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Burn Baby Burn

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This is a fictional account involving adults engaging in incestuous sex. If you don’t like that sort of story, please move on. It also involves larger than normal cocks so don’t neg bang me and leave nasty comments about size. If you choose to continue, please enjoy my little tale.


My big sister has always been super competitive. Sports, studies, eating worms from the garden; it didn’t matter as long as she was the best! So when I got the phone call that early Saturday afternoon I was not really surprised. She had been at a picnic with several friends from work and they got into a tug-of-war fight. Her side was loosing and she really stepped up her efforts, nearly grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat. But when the other side pulled HARD and her teammates lost their grip, just my sis tried to hold a grip onto the rope as it sped through her hands. She had a firm grip, and the first thought she had was to grab harder. Her second thought was to grab REALLY hard! Her third thought was that her hands hurt like hell.

It was our mom and dad that made the call to me. I met them at the hospital where the doctors were just finishing up their work on Vanessa’s hands and leg. I’ll skip the gory details, but after they dug out all the little pieces of the rough rope material from her raw hands they had to wrap them to protect them and help in the healing. Somehow when she fell down the rope got caught around her right leg and she ended up with a deep and nasty rope burn that spiraled around her leg from her knee right into her crotch. Luckily it stopped about four inches from her happy spot.

My mom saw me walking down the hall and cried out, “Oh Mike, over here! I’m so glad you are here!” They briefly got me up to speed on what happened and then the doctor was telling them how she would need somebody to help her with all of the things she would not be able to do. Her hands would be heavily wrapped for nearly a month and would have to stay dry, etc. Mom was taking it all in and I was glad she was such a good ‘mother hen’. Then the sky fell right onto me.

“Okay Mike, you heard the doctor. Did you understand what you will need to do?” mom asked.

“Huh? What…me?”

“Yes you! You’re an adult and Vanessa will need you to help her do all the things she can’t do on her own right now.”


“No buts, young man. You know your dad and I are packed and ready to fly out of town tonight for our first vacation in over ten years!” SHIT! I had forgotten their month long trip around the world! “It’s time you two mended fences and acted like caring adults instead of bickering kids.”

Case closed, I was stuck. No way could I get out of being Vanessa’s nurse maid for the entire time they would be gone having fun. SHIT! So there I sat being shown how to put the salves on her hands and rewrap them just as the nurses had done. This had to be done every day for at least three weeks! Her leg would also need tending to but not quite as much.

Nessa (as I called my sister) was released and the four of us descended on her apartment where I would be staying for the duration. I arrived late after stopping at my house and getting my clothes and other essentials. Dad had gone to the pharmacy and picked up all the gauze, tape, and medications that my sister would need, so I wouldn’t have to leave her alone. Nessa was in great pain and the hospital had really doped her up so she was a virtual zombie for about six hours, well past the time when our folks left for their trip.

I was watching ESPN when my sis cried out “MOM”, and I ran to her room to see what she needed. “What are YOU doing here?” she asked groggily.

“You don’t want to piss me off, sis!” I told her. “Nurse Mike at your service…what do you need!”

“Oooooooo noooo. MOM! MOM! HELP ME, MOM!” she cried out, wincing in pain.

“I see you forgot about it too. They are about one fourth of the way to China, or where ever their trip’s first stop is. What do you need, Nessa.”

“Shit! I need to pee!” she said with distress written all over her face.

Reluctantly she let me help her out of bed and to the bathroom, where she stood looking at the toilet with fear in her eyes. “Oh god, I…I can’t…” and she waved her hands by her loose shorts and looked to me with a red face. She turned around aiming her ass at the porcelain throne and said, “Mike, please shut your eyes and pull down my shorts.”

What the hell, why not give her one chance at the embarrassment I had been thinking about while she was asleep? So I did as she asked, then turned around and stood up opening my eyes once more as she settled onto the seat and her bladder emptied in a gusher. I chuckled and told her, “Damn, I guess you did have to go!” Her only comment was a huge sigh of relief while her flow began to dwindle.

She finished peeing and I said, “Okay, I’ll shut my eyes and help you stand up and then pull up your shorts.”

“Um, no, I need to wipe off!”


“Oh Gümüşhane Escort shit! I guess YOU need to wipe me off! No peeking, got it?”

