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Brother and Sister Take a Ride Ch. 03

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Emily and I cleaned up as best we could and made our selves look presentable. We were only a few minutes out from the college and our parents would be able to tell if something was wrong.

“Are you ready Em?” I asked Emily as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Ready as I can be.” She said finishing getting her skirt flattened out.

We pulled up around the corner of the main administration building of the college and saw all the other students and their parents getting out of cars, unloading luggage, some parents were hugging their kids crying. Our dad pulled around into the parking lot and we started getting out of the car. Emily was stood up off of my lap and I could see her perfect pussy peeking out under her skirt. She had to get around some of our stuff so she stopped for a second giving me an even better view. I could see that a small bit of my cum was still dripping out of her. It was all I could do to not stand up and start fucking her from behind right then and there in front of our parents.

Emily managed to get out of the car and I followed her. Our parents were already out looking around.

“Wow! What a great campus!” our mother said.

“Way nicer than ours was.” our dad added in.

“I really like all the pine trees.” Emily said looking back at me as I got out of the car.

We looked around and stretched our legs for a minute then started walking toward the greeting area. It took us about 3 hours to find our dorms and get everything unloaded into our rooms. When I went into my dorm the RA told me that my roommate had backed out last minute and that unfortunately they weren’t able to fit another person in so I would have the room to myself this semester. It was a nice sized room with a window over looking the main grassy park area of the campus. As soon as I could I found Emily and told her.

“Em, my roommate backed out last minute I got the room all to myself!” I told her after we had said good bye to our parents for the night. They were going to stay in a hotel that night and join us for all the orientation events tomorrow.

“Really!?” She said looking at me knowingly.

“Yup and I think you and are should break it in tonight.” I said slipping my finger under the band of her skirt pulling her toward me.

Emily wrapped her arms around me “I’ll come by tonight after my dorm finishes with all the greeting stuff okay?”

“Good.” I said letting her go and telling her where my room was.

We didn’t see each other again until I heard a knock on my door around midnight. I went over to the door and there Emily was still wearing that sexy skirt that I knew she didn’t have any panties on underneath. I smiled at her and grabbed her hand pulling her into my room.

“What do you think?” I said gesturing toward my room. I had gotten everything unpacked and organized. I even made my bed knowing that I would hopefully be messing it up with my sister tonight.

“It’s nice! way bigger than mine. My roommate and I even have bunk beds and yours is bigger.”

“I know, I got lucky.”

“Hey John.” She said walking over to my bed and sitting down. “What are we doing here? I mean what are you and I now?”

“I know.” I said walking over and sitting down next to her. “I’ve been thinking about that too.” I paused for a second then said. “I know I love you. And I know we aren’t just brother and sister now it’s more than that. I never really thought of it until now but I like just hanging out with you like you were a girlfriend honestly. You’re funny, cute, Smart I just like spending time Bomonti Escort with you and to me that’s just like you being my girlfriend ya know.”

She looked at me smiling. “I know exactly what you mean. I was kinda afraid I was just some kind of kinky turn on for you. I know that some guys are into incest and guess you are too.” She said laughing.

“Well I guess you are too!” I said poking her in the stomach.

“I am. I’ll admit I’ve been attracted to you for awhile. It was always some sick fantasy I had but I never actually thought anything would happen.”

“To be honest I was the same way. I always felt bad checking you out when you weren’t looking. I thought you might think of me as some sick freak.”

“Nope, I think it’s really nice. You have always been really kind to me John and I want to make you happy.”

“Oh you do sis.” I could feel my boner starting to poke up through my shorts at this point. Emily glanced down and noticed.

“I can see that.” She said giggling. She looked back at me and slid her hand over my leg and started rubbing my cock.

“My RA took us all to the store today to get some stuff. I got the pill while I was there.” She said smiling at me.

“I was going to ask if I should use this.” I said pulling a condom out of my pocket. “We went to the store today too.” I laughed and threw the condom on the floor.

