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Butt-Slut’s Gratitude

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Big Tits

I chose my route home from work with some care, because I like to look at the hookers by the airport. I usually count the obvious ones, the ones that are dressed to sell themselves and are looking for a score. I just like to look… the thought of tempting fate by hiring one is a little bit much for me. You never know when you’re picking up a cop on a sting operation, or the carrier of some horrible disease. But seeing the girls out selling sex was always a turn on for me.

Of course, that was before I decided to give one of the girls a hand. I could see the “undercover” police cars all over the place, that day, and I knew there was a big “cleaning up” operation going on. I’d seen a few… it happened once a month, or so. The girls were trying to get off the street, but occasionally, there was no where for them to go… no convenient store fronts or alleyways, and many of them were being followed in there by the cops anyway.

There was one girl I’d seen a few times, a Hispanic woman in her thirties (or so). She had her hair up in a tight bun, today, and was wearing a thick black jacket against the misty cold, but she was in the tightest little pair of cutoff denim shorts you ever saw, and the high-heeled “come and fuck me” ankle boots left no doubts that she was looking for work. I could see the panic on her face as I was pulling past her in traffic, and I just couldn’t stand to see her get caught up in the machine. Checking VERY carefully in both directions, it looked like there were girls being picked up both in front of, and behind her, and she was likely next.

I’m not sure what made me do it, but I pulled up next to her and rolled down the passenger window. “Hey… you need a lift out of here?” I asked. My heart was beating faster than I can remember in a LONG time, my voice was tight in my throat. If I got caught doing this, the cops wouldn’t care that I wasn’t paying for sex with this woman.

She looked both ways, saw the cops otherwise occupied, and practically bolted into my car. She scrunched herself down, rolling up the window, and managed to tuck herself almost entirely into the leg space of the passenger seat, sinking out of window view.

“Thank you,” she mouthed up at me, not even daring to whisper. Not looking directly down at her, I just nodded.

We drove like that for quite a ways… I wasn’t sure where she needed to go, but “the hell out of there” seemed like a good idea. After a few miles, the neighborhood got better, and I looked around very carefully for more cops. They all seemed to be back on the more heavily trafficked airport road.

“It’s all clear,” I said, when we hit a stoplight. My new friend uncurled herself, sat on the seat, and stretched. I got my first really close look at a streetwalker.

She was skinnier than I had guessed, having only seen her from a moving car at a distance. Not much in the way of breasts, but those legs went ALL the way up into those shorts. Her body said she was in her 20’s at most, her face put her in her high 30’s. Even with the heavy makeup, it was hard to miss the signs of stress and age. She’d been doing this for a long time.

She reached out and touched my arm, her smile bright and seductive. “That was pretty brave, what you did for me. Or were you looking for something else?”

The way she said “something else” made tingles go up my legs to my balls, and my cock, which had been in a semi-hard state the whole time, started to swell all on it’s own. I shook my head, chuckling.

“No, I’m not looking for something else… I just saw you looking scared, and figured I could help. Is there somewhere I can drop you off?”

She looked at me, amazed, eyes wide. “You’re not looking for a fuck… you just wanted to help?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess so. Not that I’d mind a fuck, mind you,” I said, feeling my face heat up with a blush, “but I’m Cebeci Escort not really carrying the resources for it, and… well… I haven’t…”

She chuckled, and nodded. “You’re a looker, not a fucker,” she said. I just nodded, smiling. “It’s ok… I really appreciate what you did. Can you take me to 122nd and View?”

I looked at the street I was passing, and did some quick calculations. It was a little out of my way, but not by much. “Sure… no problem.”

She squeezed my arm again, and sat back, putting on her seat belt. “Thank you SO much… I don’t know if I could have handled going in, again.”

She quieted down, and looked like she was napping for the rest of the drive. She looked tired, so I just let her rest, until we got to the intersection that she’d indicated. She gave me some simple directions to the back of an apartment house, and had me park.

“Look… I know you’re just a looker, but do you want to come up for some coffee, or something?” she asked, looking at me with those big, dark eyes. I stammered something, I’m not sure what, but lo and behold, a few minutes later, I was watching her close the door of her apartment behind us, and locking it.

She pulled me over to the couch and sat me down, and I watched her tight little ass sway seductively in her cut-offs as she went into the kitchen to get me a cup of coffee.

