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Buying a Rabbit

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Tonight was going to be another long night alone for Mary. Her husband was out trucking three or four states away, she could never remember. He’d phone and tell her but she had stopped keeping track a while ago. It was just another night in her home. Alone. And horny.

She felt the ache in her, the moistness that started in her vulva and leaked out of her, drip by drip. Mary was tall and attractive and her husband, Ken, loved her dearly. And when he was home, sex with him was incredible. Their lovemaking was explosive. And anything they wanted to try, Both Mary and Ken were willing.

She thought about the last time they were together, how he had bent her over the arm of the sofa chair and shoved his hardness into her. Roughly. He had pounded her with force and passion, his hips slapping into her soft, rounded ass cheeks as she pushed against him, moaning with pleasure. His hard dick pumped into her soaking wet, engorged pussy over and over again. Just the thought of him taking her that way made her wet all over again and she pushed her hand under her jeans and inside her panties to touch her wetness.

God, I’ve got to do something or I’ll go insane, she thought to herself as she felt her swollen clitoris with her fingers. She pulled her slick hand back out of her jeans and grabbed her purse and coat. An idea had been forming in her mind for two days now and tonight she was going to do something about it.

The car started easily and she backed out of the driveway.

“Just a short trip,” she said to herself. She was nervous at doing what she was considering as this wasn’t like her but enough is enough, she thought.

The sex shop was just a few blocks from her home and she drove there quickly and parked. She got out and nervously approached the store. Once inside she looked around and saw all the sexy clothes, creams and lotions on display.

No one else was in the store but the clerk. She was a mousy, young woman, slightly overweight with enormous breasts, barely contained in a loose blouse.

The woman smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Amanda. Can I help you?”

Mary glanced around the store again and saw the displays of toys further back.

“Um, yes, I think so,” she replied nervously, glancing at the clerk. “I’m looking for a marital aid.” She knew that sounded lame and glanced at the clerk again.

“Ok,” Amanda responded. “Well, we have teddies. Men love it when we dress provocatively for them. We have oils and creams for massaging and lubricating you and him. We have erotic videos for stimulating you and him. And we have sex toys for both of you.”

Mary blurted out, “I’d like to look at a toy.”

“For you or him?” Amanda asked.

“For me,” Mary admitted, blushing slightly.

“Oh, well let me show you.” Amanda led her to an extensive display. There were pocket vibes, bullets, vibrating eggs, dildos, almost anything imaginable.

“Uh, I’m not sure,” Mary said to the clerk. She was now openly Sefaköy escort bayan blushing as she had never done anything like this before.

Amanda said,” Well, this is my favourite,” and pulled a package off the shelf. Inside was a cock-shaped device about 6″ long. It was narrow with beads all around the shaft and a small cylinder attached to one side with two small prongs on the end of it.

“It’s called a rabbit,” Amanda said, her voice suddenly husky. “This thing will send you into orbit. I have massive orgasms with it every time I use it.”

Mary glanced at the clerk again. She appeared to be slightly flushed and Mary noticed that under the loose blouse, Amanda’s nipples had hardened and were slightly protruding into the light material of her blouse.

Wow, Mary thought, just the thought of using this thing was turning the woman on.

“I’ll take it,” Mary offered.

“Ok, let’s get that for you, then,” said Amanda. She led Mary to the counter and informed her that all sales were final.

“I’ll just test this quickly to ensure that it’s working properly,” Amanda offered as she opened the package. She inserted the batteries and turned it on. There was a control for rotating the phallus, one for rotating the beads inside the cock and one for vibrating the clit massager.

“All of these have lower and higher settings,” Amanda explained. Mary noticed that the woman’s nipples were pushing hard into the material of her blouse now.

“Do you need batteries?” the clerk asked.

“Yes, I’ll take some.” Mary answered. That way I can hurry home and not make another stop, she thought. Mary paid the clerk and left the store with her purchases.

“Have a good night,” Amanda called after her.

As Mary climbed into her car, she noticed the clerk lock the door, flip over the sign on the door so it read closed, and hurry back to the counter. She grabbed something from underneath and hurried to the back and out of sight. That looked like a toy, Mary thought. She must be as horny as I am.

Mary rushed home, parked the car and ran into the house. She slammed and locked the door and started stripping out of her clothes right in the hall. Off came her jeans and stockings, she pulled her blouse over her head and quickly undid her bra. As her shapely breasts came free she massaged them lightly, at first just to rub away the marks the bra straps made on her skin.

Ooh, that feels so good, Mary thought and she began to caress her skin more deeply, running her hands over her hardening nipples now. Mary loved rough play on her breasts and took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers pulled and twisting on them savagely. She felt her pussy gush with pleasure.

Mary peeled off her panties. They were soaked with her juices and she brushed a finger over her clit for the second time that day. It was engorged and slightly protruding from its hood. She sat down on the sofa chair.

