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Big Tits


Brooke is a truly striking young woman. Tall, golden skin, large breasts with pierced nipples, long black hair, puffy lips, dark pools for eyes. Heads turned when she entered the room. She loved the attention. She also had a submissive nature. She always wanted to please even from a very young age. Boys from her school would lure her into the woods near her school house and tell her how sexy she looked. Then they would make her lift her shirt and show her panties. She would see the angry looks in their eyes if she tried to refuse. She would finally pull down her panties and let the boys get a good look at her sweet pussy. Word got out around the school and soon there was a large crowd gathered in the woods to watch Brooke show off her lovely body. Sometimes she walked home with one of her girlfriends, Carli. Carli did not really like the way the boys stared at them. When the girls were trapped in the woods by the large crowd of boys gathered to see the show put on by Brooke, Carli would even help show Brooke off to the group. Carli diverted attention away from herself by going around behind Brooke and unbuttoning her blouse as the boys looked on. Then she unsnapped Brooke’s bra and everyone got a good look at her young but large breasts. Carli unzipped Brooke’s shirt and pulled down her panties and let the horny boys see all of Brooke’s wonderful body.

This went on for some time. Carli would strip Brooke and the boys would look on. Finally, the older boys in school heard of the events going on in the woods and came to see for themselves. The day they came to see the show, they found Carli removing the last of Brooke’s clothes. They were not content to just watch. One of the biggest boys came up to Brooke and started kissing her. His hands roamed all over her body. She tried to resist but was ordered not to resist. She simply closed her eyes and let the boy have his way.
“ Get you’re clothes off, Carli! “ demanded the boy fondling Brooke. “ No, you will like Brooke better, she will do anything you guys want,” said Carli with panic in her voice. With that the big kid picked up Brooke and carried her to a more remote part of the woods. “ The rest of you guys stay here. You can have her once I’m done,” said Brooke’s captor.

Brooke was dropped onto a pile of leaves and the big kid climbed on top of her. She could feel the head of his cock separating her virgin pussy lips. Then a stabbing pain. He demanded that she wrap her legs around him while he fucked her without mercy. In and out of her tender pussy rammed the boys cock. It hurt like fire but even then, Brooke wanted to be liked and older boys had not paid much attention to her before. The sex was over in just minutes. The big boy left without saying much. Brooke had scratches on her back from the twigs on the ground. Before she could get to her feet, another boy appeared. He was on her in seconds.

For hours that afternoon, Brooke was fucked by one boy after another. She stopped trying to resist. Her poor pussy was so sore. She even had bite marks on her tits and neck. Little did she know that Carli had hidden and watched the whole event. Carli had no interest in having the same thing happen to her. Even so, she found herself rubbing her own pussy in the excitement of watching her school mate endure cock after cock.

Brooke never knew if her parents found out about what the boys were doing to her after school. They did, however, move her to an all girls school across town. Carli went with her.
Carli had completely captivated her life long girlfriend Brooke. Carli was now a total lesbian. She never wanted to endure what happened to Brooke. Brooke soon began to live for Carli’s touch. Carli used her as a sex toy whenever it suited her. Carli had a slender body and lovely face. She could have attracted many a man but preferred a woman’s touch. Whenever Carli felt a little horny, she would text Brooke to get her ass over to Carli’s house or where ever she was to service her as she liked. Many nights Brooke found herself on her knees with her tongue parting the shaved pussy lips of a moaning Carli. “ Tongue me you little bitch!” screamed Carli as she threw her head back and came, sending her pussy juice flowing down over Brooke’s tongue and into her belly. Brooke would rub her own cunt until it would literally drip onto the floor below. Carli would send her home afterwards with the warning that she should be ready to return any time she was called.