Nessa told me what to do and after four hopelessly inept attempts she finally said, “Oh all right, open your eyes!”

I did and was amazed to see she was clean shaven down there. We both turned red before I quickly dabbed her dry and got her standing and pulled her shorts up. She needed more pain meds so I gave her some and then got her back to bed where she was asleep almost instantly.

I looked down at her and said softly to no one, “I love you sis, but this really sucks!”

As I sat in her living room I thought about our relationship. As kids, my big sister used her extra years to ‘rule’ over me, always maintaining her superior status and holding it over me like a club. We never really got close, though, probably due to her being four years older than I am. In fact, when she graduated high school followed by secretarial school, I was happy that she moved out, even happier when she got married and not that upset when they divorced 18 months later. At least she didn’t move home, instead finding her own place to live.

When I graduated high school I took courses in computer system programming and repair and was hired by one of the largest firms in our state. I’m NEVER sick, not even a cold, so my sick leave had accumulated until I had nearly three months sick and family leave available for me to use. So after making one phone call I had the next month off with full pay, more time off if I needed it. I was making so much money that I had my own home, all 2400 square feet of it, at the young age of 22.

I’ve had my share of girlfriends but am currently unattached. Even though we seldom saw each other, I did know that Nessa was also not seeing anybody. In fact, I couldn’t recall her having a real relationship since her divorce. This really did surprise me because she is fucking hot! Oh sure, I shouldn’t think of my sister like that, but as I grew up it was her only redeeming asset and she still maintained her great looks even at her advanced age of 26. Her 34C-22-35 shape is spread over 5’4″ of loveliness. I know her blond hair is natural, and her eyes are emerald green.

I guess I’m a nerd without the glasses. I’m 6’2″ tall and all of 175 pounds, strong but definitely not the body builder type. It’s hard to figure out why I don’t have a steady gal as I’ve never had a complaint about my lovemaking, in spite of my nine inch wanger. Or is it because of it? So here I sit, in my sister’s living room sporting a huge boner due to just staring at and then wiping dry my sister’s perfect bald pussy.

Four hours later I was awakened to Nessa calling me. She needed to use the bathroom once again so I got her there and pulled her shorts down, this time with my eyes open and then excused myself to let her have some privacy. When she called me back in her face was flushed a deep red and I wondered what was going on. Taking a few pieces of TP I prepared to dab her dry when she softly said, “Um, Mike, you’re going to need a lot more than that.”

I gave her a blank look before saying, “Oh shit!”

“Yes, shit! I’m sorry but I ate well at the picnic before…” and she held up her arms with hands wrapped to three times their normal size. She shifted on the seat and I knew she was telling the truth, her poop odor filled the room instantly. Damn, this was going to be a lonnnnnnnng month! After attempting to wipe her clean I gave up and found a washcloth, got it wet with warm water before washing her clean. After thoroughly rinsing the cloth I also surprised her by washing her pussy before finishing her ass, and then I dried both areas. Nessa shook a little bit as I cleaned her, but I figured it was from embarrassment.

More meds were dispensed and then she was asleep again. Thus went the next five or six days of my life, watching ESPN when I wasn’t feeding my sister or cleaning her ass or pussy after she went to the bathroom. Oh yeah, and trying to control my damned cock which seemed to be always hard after helping her in the bathroom.

Changing the wraps on her hands wasn’t that bad, I actually became quite good at it by the third day! The problem area was her inner thigh. Nessa hated the fact that she had to allow me to spread her legs wide so I could get at her long snake like rope burn. The first time we did this she tried to keep her shorts on, but I couldn’t really see the top five or so inches of her leg, so after much discussion she agreed to let me remove her shorts from her right leg only. This allowed her to at least think she was covered when in fact her pussy was not only fully exposed but was also gaping open letting her bright pink insides dare me to stare at her. I struggled with that but somehow I got through it with only small slip ups and no visible hard on.

On Tuesday another problem reared its ugly head. After Nessa peed I dabbed her dry like she wanted only this time Gümüşhane Escort Bayan tons of little pieces of TP stuck to her scratchy pubic hair! “What the hell?” I said as the white specks appeared everywhere. Nessa looked down and groaned before giving me a pleading look. I started trying to pick the pieces off of her which really pissed her off. Obviously she was returning to her usual self.

