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Bridget’s Three Bi Studs

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We had put away a bottle of wine, me and my girlfriend Deb, and were feeling pretty loose. Suddenly Deb had this wicked shit-eating grin on her face. I knew the slut real well; I knew she was going to ask or say something real nasty.

“Okay, Bridget,” she said with a smirk, “you know how last time we got drunk you asked me to tell you the dirtiest, nastiest thing I’d ever done and I told you about that time I got together with this couple and the wife straps on a big one and I do her and her husband, do ’em both. How I sucked their two cocks, his and her dildo, and took ’em in my pussy and my ass? Remember all that shit?”

“How the fuck could I forget it, Deb,” I said, remembering how I was rubbing my pussy raw as Deb told me that story. By the time she was done telling me it we were both wet and dripping, beating off and feeling real, real good.

“Well tonight it’s your turn, Bridget,” Deb insisted, “tonight you gotta tell me the nastiest thing you ever done or seen.”

I thought about it for less than a sec; I knew just what particular encounter I’d be describing for Deb. It happened a couple of weeks ago, and it was really gonna make her jaw drop.

“You know Kenny, right?” I said, “my boyfriend?”

“Yeah, sure. That hot, good-looking stud. And you’re always making me envious, Deb, tell me what a big dick he’s got.”

I smiled, taking a sip from my glass, giving her a coy smile.

“Well Kenny’s not only got himself a big dick, he loves big dicks?”

Deb’s eyes went wide.

“What do you mean?”

“Well pretty soon after we started going out, Kenny told me he was bi, that he used do it with guys a lot. He just thought I should know.”

“No shit!” Deb said, suddenly very interested.

“Well not only did I not mind, but it sorta turned me on to hear it, and I used to joke how someday I’d love to see him mess with a guy, you know suck a guy’s dick, fuck a guy, shit like that,” I said. “And I wasn’t joking either. I really did have this real craving to watch some of that hot guy-guy stuff he used to tell me about.”

“This sounds like it’s gonna be very interesting,” Deb said, taking a sip.

“Well one day we decide to go to this bar where a lot of bi guys and chicks go to drink, just on a lark, but thinking maybe we’d pick us up a guy and take him home with us. Then we see these two great looking studs sitting at the bar. Smooth, lanky, fit types, real lookers.”

“What happened! What happened?” Deb said, really keen now to hear it all.

“Well, to make a long story short I felt really brazen and walked up to the guys, telling them my boyfriend digs guys and would they feel like going home with us and maybe having some fun. Didn’t take much convincing. A couple of minutes later, they were following us to my place in their car.”

“Holy shit! This is gonna be good, I just know it,” Deb said, licking her lips.

“We got right into,” I continued, “we ripped off our clothes and right away the four of us were stark naked. I’m feeling real feisty, like this was my idea and I’d be running the show, so I tell the two studs to get up on the bed on all fours, next to each other, and to stick their bottoms out for us.”

“Oh man!” Deb sighed.

“Anyway, these were two great looking, sleek guys, with gorgeous, smooth and muscled bottoms, the kind of male ass you could die for.”

“Shit, I love a good looking male ass.”

“Me too, and these two studs had themselves a pair of beauties. And up front they were unbelievably impressive. The second they got their clothes off, they were already rock hard, and they both had themselves really huge, thick, and very, very stiff dicks. I even pulled out a tape measure and checked ’em both out, and both of them carried more than nine big inches. Kenny, my boyfriend’s real hung himself, eight thick ones. But these two dudes were even better endowed than him.”

“Oh fuck, taksim escort I can’t believe it, all that fuckin’ huge cock!”

“Yeah, but right now it was not cock, but male ass I had my mind on, and Kenny too, the both of us eyeballing those two dudes, up on all fours like two male sluts showing off their rugged bottoms, askin’ for it. Kenny’s staring at those male asses like his eyes were a pair of lasers, really eyeballing them as he stroked his dick, big and rock hard now as he took in the view.”

“More, more! What happened next?” Deb begged.

” ‘I wanna see you rim’ em, baby, I wanna see you lick those two assholes’, I purred at him, knowing he had loved to lick male ass. He had told me as much

“So now he gets behind them, looking back at me, lickin’ his lips like the lewd slut he can sometimes be. And then he just digs in, holding one guy’s cheeks wide open, exposing his cute male butthole, and then pressing his face into that wedge, snaking his tongue right into the guy’s hole. I’m strummin’ my pussy like a maniac by this time, hissing at Kenny to ‘lick that ass, to rim him like he fuckin’ means it.’ And he just slurps away, eating himself some tight male ass while the dude whose asshole he’s licking is moaning and groaning and pushing his butt back against Kenny’s hot tongue.”

“You’re freakin’ me out with this shit.”