One evening when Carli was feeling extra horny and a bit cruel, she called Brooke and told her that she was going to a lesbian party just off of the campus of the university they both now attended. “ Come with me and dress sexy. I want to show you off. You know I am so proud of you, Brooke, “ said Carli in her soft sexy voice. Brooke’s heart leapt at the thought of being Carli’s date to a lesbian party. Brooke spent hours doing her makeup and selecting just the right dress to wear. Yes a dress would do for this party. She usually wore jeans and a shirt but tonight she would make Carli proud. She went so far as to cut the lining out of the dress and could now see the perfect outline of her ample breast through the dress as she stood before the mirror. “ I won’t wear anything under this so that Carli can feel me up if she likes and show me off to anyone she likes,” whispered Brooke under her breath. She was almost giddy with excitement.

When Carli arrived to pick her up, Brooke ran to the car and jumped in like a child excited to see a parent after a long absence. They kissed and Carli commented on how hot Brooke looked. Brooke was in heaven. When they arrived at the party both of the girls went in hand in hand. They were greeted by the hostess. They izmit escort bayan had drinks. They met other girls. They danced. They got drunk. They danced some more. They kissed and fondled each other. Then a rather large and not so attractive girl tapped Carli on the shoulder and asked to dance with Brooke. Carli turned to Brooke and said, “ I’ll let you do more then dance with this little bitch. “ With that she took Brooke by the wrist over to her purse. Without warning, she turned and ripped Brooke’s dress off of her slender body. Brooke could not believe what was happening. Carli pushed her to her knees and took out a bright red lipstick and used it to write the word “Slut” over her tips. Then she turned the shocked girl around and wrote “ FUCK ME” on her pretty ass.

In a loud drunken voice, Carli yelled “ Any of you bitches who wants your cunts eaten out or your ass holes rimmed can get in line. This little whore will do whatever she is told! “ Brooke was still in shock as the big ugly girl stepped up and grabbed the back of her head and pulled the poor girl into her waiting crotch.

Although it had a strong odor, Brooke knew that this would please Carli and so she ate the big ugly girl’s pussy until she came and walked away. This was the beginning of a long night of sexual slavery for Brooke. She could see Carli out of the corner of her eye as she moved from girl to girl teasing them with little kisses. Carli would then point to Brooke who was still on her knees servicing any girl in front of her. The girl whom Carli had teased would get in line, horny to have a good cum from Brooke’s labor. When most of the girl’s at the party including the hostess had made use of Brooke’s talented tongue, the big ugly girl reappeared naked wearing a very large strap-on dildo. “ You had better spit on this before I fuck you with it, bitch,” sneered the big girl. Brooke did as she was told and went on all fours as the dildo wearing ugly girl went behind her.

At first Brooke thought it was by mistake as the dildo was placed at the opening of her tiny asshole. But as the huge object was forced farther and farther into her virgin ass, she knew what she was going to have to endure. Brooke screamed as the big ugly girl pounded her ass. Then she felt the first slap on her ass cheek. “ Fuck me you little bitch!” yelled the big ugly girl. Carli moved in front of Brooke and forced her head into her soaking pussy. “ Now make this little whore scream! I want to feel her screams on my cunt!” demanded Carli of the big ugly girl who began to pound Brooke’s ass even harder. Brooke screamed into Carli’s cunt as she was slapped and fucked for a good half hour. She felt light headed as both of her assailants finally released her and let her curl up into a ball on the cum stained floor.

Carli showed a tiny bit of mercy by gathering up Brooke and wrapping her in her torn dress. As they drove home, Brooke knew that Carli could force her to do anything. Brooke had no will of her own. She was Carli’s lesbian slave. This was her place in life.

One morning, Brooke’s car would not start. She called a tow truck and was told by the mechanic at the shop that it would cost more than the car was worth to fix it. What to do. She needed her car. She knew her parents would not be able to afford her college fees and a new car. The answer might be to see Uncle Stevie. He was well to do and loved her very much. That’s what she would do.

