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Brie’s Free Intro Massage Pt. 02

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Brie left work at the same time as the previous Thursday for her appointment at Hepburn Wellness Spa Retreat. She had not had time to catch up with Sue who had left with her husband on a three week cruise the previous Friday. Sue is a critical care nurse, working long stressful shifts that leaves her needing relaxing carefree cruises to destress.

Since the massage she had been thinking constantly about Fernando, and her husband Sam had been the unwitting but grateful beneficiary of her titillating thoughts. To his bewilderment Brie had uncharacteristically initiated sex four times that last week. On three of those occasions, she had asked Sam to first massage her back and tits before mounting him cowgirl style and then proceeded to “fuck my brains out”, which is how Sam described her level horniness to a work colleague who enjoyed swapping secret wife stories with him, “and no lube required” he boasted from the side of his mouth. Sam, of course, was not complaining and Brie had not mentioned the massage to him yet.

Brie had done her homework this time round and had researched the details about Yoni massage. Her heart was racing as she parked her car and made her way to the reception. She accepted the fluffy white towel but declined the paper thong on this occasion as she headed to her designated therapy room. She decided that to start off totally nude was better than risking a repeat of the embarrassing soggy thong episode.

Fernando greeted her warmly and ushered her in. He was dressed the same as the previous week but his attractiveness had grown in Brie’s mind. The atmosphere was different this time. The lights had been dimmed slightly, soft instrumental music played in the background and the fragrance of aromatherapy oils wafted through the room from dimly lit oil diffusers. Brie headed for the changing cubicle before emerging Küçükköy escort bayan wrapped in the white towel. She strolled straight to the massage table where Fernando relieved her of the towel as she made herself comfortable in the face-down position. The customary narrow folded towel was placed across her buttocks.

“I so glad you decided to come back,” said Fernando, “and you made a good choice of massage. Many women are too shy to ask for the Yoni massage but you won’t be disappointed.” He briefly explained the procedure to follow but Brie, from her Googling, already knew what to expect and was keen to get started.

Fernando worked his way from Brie’s neck and shoulders all the way down her back. She noticed that he used a much more slow and sensual motion with lighter pressure compared to the remedial massages she often gets. He seemed to give her buttocks special attention before moving down her thighs and lower legs, all the while fixing his gaze on her gorgeous pussy between her parted thighs. Brie eagerly rolled over when it was time to treat her front side. This time when Fernando massaged her tits he did not deprive her eager nipples of attention. He took each hard elongated pleasure bud between his thumbs and forefingers and fondled them with concealed enjoyment, using the perfect amount of pressure.

“Oooh yesssss,” Brie moaned with her eyes closed as bolts of electric pleasure shot straight from her nipples to her vagina which had started oozing a trickle of clear pussy nectar. This didn’t go unnoticed by Fernando who took it as his cue to move along. He diligently worked on her tummy and the down her legs to her feet. He deliberately left her genital area for last as is dictated by traditional Yoni massage. Had Brie not educated herself with this knowledge she surely would’ve Escort Mecidiyeköy lost total control of herself.

Eventually Fernando redirected his attention to her pussy for the climax of the session. He glanced up at the large wall clock and noted that 15 minutes remained for the session. His oiled hands started slowly massaging around the outer edges of Brie’s puffy vulva. She let out a huge sigh, a combination of relief and anticipation of impending pleasure. He progressed to her large outer labia which glistened from the now steady stream of lube from her honeypot.

Brie is slightly self-conscious about the size of her outer labia which Sam sometimes playfully refers to as her ‘beef flaps’ whenever he tongue fucks her. This invariably earns him a good-natured but firm slap from Brie.

Today, though, she had no reservations about her flaps as Fernando finally slid his long middle finger into her warm wet vagina with a deliberate slowness. Brie thought she was about to pass out from the intensity of this long-anticipated pleasure. Fernando slowly started massaging the inner walls of her pleasure hole. With pinpoint accuracy he caressed each internal erogenous spot, eventually finding her g-spot. He stroked the slightly rough patch and felt her pussy quiver and tighten around his finger, her pussy juices now flowing freely.

“Ohhhhhhh yes,” she cried aloud. Fernando detected all the signs of a slow build-up of her volcanic eruption.

Throughout most of the session Brie had kept her eyes closed. For the finale Fernando was positioned close to her right hip, his groin less than an inch away from her resting right hand. When Brie felt a slight bump against her hand, she opened her eyes and turned her head to her right side and was greeted by Fernando’s obvious erection straining against Merter escort the inside of his shorts. Instinctively she reached out, shoved her hand up the left leg of Fernando’s loose-fitting shorts and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock. From the small wet patch on the front of his shorts she had guessed, correctly, that he was not wearing any underwear. This cock felt quite different to her husband’s — she manoeuvred her hands up and down the shaft and around his balls in a quick probing manner. It was much longer but lacked Sam’s generous girth and felt more pliable and smoother. She took an instant liking to the feel of this ‘forbidden fruit’.

Fernando had by now slipped two of his lengthy skilled fingers into Brie’s swollen cunt, increasing the speed and pressure on her g-spot, while simultaneously using his left thumb to caress her slick distended clit. He alternated his g-spot pleasuring with deep finger thrusts. Brie, using her left hand to knead her enlarged nipples, had reached the point of no return. Gasping loudly and unashamedly, she pumped Fernando’s stiff slippery cock up and down inside his shorts, matching the rhythm of his thrusting fingers. Fernando used his left hand to hurriedly undo the hidden draw string of his shorts but Brie, in her lustful reverie, continued wanking his cock with a vice-like grip. It was too late.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessss ….” Brie screamed with ecstasy, shuddering as she arched her hips into the air, her entire body engulfed by an orgasmic eruption.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. oh Brie!” Fernando moaned loudly seconds later as he gushed a copious volume of warm sticky cum onto Brie’s hand, jerking his hips back and forth to speed up Brie’s strokes.

Brie lay in an almost comatose state, her right hand and forearm dropped limply out of Fernando’s shorts and dangled down the side of the table as globules of cum dripped from her hand onto the floor.

“Thank you so much Brie, please come back next week.” Fernando whispered as he covered Brie with the white towel.

“Yes Fernando, same time next week.” Brie replied, with a dreamy voice.

To be continued in Part 3

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