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Burning Ember

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There’s nothing quite as dark as being out in the country around midnight on a hot summer night. Without the street lights and the neon illumination of civilization, the pitch blackness takes a little getting used to, which is why I was walking slowly and carefully down the steps of the back porch of my Uncle and Aunt’s house.

I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face at first, and even after a few seconds my eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness, but there was no mistaking the little orange twinkle of light that was visible out by the barn in the back of the yard.

The ember glowed brightly for a second, the product of a cigarette being inhaled, before going back to a dull glow. I walked back toward the man smoking the cigarette, because he was the reason I was out here.

“Knew you would show up,” my Uncle Chet said, his gravely voice not much louder than the peepers that surrounded us.

I stood there silently, about three feet in front of my uncle, and as my eyesight improved I could see that he was naked except for boxer shorts and slippers. Not in bad shape for a guy in his mid-50’s, and if I wasn’t so nervous I might have appreciated his rugged manliness a lot more, but I was terrified.

How I got to this point was simple enough. My mother had caught me in what you would call a compromising position with my best friend Clay, who was more than just my friend. Mom picked up on that when she came home unexpectedly on the first day of summer and found me gobbling Clay’s cock.

To get me away from Clay – and that was the reason no matter how else it was rationalized to me – I was sentenced to spend most of the summer at my mother’s brother’s house with him and my Aunt Betty.

Being 19, I certainly was old enough to make my own decisions, but since I was living under her roof and being dependant on her financially until I got out of college, I had to suck it up and

do what she said.

I had found out that very first day that while my Aunt Betty didn’t know why I was sent out there, the word had been passed to my Uncle Chet. Being a man of few words, he had made it clear that he knew the score.

“Hear you’re quite the cocksucker,” Uncle Chet had said after dinner, out of his wife’s earshot, and his words burned in my ears as his iron hand gripped my arm. “Meet me out back around midnight.”

I didn’t have to be out there, I supposed, but Uncle Chet was rather persuasive and I was bored already after less than 24 hours in this rural hell, so there I was clad in my jeans despite the humid night.

“Why did you say that to me before?” I asked with my thumbs hooked into my belt loops, trying to act defiant even though Uncle Chet was a half foot taller and about 50 pounds my superior.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” Uncle Chet said, flicking his cigarette aside and exhaling deeply. “My sister says it’s because your old man isn’t around anymore that you’re a little light in the shoes.”

“I dunno,” was all I could say.

“Don’t be shy,” Uncle Chet said as he reached out to me, his hand gripping my shoulder as he firmly moved me down to my knees, much like the man who had picked me up hitchhiking had done a few months earlier. “It’s going to be a long hot summer. No sense not enjoying it.”

As my knees hit the grass I found myself staring at my Uncle Chet’s boxer shorts, and as I steadied myself I tried to make sense of what was going on.


“Here?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t exactly go up and crawl in next to your aunt, now can we?” Uncle Chet scoffed, and then my hands were on the elastic of his boxers, nudging them down over his furry belly and down his legs.

Uncle Chet’s cock was inches from my face, a short thick stub nestled in a swirling salt and pepper bush, and without another word I reached up and took the squat uncut dick in my hand and brought it to my mouth.

“Ah!” sighed my uncle as my lips disappeared in his pubic hair, and right away I could tell that the rubbery little stub I was starting to suck on was going to grow quite a bit before very long.

“That’s it Billy,” Uncle Chet was saying, his hands guiding my head up and down his dick while his meaty balls slapped my chin. “Make me big and hard. Damn! You give better head than Betty does.”

Within a minute, Uncle Chet’s toadstool had blossomed into about 7″ of thick hard cock, as long as Clay’s but much thicker, and my jaws stretched to accommodate the girth of his fat tool.

“Lick my nuts,” my uncle said, and then he was pulling his manhood out of my mouth and lifting it so my tongue could lap his furry nut sac a bit before he pushed his cock back between my lips.

“Damn!” Uncle Chet hissed after my mouth went up and down nearly the entire length of his member again, his hands clutching my skull, and then he was cumming, spurting what seemed like a copious load of his seed down my throat, and as I struggled not to choke my uncle kept mooing like a cow until he went limp.

“Oh man, that was sweet! Did you swallow?” gaziantep escort he asked me after lifting me to my feet, and after I told him I had, he stunned me by kissing me long and hard on his mouth.