Uncle Stevie greeted Brooke at his door dressed only in a bath robe. This seemed strange to Brooke but she was determined to get her Uncle to help her get a new car. As they set down on the couch, Uncle Stevie set very close to her. Then she realized that his robe had fallen open and he was wearing nothing else! There was his sixty year old grey haired cock getting simi-hard. “Uncle Stevie!” exclaimed a surprised Brooke. “ Cover yourself up, Uncle Stevie!”
“ Now listen here Brooke!” yelled her Uncle. “You need a new car and I am the only one you can turn to for help. You just sit there and stare at my dick while we talk.” Brooke did as she was told. As she described the car she wanted, her Uncles’ cock grew harder and longer. Right in the middle of her speech about her new car, Uncle Stevie grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to his crotch. She knew that she was going to have to suck Uncle dick if she wanted a car. Brooked stuck her tongue out to let the hard cock slid down her windpipe used her throat muscles to massage his cock head as she pumped her head up and down like the good cock sucking whore she had now become. Little moans came from her throat as she worked her magic on Uncle Stevie’s rock hard dick. She heard his breathing grow quicker as he neared climax. Faster and faster she bobbed up and down. His cock head probed deeper and deeper into her open throat. He still held her hair in his fist as he thrust harder and deeper into her wet mouth. He was now fucking her face like he fucked his young girl friends pussy. His girl friend screamed as she was pounded but Brooke could only moan with her mouth totally full of Uncle cock. On and on went the assault on Brooke’s throat. Spit ran out of her mouth and down onto her Uncles’ balls. Her eyes began to tear as her make-up formed lines down her cheeks as it mixed with her tears and dripped onto her tits. “ Open up you fucking little slut!” breathed Uncle Stevie as he finally took a quick breath of air and shot gobs of white cum down his niece’s waiting throat. Brooke felt pulse after pulse of dick juice fly out of her Uncle’s cock. She swallowed time after time and then came up for air. She had nearly passed out as the exploding cock had cut off her air supply.

Now Brooke kocaeli escort bayan set back up as her Uncle released his grip on the girl’s hair. She looked a mess. Make-up running down her face. Cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. “ Lick me clean you little slut!” demanded her Uncle. Down went his niece to lap up the last drops of cum and drool.

“ All right, if I buy the car for you, you will come over here every month and do whatever I think up. Is that understood?” snorted her Uncle. Brooke simply nodded her compliance. “ And dress like a whore! I like my girlfriend dressed like that. You can do the same. Now go pick out the car and have the dealer call me.” ordered Uncle Stevie. Brooke kissed him on the cheek and left still wiping the smeared make-up from her face.

Brooke was excited about shopping for her new car the next day. She woke up early and got Carli to give her a ride to the car lot and drop her off. She was greeted by and beautiful olive skinned girl. The girl introduced herself as Marica. She like Brooke had large breast and long black hair. As they went from car to car, Marica kept staring at Brooke’s braless tits as they swayed gently under her blouse. Finally they selected one for a test drive. As Brooke drove, Marcia leaned over and whispered to Brooke, “You should get your nipples pierced like me.” Before Brooke could respond Marcia unbuttoned her blouse and showed off her nipples. Each on had a golden ring with a captive ball. Brooke pulled off the road and fondled Marcia’s tits. She ran her tongue over the nipple rings and chewed Marcia’s nipples until she got goose bumps. Marcia told Brooke that she could get her a good deal on having her tits pierced. Brooke was thinking about this as they returned to the dealership. Marcia told her boss that she and Brooke were going to test drive another car and might be gone for some time. Brooke saw Marcia’s boss pull Marcia into his office and close the door. The door did not close completely and Brooke saw Marcia’s boss groping Marcia’s tits and giving her a deep kiss. Marcia came out of the her bosses’ office tucking her blouse back into her slacks. They left in another car and headed to a rough part of town. “ My brother will pierce your tits. He just got out of prison and needs to make some money. He will love you body.” Marcia finished.

