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Butt, Be Careful What You Wish For!

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‘Butt,’ Be Careful What You Wish For!

Teenage Seductress Opens for First Anal

Approximately 5,250 Words


Donald Mallord

Copyright by dmallord, 2022, USA. All rights reserved.


A Woman-Child’s promises and wishes can go awry sometimes. Occasionally, that happens in the dead of night while in deep REM sleep. Especially when, as a just-turned eighteen-year-old, she had seduced her own father. When it does, the aftermath can affect the mental well-being of all parties involved. Ray Schumacher had that happen to him as he awoke, with his body aflame with lust, plundering his wife … or, in his dreams, he thought so. That middle of the night awaking, after his cock ejaculated his seed into Katrina, had him turning to a former lover for help. He reached out to Doctor Marie Johnson, the paramour of his wife’s former teen-lover; the third leg of his own college love-triangle. She took Kat under her wing for analysis and fell under the siren’s seductive powers as well.

The Penthouse at Marie’s Psychiatric Hospital

“Get dressed, Kat! We’re going off-campus!”

Doctor Dani Bagatti’s excitement could hardly be contained. Breezing into my room, her face was aglow. She tossed a nearly-see-through, long-flowing gown onto my bed, as she pirouetted in front of me. You would have thought she had just won the state lottery, given all the kinetic energy that flowed into the room.

‘Hell yeah!’ I thought. My melancholy frown just turned right-side up!

After being caged up here for four days, I was ready for anything that didn’t have to do with observations of Marie’s sexual treatment wards!

Dani’s face was sparkling with eagerness. If she hadn’t been a doctor, too, she’d have been easily mistaken for another patient … at least twenty-two; not the twenty-seven-ish she claimed her daddy would swear she was.

I snatched the low-cut, silky garment off the bed; definitely seeing it as a fine party dress for bar-hopping. It was similar to the one Dani was already wearing. I grinned, as I took in her plunging neckline and the way the cut of the daring dress barely concealed half of her braless breasts. Her pirouette revealed an equally-daring, open back from her shoulders to the cleft marking the declination of her butt. You could park a Buick in the middle of that dress and have lots of bare skin exposed on either side! One spin on a dance floor, and at least one of those bronzed-twin orbs would be unbound, waving to everyone for certain!

If she was doing braless, so was I; I’d even go one better!

“But, what about …” I started to stammer.

“Dr. Johnson is okay with this; I already checked! Kat, she agreed with me! Even said, we should have gotten you out of here for some fresh air a long time ago!”

“About time Marie came to her senses!” I grinned, holding up the dress, to check its length against my height.

Marie is actually Dr. Marie Johnson, Dani’s boss. Also my Daddy’s and Mom’s former lover. My Daddy stuck me with her, in this damn place. Seems he felt I needed some help. I didn’t. I don’t! And I damn well knew exactly what I had promised my Mom, before cancer ate her up. I don’t break promises–ever!

Dani’s excitement was infectious. I caught the spirit immediately. Crossing my arms, I pulled up my tank top, slipped out of my bra, dropped my jeans, and followed through with skinning out of my panties. Dani’s approving eyes followed my movements with interest. Four days ago, that wouldn’t have happened in front of Dani. Four days ago, I didn’t even know her, or that she even existed. But less than two hours after we met, I was naked in front of Danielle; naked in front of her daddy, and getting my first tattoos; inked by his skilled hands.


“Yeah. How ’bout a real adult place to defuse, a club, … maybe?” I asked Dani. Hoping she would take to me some place that would treat me as an adult and not some psych-ward teenager in need of rescuing. It took just twenty seconds to step into the dress and have Dani zip me up. I was a near-mirror image of her luscious body; sans panties.

“No! We’re not clubbing! Besides, you can’t handle alcohol, from what I observed!” Dani cracked the line out, as we walked toward the elevator.

“I’ve never had alcohol before, Dani, so how would you know I can’t drink?” I countered; a bit irked at getting over-ruled about clubbing. I’d never been to a club and I thought it was about time I had that experience. If I could fuck, then I should be able to do whatever the ‘fuck’ I wanted! That was my take on how I felt about it.

Her head did a quick swivel as we walked. That trademark grin said, “How do I know? What do you think was in that Cuba Libre you drank before you stripped and paraded around the room for Marie to inspect your tats? One glass and you were ready to pole-dance for her; too bad she didn’t have a pole in the penthouse suite!”

