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Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 05

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This story involves some bodily functions so if that bothers you, don’t proceed any further. Everyone is over 18 years of age. It helps if you read the earlier chapters, but it is not essential to enjoying the story.


Aunt Kay called me to arrange for her to come see me as I had been advised by the e-mail from Uncle Lee. I’d accepted her request for disciplining, confirmed by his notes, that she had been doing a bad job at her responsibilities in their household. It was not just a matter of keeping the place clean, which she wasn’t so good at, but she had messed up on some financial matters.

When she first came to see me, I was a little reluctant to take this on. First of all, I had to keep it secret from Kay’s sister, my Mom. Second, I was all of 21 and she was about 10 years older. It did seem strange for me to be disciplining my aunt, however young and sloppy she might be. But I took the task on and found I enjoyed getting the chance to spank her.

Kay has a slight build, with a petite figure, small breasts and a cute shaved pussy and nice rounded bottom. I also discovered that she did not wipe herself well so I supervised and wiped her in the bathroom as well. If she found this horribly embarrassing, she didn’t seem to show much feeling except that she didn’t want my Mom to know about it.

This bothered me and even though my Mom doesn’t bother me much, I wasn’t comfortable with any kind of sneaking around. So I decided to talk to her. I sat down over tea and carefully explained how my aunt and uncle had approached me.

Mom smiled and said, “This was bound to happen. Kay has never really matured properly. I’m just surprised that it was you they selected to do something with her.”

I told her I hoped she wouldn’t mind if I kept at this and she laughed, “Better you than me, darling! I gave up on doing anything to straighten Kay out ages ago! Please go ahead and you have my blessing and I won’t say anything to anyone.”

Aunt Kay arrived quietly a couple of afternoons later, and I had managed to leave work a little early to be ready for her. I decided to dress up, a bit severely, so I could start looking more dominant. I even put my hair up in a nice bun.

Kay came as usual to the wing of the house my brother Rob and I shared, rather than encounter my mother in the main entrance to the house. Rob had indicated that he would enjoy being present for the next disciplinary session. But when Kay arrived, he was nowhere to be seen.

She was wearing a nice set of separates. Grey skirt and bright blue blouse. She has auburn hair and it was in a ponytail so she looked very cute. I doubt anyone would have guessed she’s a decade older than I am.

“All right, Kay,” I began. “You probably know why you’re here. It seems that my disciplining has not had much impact on the way you behave at home. So we shall have to impose some steps with…more impact.”

“Lift your skirt,” I gave her the starting command.

She responded without any backtalk. She flipped up her grey skirt and there were white panties and a matching garter belt and sheer hose on display. I did like it that she bothered to dress for me.

I guided her over my lap, picked up my little graphite rod, and began to snap it on her pantied bottom. Her white panties were cut quite high and left much of her bottom uncovered. Soon I still decided to have them down and I liked snapping the rod, which was eliciting small cries from Kay on each snap, on her cute little bottom cheeks.

I also enjoyed staring down between her legs as I prodded her to keep her legs open. Now I reached down and ran my fingertip right up her furrow and touched her hard little button in front and let my finger go right into her sopping vaginal opening. She was definitely wet.

After her bottom was nicely striped from the rod, I started questioning her.

“I’m not having you back here again and again so you can get your jollies from being disciplined,” I told her. “For some reason, you seem to resist changing the way you interact with your husband and I mean to get to the bottom of this conflict.”

I gave her two strong halkalı escort spanks on each cheek. “Tell me the truth, Kay,” I said, “I think you like being treated like a little girl here and being embarrassed. I plan to make things both embarrassing and painful and you may not like what happens. The more thought I’ve been giving this, I think there’s a basic problem in your relationship with your husband. We may have to have him here, as well as others, including my brother, and yes, my mother.”

Kay started protesting. “Please don’t let my sister know about this,” she pleaded. “You don’t know that she was given authority over me by our mother and she would discipline me when we were growing up. She’s the one who got me into this.”

“What about your husband?” I asked.

“He’s a perfect gentleman,” Kay answered in a sweeter tone, “and you know already that he will not strike me. But he does not excite me in bed and I don’t know what can be done about that.”

“Are you sure he’s the problem?” I followed up. “Maybe you’re the one with the light libido?”

I pointed to the closet where I had hung up a schoolgirl outfit for Kay to wear when being punished.

“Put on that outfit,” I pointed to the closet rail. “First the little white tight panties and the training bra. It won’t even hurt too much because you have a petite frame and small tits. Then the white blouse and the plaid skirt. I’ll put some ribbons in your hair.”