If it wasn’t for his tobacco breath I would have liked it even better, but I had little time to complain because as his tongue probed my mouth, his hand slid down my stomach and under my jeans, which were loose at the waist without my belt.

I was hard, and as his fist seized my cock Uncle Chet chuckled as he practically crushed my boner.

“You sure that you’re 19? Damn, you sure got a little pecker on you, don’t you Billy?” he chuckled while looking down at me, and while I was embarrassed at his somewhat accurate assessment, I was also cumming.

My knees were buckling as I shot my load into my jeans and all over Uncle Chet’s hand, and he kept chuckling as I held onto him while I emptied my balls.

“Tomorrow night – same time,” was what Uncle Chet said as he extracted his gooey hand from my jeans, wiping it on my chest before going back to the house.


It was raining the next night, but when I looked out the back door I saw the burning ember of Uncle Chet’s cigarette from the open doorway of the side entrance of the barn where he was waiting.

I supposed that I didn’t have to go, but I went anyway. All day around the house I had been reminded of what he had happened the night before, and whenever I looked at Uncle Chet he smiled when he saw where I had been staring.

He wore trousers around the house, of course, but whenever I looked at him it was as if he was like he was the night before, with his boxer shorts down and his fat cock waving menacingly at me.

Nothing was said while Aunt Betty was around, but when she wasn’t in sight he would say things. Nasty and disgusting things, and when he did I would shiver and get aroused, even more so when he would rub up against me or squeeze my crotch while telling me what he was going to do to me.

When Aunt Betty went into the bathroom Uncle Chet moved me against the refrigerator, pulling my hand into the open fly of his overalls and making me hold his dick right there in the kitchen. Well, maybe the words “made me” aren’t accurate, because I loved the feel of his fat cock in my hand.

“Take yours out,” he said.


“I said take your pecker out,” he said.

“Here?” I protested. “What if…”

“Just do it,” Uncle Chet said, and I reached down and pulled my jeans down a bit, because I had an erection and just pulling it out might not have been easy.

“You’re even smaller than I thought,” he said derisively as he sneered at me before reaching down and grabbing my dick, squeezing tight as my boner disappeared in his fist, and while his words stung and the grip he had on my dick was not that of a lover, I found myself getting turned on by it all despite everything.

“It’s not that small,” I whimpered as my five very skinny inches felt like it was being crushed in my Uncle Chet’s fist, and he chuckled as he squeezed me even harder, slapping at my balls with the back of his hand while assuring me that it was indeed a pitiful excuse for a penis.

My body shook as I felt my orgasm roaring through me, and then I was cumming, popping my load into the iron fist of my Uncle Chet while he cackled and kept trying to crush and pull my dick clean off.

“You made a mess,” Uncle Chet said as he let go of my dick and put his cum-filled palm in my face. “Clean it up.”

While I might not have much in the way of equipment, I cum big. It wasn’t something I hadn’t tasted before though, so it didn’t bother me to lick my semen off of my uncle’s hand, and then I was being pushed down to my knees onto the linoleum.

Just as Uncle Chet was grabbing me my the hair and pulling me toward his cock, the sound of the toilet flushing meant that Aunt Betty would be out of the bathroom as soon as she finished washing her hands

Uncle Chet dragged me to my feet and tucked his cock back into his pants, telling me to get myself presentable before his wife rejoined us.

“Tonight,” Uncle Chet reminded me. “Don’t keep me waiting.”


Aunt Betty turned in early, and I kept looking out the window toward the barn, waiting for a sign that my Uncle Chet had gone back there. My dick was hard, even though it was a bit sore from the rough way it had been handled earlier, and I stroked it gently while looking out into the darkness.

It was hot and muggy, and even though I had taken a shower I was already sweating, as much from nerves as the heat. I was confused over how I felt about my Uncle Chet, because when we were with Aunt Betty he was his normal friendly self, but once we were alone, he changed. He became mean and domineering, treating me roughly and making fun of me.

The confusing part was that for some reason, I seemed to almost like it when he ridiculed my body and manipulated me with disdain. The way he squeezed my dick before, it was like he was trying to hurt me in a way, and even though I cringed when I thought back about that scene in the kitchen, the fact was that my dick was never harder and I had rarely experienced an orgasm so intense before.