Mary Yenibosna escort fumbled with the packaging for the toy and got it out. She found the opening, inserted the batteries, and turned it on. I can’t wait any longer; she breathlessly thought and plunged the toy into herself. She gasped and her eyes flew open. My God, this is incredible, Mary thought. She pushed the vibrating rabbit ears against her clit and swooned with the intense pleasure of it. She began sliding the toy in and out of herself, slowly at first, then a little faster. She turned all the controls on now and her head flew back against the chair and she shuddered with pleasure.

“Ooooh,” she moaned loudly as the toy did its work. The chair under her pussy became wet with her slick pussy juice as she pushed the toy in and out of herself. She drew her knees up and spread her legs wide as she abandoned herself to sensation, pushing the toy in to her vagina faster now.

The vibrations were driving her over the edge and she knew she would come soon. And hard. She stopped thrusting the toy in and out of herself and just absorbed the vibrations from it. The rush of pleasure that gave her sent her cascading into a long, hard climax. A loud, drawn out moan escaped her lips as the toys vibrations sent her pussy into wet convulsions. She shook heavily with her climax, grabbing the toy with both hands and grinding in into her gushing pussy as she snapped her legs together to further intensify her pleasure.

As her shuddering ceased, she turned off the toy’s controls and slowly slipped it out of her. I’ve completely soaked this chair and our front room smells like sex, she thought as she got up on unsteady legs. I’ll deal with that later, Mary thought.

Mary went to her bedroom to lie down and fall asleep or at least she thought she would. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the rabbit. She had brought it with her to put in the bedside table as she wasn’t sure how to tell Ken about the purchase. Best just to put it away until he’s in the right mood and I’ll tell him then, Mary surmised.

She absentmindedly at first stroked her hands over her skin as she thought about the climax she had just had. But her excitement built again very quickly and she stroked herself more purposefully and firmly. Her hands stroked over her breasts, pinching and squeezing her nipples, sending her spiralling upward into ecstasy again.

“My God,” Mary spoke to herself. “This toy has really got me going. Just like that clerk said it would.” Mary thought of the clerk doing herself in the back of the store. Now I see why she did that, Mary thought. I want to masturbate with it again already.

She grabbed her rabbit and turned on the rotating beads in the shaft. With her left hand pinching and squeezing a breast, her right slid the toy back into herself. She sawed the vibrator in and out of her pussy savagely as she absorbed the delicious sensations it produced in Escort Halkalı her. Her other hand ran over the velvety smooth skin of her body as she caressed herself slowly. Mary was going to make this one last. She was lost in the pleasure she was feeling as her eyes closed and she stroked her pussy with the toy. Her juices were flowing heavily again and her stroking made a wet, squishy sound the room filled with the smell of her sex as she jilled herself with abandon.

She never heard a thing over the sound of her own moans and heavy breathing. But as she lay with her eyes closed, thrusting the toy into herself, a hand closed over hers and held the toy she was using on herself. Her eyes flew open in panic and she was staring at her husband, Ken.

“Let me help you with that,” he said as he started stroking the toy in and out of her.

“Oooh, Ken,” she moaned as he fucked her slowly with the vibrator. “How? When…” she asked but he just said, “Hush, baby. I got home early. Right now I just want to make you come.”

He lay down beside her and pistoned the toy in and out of her soaked vagina. She leaked fluids out of herself and onto the toy and Ken’s hand as he pushed it against her. She ran her hand down the front of his jeans and felt the huge bulge of his hard cock.

“Turn around, Ken. I want to suck you while you do me,” she whispered huskily, her breath coming in gasps now. Ken complied and raised his hips as she pulled off his jeans and underwear. She put her head between Ken’s legs and took him deeply into her mouth. She bobbed her mouth up and down over his erection quickly and forcefully as her excitement crescendoed. Ken was leaking precome into her mouth as she sucked him and she knew he was building quickly to climax as well.

Ken said to Mary, “What are all these buttons for?” as he tried them, one by one. Mary started to shudder with all the sensations that Ken produced in her using the toy. She knew that she was close and redoubled her efforts on his cock. She drew him into her mouth and used her tongue to swirl around the head. She jacked him more and more furiously as she felt her own orgasm draw near. Ken flipped on the vibrating ears on the rabbit as he groaned from her ministrations.

“I’m gonna come, baby,” he whispered.

Mary removed his cock from her mouth for a moment. “Me, too,” she told him. Ken pushed the toy’s ears onto her clit and held them firmly there. Mary arched her back against the toy and Ken’s hand. She moaned heavily and shook with the power of her orgasm. She took Ken’s cock from her mouth and stroked him hard as his orgasm overtook him. Wave after wave of climax swept over Mary as Ken shot his precious fluids out. They splashed onto Mary’s mouth and face as her pussy gushed juice onto the bed, the toy and Ken’s hand.

The force of her orgasm made her breath catch in her throat as she rigidly shook with it. Finally she exhaled and opened her eyes. Ken’s come had coated her face. She spoke as she looked at him.

“I couldn’t wait any longer for you so I bought a rabbit. I hope you don’t mind. Welcome home, Honey.” She gave him a sheepish smile.

“I can’t believe you did that but I love you, baby. And this is one great way to come home!” Ken told her with a grin.

The End

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