Soon Kay looked about half her age, and a perfectly-attired parochial school girl. I took her back over my lap and pushed her little skirt up and started spanking her over her tight little panties. She was looking like a schoolgirl but she was a schoolgirl with a cameltoe that pushed out of the tight panties.

I heard Rob arrive in his adjoining bedroom and buzzed him on his phone and told him to come in.

“Will Rob see me like this?” Kay asked, in a fearful voice.

“He certainly will and that won’t be all he sees…or does,” I said with a chuckle in my speech.

Rob was wearing sweats from having worked out but he had showered and was looking good.

“Rob, you know that I’m disciplining Aunt Kay for her misbehavior but I want you to test out how she responds to your advances,” I said calmly.

“Kay, he is going to make love to you right here on my bed and I’m going to watch,” I told her crisply.

“Oh this is terribly embarrassing and I feel like I’m cheating,” she wailed.

“Your husband has given me total authority to work with you,” I replied, “and that is what will happen.”

Rob took Aunt Kay in his arms and gave her a real hug which was amazing in that she is this petite woman and he is pretty big and well-muscled.

I helped him by unbuttoning her blouse, unzipping her little skirt, and slipping both off her small frame.

Rob eased himself out of his sweats and I put my thumbs in the waistband of Kay’s tiny panties and slipped them down and off, as well as unhooking and removing her bra.

I had Kay lie on her back on the bed with her legs spread and her bare pussy looked half her age, too. Then Rob came over and lay between her legs and started lapping at her cunt. He managed to get his tongue into her small opening and also lavished some attention on her pointy little clit. He pushed her legs up and moved his talented tongue right into her anal opening.

Rob knew as did I that she would need a lot of preparation. Her husband, my Uncle Lee, was an average-sized man and I assumed that when they had sex, he went right at it and she probably was turned off because without much warm-up, it would likely hurt her badly.

Rob enjoyed tasting her, he told me later, and said she had a nice clean taste. My brother has become quite the expert in how girls taste vaginally and rectally.

Soon Kay was starting to writhe on the bed under Rob’s continuing ministrations. The whole thing was getting me hot and bothered as well but I had to persevere in this program if I wanted to see Kay start to learn what sex should be like.

Finally, Rob decided that it was all right to start. He felt Kay’s vulva and inserted two fingers başakşehir escort and experienced a warm, wet inside touch. Kay was now panting and wanting him to enter her.

She reached out with trepidation to touch his engorged cock and Rob smiled at her low-key effort to show him she appreciated his attentions. He decided she wasn’t ready to take it into her small mouth so he propped himself up over her on his strong arms and very very slowly began to insinuate his cock into her still small vaginal opening.

He took it slowly so that Kay was actually prompting him to slip more and more into her obviously stretchable vagina.

He began to thrust softly and Kay wrapped her legs around his waist and held on while he gave her the kind of ride she had been needing and not getting for a long, long time.

She was lost in the throes of oncoming orgasm but I asked her if this was something different from what she experienced at home.

Kay’s look of excited enthusiasm turned dark for a moment and told me all I needed to know.

Rob now moved into his stage of fucking her still with gentleness but now regular pistoning. Kay was loving it and I could see her experiencing probably the first orgasms she had had in ages.

I had ascertained that she was on the pill so I had told Rob beforehand that it was ok for him to spurt right into her deep vaginal recesses. I think it took him a while to catch up with her but soon I noted the tell-tale signs that he was about to ejaculate and that he did. It had been a long build-up for him as he had learned to hold off in fucking both Kathy and me.

Soon he began to shrink and withdraw from Kay’s sopping opening. I put a little saucer right under her because I wanted to save her juices mixed with Rob’s cum for her. I took her in my arms after she had dribbled so much out into the saucer. She felt spent but I had not seen such a happy look on her face in a long time.

“So now you’ve seen what it can be like, haven’t you?” I asked.

Kay nodded to me.

“I want you to change the way you deal with your husband on business matters,” I ordered. “You will pay full attention and earn his confidence. Do I have your word? We are going to work with him and you will be surprised at the way he will change when it comes to the bedroom, although I know you don’t think it can happen.”

I decided to provide a bit more embarrassment to make her remember what had happened. I told Kay to get up on the chair on her knees facing the back so her bare bottom was especially on display. Then I took a medium-sized butt plug I had, lubed it and used my finger to prepare her anus, and then slowly but steadily inserted it into her anal opening.

I had done this slowly enough that I could see that this anal invasion was not at all painful for her. But to make the whole thing less pleasant, I attached a furry tail to the plug so Kay now had a tail emerging from her butt-hole.

