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Brothers and Sisters Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Note: Chapter 3 I thought I’d try intro some new characters in an attempt to get to where I want the story to end up. Enjoy. Hopefully.

Carmen sat alone on her bed as the federal warnings to the porn she had seen yesterday flashed on the screen. For the first time in a while Cindy and Kate both had things to do that day so she was left alone and her mind had drifted to the porn she had watched and she had quickly taken her copy and put it into the dvd player. She had stripped out of her clothes and could already feel moisture building between her legs. The beautiful brunette appeared in the sauna again and Carmen settled in to watch it, lazily rubbing her clit.

Soon the girl was again having a cock slowly slid into her ass and Carmen began to rub her clit harder and slid first one finger then another into her pussy which was already sopping wet. Her thoughts drifted to the day before and her friends masturbating beside her when she remembered Cindy saying when she was feeling kinky she liked to finger her ass. The thought sent a jolt straight through her and she almost guiltily looked around as she slowly slid a wet finger from her pussy and moved it down until it touched her bum. It felt strange but not ugly and she slowly massaged it around enjoying the feeling then slowly pushing it up against her ass. She felt it give way and her finger slowly began to slide up into her. She was lying on her side watching the girl get fucked by a massive cock and couldn’t believe she could fit all that into her ass. Carmen was sure her tight little rear would have a lot of difficulty fitting something that big in. Suddenly it felt like it wasn’t enough as her finger slid smoothly into and out of her ass and with a little shock she saw a candle on her bed side table that might work. It wasn’t huge but it was substantially fatter and longer than her finger.

The hot little brunette lay on her back and slowly began to slide the candle into her pussy getting it nice and wet and loving the feeling of it as it slowly moved into her. She saw the scene change and the four hot teen girls came on screen and clothes were quickly lost. As she watched the hot red head that she had enjoyed the most she knew she was ready and slid the candle out of her pussy and rolled onto her side again. She put the candle at the entrance to her ass and slowly started to push. The feeling was unlike anything she had felt, a strange feeling of fullness but it just increased her horniness and she could actually feel her pussy juice sliding down her leg as the candle made its way up her bum. Soon it was well inside her as her ass stretched to take it in. She slowly began sliding it out again very slowly loving the feeling.

As she watched the red head tongue the brunettes perfect little ass hole she picked up the pace and began to rhythmically fuck her rear end. She was loving it, the way the candle split her apart and her other hand that was rubbing her little clit that was wet with the juice that was spilling from her pussy. She was so close to what she knew would be a huge orgasm when a gasp made her freeze. She looked up and saw her older sister’s eye’s travelling from her face to the candle that was being pushed into her ass and finally to the screen where the four girls were now in a daisy chain.

“Oh shit, sorry Car.” She said as blood rushed to her face and she quickly disappeared through the open door.

Carmen couldn’t believe what had happened and tears started to run down her cheeks and the embarrassment she felt overwhelmed her.

Carmen lay on her bed having switched off the tv and gotten dressed. She was so embarrassed at what had happened and she couldn’t even imagine what her sister must be thinking about her now. The tears had turned to quiet sobs as she buried her head in her pillow and balled her eyes out.

“Car what’s the matter?” Maria said as she came into the room. She had heard the tv go off and figured she should go up and make sure her sister was ok. It was a shock to catch her in such a very compromising position but she knew she needed to make sure things were ok. She loved her sister and wouldn’t want things to become weird between them. When she saw her sister sobbing into her pillow her throat tightened and tears sprang to her eyes. She had always looked after her sister and seeing her so hurt triggered the protective instinct in her.

“Car, its ok, seriously, stop crying.” She patted her back and her sister slowly tried to pull it together. “It’ll be ok sweety, it’s fine.”

“It’s just..” Carmen said as she whipped the tears from her eyes and stared at the bed cover, “you must think I’m such a freak.” The beautiful girl shot her sister a confused look as she started to laugh.

