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Business Trip to Pokhara: Day 02

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I recommend that you read Part I of this story. However, true sexual action starts here.


I woke up. I started looking around. I was not sleeping in my hotel room but in the couch in Smita’s room. I started recalling what happened yesterday. I looked over at the bed. She wasn’t there. Oh, what would she had thought of me when she woke up and saw me sleeping in the same room? I suddenly heard the sound of shower. She was taking a bath. I was nervous. I didn’t have the guts to fuck her yesterday but here I was still in an awkward situation. I had slept in the same room just because she had fell asleep without bolting the door. Was that even an appropriate excuse?

Should I go now. I decided to face her and tell her what had happened in case she had forgotten.

In a short while, the bathroom door opened and she came out wearing a bath suit and a towel over her hair. The suit covered her entire body. I tried not to look at her in the eye. I just managed to pull off a smile. I was very nervous. She could lash out at me about yesterday and I would have nothing to say. But in just two more seconds, all my anxiety would be put to rest.

You slept all night in the couch?, She started laughing.

Yeah, because I decided to guard you. I couldn’t leave you to sleep alone with your door not properly closed.

Yeah, I remember you asking me to close the door. Thank god, she remembers.

Anyway, aren’t we getting late for today?. I looked at my watch and acknowledged. We had to leave in an hour for making it in time for our appointments today. We agreed to meet in thirty minutes for breakfast. As I was leaving, she called out, “Thanks, Rajiv for the fun yesterday. You were the perfect gentleman.”. I smiled, I had nothing to say. I was too perfect a gentleman. I had lost the perfect opportunity to fuck this sexy woman only because I was too gentlemanly.

We had a hectic day but by 2 PM, we were free. Smita kept on insisting that she had nothing good to wear and I hesitantly agreed to go shopping with her. She also didn’t have a swimming costume as I had suggested to spend sometime in the hotel pool. Shopping was something I wasn’t very fond of. We went to a store called Eve which was large and I was glad because I guessed she would find everything she wanted in that shop. As she looked through the dresses, she asked me what was our plan tonight.

What are we doing tonight, Rajiv?

I don’t know. Drink, maybe?

Haha. That’s a constant, what are the variables?

Well, we will be in the pool till 4. Then, we could take a light snack and check out another bar or club. I wasn’t done with clubbing with her. She nodded. She began looking for dresses. She picked up three dresses, one black, two red.

Which suits me best?

All three. She decided to look further. Finally, she decided to try. She went to the dressing room and began trying. She showed me each dress. I was suddenly beginning to enjoy the shopping experience as she turned around showing off her dress. I nodded in disapproval of the first, asked her to try the second but was left gaping at the third. It was black and was low cut. It was quite short and showed off much more of her thighs than her ‘elegant’ dress yesterday. This was sexy material. She looked at the price.

Oh I am not going to pay this much for this dress.

No, I think you look lovely in it and I will buy this for you.

No way, Rajiv, too expensive.

I insist, consider this a vacation gift for you.

She smiled and finally agreed. almanbahis adresi We walked towards the counter and she asked me to wait as she needed to buy inners. She came back with a couple of underwear and a swimsuit. She asked me if I was sure that I would pay for her ‘expensive’ dress. I said yes. As I handed over my credit card to pay for her new clothes, Smita tried to give me the cash for her underwear and swimsuit but I insisted that she pay for the beer later. She agreed.

We immediately went to the hotel and then to the pool. In the pool, she was happy and playful. As we were fooling around, I could feel the casual brushes and accidental touches.

Am I fat?, she asked. I told her she had an amazing body. She blushed as I complimented her. I was happy that we were slowly getting more romantic. She seemed to enjoy being with me and showing off her body. I enjoyed looking at her swimming in the lovely blue water. Her body flowing with the water. Her ass was perfect as she swayed her hips. I wondered how it would feel to spank her. I was slowly beginning to get another hard on.