As they walked into the dimly lit tattoo parlor, Marcia’s brother met them and after being introduced, set Brooke down and told her to take off her blouse. Brooke was hesitant. Marcia sensed this and went down to her knees and lifted Brooke’s skirt and began to eat her wet pussy. Brooke got hot very quickly because of Marcia’s talented tongue. She spread her legs wide and unbuttoned her top. Marcia unzipped Brooke’s skirt and soon the girl was completely naked in front of Marcia’s brother. He sized up her nipples and picked out rings similar to the ones Marcia wore. Out came the sharp and long needle. The pain of the sharp pin against the tender nipple skin mixed with the pleasure of the tongue and fingers fucking her sensitive pussy. This feeling of pain and pleasure was one that Brooke loved. She liked being controlled. She smiled as both of the rings were inserted into her nipples and the captive balls were put in place. “ That will be two hundred bucks,” said Marcia’s brother. “ Oh my God, all I have is about a hundred,” replied Brooke with a nervous tone in her voice. “ Alright Bitch, that means you have to pay the rest by Friday and you owe interest today!” snorted the tattoo artist. Brooke found herself on her knees sucking the uncircumcised cock of Marcia’s brother. Marcia whispered to her brother, “ Want to taste her sweet pussy?” With that Marcia French kissed her brother as Brooke had her mouth pumped full of hot cum. “ Don’t swallow it all Brooke!” commanded Marcia and she French kissed Brooke as they shared her brother’s cum. “My brother was just out of jail and did not have a girlfriend. I gave him a few blowjobs to help him out.” explained Marcia. “ I guess I got to liking his juice. Anyway, you can give him some pussy on Friday when you come to pay him what you owe. My brother loves to get pussy. At least he sure likes mine. Right Bro?”

The girls returned to the dealership. Marcia’s boss set down with both of them in his office and got the details on the car Brooke had picked out. He looked at Brooke like a hungry dog stairs at a piece of meat. “ How would you like to get an extra thousand off this car?” he asked with a wicked smile. “ My Uncle would be happy about that.” replied Brooke. “You don’t even have to do much,” said the boss man. “Marcia is going to do what I have been trying to get her to for weeks,” he continued. Brooked watched as Marcia stood up and began taking off her clothes. Her boss just reclined in his leather chair and let her unzip his fly. She sucked him like she sucked her brother. Long slow strokes. Brooke watched as his cock grew longer and thicker each time it plunged into Marcia’s mouth. Her boss waved Brooke over and started kissing her. His tongue explored her mouth completely. Brooke knew that if she did a good job, Marcia could get him off more quickly. Brooke kissed like a dirty whore. She let him squeeze her tender tits through her blouse. She ignored her painful nipples and sucked on the tongue invading her mouth. Marcia’s bosses’ body grew ridged. He shot a big load of cum into the waiting girls mouth. This time Marcia French kissed Brooke to share their second load of man juice that afternoon.

Just before Brookes left the dealership with her new ride, she promised Marcia that she would introduce her to Carli. She told her about the parties they went to. Marcia said that kocaeli escort she did not mind taking a dildo up the ass. Her brother had fucked her up the ass often enough. She got used to it and really kind of liked the different way it felt.
Brooke enjoyed her new car and the month passed quickly. She would have to visit Uncle Stevie soon to get the car payment. She had one indulgence that she had come to love. Leah was a massage and hair wax remover who worked out of her own home. Brooke loved her work. Leah always acted very professional. She seldom smiled. She always had Brooke remove all of her clothing and lay on a leather table. She would then take great pains to remove all the hair on Brooke’s lovely body. She would roll Brooke onto her belly and pure hot oil into Brooke’s asshole. This reminded Brooke of having someone cum in her ass. While the oil remained in Brooke ass, Leah would finish removing any hair around Brooke’s ass. Leah used two and then three fingers to massage Brooke’s asshole with one hand while using two or three fingers of her other hand to massage Brooke’s very wet pussy. When Brooke had cum, sometimes more than once, Leah would leave the room and let Brooke go to the ladies’ room to expel the remaining oil.

Brooke had a problem this week because she had had to pay for the rest of what she owed for her nipple rings. She asked Leah if she could get a discount this time to make ends meet. Leah said nothing. She stripped naked and set Brooke in a chair. She then climbed up and placed her well shaved pussy to Brooke’s lips. Before Brooke could begin eating Leah’s pussy, Leah pissed into her mouth. Brooke swallowed Leah’s piss. Gulp after gulp of the warm liquid went down Brooke’s throat and into her belly. When the stream stopped, Brooke licked Leah clean. Leah left the room. Brooke left to go see Uncle Stevie.