“Ok I guess laughing wasn’t the best thing.” She said apologising. “But I really don’t think you’re a freak AT ALL! I mean most girls have experimented with anal you know.” She felt a little strange talking to her sister about anal but she thought İkitelli Escort it was up to her to set the tone. Act as if the conversation wasn’t embarrassing in the slightest. Sure.

Carmen was a little mollified but still couldn’t raise her eyes to meet her sister’s.

“Listen, seriously, I’ve done it before. I’ve even got a vibrator that I sometimes use when I’m in the mood.” She was blushing as she said this but she knew she needed to make her sister feel ok about what she had been caught doing.

“Really?” Carmen asked looking up at her older sister, noticed that she was blushing, blushed herself but still felt better about the whole situation.

“And lesbian porn is ok to Car. I mean some of my friends go to girl strip clubs. Sometimes girls are just prettier.” She laughed and didn’t mention that most of those girls who she had gone with were lesbian or at least bi but she knew for a fact that many straight girls would rather watch a female stripper than a male. Sometimes male nudity was a bit much and the girl strippers were much sexier.

“Yeah right, next thing you’re going to tell me is you watch it to.” Carmen couldn’t quite get out the word lesbian porn and was shocked when her sister winked at her.

“I have on the rare occasion been known to indulge in a little lesbo porn myself. Listen I guess some idiots might get up tight about it but who cares about them. I mean it’s not like you’re lesbian. Which of course would be fine to, I mean you’re my sister I love you, it wouldn’t change how I feel about you!” Maria was a little concerned that she may have walked straight into another huge issue but was relieved when her little sister laughed and she could see things were much better now and very little embarrassment on both their parts.

“No I’m not a lesbian, though I have no problem with them either. Thanks Maria, that really made me feel better.” Both sisters hugged and both had fleeting thoughts of how the embrace felt slightly more than comfortable, their breasts almost the exact same sizes were squashed up against each other. They broke apart and continued their conversation about more trivial things as they went to the kitchen to make some lunch.

Kate had finished up much quicker then she had thought. Her parents had decided to increase their stay from what was supposed to be a weekend to a good month long visit. Having not planned for a sitter before they had decided to finally leave Kate in charge of the house and not put three grown children through the indignity of staying with bible study friends or some other ridiculous situation. Her brothers had of course whopped and gone dancing around like mad thankful that they would get a whole month of a little less ‘structure’ as their mom put it and a little more fun. Her parents were good people but they were a little unreasonable with the rules they expected their children to follow.

She drove her Volvo into its usual place and quickly gathered her bag heading for the house. She opened the door and immediately realised something was strange. She stood a listened for a while then a huge grin spread over her face. She could hear the unmistakeable sounds of sex and she very much doubted either of her brothers had brought a girl home. She snuck further into the house and peered around the wall and into the tv room where a brunette ‘cowgirl’ girl was in doggy position with a guy behind her ploughing into her pussy while she was sucking another guy’s rather huge cock. The tv was at an angle so her parents could see what was on it every time they came into the room ensuring their children would never watch something they deemed inappropriate. That thought almost made Kate laugh but that changed as she saw the tv was at an angle so was the big couch that was directly in front of the it which gave her a great view of her two brother’s feverishly stroking their cocks. She couldn’t help but stare and she could feel her pussy moisten at the sight. Although they were her brothers she couldn’t help but react to the sight. They were in very good shape from all the soccer and their cocks were surprisingly long and fat. And at this moment very hard with precum running down their lengths and their eyes glued to the action on screen. She was thinking whether to wait for them to cum so she could watch or to scare the shit out of them. She decided on the latter and strode into the room.

“What are you guys doing?” She didn’t say it in an angry tone; more of a polite question but at her first words both her brothers had shot so far into the air that she might as well have been screaming bloody murder at them.

The tv was off in a second as both boys tried to pull their shorts up. Kevin fell over whilst trying to do it and Andy had managed to pull them on the wrong way with his eyes on the floor looking as if it was his last day on earth. She knew she would have to broach the silence.