My first thought was, ‘How dare she say I couldn’t drink, if I wanted to. Amazon prime izle I could pass for twenty-one easily!’ My second thought was to blurt out, “Marie didn’t say it was alcohol! She said it was a family recipe for calming nerves; something made with Bacardi and Coca-Cola.” I stated, as a fact after the matter, “Besides, she’s a doctor and has seen my … did you say I was naked?”

My comment must have shocked her into silence, for at least a full minute, before she started laughing out loud, as if a dam had burst and couldn’t be contained. “Girl, are you sure you didn’t grow up in a convent?” she exclaimed. “Bacardi 101 is a rum. It IS alcohol. And yes, I’m sure, more now than ever, that you can’t drink!”

“No clubbing!” She practically beat me over the head with that again. “But I will take you to the Enchanted Tower. You’ll like the view. It’s where wishes come true.And just one adult drink for Miss Katrina Schumacher!”

Her giggle was over the top. She’d won a point with Dr. Marie Johnson; that was as good a lottery win as anyone could get! As a result, I got a ‘get out of prison card’ for a bit. I didn’t have the heart to put up a greater fuss over the matter; and let it go. Getting a concession from Marie Johnson was a major milestone for any young, or old doctor, for that matter. Among psychiatrists, her opinions were considered much like a judge’s acceptance of a prima facie evidence. It was interpreted as, ‘Marie Johnson said so, so let it be written, so it shall be done,’ kind of a Biblical tenor; Moses-leading-the-masses-out-of-Egypt level of acceptance.


At least we got out of the hospital! I had on a great’fuck me’ dress! I think it came from Marie’s wardrobe closet. The fabric felt so erotic rubbing against my bare flesh sans undies. And Dani, well, she sort of capitulated about the alcohol, allowing just one drink. Although, I don’t remember being naked in Marie’s penthouse, for her to see my new tats. Maybe Dani was right about my inability to consume liquor. Dad doesn’t and Mom didn’t drink. So, I hadn’t tried it either; until Marie gave me that ‘nerve calmer’ remedy!

As Dani crested the hilltop, I could see across the meandering alluvial river aptly named the Muddy Mississippi. I remember doing a report about its importance for political history once, noting it takes ninety days for a single drop of water to flow, beginning to end, down the Mississippi River’s entire length. I thought that was pretty cool. Also that Kermit the frog was from Mississippi! At the time, I thought that was cool, too! Those were childhood moments, so okay, maybe two years ago, but still in my distant past. Physical maturation, making promises, and adhering to them, moved me quickly through childhood into adulthood. That and Mom’s demise.

Aglow in the distance, was the iconic Enchanted Castle edifice Dani had described to me. Even from this distance, I could see its revolving restaurant perched at the top; yielding a wonderful, panoramic view of the Mississippi. It was like nothing else I had seen in my whole life! Fairy-tale epic; a rising spire, slowly rotating at its uppermost gallery! It might not be nightclub hot, but it was still breathtakingly wonderful. The hostess steered us to a reserved table right against the windows. As we approached it, I saw the back of someone already seated. It took just an instant to recognize Rory, Dani’s daddy, as he rose to greet us. He stood tall, dressed in a well-fitted evening suit. Still, so enigmatic, I thought. He stretched out his arms and Danielle glided into them.

He kissed Dani’s cheek and paused, looking quizzically at me. I was a bit flushed. Some of that shyness I had while he had worked my tats resurfaced, as I watched the two of them greeting one another. That afternoon, before he started, Dani had told me that getting a tat could create a sexual euphoria. It did. I had climaxed, lying prone on his work table, trying to stifle a wave of pleasure, he stirred up within me. His hands had flowed over my breasts, coming to rest over my seeping mons, as he worked on the lower tat. Rory paused for my tremors to ebb. I glowed beet red, turning my head to the wall. I wanted to crawl out of that tattoo parlor in total embarrassment.

“No need to be ashamed,” he murmured, “it happens a lot. … Ready?” I just nodded my head and he returned to inking my tat as though nothing ever happened.

Now, in front of a large lunch crowd, I was standing nearly half naked in a ‘fuck me dress’ with another one of those feelings creeping over me. He opened his arms. That previous embarrassment dismissed; I leaned forward and flowed naturally into a warm, smothered embrace, just like he gave Dani.

The father and daughter chatter dissolved many layers of angst from within me that afternoon. We spoke of tattoos, again, and Rory promised to show me some more. I was enjoying the looks we were getting for the men and quite a few ladies as we shared Rory. So, fuck it, if our dresses blutv izle weren’t exactly luncheon attire! The luncheon was excellent, ending with some of that famous Mississippi pecan pie. That’s when Rory ordered another celebratory round of drinks, without asking.