There it was – the burning ash of his cigarette glowing toward the back of the barn – my cue to get moving. I was only wearing underwear as I tiptoed down the hall while praying that Aunt Betty didn’t suddenly appear in the hall.

She didn’t, and then I stepped outside into what felt like a furnace. It was hot inside but it was a steam-bath in the yard, and there were rumbles of thunder that indicated that the storms that had been predicted were about to arrive. While that might provide a little relief, I knew that after it rained it would be even more tropical.

“Nice outfit,” Uncle Chet said as he looked at me in my tight white fruit of the looms, with my boner causing a little tent in the pouch.

Uncle Chet was wearing pajama bottoms and slippers, and as I stared at his chest with the mat of silver and black curls and the faded tattoos on his muscular arms, the bulge in my briefs got larger.

“Let’s go,” Uncle Chet said, his grip on my neck making me wince, and he led me into the barn, where he lit a lantern and told me to take off my underwear.

“Your old man got a little pecker too?” Uncle Chet asked derisively, and when I told him I didn’t know he laughed and told me that it must run on my Dad’s side of the family because my mother’s brothers were all like him – hung like horses.

“How come you’re so mean to me?” I asked.

“If you don’t like it, leave,” Uncle Chet said, and when I shrugged and didn’t move he said that I just answered my own question.

“Get me hard,” Uncle Chet said as he stepped out of his pajama bottoms and wiggled the fat stub which would probably triple in length before long.

The dirt floor was uncomfortable to kneel on, but after I opened my mouth and took his thick tool in my mouth I forgot all about that. I felt Uncle’s Chet’s cock start to come to life almost immediately, and then his hands were clutching my hair and moving my head to assist me.

“Get your mouth down further,” he implored me as his hairy ball sac slapped against my chin. “What are you doing with your hand? Jerking yourself off? Stop that shit and use your hands on me instead.”

Obediently I began to fondle his balls with my right hand while clutching his hairy ass with my left. My jaws were already aching but I didn’t care because I really liked what I was doing, and the curses and muttering coming from my uncle turned me on as well.

With Uncle’s Chet’s cock fully engorged, I waited for him to cum and his breathing got louder, but instead he yanked his dick out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet, herding me over to the back wall of the barn and telling me to stand on a step-stool while facing away from him.

“Bet you like it in the ass,” Uncle Chet said just as he stuck his finger between my butt cheeks.

“OH!” What?” I said, wincing when I felt his greased finger penetrate my anus, but when I tried to squirm away he pushed me up against the wall.

“Stay put,” he growled as his finger went where nothing had ever been before. “I asked you if you liked it in the ass.”

“No – I never,” I whimpered as another lubricated finger enter that tiny opening.

I hadn’t. Clay had wanted to but I was too scared and wouldn’t let him because I knew it would probably hurt. The thought of Uncle Chet’s cock, which was probably twice as thick as Clay’s was, going up there had my hands trembling as they held the wall.

“Cherry, huh Billy?” Uncle Chet said with a laugh. “Then you’re in luck. Stop crying, you little twerp.”

I couldn’t help it. Even though the fingers that were spinning around inside of my ass were starting to feel good, I knew that Uncle’s Chet’s cock was a lot bigger than his fingers and was going to hurt. I was right.

I cried out when he pushed the fat head of his dick into me, and luckily the lightning and thunder outside masked my cry as the rest of his manhood slid deep into my rectum. Uncle Chet let out a guttural groan as he wrapped his arms around my sweaty body, and for a second I thought it was over.

“Shut up and take it like a man,” he declared. “Or else I’ll really give you something to cry about.”

His thumbs and index fingers were on my nipples, pinching and twisting them hard as he began to move his stiff cock in and out of me.

“Damn Billy, you’re tight.”

“It hurts Uncle Chet,” I sobbed. “It’s too big.”

“You love it,” he told me, and when his one hand stopped tormenting my nipple and slid down to my dick, we both knew he was right.

It might have lasted 10 minutes, or even a half hour. Uncle Chet was relentless, practically lifting my feet up off of the stool as he thrust hard and fast into me, and after he groaned one last time, I felt a warmth fill my bowels and then it was over.