“I want to try something.” I said standing up. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up with me. My boner was sticking through my shorts rubbing against her. I spun her around pressing my boner against her ass and grabbing both of her tits with my hands. “When you got out of the car I could see your pussy from behind and I saw my cum dripping out of it. I really want to fuck you doggy style little sis.” I said massaging her breasts through her shirt and bra. My boner was wedged in-between her ass cheeks.

“I don’t care how you fuck me. Just start fucking me.” She said reaching behind her trying to push my shorts down. I was happy to help her. I let go of her perfect firm breasts and slid my hands down her tight stomach and hips. I pushed my shorts off my dick springing free. I pushed Emily down over my bead. Her skirt moved up high enough for my dick to find her pussy lips when i pushed against her. I reached down and flipped her skirt over her back revealing her perfect round ass. I grabbed it with both hands squeezing her ass while I rubbed my dick on her pussy and in-between her legs.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Hurry up and fuck me.” She said looking back at me biting her lip. I let go of her ass with one hand and guided my dick toward her entrance. I could feel the tight lips of her pussy part for me as I pressed into her. My dick was a perfect fit for her pussy. I pressed in slowly feeling her wet pussy walls hugging my dick guiding me deeper into her. She was warm and wet. She pushed back against me as I grabbed both her hips pulling her toward me. I was finally buried completely in my sister. her ass cheeks were pressed against my thighs and i could hear her groaning. We stayed like that for a while just enjoying the moment. We had my whole room to ourselves we didn’t have to hide from any one hear. We could fuck and make love as much as we wanted to.

I slowly started pulling back feeling her pussy reluctant to let me slide out of her. Right before I would have popped out I pushed back into her. She groaned again lowering her head and popping her hips up so I had a better angle into her. I pushed into her finding the back of her pussy again and we Bomonti Escort Bayan started to find our rhythm. My hands rotated from her hips to her ass as we fucked. Her ass would jiggle in the perfect way every time I bottomed out in her. I slapped her ass lightly a few times which she seemed to like as she started pushing back into me harder.

“I love your ass Em.” I said thrusting into her. “It is perfect.”

“I love your cock in me big brother.” She said emphasizing the big looking back at me smiling.

I bent over sliding my hands up her shirt grabbing both her breasts and pulled her off the bed holding her up as I thrust into her again and again from behind. “these are pretty amazing too.” I said kissing her neck.

She reached back and ran her hands through my hair. “They’re all yours.” She panted I could tell this position wasn’t as comfortable for her but she was letting me fuck her however I wanted. I let her fall back down on the bed and grabbed her amazing ass again.

“Get all the way on the bed.” I said moving my knee up on the bed. We rotated around so her head was on my pillow and she was laying flat underneath me. Her legs we both together making it harder to get as deep inside her with every thrust but it was a little bit tighter. With my hands on her ass I put more weight on them and really started fucking her harder. I could hear her moaning into the pillow and could tell she was close. “Tell me when you’re about to cum sis.” I said pounding her from behind.

She turned her head out of the pillow and said “I’m really close. Just a bit more.” I could see her move her hand underneath her and she started massaging her clit.

I moved my hands up to the small of her back really pressing her into the bed while I was fucking her as hard as I could. Then she started twitching under me. “CUMMING!” She groaned and I could see her face turning red. She buried her head back in the pillow and started have spasms of pleasure underneath me. At this point I was ready too. I stopped holding back in my mind and let my orgasm come. I thrust into her as deep as I could shooting another load of cum deep into her. I managed to get a few more thrusts into her as I came shooting more and more cum into my sweet sisters loving pussy. Both of us came down from our orgasm again and I collapsed onto her back. My dick still buried in her refusing to go down completely.

“I love you so much.” I whispered into her ear. I started moving my hips again slowly pulling out of her and pushing back in. I wasn’t fully erect but I could still tell she was getting pleasure out of it. Her pussy was coated in our combined cum again. She was so slippery and wet my dick felt like it was taking a bath in her.