“So he rims one asshole, then the other one, the two studs just lovin’ it, loving Kenny go back and forth tonguing their hot male asses. Us chicks, we got pussies and assholes. Studs, they have dicks, but as far as holes go, buttholes are all they got and these bi guys like to make the most of ’em.”

“You’re so fuckin’ nasty, Bridget,” Deb chuckled.

“As he’s lickin’ them he’s reach around to manhandle their big cocks, fisting the thick shafts and really makin’ them feel good between his wet tongue and his two hands, and Kenny knows how to use his hands and fingers. Believe me, I know. Then he tells the two guys to turn around and kneel by his face. Now me and Kenny are staring at two huge cocks, hard as steel and as thick as your wrist, Deb.”

Deb looked down at her wrist and purred appreciatively.

“Now Kenny’s starts sucking their dicks, first one, then the other, going back and forth, just like he did when he licked their assholes. And get this, Deb. While he’s suckin’ those cocks he reaches under their balls and works two stiff fingers up the two assholes he’s just been licking.”

“Oh, fuck! I wish I had been there to see it!”

“I’m looking right into Kenny’s eyes with his mouth wide, wipe open, his lips wrapped around some amazingly thick cock. I mean I had him suck my strap-on a couple of times, but now he was sucking the real thing, his mouth stuffed with thick, stiff male meat. Then Kenny tells the guys to turn around and stick out their bottoms again. He turns to me and asks me to hand him the lube. Shit, my heart skips a beat ’cause I know exactly what he’s got in mind. So I hand him the lube and he digs into the jar for a big scoop, slapping some into one stud’s crack, then the other’s, spreading the grease over each of their assholes and then working some more in with his fingers. I’m tellin’ you, Deb, that was so fuckin’ hot, seeing him do that.”

“I bet!” Deb said, playing with her pussy, listening intently as her girlfriend, too, idly played with her pussy while continuing her story.

“Now after he’s greased them he looks back at me and asks me to come up and spread some lube over his cock, giving me a nice big dirty, sexy smile. Shit! I jump right to it, spreading a nice coat of slick lube over Kenny’s thick, hot log, as hard now as a steel pipe. Then he asks me to take his cock in my hand and work it into one of the stud’s assholes. Damn, I’m so fuckin’ turned on by all this that my hand is just about trembling as I press the tip of his topkapı escort cock against that cute dude’s slick and exposed asshole. Now Kenny does the rest, taking hold of the guy’s hips and slowly sliding his cock right up his ass, fuckin’ him. I can’t even blink, I am so blown away by what I’m watching, seeing my boyfriend fuck another guy up the ass. And while he’s fucking the one dude, he’s workin’ two, three fingers up the other’s stud’s asshole, reaming him out.”

“Holy fuckin’ shit!”

“So he fucks one, then he fucks the other, and all the time I’m looking at Kenny’s cute muscled ass pumping away as he slams his dick inside the two studs. The view is just too much for me, Deb. So I scamper over to the bed, get behind Kenny, spread him wide open and start lickin’ his ass while he keeps pumpin’ and fuckin’. He’s groaning and moaning, just loving it, my tongue in his ass, his cock up a cute dude’s bottom. I give him a nice slow rim job, and then I start fingering his ass, so he’s got something up there too. Three hot male assholes, all getting reamed.”

“Oh shit, how did he keep from cummin’?”

“Kenny’s got great control and there was a lot more sucking and fucking to do before anyone was gonna cum. And now I wanted to see something else. Hell, Kenny agreed that I could run the show and decide who’d do what to who. We got it all started by getting the guys up on their knees and having Kenny lick their asses and suck their cocks and fuck them. So now I tell Kenny to pull out and back off and have the guys turn around. I point at his cock and tell ’em to get down and suck it some more.”

“Wow! And they did?” Deb asked, strumming away

“Oh yeah, they were a pair of real sluts, just like Kenny. So then I tell Kenny to get up on all fours and stick his sexy ass out for all of us. He gets up on the bed and sticks it out, showing off his asshole like a tomcat in heat, the two guys staring down, their eyes glazed, fisting their oversized cocks. I told them to get down behind him and take turns licking Kenny’s ass, and they couldn’t have been happier, lapping away at his cute little hole, Kenny moaning, really hot and turned-on. Then I had one of the guys keep licking and had the other kneel in front of Kenny’s face and told Kenny to suck his cock. Man he really wrapped his lips around that thick cock like he was starvin’ for the taste of male meat again!”

“I can’t fuckin’ believe what you’re telling me, Bridget.”

“You better believe it, ’cause it’s all true. So this one guy’s lickin’ Kenny’s ass while Kenny’s giving the other guy a blow-job and reaching behind his balls and fingering him, fingering the same ass he’s just fucked. I mean, you should have seen it, Deb, it was so fuckin’ hot. Three guys, lickin’, suckin’ fuckin’. Then I told the guy to pull his tongue away and I stepped up to lube Kenny’s ass. God, I love slapping grease into his hot hole and rubbing it in, working inside with a couple of fingers. I do that to him when I use a strap-on. Now I was getting him ready for the real thing.”