I looked at Dani. I’d had the one she allowed, earlier. She nodded, smiled, and murmured under her breath, “Small sips.”

Rory excused himself and went to speak with the pianist. Returning, as he did so, I heard the words from one of my Daddy’s Patti Paige albums. She sang the melodious words just as well as Patti’s voice on the recording.

I was dancing with my darling to the Tennessee Waltz

When an old friend I happened to see

I introduced her to my loved one

And while they were dancing

My friend stole my sweetheart from me …

Rory held out his hand and I found myself flowing into his arms. We danced to the waltz that Daddy, Mommy, and I had spent years gliding around the dining room table to; right up to the last year together. I would not have thought a man of his size could have been so light on his feet, but he was. Then he danced with Dani, while yet, another round of drinks showed up at the table. By the time the father-daughter couple returned from the dance floor, my third glass was empty.

Whatever other anxieties clung to my soul, they dissolved away as Dani and I danced to several tunes that afternoon. We three owned the dance floor. The crowd around us had come for business lunch. They missed out on feeling Dani’s soft flesh pressed against my breasts and my hand sliding into the open back of her low-cut gown. The din of dinner plates and chitchat ebbed, as they watched us gliding across the floor. I held her closer than anyone I’d danced with before. I didn’t care that envious eyes were watching my fingers dabble in the gentle cleft, at the declination of her gown and her ass-crack. We’d gone further and been more intimate, although in private settings.

Rory had no idea that the prophetic words to ‘The Tennessee Waltz’ would soon come true for him. His beloved Dani would be stolen away, forever, I imagined as I clutched Dani in my arms as we danced to the lilting voice singing the words to the Tennessee Waltz once more. I knew the restaurant was revolving to allow guests to view the grandeur of the bend in the Mississippi. But I only had eyes for the view of those gorgeous eyes and lush lips inches away from my own. I would have kissed them, eaten them, right there; but this was in public. My fingertips were pressed into the crease leading down her ass; it was as far as I dared go.

As we left, I think my head was spinning faster than the restaurant.


We ended up at Dr. Dani’s apartment, along with Rory. I didn’t get to see much of the apartment, just the bedroom and a glimpse of the living room. I was too busy kissing Danielle Bagatti’s lips, as she slipped the evening gown’s straps off my shoulders. Rory, meanwhile, unzipped the back of my dress. Although, no one asked me; I didn’t mind. The alcohol, I guess, may have had a part in it. Although, the thoughts were there; before I left the hospital. It was all so fluid, so simple without a bra or panties, the satin rustle of the gown flowed into a pool around my ankles. I was naked, again, between the two of them.

“The best things come in threes,” Rory said, as he read the crimson italic text of his three tats on my body.

“WicKed,” he whispered the word inked, beneath my left breast in crimson-scripted letters, and then, lightly tracing my slit; he ran his tongue upward.

“WicKed,” he moaned, as he read the other tat beneath my right breast. His hand had gently probed and found a moist opening between my thighs at that point. I felt a tremor and my breath caught, as his touch sent a wave of excitement up my tummy to my nipples. I gasped, it felt so good!

Lapping my cunt in a long swipe up the valley with his tongue, he read the last crimson script centered above my cunt.”So … WicKed,” he murmured, as his lips probed my hood, sucking in my clit, after those last raspy words left his lips.

By then, I was a smoking volcano; one with a deep rumbling down below.

“Rory is right, Dani!” I managed to gasp out the words, as Rory stirred my sexual euphoria with his wonderful tongue. “Fuck, Rory, the best things do come in threes!”

Rolling me on my side, they formed me into a wonderful submarine-sandwich. Dani and Rory as the crusts and I as the meat; being devoured between them; a threesome. It was good. Even without the alcohol, it would have been very good. It felt like being between Marie and Daddy — just without the barn straw poking my butt that day. On my side, with Dani’s leg over my head, she gave me ample access to feast on that laser-manicured cunt. I felt her trained tongue vibrating against my clitoral hood. While Rory’s cock was slowly making entry; Dani’s tongue worked me from the front. He was spooned into me from the backside, beIN CONNECT izle giving Dani’s mouth access both to my slit and her Daddy’s plundering rod. From his soft groans, I knew she was working both of us. Rory’s rod was long, strong, and could seemingly go on, without ending.