She turned her head toward mine. “I love you too.” She leaned forward to kiss me and I leaned into her. We kissed like that dancing back and forth with our tongues.

We finally broke our kiss and I pushed my chest up off her back and looked down to see my now fully erect dick buried in her. I could see the juices trying to leak out around my dick and slowly pulled back out of her. I popped out of her pussy with a wet plop again and could see my cum rush out of her. Even upside down her pussy was full and the cum came pouring out. I grabbed a tissue I had left next to the bed, knowing I would be using them, and cleaned up around her pussy keeping the cum from getting on the bed.

“That is such a sexy sight.” I said cleaning her and squeezing her ass. She looked back at me and smiled.

“Your cum gushing Escort Bomonti out of your sister is a sexy sight?” She asked biting her lip again.

“Mmmhmmm.” I said giving her another spank. She giggled and leaned up off the bed. She turned around and looked at me. “What about these?” she said taking her shirt off.

“Okay, those are pretty damn sexy too.” I said as her breast dropped down out of her shirt as she took it off.

She threw her shirt on the floor and pushed me back on the bed. “now it’s my turn to ride you!” She straddled me and I could see a small bit of cum still leaking out of her. She lined up her pussy with my dick and sank down onto me. She was resting both her hands on my chest and started pumping her hips up and down on top of me. Her breasts were hanging down squeezed together by her arms. I cupped them in both hands as she rode me. She was breathing heavily on top of me her head down, hair covering her face. I could tell she was lost in the moment. I rubbed her nipples in-between my fingers and she let out a groan.

“That feels so fucking good.” She panted. She leaned back throwing her hair behind her head. She arched her back sticking her breast out further into my hands as she used her legs to push herself up and down on top of me. She rode me for what felt like hours but I’m sure was 5 minutes, 10 tops. I could see her starting to slow down. She was getting tired. I pulled her down on top of me and spun us both around so she was on her back and we were fucking missionary style.

I put my hands underneath her knees and pushed her legs apart letting me penetrate into her deeper. I could see beads of sweat in-between her breasts that were bouncing up and down every time I buried my dick into her wet pussy. Her arms were above her head and her eyes closed, breathing heavily as I fucked her.

I let go of one of her legs and started massage her clit as I fucked her. She started groaning loader and the walls of her pussy clenched around my dick. She started having an orgasm again. Her breasts bouncing wildly as she spasmed underneath me. I loved watching my sister cum. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was so passionate when she came.

I kept going not quite ready to cum in her again. I was enjoying myself way too much. As she came down from her orgasm I slowed down and stopped with my dick fully buried in her. “How was that one sis?” I said still massaging her clit.

“Fuck I thought I was going to pass out.” She said through heavy breaths. “I got so light headed.”

“I Could tell you were having a good time.” I laughed and slowly started pulling out of her and thrusting back in.

“Mmmmm fuck me again big brother.” She groaned biting her lower lip. “Fill me up again.”

“I’d be happy to.” I said leaning over and giving her a loving kiss and started to pick up my pace. I stayed leaned forward over her giving myself a good position to fuck her harder. I began really pumping into my sister. Looking at her face and how her eye brows scrunched together and her lips made that O shape. I could see out of the corner of my eye her breasts flying up as I pounded into her again and again. I was getting closer.

“I’m going to cum in you again.” I groaned.

“Fill me up big brother I want to feel you cum in me again!”

I let loose in her again. I don’t know how my balls did it but another load shot into my sister filling her up. I could feel my cum coat the inside of her pussy and I managed a few more unsteady thrusts in her as I came.

I came down and looked up at her breathing hard. With my dick still buried in her I collapsed on top of her. My head using her breasts as I pillow. The last thing I remembered that first night of college was falling asleep on my sisters chest, her hands running through my hair and my dick still buried in her.

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