I started to feel that we might be getting somewhere with Kay. She wasn’t the cringing, annoying middle-aged woman any more but clearly was capable of arousal and now knew she could be turned on and could enjoy a good fuck.

After letting her stay on the chair with her ass exposed and the tail protruding from her bottom, I walked over, slowly removed the tailed plug, and picked up my rod.

“This is to remind you to follow through on what you agreed to do,” I said firmly and Kay kept saying, “I will!” while I snapped the little rod of her already red bottom.

Rob had retired to his bedroom so I told Kay she could get dressed in her own clothes and leave for home. She smiled at me and said she was amazed at what had happened today.

“I’ll never forget, Susan,” she said with some clear warmth in her voice, “that you made me realize that I’m not a dried-up dame but can enjoy this. I guess it’s better that I leave without seeing Rob again but please thank him for me.”

I told her I would and before she left, I told her I was sending her home with a note for Uncle Lee.

She didn’t seem to want that but I told her it was part of the package kadıköy escort bayan and that if she didn’t take it to him sealed I would call off this exercise.

I sat down and punched out a note on my computer:

“Dear Uncle Lee,

“We had a productive session here today. I want to discuss it with you and I want you to come see me, with Aunt Kay, sometime soon. At this point, I think there is a lot of progress we can make but you will be part of it.

“I think that is all I will say here but do arrange to see me soon with Aunt Kay.



I printed it out, signed it, and put it in a small envelope and sealed that, giving it to Kay. She put on her light jacket, kissed me sweetly on the lips, and left.

I knocked on Rob’s door and Kathy opened it, with a huge smile on her face (and no clothing on her lovely figure) as she took me in her arms and held me tight, while feeling me up, from my tits to my panty crotch.

“I wish I had been here to see it, Susan,” she gushed. “Rob told me what happened and I began thinking how incredible you are at being able to suss out what was behind your aunt’s screwy behavior.”

Then she proceeded to undress me. She unbuttoned my blouse and unzipped my skirt. This time it was the three of us as before but now we were in Rob’s bed, which made it feel different, at least to me.

Kathy was a real sweetheart to me. She must’ve sensed that I had been the odd one out when Rob was enjoying screwing Kay. So she started licking me and playing with me, her hands and fingers roaming over my clit and into my vagina and yes, into my tight anal opening too. It was just heavenly.

She came up for air and we kissed and held each other tight, our boobs pressing into the other’s. I felt semi-satisfied, enough to urge her to let Rob have a round with her. She grinned, and duly lay back on the bed with her split invitingly calling to Rob, and to me too. Rob knew what she liked as he fingered her down in front and kissed her abundantly and deeply the old-fashioned way, on her lips and in her mouth.

Soon they were entwined with Kathy’s lithe legs v around my brother just as Kay had done less than an hour before. Rob showed no signs of fatigue. I actually was tired even though I hadn’t been screwing with anyone.

Kathy suggested that Rob save his cum for me but I waved her off. “I’d much rather let him enjoy that with you, my dear,” I smiled as I urged them on. I had developed a new respect for both of them, based, I must confess, on what seemed like incredible sensitivity by both of them to what the other desired at any given moment.

Rob was a generous lover and he clearly found his mate in this charming young woman who was even happy when she consented for him to impale me on his delightful cock. Rob and Kathy then seemed to reach their climaxes at almost the same moment and I watched as they lovingly held each other in their arms as they came down from that marvelous instant.

After they had calmed down, I urged them to come into our shared bathroom and I stripped down and got into our large tub with the two of them. I took the loofah and washed them both down with some scrubbing. Then I took the spray nozzle and gave Kathy’s vadge a nice washing out. I took another moment to wash off my brother’s now-quite soft equipment, as I rinsed off the collected remnants of two women’s orgasms.

Kathy said she needed to pee and moved to step out and sit on the toilet. I told her she should go ahead and do it in my mouth. It only took her a second to realize I wasn’t joking and I soon had her facing me but with her vulva now staring me in the face slightly above me while she was able then to release a strong pungent urine stream. I swallowed some of her pee and the rest ran over my face.

After she finished, Rob insisted on licking her clean, which was nice to watch.

“Hey, what about me?” I asked in a whiny tone that he grinned at as he bent over to lick my wet face and then took the spray nozzle to wash me off thoroughly.

“You two have to be the world’s most considerate couple,” I gushed as I enjoyed the whole sequence. I’ve said that I don’t have a lot of feeling for other women sexually but Kathy was irresistible. I hoped she felt at least a little of that for me but it didn’t matter because she showed that she enjoyed me being there while they were intimate and we all played together.

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