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Burned Ch. 06

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We cuddled. We necked. We fondled. We licked. We sucked. Content? For about ten minutes, probably less for Leah. She was kissing my cock within five minutes. She was sampling our commingled fluids by licking my soft shaft within six minutes. Within seven minutes she was sucking the head of my cock gently into her mouth and I felt the tip of her tongue probing my urethral opening. My penis slowly extended across her tongue and was rewarded with a rippling friction as Leah allowed my growing cock to fill her welcoming mouth.

I was hard within ten minutes, fully hard and having to concentrate on resisting an almost overwhelming desire to start thrusting and humping her mouth. “Take it easy,” I thought to myself. “Don’t make her gag. Be gentle. Go slow.”

I watched her mouth slowly work its way up and down my shaft. I enjoyed the view of my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth, as her lips stretched to accommodate the plump head of my cock and its thick shaft. The tip of her pink tongue would slip in and out of view as it darted and swirled tantalizingly around my sensitized glans.

My fingers ran through the silky smoothness of her hair as my hands glided over her scalp and came to rest on the back of her head. I held her lovingly and watched. God it felt good. It looked good. Just watching her suck my cock, seeing and feeling her breasts sway and brush against my skin, enjoying the curve and movement of her ass as she moved and undulated to give pleasure with her mouth. I reached and took a breast in my hand and gently caressed her plump nipple as she sighed against my penis, her breath warm and moist against my balls.

I pulled her to me, lips touched, lips parted and we kissed. My tongue slipped between her soft lips, into her mouth and I tasted the tear-like flavor of pre-cum on her tongue, the musky flavor of vaginal fluids and sperm she had just licked from my cock. Pushing her back on the bed, I gently cupped her breasts and kissed each one lovingly, sucked each nipple and lightly licked the firm hardening flesh.

My chest pressed against her moist vulva as I lay between her spread legs, her knees bent up, her feet resting on the bed beside my hips. As I kissed her breasts, her hips pressed against my body, a gentle rhythm building. My lips and tongue traced a wet trail to her navel, encountered her trimmed bush and found the warm moist cleft of her sex. I rested my cheek against her thigh, her softness a pillow to my head. I gazed at her sex, the plumpness of her labia surrounding the small inner lips peeking out, an invitation and guide to the pleasures within.

I inhaled deeply as I brushed her labial lips with a light kiss. Each of my senses became intoxicated as I imbibed of her sexual brews. Skin and hair, soft and tantalizing to my touch; moans, sighs and spoken sweet nothings fuel to my imagination; the sights of her face, body, breasts and pussy were all I desired to see. The heat of my primal urges was stoked by the pungent odor permeating my nostrils as my tongue reached out to taste the awaiting nectar.

An explosion of flavor coursed to my brain and fueled my desire to probe even more deeply into the center of her sex with my invading tongue. Reaching deeply, I lapped and sucked at the mixed fluids that remained pooled in her vaginal vault. Unfamiliar flavors surrounded and stimulated my taste buds, a tanginess that must be Leah’s essence and a separate pungency that was my own cum, the ejaculate I had so recently emptied into her body.

“Um, yes, your tongue there, yes, please, yes, oh yes, yes…” Leah exclaimed as I withdrew from her tight hole and placed the broad flatness of my tongue against her clit. “Oh, oh, yes, there, my god Chris there, oh, oh, god…,” her sighs and moans were rapidly building.

I gently stimulated her clit with small circles, centered on my tongue and kept the pressure constant as her sighs pleaded for more of the same. I gave her what she desired. Her hands held my head, holding me firmly in place, Küçükköy Escort her grip indicating the perfection of the stimulation. Her moans intensified, her hips pushing tightly against my mouth, her hands pulled my face more tightly against her sopping crotch. I matched the force and speed of the movement of my tongue with the thrusts of her hips and pressure of her hands.

“I’m uhn, ah” escaped her lips, as I felt the muscles of her pussy and her anus contract against my face and chin. I continued to stimulate the millions of nerves compressed into the small delicate pearl of her sex. She came.

“uhn, Chris, stop, oh Chris, my god, I can’t take anymore, oh Chris…..,”

I licked and thrust my tongue deep inside her once more to taste and savor the essence her pussy.

She pulled me up, guided me to her bosom, held me tight, kissed me and tasted herself on my lips and tongue. As she pulled me close, my erect cock pressed against her wet vulva, split her labia and slid easily into the inviting warmth of her vaginal canal. Leah’s hands went to my ass and pulled me deeply once more into her welcoming body.

“Chris, I love you, I want and need you inside of me,” she breathed.

“Leah, Leah, Leah. I love being inside of you. God you feel good. I love you Leah.”