“My man will want me off the streets for tonight,” she called out, as I looked around the apartment. It wasn’t a great place, but it wasn’t a dive, either… it looked lived in, but neat. Not too unlike mine. “He’s gonna be getting a lot of phone calls from his other girls, to come and get them out of hock, so he won’t mind if I lay low, tonight.”

She came back out and handed me the coffee… I hadn’t told her, but there was cream and sugar in it, just like I liked. She was good at reading what men liked, I guess. She took off the jacket, revealing a tank top that showed off her small chest and hard nipples. She smiled at me, and sat next to me on the couch. RIGHT next to me… up against me. I almost spilled the coffee, but managed to keep it cool. This was SO many of my fantasies, rolled up into one. She put her mouth next to my ear, and whispered “Thank you,” again.

I took a strong sip of the coffee, and set it down on the coffee table. “Hey, it seemed like a nice thing to do,” I said. “Besides… I… I’ve been looking at you for a while, and I didn’t like seeing you scared.”

She smiled again, and slid her hands down her legs, to start unbuckling her boots. Those things must have been murder on her feet.

“Scared doesn’t begin… some of the girls have pimps that are connected, so it doesn’t take much to get them out of jail. Mine isn’t that well connected… he’s got the cash, but sometimes, we’re inside for a little while. It can be really hard when the cops know a girl has a specialty… like mine.”

“Like.. yours?” I asked. I watched the boots come off, and she rubbed her sore feet.

“Yeah,” she said, straightening up on the couch. She lifted off her tank top, revealing her breasts to me… almost non-existent, a-cups, like lumps on her chest, with big, brown, well-defined nipples. I almost swallowed my tongue.

“See, its not every girl that will do Greek, these days,” she said. She stood up, facing away from me, and unfastened the shorts. “You know what Greek is, right?”

My eyes must have been wide enough to take up my whole face as she slid the shorts down to her ankles, and stepped out of them. She was wearing a black thong, which hid next to nothing as she bent over to pick the shorts up. She had nice hips, and a tight, hard little ass.

“Anal, right?” I said, my voice very tight. My cock was throbbing in my pants… even if all I got was a show, I was going to have a HUGE load Kolej Escort of cum to relieve myself of, later on.

“Right,” she said, sliding the thong off as well. Naked, she sat back down, next to me… up against me. Her hand started sliding up my thigh, and if she kept THAT up, I wouldn’t have to relieve myself… I’d just need to get the pants dry-cleaned.

She put her chin on my shoulder, her big, brown eyes inches from mine, her whore-red lips drawing my attention.

“Some of the cops… they use girls like me. They know that I won’t be making bail, so they get us into interrogation rooms… at night, when there’s no one around… and they fuck us in the ass. With their cocks, with nightsticks… one of them had his gun up my butt. I was very scared.”

I couldn’t talk… my voice would have been an embarrassing little squeak. She ran her hand over the front of my pants, feeling my throbbing bulge, and she smiled. Then, her hand was working at my zipper, and I had no more worries about having to get myself off.

“Do you like my ass?” she asked, as she fished my cock out of my pants. It took her a moment… it was hard working with the full erection, even though I’m only about six inches, hard. I nodded, swallowing. She giggled and started to stroke my hard cock.

“I’m glad you do. I know that if I had gotten picked up, that tonight, there would be two, three, maybe more cops, raping me in the butt… handcuffing me, and using my ass, no matter what I did or said. I’m very grateful to you.”

She bent down, her mouth just over my cock, as she continued stroking. “You have a lot of sex?” she asked. I shook my head.

“I’m married… and my wife isn’t interested in sex, usually,” I said. “It’s been a long time.”

She smiled. “I just got back my last blood tests… I’m all clean,” she said. Then her mouth engulfed the head of my cock, and all I could do was moan and close my eyes.

Anal wasn’t her only talent. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock as she slowly took more of me in, and her lips slid down on me like a tight, wet pussy. She paused, for a minute or so, to work the tip of her tongue RIGHT on the sensitive spot beneath the head, on the underside, and I swear if she had done that for another second, I’d have cum right there. But she continued to suck me in, her thumb and forefinger going to the base of my cock and squeezing down…physically holding back my orgasm.

When she had taken my full length into her mouth, she grabbed my hand with her free hand, and moved it down to her pussy. It was shaved, and smooth, and hot and wet. She was genuinely excited, and that made me feel even hotter.

As she started to bob her head up and down on my throbbing cock, I fingered her slit, and my middle finger slipped into her folds to find her juicy clit. She moaned around my cock as I played with her nub, her back arching. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced… and with her fingers holding back my orgasm, it only built the pressure.