Frustrated, I just stepped back and stared at the dotted crotch in front of me. Nessa blushed before lifting her eyes to mine — thank god I was looking at her face — and timidly saying, “Oh shit, I was worried about this! I never go more than two days without shaving…down there…and it has been about three and a half now! And it itches like hell!”

“If you can make it a few more days that should go away, sis,” I offered hopefully.

“You try it with hands like this and tell me how you like it, asshole!” she snarled before realizing I was her only source of help and quickly continued, “I’m really sorry about that, Mike, I know you are doing the best you can and I really appreciate it. I’m sure this is almost as embarrassing for you as it is for me! At least you don’t have to deal with your sibling playing with your cock several times each day!”

“Hey, I am not playing with your pussy! Trust me, you would know it if I was!” I countered.

“Oh really? You certainly sound sure of yourself, little brother! But I don’t want to argue with you during the short time each day that I’m not doped up. Do you think you can handle my razor and shave me…down there?”

“Down where?”

“Down here…” she said before realizing I was giving her a hard time in order to get her say the words so she finished with “…down here, you know, my PUSSY! Can you shave my PUSSY without cutting half of it off?”

“I’m a Quadra-Trak man myself, so I think I can handle it as long as you don’t jump or anything.” So it was decided that with her coaching me I was to shave her to the silky smoothness that she had the first time I wiped her off. I helped her up onto the bathroom counter top and then went in search of a low chair to sit on.

Shortly I returned with one and got into position with all the supplies I would need. I started following her instructions and was doing pretty good, although she did groan the first time I touched her skin with my fingers. I checked and she said I had not hurt her. After several moments it became obvious I was going to need more contact with her and Nessa softly said, “I think you will need to grab my lips and stretch out the skin to make it easier for you, Mike. Holy shit, I can’t believe I just told my brother to stick his fingers inside my pussy! Oh my god this really sucks!” As I gingerly reached for one of her folds of skin she shuddered and said, “Careful, Mike, I want to be able to use that when I finally heal up!”

I was doing my absolute best not to hurt her when a small tremor went through her and she softly groaned out a solitary “Ohhhhhh!”

Stopping instantly I asked, “Did I hurt you, Nessa? I didn’t mean to, really!”

“Huh, what? Oh, um, no…you didn’t…um, hurt me, no I’m fine, really! I think…I think I am going to just close my eyes and lay back while you do this. You’re doing fine with the razor. Maybe it’ll be better if I don’t watch you.” And then she leaned her head back and lightly chewed on her lower lip as I went back to work.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to be this close to my sister’s pussy…things like that just don’t happen! Yet here I was not only looking at it from no more than fifteen inches away but I had my fingers inside her little flaps pulling on them to stretch out the skin for my task. Several times she tensed and seemed to bite down on her lip, but otherwise she seemed at ease with what was happening.

I was nearly finished but couldn’t get a good angle at the area at the top of her slit, her clit was rather prominent and I sure as hell didn’t want to cut that! “Sis, I need you to spread your legs a little wider,” I said and she helped me get them opened up another 8 or 9 inches. Then I made certain I finished every other spot between her legs until I had only the area around her clit left to do. “Sorry sis, but there is no other way for me to do this,” I said as I eased my fingers onto her clit as I pulled on her hood to make it shaveable.

At my first touch she emitted a single sharp “OH!” before she bit down even harder onto her lip. I worked as fast as I could, but my fingers were in nearly constant contact with her clit as I tried to shave her safely from all sides. Several times I thought I heard her gasp softly but never looked up to check on her. Finally I was finished and leaned in to closely inspect my work as I rubbed my fingers lightly over her skin. I was exhaling when my fingers slid over her clit area when she shook lightly and groaned softly before I pronounced the task completed.

Leaning back Escort Gümüşhane I looked up at her face and then waited for her to open her eyes, amazed to see a small smile on her face. Her eyes fluttered open and she stuttered saying, “Th-th-th-th-thanks bro, you did a great job!” I nearly told her she hadn’t even looked at it before deciding to just keep quiet. “Could you be a REAL sweetheart and rub some of that lotion on my skin now, I always finish with that?” she asked as she nodded her head towards a bottle on the shelf.