“The real thing! Shit, I sure like the sound of that.”

“Then I took hold of the guy’s cock and worked it into Kenny’s crack, helping to ease his thick nine inches of steely male meat right up Kenny’s hot, lubed hole, Kenny pushing back on it, hungry for a cock up his ass, just beggin’ to be fucked like a cock-crazed slut. I loved the way his asshole suddenly stretched wide as the guy forced it in, so fucking thick, Kenny’s asshole really wrapped around that cock like a stretched rubber band.”

“Damn, Bridget! I love the way you come up with these images.”

“Now the guy starts really pounding it into him, really fucking Kenny up the ass while at the other end Kenny is taking his buddy’s cock in his mouth and down his throat, sucking him down, Kenny’s own cock so fuckin’ stiff and bobbing up tuyap escort and down as the guy behind him hammers it into his bottom. I let him fuck Kenny for a while and then tell him to pull out and change places with his buddy, the guy Kenny was sucking now getting behind him and working his cock up his ass while Kenny starts sucking the other guy’s hot cock, the one that had just been fuckin’ him.”

“Oh man, oh man, oh shit! That is freaky!”

“The guy who’s fucking Kenny? I watch his ass pumping in and out and I can see his asshole, all slick and raw and open from gettin’ fucked by Kenny before. And now I just can’t help myself as I get behind and start licking him, rimming the open hole of that well-fucked asshole of his, working my tongue inside. And with my hand I reach under his balls to feel him fuck Kenny, running my finger along the rim where his cock is saying a big nasty hello to Kenny’s open asshole. Shit! That was really turning me on, Deb.”

“I wish I’d been there to see it.”

“If you had been, you coulda had yourself a lick and feel.”

“Shit, I would have, too!”

“The next thing I did was tell the guy Kenny was sucking to turn around and stick out his ass as I helped position them so that Kenny could slide his cock up the guy’s ass again and keep fucking him while the guy’s buddy kept on fucking Kenny. I knew he’d really been wanting to try that, fuckin’ a guy while another guy fucked him. Now you know, Deb, I loved watching all this shit, but I wasn’t going to just watch. Nope. I made my way in front of the guy Kenny was fuckin’ and leaned down to suck his big, thick nine inch cock.

“Mmmmmmh, fuck! That makes hungry, hearin’ you say that.”

“Yeah, I’m sucking his dick while Kenny is fucking him and taking it up the ass from the other stud. The guys are groaning and sighing, loving all that hot hard dick inside them and those tight clenching assholes wrapped around their dicks. I’m even reaching while I’m sucking to where Kenny is pumping his cock up the guy’s ass, copping a nice feel of cock and ass. Damn, we were one busy foursome, me and the three guys.”

“I shoulda been there; I could’ve helped, Bridget.”

“Yeah, there was plenty to share, Deb. Then I hear Kenny’s voice, talking to me, ‘oh baby, I can feel his cock throbbing inside me, he’s cummin’, cummin’ in my ass.’ He’s saying this to me while I’m sucking cock. And then out of nowhere the guy I’m sucking blasts off, and I mean blasts off, really shooting in my mouth, really popping this unbelievable load. And as I’m suckin’ him off I hear Kenny just about howl, and I know he’s unloading, deep inside the ass of the guy who’s flooding my mouth with his load.”

“Holy fucking shit!”

“The guy who unloaded first, the guy who was fucking Kenny, now pulls out of him and Kenny reaches back with a hand to grab his cock just as I’m coming up for air, my mouth filled with cum. And Kenny takes that cock that just fucked his ass and gives it one big last suck. I love the fuckin’ slut! I look at Kenny now after he lets go of the guys’ cock and let a little bit of cum spill out of the corners of my lips. I got a whole pool of it filling my mouth. And then I bring my lips up to Kenny’s, looking straight in his eyes as I kiss him, our lips separating, the cum spilling from my mouth into his, hot and wet and sticky and thick.

I fuckin’ loved doing that, sharing a mouthful of cum with Kenny.”

“You two are such a pair of sluts.”

“The next thing Kenny does, after pulling his lips from mine, is to get behind the stud he just fucked and hold him wide open, both of us looking at that open, fucked asshole of his. And now get this, Deb, Kenny leans down and, lookin’ right at me, starts lapping up his own cum as it slowly spills out of the stud’s ass.”

“Oh shit, I can’t fuckin’ believe it!

“I almost lost my mind watching that, strumming my clit like a maniac as now I got behind Kenny and started slurping up the cum that was leaking out of his ass, both of us loudly slurping cum as it spilled out of two well-fucked male assholes, me reaching down between my legs and getting myself off so nicely as I just kept lappin’ away, lapping up every drop of cum spilling out of Kenny’s hot, sexy, well-fucked ass.”

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