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Brother, Sister , Mom have Sex Ch. 09

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old.


Mother eats her daughter’s cunt while sister sucks her brother’s cock.

Continued from Chapter 08:

“Oh, Mom. Suck my cock. Blow me. That feels so good. I love your big tits. I love your hard, erect nipples,” said Jason. “Suck me, Mom. Suck me. Suck my cock. That feels so unbelievable. Never have I ever had a blowjob as good as this,” he said. “I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, Mom, but you’re the best cocksucker.”

Jessica removed Jason’s prick from her mouth to give him a wide smile before speaking.

“Thank you, Jason. I’ll take that as a compliment. I love sucking your big, hard prick,” she said taking him back in her mouth again. “I can’t wait for you to cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to swallow your cum.”

After calling his mother the best cocksucker, obviously, by her reaction, making her jealous, Jennifer stopped licking her mother. As if a groundhog emerging from a hole, she poked up her head to watch her mother sucking her brother. As Jessica stroked and sucked her son, Jennifer delayed giving her mother an oral orgasm while watching her brother hump their mother’s mouth and fuck their mother’s face. Obviously, by what she said next, not believing that her mother was giving her brother such a great blowjob to earn the title of the best cocksucker, Jennifer couldn’t help herself from bragging.

“Wait until I suck your cock, Jason,” said Jennifer. “I’ll rock your world,” she said. “You won’t believe the blowjob that I’ll give you. I can’t wait to suck you. I can’t wait for you to cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to swallow your cum.”

As if she was pushing down toast in a toaster that popped up too early, Jessica pushed down on the back of her daughter’s head again.

“Yes, we all know what a great cocksucking whore you are, Jennifer,” said Jessica. “With you having sucked so very many pricks, we all know what a tremendous cocksucker you must be. But with cocksucking not something to be proud of by bragging about being the best cocksucker, you’d be better off finding a husband to marry you and to start a family,” said Jessica.

Jennifer looked up at their mother to make a face while rolling her eyes and sighing.

“The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, Mom. In the way you seemingly enjoy giving hand jobs and blowjobs, I do too,” said Jennifer with attitude.

Jessica put a heavy hand to the back of her daughter’s head again.

“Lick me, Jen. Lick my cunt. Lick now and talk later. I’m almost there,” she said briefly removing her son’s cock from her mouth to speak. She pressed down on the back of her daughter’s pretty head again and mashed Jennifer’s face in her warm, wet cunt again. “Now be a good daughter and lick your mother. Make Mommy cum. Mommy needs to cum.”

As if they were swingers in the swinging lifestyle having a threesome instead of being mother, daughter, and son having incestuous sex, they touched, felt, licked, and sucked one another. Had it not been for Jason finding all of that money, money for sex and sex for money, Jennifer never would have had sex with her brother. She never would have had sex with her mother and their mother never would have had sex with her. Had it not been for all of that money, Jessica never would have had sex with her son.

Being that both mother and daughter were whores anyway and being that Jason was as perversely perverted as they were whores, nonetheless, it was still amazing what money can buy. Money bought Jason his sister’s body. Money bought Jason his mother’s body. Money allowed him to sexually use and abuse his sister and his mother in ways they never would have considered doing before. Assuredly, Jennifer and Jessica were never keen on having incestuous sex as they were now. With lots of money to enflame their libidos, no doubt, mother and daughter would have fucked and sucked a homeless man for one-hundred-thousand dollars each.

Then, whether it was Jennifer licking her pussy and feeling her tits while fingering her nipples or her sucking her son’s cock, or a combination of both, a long time coming, Jessica was ready to have an orgasm. Again, she ejected her son’s prick from her mouth to voice her sexual excitement. As if she was about to give birth to a baby instead of having an orgasm, breathing from her mouth instead of from her nose, she arched her back while stretching her long, legs and tightened her buttocks. As if Jennifer’s head was a portable, combination dildo and vibrator, while moving her face all over her sopping wet pussy, Jessica mashed her daughter’s face deeper in her cunt as if her daughter’s face was a sponge.

“I’m going to cum. I’m cumming. Fuck! Oh, my God! I’m cumming. I don’t believe this. I don’t fucking believe this. Lick me, Jen. Lick me. Don’t stop. Lick Mommy. Lick me faster. Rub my clit harder. Suck it. Suck my clit. Oh, oh, oh, baby girl,” she said mashing and rubbing Jennifer’s face in her cunt by putting her two hands to the back of her daughter’s pretty bahçeşehir escort head. “God, I don’t believe this. I don’t believe it. I’m going to cum. I’m cumming, Jennifer. I’m cumming. Mommy is cumming.”