“You guys don’t have to stop, I was just asking. Just don’t let mom catch İkitelli Escort Bayan you with that stuff.” She said winking as Kevin looked up at her from the floor in amazement.

She turned and left and the silence was golden as she broke into a silent fit of giggles at the looks on their faces. Finally after she had managed to calm herself a little the image of them jerking off flew through her mind again and she almost regretted not waiting for them to cum. Almost.

A few hours later she decided it was safe to leave her room without bursting into laughter at the look of her brothers which she thought might be a little cruel given what she had already put them through. She saw Kevin in the kitchen and at the sight of her his face went bright red and he looked for the nearest exit. Kate sighed and decided to sort this out now, she had had enough fun. Plus she might be able to get a few things out of this.

“Stop. Turn around.” She said as her brother had already started to move toward the exit.

He did as told and he obviously wanted the floor to swallow him, or a freak bolt of lightning to hit him. Anything other than this.

“I’m not angry Kev seriously.”

“But you’re gona tell mom.” He said it quietly almost with the pronouncement of a death sentence.

“Ok how much of a bitch do you think I am?” She was a little wounded by this. She would never sell them out to their parents. She loved her brothers despite the fact they fought so often.

Kevin was taken aback by the use of a swear word as he had never heard her say anything of the sort before.

“Listen it’s cool seriously, that would be way to harsh and I wouldn’t wana live in this house after that news came out.” Kevin looked up in shocked awe and Kate decided to push her advantage. “But you guys will owe me of course.”

“What?” He asked and he knew anything she could ask for would be worth it. His mom would make him and his brother’s life a living hell if she ever found out.

“Well for one next time I do something wrong you guys don’t squeal. I think we’re old enough now to all be on the same team, look out for each other and stuff. And maybe you two taking over a few chores of mine from time to time.” She could see he was so relieved that this was the least of his problems that she wanted to ruffle his hair. ‘Bless him.’ She thought to herself and then decided to drop the bombshell.

“And of course you now have to lend me your porno’s whenever I want.” She watched as his brain tried to interpret this then his lips try to speak the words. It was hilarious watching the whole process unfolding before her eyes.

“Wheh.. What?” he finally managed to get out after his second try.

“You have to lend me your porno’s whenever I want.”

“You want to watch porn?!” He asked still not believing a word she was saying.

Kate just laughed at the look of utter bewilderment on his face as she leaned back against the kitchen table.

“Well I’ve been borrowing from your collection every now and again but now it’ll be easier, I can grab a few every now and again and I can ask you guys how good they are. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind reviewing them.” Kate laughed and her big boobs jumped up and down as she did.

“Are you really serious?” Kevin asked again.

“Yes, I really am.”

“I knew someone was taking them. I told Andy but he wouldn’t believe me. He just thought we’d lost it or something. I knew it! I didn’t ever think it was you though.” He said looking into nowhere then focusing on his sister again.

“Yeah so just don’t be so obvious next time. Make sure you leave a key in the door or something, if one of mom or dad’s friends decided to pop round with a key I somehow doubt they’re going to be as awesome as me about it.” She winked at her brother then bent down to grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

As she got up she noticed her brother had been eyeing out her ass but decided not to say anything about it as she had gotten an eyeful of him masturbating a few hours ago though she wasn’t about to say that. As she was almost at the door her brother spoke again.

“You’re gona let us keep watching?”

“Yeah, I’m not gona ruin your fun. Enjoy it while you can, mom and dad won’t be gone forever. How cool am I though.” She said over her shoulder as she walked to the tv room.

“Very cool.” She heard from the kitchen and she laughed to herself as she plopped down on the sofa and switched on the tv. She felt like masturbating right now but though if she asked for a porno now her brother might just keel over with shock and having them watch her masturbate wasn’t on the agenda. Today. She laughed at the thought then started flipping through the shit of day time tv.