As Brooke arrived in front of Uncle Stevie’s house in her new car, she was greeted by Sammy who is her Uncle’s young girlfriend. Sammy was wearing a see through bra made of chain held together by a leather collar around the lovely girl’s neck. This and a leather thong along with five inch high heels composed her entire wardrobe. A small cat-o-nine tails hung from Sammy’s wrist. She griped the whip and gave Brooke a good swat across her ass as she came through the door. “ You look like a dirty little whore, Brooke,” greeted her Uncle. “ Ok, Sammy, fuck the shit out of this hot bitch!”

Without any delay, Sammy unzipped Brooke’s mini dress and had the girl naked. She held Brooke’s wrist together and above her head with one hand and whipped her naked back with the cat-o-nine tails. Brooke resigned herself to a long evening of pain and pleasure. Stroke after stroke of the whip came down on Brooke’s back until red stripes formed a latticework upon her golden skin. Brooke glanced at her Uncle as he played with his cock while watching the show put on by Sammy and her new slave. The whip was directed at her ass and thighs. Then she was turned around and her newly pierced tits were whipped long and hard. Her tight belly and pussy were next to receive attention from the whip.

Just when Brooke thought she could not take any more, Sammy paused and ran her wet tongue over the stripes on Brooke’s large breasts. This made Brooke wet. Her lips parted hoping for a kiss from Sammy. She opened her eyes to gaze down at Sammy still sucking her tits and realized how much the two of them looked alike. Their size and shape were so much alike, they could have been sisters. “No wonder my Uncle wants to fuck me so bad, I look just like his girlfriend,” Brooke thought to herself.

Sammy finger fucked Brooke and then raised her pussy juice covered fingers to her mouth to taste the nectar coating her whole hand. She kissed Brooke. Brooke could taste her own juice on Sammy’s tongue. Sammy made Brooke lie down on the floor and moved to a scissor position. Sammy ground her pussy into Brooke’s. Their clits crushed against one another. Brooke responded by holding Sammy’s thighs tight against her until she had her first orgasm of the night. As Brooke came, Sammy pulled her nipple rings until the pain mixed with the orgasm to produce the most intense sensation the young girl had ever experienced. Brooke was brought back to reality with a slap on her sensitive tits. Sammy grabbed Brooke by the hair and dragged her over to Uncle Stevie. She then forced Brooke’s mouth down over his rock hard cock. Sammy used her grip on Brooke’s hair to rock the girl up and down on Uncle cock fast and hard. “ Choke on that dick you whore!” screamed Sammy. Up and down went Brooke’s head. In and out of the young girl’s throat went the cock. Five minutes and then ten. Sammy and Uncle Stevie French kissed as Brooke got face fucked. Uncle Stevie exploded down Brooke’s throat. Brooke’s lips were red and puffy from the abuse they had just suffered. Sammy French kissed Brooke to taste the man juice left over in her mouth.

For a short while the three just laid there trying to recuperate. Uncle Stevie’s cock began to get hard again thanks to the stroking it was receiving from Sammy. “ Spit on that bitch’s ass Sammy. I am going to fuck it good!” said Uncle Stevie with a nasty look on his face. “ I want to use the strap-on too!” added Sammy. The next thing she knew, Brooke was getting an ass fucking from her Uncle and a cunt fucking from Sammy and her strap-on dildo. Sammy and Uncle Stevie got in a rhythm as they pounded Brooke from both the front and the rear. Brooke had never been fucked in both holes at the same time. Uncle Stevie’s tongue worked its way into her ear while Sammy’s tongue totally explored her mouth. They licked her, they bit her, they slapped her, they whipped her and all while fucking her with all the power they could muster for hours.

As Brooke staggered to her new car, she wondered what she would have to endure for her next car payment. She smiled and drove off into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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