Jessica collapsed in a naked heap.

Chapter 09:

Something he was always curious about and something he always wanted to see and hear, he always wanted to see and hear his mother having an orgasm. He had imagined giving her an orgasm many times before and her having an orgasm was something he had masturbated over while imagining watching and hearing cum. Now, after seeing and hearing his mother having an orgasm was better than he ever could have ever imagined. Just seeing her, watching her, and listening to his mother in such orgasmic pleasure was well worth giving her the additional fifty-thousand-dollar bonus to encourage her to have lesbian sex with her daughter, his sister.

Enjoying their moment of orgasmic pleasure, with daughter the giver and mother the receiver, Jennifer and Jessica rested in the afterglow of sex. While Jessica still fingered the head and slowly stroked the shaft of her son’s erect cock, taking up residence as if she belonged there and lived there, Jennifer rested between her mother’s mature thighs. Sexually teasing her mother with her stiff, experienced fingers and soft, warm, wet tongue, she continued kissing Jessica’s pussy while still licking and fingering her mother’s pussy. Sexually teasing her son with her soft lips, wet tongue, and experienced fingers and hand, Jason’s mother continued kissing and licking her son’s cock.

“Suck me, Mom. Blow me. I can’t wait to stick my cock in your beautiful mouth,” said Jason to his mother.

Instead of just being content and sexually sated to just watch, as if he was positioned between their mother’s thighs, Jason imagined fingering his mother while licking his mother. Unable to contain himself from being a spectator anymore, he reached his horny hand down to feel and fondle his mother’s big tits and finger her erect nipples. With his mother already cumming in her daughter’s mouth, Jason wanted to cum in his mother’s mouth. Instead of just teasing him with her hand, lips, and tongue, he couldn’t wait for his mother to take him in her mouth and blow him, really suck him. Only, the incestuous, lesbian, sexual show must go on and his motherly blowjob would have to wait.

Now that Jessica had regained her strength from experiencing the oral orgasm her daughter gave her, it was now his mother’s turn to eat her daughter’s cunt. As if watching a double feature, X-rated, lesbian movie with his sister and mother in the starring roles, Jason was ready to watch his mother lick and finger her daughter. Switching places with her, Jennifer moved up on the bed while Jessica moved down on the bed. Going up for one while going down for the other, as if ships passing one another in the night, mother and daughter passed one another on the bed.

In the way that Jason imagined what his whore of a sister routinely did for most any man when in readiness to be fucked, Jennifer spread her legs wide for her mother. Only, instead of being fucked by a man, she was ready to be eaten by a woman, her own mother. Eager to get involved in the incestuous, sexual action, watching them eat one another made him so horny. He stroked his cock while watching his mother about to lick and finger his sister’s cunt.

“Eat me, Mom. Lick my pussy,” said Jennifer. “Make me cum.”

Not embarrassed nor ashamed, Jennifer reached her hands down to open her pussy lips with her fingertips to show her mother and brother her glistening wet cunt. In the way his mother did before, with their pussies spread wide open as if he was their gynecologist, never had he ever seen as much of his mother and sister. In the way that Jennifer positioned herself when giving her mother oral pleasure, Jessica made herself comfortable between her daughter’s legs. Obviously, just as it wasn’t the first time for Jennifer licking a cunt, it wasn’t the first time for Jessica eating a pussy either.

While hoping to learn more about how to orally pleasure his sister, Jason watched his mother lick her daughter with sexual enthusiasm while fingering her daughter with sexual lust. With him fumbling around in the dark and not knowing what in the Hell he was doing when going down on a woman, mother and daughter knew exactly how to pleasure one another. Jessica and Jennifer were women after all, unlike men who give a dozen cursory licks, women were intent in orally pleasing one another.

Different in the way that most men only go down on a woman for her to reciprocate with a blowjob, women went down on one another because they enjoyed eating one another’s pussies. In the way that men enjoyed having their cocks stroked and sucked, lesbian and bi-sexual women enjoyed licking and fingering another women’s pussy. Yet, in the way that a man would never suck another man’s cock unless he was forced, was bi-sexual, or was gay, women don’t need to be forced or to be bi-sexual or lesbian istanbul escort to lick another woman’s pussy. As evidenced in the swinging lifestyle, doing it just for them, plenty of heterosexual women routinely have sex with other women while their husband’s watch.