“For my wonderful sister, anything,” I replied and poured a small amount onto the palm of my hand and moved towards her. “No, you need more. I always use more than that,” she said so I doubled the amount of lotion I had and started rubbing it onto her skin. She cooed when I started gently rubbing the lotion over her pussy, then urged me on with, “Come on Mike, don’t get shy on me now. Rub it in like you mean it.”

“Okay, as you wish but this is really strange.” I told her as I started rubbing the lotion in with more fervor. Her eyes closed once more and she moaned softly as I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. “Sis, this is way too much lotion,” I finally told her as I stood up.

Without opening her eyes she softly said, “Just keep rubbing it in. It’s the right amount so don’t stop until I tell you.” I resumed working the lotion into her skin and finally decided to use two hands. When she felt my second hand on her she groaned out “Oh yeah, that’s good!” The lotion still wasn’t being absorbed fast enough so I really started rubbing it in harder which just made her moans more intense. I wasn’t paying very good attention to my hand’s position and ended up rubbing straight up and down over her slit. My middle finger slipped deep into her gash and the heal of my hand was pressing on her clit. “Ooooh yeah, that’s better, Mike, keep rubbing it in!”

It wasn’t until my third stroke with my hand that it dawned on me what was REALLY happening! God was I really that dense? I had been watching my other hand as it worked on her inner thigh right where it joined her body and as my eyes shifted I saw my finger slide deeply inside her gash as she tensed and a soft moan slipped from her lips. I pressed my hand harder onto her clit and she groaned again, so I just moved my hand harder and my finger deeper until she tensed really hard and she finally exhaled again.

Her eyes slowly opened and she looked up at me before saying “I…I think you’ve gotten it rubbed in now, Mike, thanks…thanks a lot!” My hand was still coated with lotion so I pulled my finger slowly out of her slit before moving my hand to her left leg and massaged the rest of it into her skin there. My eyes went to her pussy and I nearly shit when I saw her lips were much larger and engorged with blood! Her clit was sticking WAY out of its hiding place and I knew beyond a doubt that I had just gotten my sister off, maybe more than once! Holy shit!

“Well, what do you think?” she asked me in a whisper.

“Huh, about what?” I asked dumbly.

“What you are staring at…my pussy. What do you think, does it look as good as your girlfriends’ did?” She saw my hesitance and said, “Oh come on, you just rubbed in the lotion after shaving me down there. I think you should know what you think of it.”

“I think you are very pretty and sexy,” I told her.

“Well, um, thanks but I’m not talking about my face, I’m talking about my pussy.”

“Good,” I said, “because so was I, I think it’s the prettiest I’ve ever seen!”

“Thanks but you don’t have to be nice to me.” She looked into my eyes and realized I meant it. “Oh, really, you really like it that much?”

“Yup, too bad it’s yours. Off limits and all that,” I replied.

I bent down and retrieved her shorts, then started to pull them up her left leg when she surprised the shit out of me. “Mike, I’d rather NOT have them on. They chafe at my sore leg, and you’ve already had your face about as close to my pussy as any guy ever has, so there is no reason for us to be shy. Besides, it will be easier when I need to go to the bathroom next time.” So I just pulled her shorts back off and placed them in her hamper.

After helping her off of the counter top she asked for another pain pill and went back to bed, but not before giving me a firm hug, my half hard cock trapped between her legs. I went out to her living room and relived the past half hour, deciding there was no doubt that she had cum — although very quietly — at least twice on my hand. Holy shit!

About four hours later she awoke needing to pee once more. As I waited for her to finish I reminded her that she had a follow-up visit with the doctor scheduled for 10:00 A.M. the next morning. She thanked me for remembering as she couldn’t remember shit, then gasped, “Oh my god, look at my hairy legs! I can’t go like that! Will you be a doll and shave them for me, you did an excellent job earlier?”

So I retrieved the low chair once more and got back to work with her razor. Nessa volunteered to rest her feet on my shoulders to make it easier, thus affording me a tremendous unfettered view of her totally sexy pussy. I had to force myself not to stare and was amazed at my sister’s uninhibited attitude about this. It was so unlike her.

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