After nothing of significance, we ordered snacks at the pool. Her body was my feast as we ate. We finally covered ourselves in bath towels and left for our rooms. In 45 minutes, I waited for her in the lobby. When she came down the stairs, the attendants, the cashier and even the guard couldn’t stop staring at her luscious body. She was in her new black dress and black heels. She walked gracefully. Her mascara-lit eyes looked beautiful. We took a cab and left for an amazing night ahead.

You know Rajiv, I wasn’t much of a party person before this trip.

Neither was I.

So, where are we going?

You’ll soon find out. She looked at me with a bit of suspicion. I looked assured. I had looked all over the internet and found a perfect place. It was an upscale club, the most happening joint in town. The highlight for today was a famous dj. We went inside with our hands clasped. We had become very comfortable. We sat down in a sofa. The music was just getting started as we began drinking. In a short while, Smita asked me to look across her. I was surprised to see a couple getting up close, groping eachother and kissing passionately. The place was dark and no one else other than us could possibly see them.

Crazy kids. Oh I miss that age.

What do you mean you miss that age? We aren’t exactly grown-ups.

Well, we still can’t be that reckless like them.

Why not. I mean, aren’t we that passionate? Uhhm, with our partners?

Well yes, but not in this reckless and crazy kind of way. Look at them. They don’t care. And, I don’t think they will last long. They are just there together for the night.

I nodded in agreement. After two or three glasses, Smita announced she wanted to dance. I asked her to dance as I would watch for a while. She agreed and started dancing a few feet ahead of me. She danced facing me. Her moves were sensual. As she brushed her hands across her face, I fantasied my hands doing that to her and moving across her neck to her cleavage. She threw her heels towards our sofa and began dancing barefeet. She was sexy, and she knew it. Time and again she would get invitations from other guys but she would brush them off. I was her man for tonight and I knew it.

Finally after some time I was surprised as she let one guy dance with her. This guy was a real dancer, I mean the way he moved and swung. I slowly noticed that she was looking at me most of the time she was dancing.

She almanbahis adres let him hold her hands, swing her, hold her hips and pull her. Yet her eyes were fixed on me and mine in hers. She was seducing me by letting this guy touch her. It went on for a while as I could see him cleverly brushing against her. Finally the music stopped and I could see the disappointment on the guys face. He hugged her and went away. She came towards me.

You danced so well.

Did I?

Yeah you two had some chemistry.

The kid has some practice. She gulped down another glass and then invited me to dance with her. We danced just like the day before but tonight I was more prominent in my touches. I was bold enough to hold her hips and pull her towards me. In a while, she faced opposite me and bent over shaking her hips and booty. She danced provocatively. So did I. When the music again stopped, as a closing move, I pulled her across, bent her across my arms and just like that, grabbed her ass. I wasn’t just holding her to balance her but literally grabbing her ass cheek. I didn’t show any emotion in my face but she was wide eyed and instantly closed her eyes. She didn’t know how to react. As I left her, I acted normal.

So, beautiful lady, want to hop? Let’s go somewhere else.

We went outside. I now wanted some quiet passionate time with her as the music inside was deafening. We walked with my hands around her. She was holding her heels in her hand. We began walking in the banks of the Phewa lake. The cold breeze was making both of us shiver.

Oh, I have lost the energy to walk, she announced.

And just like that, I lifted her. She shly smiled and hid her face in my chest. I carried her to a cosy place and laid her in the ground. The moon’s light was enough for me to have a close look at her. The grass below her must have been cold and she was trembling slightly. The sound of the waves behind us was relaxing.

You are shivering.

Yeah, it is very cold.

Do you want to go?

No, let’s stay.

I will make you warm.