Carmen had watched her sister leave with a sigh. She missed seeing her as often as she used to when she lived at home with her. Despite how the day had started out, with her catching her in such a compromising position Escort İkitelli the hot little brunette felt that she was much closer to her sister now after their frank discussion. She felt like sunning herself out at the pool but her brother was home and somehow tanning with her bikini on now seemed wrong. She laughed at the thought then went to go find something on tv. She had put his digital camera back where she had found it and no doubt her brother was feverishly looking through it perving over the pictures of Katie and Cindy. Honestly she couldn’t really blame him, she kinda perved over the pictures herself, her friends were just really hot.

As she had guessed the first thing Jake had done was go over to his camera that had appeared magically back where it was supposed to do and looked at the first picture that was on it. It was a picture of Kate in a very tight, very small black top and matching black panties. With a herculean effort he managed to put down the camera and started up his laptop, knowing full well that the pictures would be so much better when viewed on a bigger screen. He drummed his fingers on his desk as he waited and he could feel a nervous energy coursing through him. He was about to jump through the roof.

‘Fuck! How long does stupid windows take to load up!” He thought as he saw the little bar moving along. He was sure it had never taken this long before.

Finally he punched in the right password on his third try then quickly loaded up his camera. He put all the pictures into a folder and pushed the slide show button. His pants were off in record time and his cock hard since he had seen his camera, he slowly began to rub up and down. He watched as the big boobed blonde knock out slowly took her clothes off. The first time he saw her fantastic breasts uncovered he almost came. They were fucking awesome that was all that could be said. Her final pic with her tongue licking her left nipple as she pushed her tits up to her face almost made him explode again. He grabbed his cock in an attempt to stop the semen racing up his cock as he knew he still had the Japanese bombshell to go. As he watched her bare little titties come into view and her long nipples at full attention Jake loved every second of it. He had always had a fantasy of fucking a cute little Asian thing like Cindy, she was just so sexy! Her cute little bum soon came into the picture and he knew he was going to cum soon. When he saw the next pictures of her standing there with her pants around her ankles even though he couldn’t see her pussy as she was faced away from him he began to cum and what came up next made his grunt and cum even harder than before. A picture with Kate and Cindy with their arms around his sister, all three of the topless. His cum continued to pump all over his chest and his hand and he couldn’t believe he could even produce that much of the stuff.

After he finished and cleaned himself up he went back to his laptop and sat down gingerly in the seat scared to do what he knew he really wanted to do. Finally he couldn’t help himself and clicked on the thumbnail of the picture of the three girls. He looked at the other two first, Cindy with her cute little titties and their long very suckable nipples then Kate with her Baywatch tits and nice pink nipples. Finally he focused on his sisters more tanned breasts. Her breasts were medium in size but seemed completely perfect and now that he thought of it, the best out of all three girls despite the stiff competition. They were perfectly shaped with her light brown nipples absolutely suckable and her areola was the perfect complement. He looked over his sister and felt something shift inside him. He realised that what his friends told him was true, out of her group of close friends, she was the hottest and that was no mean feat. He continued to look at the picture and then the three girls together and thought the fact he had this picture showed there was a God and he was shining down on him. Right then he heard his sister call his name and slipped of his chair.

Jake walked inside rubbing his head where he had hit it on his table and went to get the package that had arrived for him. When he was walking back to his room his sister was in the kitchen.

“What you got there?” She asked as she saw her brother with a package.

Jake looked up at her startled then immediately began to blush, the blood running up to his face. He had just been looking at pictures of her topless and she was right here in front of him. Though he tried to fight it his eyes quickly shifted down to look at the breasts that he had seen bare and in all their glory only minutes before. She had caught the movement of his eyes however and she had a suddenly sinking feeling in her stomach. She hadn’t checked what had been on the camera. They had taken them off and decided on the pictures that would be put on but the Kate had done that.

“Fuck, did Kate put that picture on?” She asked firing up.

She had gone too far, she couldn’t just do something like this. Carmen had never been so angry in her life before and she thought her friendship with Kate might be over forever.

“Yeah, shit I thought you knew? I’m sorry Car.” His head dropped and from feeling so awesome he suddenly felt like complete crap.

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