In the way that Jennifer was immediately thrashing around the bed, obviously, it wouldn’t be long before she had an orgasm too. Jessica moved her hands beneath her daughter’s shapely ass and, as if drinking wine from a fountain, she pushed up on her ass and lifted Jennifer’s pussy to her mouth. Licking and licking her while fingering her daughter, in the way she was going at her daughter, if Jason didn’t know his mother wasn’t lesbian, he’d think she was.

“I love licking your pussy, Jennifer,” said Jessica looking up from her daughter’s cunt to speak.

Obviously, in the way that women were more open to having sex with other women, even when they weren’t lesbian or bi-sexual, heterosexual men would never be as sexually exploring and physically accommodating with other men. Unless they were bi-sexual or gay, guys would never do to other men what women freely, openly, and willing did with other women. From helping them to dress, to doing their hair and makeup, to borrowing and wearing each other’s clothes, and to always going to the ladies’ room together, what women considered normal behavior, men considered gay.

It was more socially accepted for women to touch other women in an intimate way. Other than giving other men a brief hug, a handshake, a fist bump, a high five, a pat on the back, or a slap on the ass, men weren’t as social as women. Men would never touch another man in the way that women routinely, willingly, and openly touch other women. Women were more extravert in their social behavior where men were more introverted.

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

Then, removing her hands from beneath her daughter’s naked ass, Jessica used the fingers of one hand to finger her daughter’s naked cunt. She used the fingers of the other hand to feel and fondle her big, naked breasts while fingering her erect, naked nipples. As if she was some sexy stranger she had brought home from work instead of her daughter, while fingering and licking her daughter faster and harder, she finger-fucked Jennifer’s pussy. A master class of pussy eating, licking and licking her while fingering her, she licked her daughter’s pussy and sucked and rubbed her daughter’s clit while continuing to feel her tits and finger her nipples.

“Oh, my God, Mom, you’re going to make me cum,” said Jennifer wiggling her shapely, naked ass all over the bed.

Jessica licked her daughter faster while fingering her pussy deeper.

“Cum, Jennifer. Cum. Cum in Mommy’s mouth,” said Jessica.

As if he was watching two strippers going at one another and performing a live lesbian act on stage, Jason continued stroking his cock while watching his mother eating his sister’s pussy. A sexually exciting sight to see, if it wasn’t enough seeing his sister and mother naked, he couldn’t believe he had just watched his sister eating their mother’s pussy. With the show not over yet, now was Jessica eating her daughter’s pussy too. Not able to replicate how they sexually pleasured one another with their fingers and mouths, but wanting to learn, he’d have to ask his sister and mother to give him pussy eating lessons.

“Oh, Mom, that feels so good. I can’t believe you’re eating my pussy. This is my sexual fantasy come true. I can’t believe you’re licking my cunt,” said Jennifer looking up at her brother to give him a big smile. “You’re the best brother, Jason, for suggesting that we have lesbian sex and for paying us to make love to one another while you watch,” she said giving her brother a sexy look. “If it’s not sexually exciting enough for my mother to eat my cunt, it’s even more sexually exciting for you to watch us eating one another.”

Jessica stopped eating her daughter’s pussy to look up at her son and to speak.

“I never thought I’d be eating my daughter in a million years,” said Jessica. “I’m so glad you found that money, Jason,” she said giving her son a sexy smile too. “Thank you for sharing your money with us. Something we never would have done or even thought of doing, I’m so glad you paid us to strip naked and have sex with one another,” she said to her son.

An overload of naked women, he looked from his naked mother to smile at his naked sister. He still couldn’t believe he was seeing his sister and his mother’s tits, asses, and pussies. He still couldn’t believe he was seeing them both naked. He still couldn’t believe he was watching them giving one another oral sex. He still couldn’t believe he’d be having incestuous sex with the both of them soon.

“You’re welcome,” he said giving them both a sexy look. “It was my pleasure,” he said giving his mother a dirty laugh.