They gave me no respite, as my first orgasm stiffened my body into paralysis. Neither of them had cum, so they just drove onward striving for their own resolutions. For a short time, I couldn’t satisfy Dani with my tongue. My resolution washed over me so strongly. So, her fingers replaced my lips, coaxing her cunty along until I returned to the living and, again, replaced her hand with my tongue. Both Rory and Dani continued excavating, below. Just short of my second impending climax, Rory was roaring and then spewing his seed deeply within my cunt; that clenched my second orgasm. Dani quaked through her first at the same time, thank goodness.

“Pee break!” I gasped.

Slowly, we untangled and I wobbled to the bathroom. Returning, I saw Dani making the golden arches with her legs. Rory’s face was at the bottom of the arch, dipping into her honey sauce. I crawled back on to the bed and drew her cranberry-hard nipples into my mouth, adding to her excitement. By now, I knew what she liked and how she liked it — rough. It didn’t take very long for our two-on-one to get her off for her second orgasm. We were even, except for Rory.


“Why?”I begged the question, catching my breath in the lull that followed.

I asked why, as we fell apart, looking directly into Dr. Bagatti’s eyes. Despite the heavy breathing, the room became quiet as limbs and bodies stopped moving.

Hesitancy slowed her response, but it finally came in calculated terms.

“You told Dr. Johnson you wanted to experience anal sex. She wanted you to experience it in a safe environment — just in case you decide to do it with your father. We knew you couldn’t handle alcohol very well, so she added a dose of that to help ease the inhibitions or any pain you might feel.” She answered in a somewhat subdued manner. Guilt seems to be written in her dialogue as well.

“WicKed, I trust Rory. I know my Daddy will be gentle, make it feel okay for you, you know? Like you think your Daddy will?”

I turned to face Rory, cocking my head, without saying a word. His dick arced toward Dani. “If you don’t trust Dani,” he said, “I won’t force you. No one deserves that, Katrina.”

“Did you do Dani’s ass as well?” I finally managed to ask. I thought that through for a moment, ‘How else would she know he would be gentle?’

“When she was ready, she asked, and not before then. Like I said, no one deserves to have something done to them they do not truly want. So, if you have any reservations then we stop, now.”

“As a Throuple, then? But how?” I asked after a pregnant pause filled the room. Throuple was a new vocabulary word Marie had taught me. It’s more than just a threesome, she’d said. It’s a bonding. My senses were still slow, from drinking, as I tried to make sense of how to fulfill what they conspired to do to me.

“Butt IS how and as a Throuple would be nice,” that smirky doctor-tone answered. “WicKed, you’re just too easy a target to resist!”

“Yeah, that’s me — easy — a target too easy to resist,” I sighed, about that and about how Marie continues to manipulate me — so easily.

Dani reached for a bottle beside her bed. Then spread herself out, with her feet toward the pillows saying, “Come kneel over my head. Spread your legs. Daddy will take you from behind.”

I didn’t hesitate. In four days, Dani had gained my trust. I knelt over her with my knees at her shoulders, my mouth bent low to kiss her slit. My pose had my bottom as high in the air as kneeling would allow. I felt her daddy squirting the cool liquid into my butt’s spread-out groove. Gravity pulled its moistness downward, following the curvature of my buttocks, until it reached my sphincter. Dani’s fingers were there, spreading it around in small circles letting the tips of her fingers probe inside my rim. I could feel the tension in my rear-end jolt as each finger lapped, then probed my rosebud.

“Don’t worry, just try and relax, Ms. WicKed,” she crooned, “this lube has a little numbing cream in it.” My breathing was heavy in anticipation of what was to come. Dani could feel my breath gaining speed, as it washed across her slit. I occupied my mind with eating her. Yet, she could feel my anxiety was on the rise.

“Okay,” I whispered into her cunty, as her doctor fingers made their rounds for the afternoon; circling, probing. Rory’s fingers joined hers — sliding his index finger into my pucker hole a little at a time — working the lubricant inside of me, slowly, taking his time.

“WicKed,” Dani playfully crooned, “focus on probing my slit. Take me to that place where the Fourth of July fireworks burst onto the night sky; in a thousand flashes of brilliant lights and colors. Where the huffs of your breath roar like the bombs bursting in the air. Take me WicKed! Own me! Imagine we are beneath all the stars in the universe shining down upon us. Make me as happy as the way you want to feel when Daddy claims you! Fuck me with your tongue, slowly, ice cream slowly, Kitten.”

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