I slowly began massaging her feet and rubbing her legs. She let out a soft moan of approval. I rested my back on a tree trunk and lifted her thighs and placed them on mine. Her back was on the grass and her hips slightly raised. You can imagine how her dress dropped a little lower. I couldn’t make out her underwear but I was close. I began massaging her legs and slowly going up. I rubbed her thighs. I asked her if she felt better. She simply let out a moan which I took to be an approval. My hands slowly started rubbing her close to her underwear. I brushed against the material of her underwear. I stopped. I wanted to see her reaction. She opened her eyes and let out an expression saying why was I stopping? I smiled. She smiled back and closed her eyes. I lifted her back and placed her body in the ground. Her underwear was fully visible. Neither of us bothered to pull the dress down. And I climbed above her and covered her. I was her human blanket. She was getting nervous now. We both knew we were minutes before something sexual. I then caressed her face and kissed her forehead, her eyes and finally, her lips. As I pulled out, she magnetically pulled me back. In a while it was her tongue fighting mine. I started rubbing her breasts from outside her dress and she was fully aroused.

We didn’t need any foreplay. The night together was enough foreplay. I knew it wasn’t right to be naked outdoors. I simply lifted her hips and pulled her underwear out. She didn’t resist. almanbahis adres And her underwear, god, she was wet. It smelt of heaven. I was feeling naughty. I stuffed it on her mouth. She opened her eyes in shock. All this time her eyes were closed. I put my hands on my lips asking her not to utter a word. She didn’t even attempt to resist. Her she was exposing her pussy to me. And, I went down on her. My tongue out and tracing her from her ankle to her knees and very slowly to her thighs. I took some time kissing, biting and licking her upper thighs. She couldn’t hold. She grabbed my hair and pulled me upwards. Man, was her pussy wet and warm. I licked her. She let out a loud moan. I didn’t care if someone saw us or heard us. I started licking her pussy. I thrust my tongue inside and out. As I did that I groped her ass. I then lifted her legs and began giving her the treat of a life time. I began fucking her with my tongue. My hands grabbing her ass. I would stop at times. I wanted her to beg. She wouldn’t speak. She would just pull me down. I wanted her to look at me. I spanked her ass. Once. Twice. Few times. She moaned so loud I nearly cummed.

Please, Rajiv.

And then I was satisfied. I wanted to fuck her but not like that. In full light and looking at her naked body. Now, I would fuck her with my tongue. In five minutes, she came with such force that she pushed me back. She was a bit ashamed and lowered her dress. I watched her slowly get back. She still wouldn’t look at me in the eye. She then finally pulled out the underwear from her mouth and put it around my neck. Oh god I could smell her pussy again. She asked me to stand. I knew what was coming.

She pulled my trousers and underwear. She didn’t bother to completely take it off my feet. She immediately sprung. First, she put her hands around my dick and began feeling it. She then pulled out her tongue and touched the tip. Oh god, the feeling. I pulled her hair and began caressing her ears and her neck. She slowly began thrusting my dick inside her. I hadn’t yet seen her boobs so, I bent down pulled her dress. I put my hands inside her bra and lifted her boobs out one by one. Now, I could see her boobs shake while she sucked me. She put her hands on my hips as she sucked me. Her tongue moving across my shaft.

Yet, all this time she wouldn’t look at me. I watched her play with my balls and ass. She would even put her finger inside my ass. This naughty little bitch. I wanted her to look at me. I suddenly slapped her in the face. Slowly at first. I wanted to see how she would react. She was even more turned on and began sucking more vigorously. She still didn’t look at me. After four slaps, harder each time, she finally looked up. And at that moment, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I cummed. On her eyes, her hair and her face. She was mine now. She looked a bit humiliated. I was the gentleman yesterday but was a little rough with her today. Spanking her and cumming on her face.

I lifted her. Looked at her from eyes to her breasts. She looked down in embarrassment. I lifted her chin and began kissing her. She hugged me tight and kissed back. In a while we stopped and I smiled at her. She smiled back. I covered her up again. I cleaned her cum-filled face with my handkerchief. She asked for her underwear which was still around my neck. I denied and put it in my pocket. That was my prize. I pulled up my trousers. And, we started walking.

We had a little bit of fun outdoors and I wondered what all we would do tonight, indoors. We had dinner and then left for the hotel. She expressed her love for me telling me she was all mine. I said, “yes, you are mine.” As we walked along the hotel corridor with our arms around each other, she asked me:

Your room or mine?

Day 3 will be wild. Please stay tuned.

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