Something he always wanted his sister to see, in the way his grandmother was always catching him masturbating himself, and in the way his mother had just escort bahçeşehir watched him stroke himself, he always wanted his sister to watch him masturbate too. While Jessica licked her daughter’s pussy, Jennifer watched her brother stroke his erect prick. In the way their mother had just done earlier, she gave her brother the eye. Teasing him, as if she was giving her impression of giving a blowjob, she lifted her hand to her mouth and quickly moved it back and forth while her tongue pushed her cheek in an out. Then, she gave her brother a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Stick your prick in my mouth, Jason,” she said. “I need to stroke and suck my little brother while Mom licks and fingers my pussy.”

Already sexually excited after his mother stroked him and sucked him nearly to completion, Jason continued watching his mother eating his sister. As if making sure his prick was ready, he fingered the head of his engorged prick and stroked himself. Then, when his sister said she wanted to suck him, this day just keeps getting better. If it wasn’t enough his mother had his cock in her mouth, now his sister wanted his cock in her mouth too.

Ready to receive his sisterly blowjob, he walked his cock over to his sister’s mouth in the way he had walked his cock over to their mother’s mouth. He stared down at her beautiful face and her naked breasts. Only, if she was going to blow him, he didn’t want to cum on her tits. He wanted to cum in his sister’s beautiful mouth.

As soon as his stiff prick was in reach, Jennifer wrapped her hand around her brother’s big dick in the same way she had wrapped her experienced hand around so many other exposed pricks of horny men. In the way his mother’s hand felt so good wrapped around his stiff prick, his sister’s hand felt amazing wrapped around his erection. In the way he had imagined her doing when masturbating himself, while Jessica continued eating her daughter’s pussy, Jennifer fondled the head of her brother’s cock while slowly stroking him. Teasing him in the way their mother did when blowing her son, his sister kissed and licked the head of his cock while looking up at him with her big, brown, beautiful eyes.

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

“I can’t wait to suck you, Jason,” said his sister teasing him by slowly running her fingers over the head of his stiff prick.

Continuing to tease him with her hand, her lips, and her tongue, she teased him with her words too. With his horny eyes filled to capacity with incestuous sex, he stared down as his naked mother eating his naked sister. Jennifer slowly stroked her brother’s stiff prick as if she was one of her boyfriends.

“I can’t wait for you to suck my prick, Jennifer,” said Jason stroking her hair as if already having his hand to the back of his sister’s head.

While stroking his cock, she kissed his cock. While stroking his cock faster and harder, she licked his prick. Without waiting for him to respond, she continued unmercifully teasing him by rattling off her questions.

“Would you like me to blow you now, Jason?” She stared up at him. “Would you like me to suck your cock?” She stopped stroking him to fondle the head of his cock with her fingertips. “Tell me. Say it. I need to hear the words. Would you like to stick your prick in my mouth?” She kissed his cock and licked his cock again. “In the way you just did with our mother, would you like to hump my mouth and fuck my face?” Too sexually excited to answer his sexy sister, he just stared down at her. “Would you like to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow your cum?”

While she looked up at him with sisterly love, he looked down at her with incestuous lust and sexual excitement. Especially when she was smiling as she was now, she was so pretty. She was so sexy. His sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t wait for his sister to blow him. He couldn’t wait to cum in Jennifer’s mouth and watch her swallow his cum. Then, unable to contain himself any longer he answered all of her questions.

“Oh, God, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” he said. “I would love for you to blow me, Jennifer. I want you to suck my prick. I can’t wait to stick my cock in your mouth. I’m so ready to hump your mouth and fuck your face. A sexual fantasy come true, I’d love to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow my cum,” he said with lustful, sexual excitement.

Continuing to tease him with her long, manicured fingers wrapped around his big, stiff prick, tightening her grip, she ever so slowly stroked her brother. While his mother continued eating her daughter, Jason felt his sister’s big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Then, leaning closer to her mouth, he touched her lips with his prick. While she smiled up at him looking so sexy and so pretty, he stared down at her while feeling so horny and sexually frustrated.

He needed to cum. He needed to ejaculate a load of warm, oozy cum in his sister’s mouth. After his mother gave him half of a blowjob, he needed his sister to suck him dry. In the way he couldn’t wait to cum in his mother’s mouth, he couldn’t wait to cum in his sister’s mouth too. In the way he couldn’t wait to cum in his mother’s pussy, he couldn’t wait to cum in his sister’s pussy too. Without a doubt, with him cumming at least four times, he’d definitely be cumming, cumming, cumming, and cumming today.

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