jeans down off my hips and sat down, pulling each leg off at a time, then crumbled my jeans onto my lap. The air was cold on my bear ass. I reached back down and pulled on my boots.

“You and those damned boots” Patrisha teased.

Somehow those boots made me feel more secure and less naked. Black leather calf boots, soft as a baby’s bottom and well oiled. I knew that wearing them camping was silly, but somewhere deep down I felt I needed them with me on this trip.

I stood again and rolled the jeans then turned around, giving everyone a glimpse of my naked ass and sat them in my chair. I looked at Dale, then at Patrisha, and started my semi naked, drunken dance around the fire. I don’t know if it was the absolute absurdity of the situation, the drugs and alcohol, or the sudden arousal I felt at my own nudity, but I started to swing my hips and ass and really get into the dance. I stopped in front of Dale and straddled one of his legs and ground my naked pussy against his thigh. He pulled me into a kiss and grabbed both my breasts and squeezed them. I broke the kiss after a minute and pulled back and resumed my dance. I paused only briefly in front of Carl and he playfully reached around and smacked my ass. I continued and stopped in front of Patrisha. Her face was flushed and her eyes were shiny. I put my hands behind my head and did a little bump and grind in front of her face.

“I didn’t know you shaved,” she commented, breathlessly.

“Yup,” I said and danced back, turning my ass towards her and wiggling it and laughing.

Her hands were both on my ass, squeezing and massaging. When I felt a hand between my legs, I pulled back and turned around. She reached out and grabbed my blouse, and pulled me towards her. I laughed and grinned at her. I grabbed both the arms on the chair she was sitting in, and leaned there in front of her.

“Yes?” I asked, looking her hard in the eyes. She grabbed my shirt collar and started pulling me down towards her face.

“This is it,” I thought, “I am going to actually kiss another woman”

My lips parted and I closed my eyes and promptly fell face forward onto her husband’s lap!

I got up quickly, noting that he has been rock hard, and profusely apologized, and blushed. The tension of the moment was broken and everyone laughed, as I fell backwards onto my naked ass.

“I’m drunk,” I said to people who already knew that. I scurried back to my seat, grabbed my jeans and tried unsuccessfully to put them on while still wearing my boots. I sat down, pulled the jeans back off, threw my boots high into the air after pulling them off, and quickly pulled my jeans back on. I sat down hard and looked around for my boots.

“How bad do you want them?” Patrisha teased, holding my pair of boots in her hands.

I walked over to her, the rough ground hurting my feet, stood in front of her, leaned down to kiss her and at the last second, turned my head and kissed her on the cheek, while grabbing my boots out of her hands, and Escort Kuşadası quickly pulling away.

“Hey, you cheated!” she wailed and laughed.

Things started to settle down as we all finished our drinks and started arranging our bedding and things. I was grateful that Carl and Patricia had brought their own tent, instead of everyone just piling into ours. After tonight’s games, that would have been a bit too much. I wondered if I was going to get a lecture or if Dale was going to be mad. I knew that watching two women together had never been a fantasy of his, unlike a lot of men. His biggest fantasy was to see me with another man, and since I wanted to see him with one as well, we had discussed a ménage a trios with a bisexual guy. It had been discussed several times, but always stayed in the ‘talk about’ stages. Neither of us had a problem with any of the emotional of social aspects of the suggested idea, but neither or us had pushed it yet either. That was down the road some. We both knew we’d do it someday, just not anytime soon.

We undressed and crawled into the double sleeping bag we shared. He pulled me against his warm body as I shivered. He stroked my hair and kissed me.

“You and Patrisha have been smoking.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah,” I said softly. Pause. “Are you mad at me?”

“No, just be careful, ok?”

“I love you, baby,” I said and hugged him tightly, pressing my face against his hairy chest.

Just then strange sounds invaded the dark night air.

*smack**smack**smack* followed by low, deep moans.

I chuckled to myself, remembering that during the truth or dare game earlier, Patrisha had confessed to a particular fetish to us all. She used to engage in phone sex a lot on a party line and had picked up this fetish while ‘dating’ a guy on the phone. He liked to hear her smack her pussy. At first, she said she had thought the guy was nuts, but she grew to really like it and she had Carl do it often.

I had thought it a little odd, but now, hearing her moans and groans as she got her pussy smacked, I could hear she really got into it.

Dale and I were laughing, trying to keep it down, then he reached down between my legs and said “If they are gonna put on a show, we should too!”

I laughed, “Oh, hell yeah!”

He crawled down into the sleeping bag and I felt his beard brush down my chest and stomach as he slowly kissed his way towards my now very wet pussy. It was really getting to me, listening to my friends play just a few feet away from our tent.

I arched my back and let out a low howl as I felt Dale’s lips brush against the lips of my pussy. He pressed his tongue slowly inside, parting my wet lips and pulling his tongue up and down from my sobbing hole up to my clit in long slow laps.

“Oh god, yes!” I gasped.

I heard the tent next to ours grow quiet, then some giggling, and a resume of the *smack**smack**smack*. They had obviously heard me. “Oh well,” I thought, “its not like ya’ll were trying to be quiet, yourselves!”

I felt Dale’s hand reach under my ass and lift me up towards his mouth, really digging his face into my pussy. I moaned again, forgetting about anything else, but his wonderful mouth licking and sucking at my most delicate parts. He buried his nose in my pussy and quickly shook his face back and forth, his tongue wedged deeply into me. He dug is fingers into the cheeks of my ass and I ground up into his face and screamed as my body started to shake as the first tinglings of my orgasm welled up from my pussy. My muscles contracted around his tongue and I grabbed his head in both my hand and pushed his face deeper into my trembling pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh” I gasped out loud, and followed the low moans by a scream. The sounds in the next tent changed abruptly from the smacking sounds to the unmistakable noises of bodies colliding. Patrisha was having her own little moaning session and the cool night air was filled with the panting, moaning and light squeals we women were both making.

Dale pulled himself up and, with one deep stroke, plunged his hard cock deep into my already dripping pussy. I wrapped both of my legs around his body and pulled his face down and kissed him deeply, my lips sucking and pulling on his tongue. He fucked me roughly and hard. His cock pulling back out of my body then thrusting deeply with each stroke. His breath was coming in gasps and I knew that it wasn’t going to be long before he came. I clenched my pussy muscles around his cock, milking it.

I heard Carl suddenly yell and started to giggle. Dale laughed a little laugh and keep on with what he was doing, plunging his cock harder and faster into me. I realized the noises in the next tent had ended but our own bodies slapping could still be heard, as well as my moaning and whimpering. Never being one to be quiet, and still feeling a bit drunk, I decided to milk it for all it was worth and got louder. My moans carried thru the night air. I heard a distant coyote start to howl. Laughing, I joined the coyote and let out a long howl, like a she wolf in heat. Dale’s body had just started tensing and his cock jerking inside me when I let off the howl. His laugh was cut off by his body’s jerking motions as his cock twitched and released its load of cum deep in my pussy. He was quiet until he finished cumming, then started laughing loudly.

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