I stayed as I was, still holding the barn wall as I felt his warm sap begin to trickle out of my anus after Uncle Chet pulled out his spent dick. In the dim light of the lantern, I could see my semen on the wall below me, the result of Uncle’s Chet’s hand finding my boner and yanking on it while he fucked me.

“Raining like a bitch out there,” Uncle Chet announced as he looked out the side door, and I gingerly got off of the stool and waddled towards him. “Could use a shower.”

I followed Uncle Chet out into the monsoon, and if Aunt Betty ever looked out and saw the two of us standing in the rain naked she would have fainted. Instead we went behind the barn and stood there, letting the cool rain wash over us.

I found myself reaching out and touching Uncle’s Chet’s shoulders, and when he didn’t say anything I started to run my hands all over his back, reveling the feel of his hairy and muscular body.

“How’s your ass feel?” he asked me as he turned around and let me rub his chest.

“Hurts,” I said as my uncle raised his arms to let me wash down his hairy armpits with the rainwater. “Feels like your dick is still in me.”

“First of all, it’s a cock, not a dick. Yours is a dick. Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Tomorrow night you’ll be begging for it.”

I was going to say that he was wrong but kept my mouth shut and kept stroking his dripping wet body as the thunder rolled and the lightning cracked to the east, lighting us up briefly.

“You ain’t getting it tomorrow night though,” Uncle Chet informed me. “Tomorrow night is Saturday night. That’s when I fuck your Aunt Betty. Ever have any pussy?”

“Sure,” I lied.

“Bullshit. Well, maybe you can come down and listen outside the door. Get your rocks off.”

Just then, my dick poked Uncle Chet’s hip, and when he saw my boner he laughed and told me to put my hands behind my head and keep them there.

My heart started racing, thinking that Uncle Chet was going to wash me off like I had him, or even something better than that. Instead, his hand went down between my legs, bypassing my erection and grabbing my balls in his fist.

“Ow!” I groaned as he squeezed my sac hard, and after telling me to shut up he started pulling and twisting my hairless pouch.

Not as hard as he could have, but it sure wasn’t done with love. The harder he yanked and pulled however, the more it excited me, and Uncle Chet knew it.

“You like it rough, don’t you Billy?” he snickered while he churned my nuts, the lightning illuminating his toothy grin while I stood there helplessly. “I knew the way you were from the start. You’re gonna cum now, aren’t you?”

I did. Standing there in the driving rain with my hands behind my head, with my nuts being twisted in my uncle’s right hand while he pulled on my nipple with his left, my body convulsed and I started jerking around like a marionette.

Above my uncle’s hand, my untouched dick sprang around, squirting jets of cum all over the place in what seemed like a endless staccato, and only after my dick went limp and I begged for Uncle Chet to stop did he release the grip on my aching balls.

“Those little stones of yours really pump out the spunk, don’t they? This is a night you’ll never forget,” Uncle Chet said before heading inside, leaving me in the rain.

I stood there for a while, letting the rain soothe my body. My hand reached down and cupped my balls, which ached and felt swollen, and I gently rolled them in my palm.

My other hand reached back and stroked my throbbing anus. I gently put a finger inside of me, and then a second. It didn’t feel as good as Uncle’s Chet’s hand had, and certainly nothing like his cock had, but that didn’t stop me.

My other hand left my balls and started pulling on my dick, wishing it was my Uncle Chet doing it, and after a few minutes even though my dick never got very hard, I came, dribbling a little cum out of my semi-turgid pecker before going inside myself.


“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

It was 11 the next night, and the muffled gasps were coming from the bedroom of my sweet little Aunt Betty. The bed was squeaking and she kept whimpering, much like I would have been.

I had been outside the door in the hall for about 10 minutes, listening to Uncle Chet have sex with his wife. I had already shot a load into the tissue I had carried with me, and if this lasted much longer I would probably need another one.

It sounded brutal, and as I pictured frail Aunt Betty on the bed while her husband savaged her, I was jealous. Was he fucking her in the ass like he had me? Probably not.

She was softly chanting his name as the bed squeaked. “Chet Chet Chet” she said quietly, even though my room was at the other end of the house, and then my Uncle started snorting as the tempo increased.

His moan. It sounded just like it did when he came with me, and then it got quiet on the other side of the door. I tiptoed down the hall and back to my room, where I got into bed and watched the shadows dance on the moonlight that came through the curtains, trying to imagine what that must have looked like.

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