I thrust my cock into the rich velvety texture that surrounded my cock, luxuriating in the exquisite pleasure of being inside my lover’s body.

I wanted the sensation to last forever. I didn’t want to reach the climax. I didn’t want the building pleasure to end. It grew. It expanded. It took me. It exploded and my orgasm released my love. With each contraction, with each ejaculation, I held Leah more tightly, more lovingly. We were one.


Our post-coital slumber was deep and restful. I awakened with Leah in my arms. I opened my eyes and was greeted with Leah smiling a smile of pure contentment and happiness. My arms held Leah, still naked against my skin. I took her breast in my hand and nuzzled her neck as we lay there content in the early morning light. My cock was hard and straight, a ‘piss-rod’, I had to pee, but I didn’t want to let go of Leah.

“My, what is this?” asked Leah as she took my hard penis in her hand.

“Um, well, uh, it um, when a guy, uh…,” I stammered.

Her hand guided my almost painfully erect dick between her legs. I felt the head of my cock press against her labia slipping between the still very wet folds. She pressed me against her opening, smiling as she felt herself engulf the head of my stiff prick. I groaned as my shaft slid once more into body. Her warmth enveloped my cock as I slid easily inside her channel of love. My balls pressed against the moist warmth of her crotch as she extended her hips to fully receive me inside her enveloping grip. I rolled her onto her back and drove my cock into her. Her legs pulled up and open around my hips as I drove my hardness into her hot slit.

“I love you Leah. Your pussy feels good. Your body feels good. You are so beautiful.”

I continued to drive my cock into her. Leah’s legs drifted to the bed as I felt her pelvis tilt into mine as I continued to thrust my rigid cock inside her welcoming vagina. She pushed against my shoulders and I rolled onto my back holding her closely as we rolled. She straddled my hips, my cock still deep inside her dripping canal. She supported her body over mine, her hands on the bed beside my shoulders, her breasts hanging just over my face, the lovely nipples firm and hard. Leah ground her wetness into my pelvis repeatedly impaling herself on my hard shaft. The speed of the gyrations slowly accelerated. Her loving gaze began to glaze as the speed and intensity of her motion against the base of my cock increased.

The lids of her eyes were half closed as her head tilted back, her jaw sagged and primitive, deep guttural moans of pure pleasure emanated from a place deep inside her chest.

Leah’s pussy contracted against my cock. Küçükköy Escort Bayan Tight waves of contractions gripped my shaft as her moans built and her hips now violently bucked on my rock hard cock. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked at her tit, her moans of pleasure erotic music to my ears.

I took her pumping ass in my hands and rolled our joined bodies so I had the superior position once more. I now violently fucked her still twitching gash as she panted from the exertion and ending contractions of her climax.

“Fuck me Chris. Your cock feels so good, so hard, so right.”

I fucked Leah’s pussy, wet, hot, tight and wide open for my pleasure. I watched my dick as it slid free of her dark hole with a slow withdrawing motion and saw it disappear once more between her slick wet labia as I thrust and returned to her soft welcoming depths. Her breasts rippled back and forth across her chest as I rammed repeatedly into her gapping vagina.

Moans of pleasure flowed from my throat as my orgasm took me. Each thrust paused and held deep as each contraction took me; then thrust and hold again as the next contraction spewed another sperm laden load of cum into Leah’s stretched vaginal vault; then thrust once more.

I collapsed on Leah’s chest, spent and exhausted from the effort. My cock still inside her body; I didn’t want to lose the enveloping perfection of her pussy’s soft grip; I wanted to maintain this consummate sensation forever.

“I love you Leah,” I breathed into her ear as her arms gently held me in their embrace.

“I love you,” she breathed back.

I felt Leah drift into slumber once more. My penis softened. My penis defied my desire and slowly slipped from Leah’s soft vaginal embrace. I reluctantly disengaged from Leah’s encircling arms.

“Where are you going?” Leah asked as she barely stirred.

“I have to pee.”

A hint of a smile crossed her lips as she allowed me to slip free of her loving grip.

“And I thought you were turned on by my dazzling body and charms,” she whispered as I left.

“Oh but I am,” I assured her as I reluctantly left her side.

I padded to the bathroom content and pleased that we have consummated our love. Bad luck, destiny, now good luck and fate have placed us lovingly in each other’s embrace. How fortunate our parents elected to have Leah stay here, with me, my house, my basement, and now in my room. Our parents innocently oblivious to what has transpired and the resultant true nature of our relationship. Allowed to live in an area unobserved and unmonitored because we are cousins. No inkling of the love that has grown and blossomed. No inkling of the physical love we have now shared.