She blew me SO good, for the next few minutes… her head bobbing up and down, lips sliding on my cock, tongue teasing every sensitive spot. I continued to play with her clit, and slipped a finger inside her pussy. It wasn’t tight… I wasn’t expecting it to be… but it was amazingly hot. Hotter than I would have figured… it almost burned my finger. Her hips bucked a bit… fucking my finger. I gave her a second one, as well, and she grunted around my cock, and sucked me even harder.

I could feel it when she had her orgasm… the wetness on my fingers increasing, and her whole body shaking. She shrieked around my dick, and pulled off of it, moaning and trembling. Still holding my orgasm back, she grabbed my hand, pulled it out of her, and as she looked in my eyes, she took my fingers Rus Escort into her mouth and sucked off her juices.

“Your turn,” she said, and unbuckled my belt. In a moment, my pants were around my ankles, and she was straddling me, her pussy and ass just above my cock, her nipples in my face.

“You saved my asshole, mister,” she said, her hips swaying back and forth over my throbbing cock. “If not for you, there’d be cops in it all night long… and worse. So I think it’s only fair that you have it.”

I could only nod, again. She reached under herself to grab my hard, spit-slick cock, and she lowered herself down, until I could feel the hot, tight pucker of her anus perched on the swollen head of my dick.

“You want to fuck me in the ass?” she asked, eyes half-closed.

“More than anything,” I said, my arms around her, my hands on her hot, tight ass.

She smiled, and RAMMED herself down onto my prick. She screamed, I screamed, our arms went around each other… fuck, it HURT. It was like having my cock in a vice grip… a vice grip that someone had taken a blowtorch to. It was tight… TOO tight…and SO fucking hot… at the same time, my cock was throbbing viciously in her tight confines, and the pleasure surged through my body.

“That’s it,” she said, gasping a little. “You like it in there, yeah?”

“Fuck yes,” I said, not moving. Slowly, she started to gyrate her hips… a little bit at a time… my cock barely sliding a little in… a little out. It was all we could do… even as wet as she’d made my cock with her mouth, the tightness was AMAZING.

She arched her back, after a minute, and I took one of her nipples into my mouth. She hissed as I sucked and nibbled at it, holding my hair and pulling my mouth closer to her chest, as she rotated those amazing hips and slowly increased the length of her strokes. Soon, she was sliding all of my cock out of her ass but the head, and taking the whole thing back in, on every stroke. Her hips swayed and lifted and dropped, and so her ass wasn’t just sliding up and down on my dick, but twisting a little on it, as well. It was the hottest fuck I’d ever had, and I wasn’t going to last long.

Every time her asshole was at the base of my cock, she’d squeeze down on me, HARD, holding off my cum again… but there was only so long that it would keep me back.

I started to thrust my hips up into her, my hands on her ass, pulling her down on me. She allowed me to take control of the speed and the rhythm, and so I started to fuck up into her ass harder, and faster. She hissed again, as my mouth released her nipple, and I started to pound her little asshole.

“Yes… YESSS… FUCK that ass…” she said, her head on my shoulder. I could feel my load of cum boiling in my balls, heavy and hot. My fingers tightened on her buns as I RAMMED my cock DEEP into her unresisting ass, and I swear I gave out a Tarzan yell as my whole groin shuddered and I gushed my hot cum into her.

She squealed with another orgasm as I came in her, and her whole body trembled… milking my cock with her ass SO expertly, and completely. We just shuddered there, for a moment, until she collapsed down on me, and I just held her.

When I had softened a bit, she smiled, and kissed me on the cheek, and lifted herself off of me. I watched her recently fucked ass sway as she went into the bathroom, and returned with a warm, moist cloth, to wipe me off with. The soft, wet cloth brought shudders and aftershocks to my body, as I recalled the intensity of the orgasm.

“Thank you,” she said, and kissed the tip of my now-clean cock. “I don’t get to enjoy that, very often.”

“Hey, no problem,” I said, still weak and dazed. My thighs started to hurt… that was a workout that they didn’t get very often.

She helped me on with my pants, and gave me her card. I might not get it for free again, but she told me that she’d give me a nice discount, if I’d fuck her nice like that first time.

I still see her, on the street, from time to time, and she waves when she sees me. I’m saving my pennies for that discount… and waiting for another police sting. You never know when opportunity will strike.

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