A tap on the door, still naked, I opened it to see Leah, also still naked. I love her all the more because she is free and unashamed in my presence. Her body warm and welcome as I take her in my arms and pull her into my loving embrace.

“Let’s take a hot bath together,” she suggested as she sat on the toilet behind the partition to relieve herself. The tinkle of her urine against the water as she pee’d surprised me, excited me and pleased me. I turned on the bath water and wondered why I am excited by the sound of Leah’s natural need to urinate. I realized, the pleasure is in the knowledge that she is unafraid to be herself in my presence.

I stepped into the sudsy water and sat in the comforting warmth. She followed and joined me to relax, fondle and grope. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other as we explored, touched and caressed anew. We silently washed each other leaving no nook, crack, cranny or crevice unexplored.

Leah reclined and settled between my legs, leaned against my chest and I held her in my arms. I fondled her slippery breasts as they floated just below the water’s surface. My hands glided down her abdomen and caressed her plump labial lips nestled between her lithe thighs. I penetrated her opening with my curious fingers and enjoyed Escort Küçükköy the rippled and softly ribbed surface of her vaginal walls.

My penis grew hard once more as she tenderly caressed my cock and balls. She turned and knelt before me and offered her services by guiding my hard shaft to her ready opening. I disappeared into the dark gash that swallowed me and gripped tightly as I pumped in and out of her dark tunnel. I held onto her breasts as I rode her, my cock slipping, sliding and fucking her tight pussy. I slowly rode the wave building in the root of my being. My focus riveted on my cock as I watched it push open and slip between her labia; I watched it disappear into and fuck her tight pussy.

Her small rosebud, round and perfect, was exposed above my pumping shaft. I brushed the delicate dimple of her lightly creased anus with the pad of my thumb. It twitched in response and a sudden moan escaped Leah’s lips at new sensation. She pushed her ass more tightly against me and the touch of my thumb. I pressed more firmly at the dark dimple. Leah’s hand reaches, grasps, holds my hand tight and pressed my thumb more firmly against her rosebud.

I dipped my index finger between the folds of her labia and it was bathed in the abundant moisture carried on my cock from the warm depths of her pussy. I rubbed the slippery moisture onto her anus, pressed more firmly as she moans aloud. The fingertip slowly opened her anal ring, the muscle relaxed and allowed the invading digit to enter her rectum.

The contractions of her anus and pussy intensified against my thrusting cock. Waves of gripping contractions rippling against my probing dick and finger as I watch the invading extensions of my body slide and disappear through the stretched holes raised before me. Leah’s hands reached back, her fingers encircled the invading extensions, followed them to the the stretched orifices of her vagina and anus, touching herself and felt my body slide inside of her body.

“Oh god, Leah, I’m cumming,” I moaned.

Her hands let go of my pumping cock and finger, pulled at her ass cheeks, pulled them widely apart as I slammed into her stretched cunt. With each thrust a new stream of spunk spewed into her canal.

My orgasm complete, my balls once more emptied, my cock still hard and residing in her gash, Leah continues to rotate her hips against my cock and hand. She wants more.


I wash her private area clean of my dripping white gift. Rubbing her clit gently with the palm of my hand until her gaze was once more glazed, her hips lifted to meet my administrations. I bent and lifted her hips clear of the water. And applied my tongue greedily to her clit.

I gently pressed my thumb against and through her receptive anus. I gently fucked her rectum with my hand as my tongue and lips continued to lick and suck her firm little clit. Her moans built, her hands held my head tight and her ass wiggled willingly against the inserted appendage of my hand.

She orgasmed quickly. I thrust my tongue into the contracting slit of her pussy; fucked her hole with my tongue as I tasted the moisture of her sex. I relished the sensation and force of her orgasmic contractions as wave after wave passed through her cunt around my tongue. Her anus winked forcefully at my thumb.

Her moans, emanated from a primal place deep inside her chest was once more music to my ears. Leah’s body shuddered as the last of her contractions faded. She slumped away from my hands and face into the water, panting, smiling, laughing and giggling with pleasure and delight as she collapsed into the water.

Both satiated by the result of our love, our desire and yes our lust, we embraced and relaxed together in the warmth of the bath.

“We better get up, get dressed and get up stairs before my mom wonders why we have slept so long and comes down here. Plus, I need nourishment to keep this pace up.”

“OK,” Leah reluctantly agreed. “I’ll get dressed and meet you upstairs. Not because I want to leave you, but because I want to keep this up,” she smiled as she caressed my limp cock. “I’ll feed you whatever is required to keep up the pace.”

We helped dry each other off, walked naked to our rooms, kissed and then parted ways to get dressed.

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