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Bridal Cumslut Ch. 03

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Big Tits

So there I was in the bride’s bed, the alcohol from the reception beginning to wear off, the bride draped across me, come oozing from her gaping arse and cunt juice drying around her stretched pussy.

“Thanks for doing that…I was dreading not getting a good fucking on my wedding day!”

“Anytime”, I whispered as I twisted round to kiss her wet mouth.

Perhaps I should explain. Shortly after I graduated from university I got a phone call form one of my closest friends, let’s call her Vicky, to announce that she was soon to be married.

At first I was devastated; we had been fuck-buddies in the past and had used those opportunities for the kind of kinky sex we were too shy to ask our partners for. I assumed that as someone was making an honest woman of her, those opportunities would be lost forever.

When the day of the wedding arrived, however, I noticed that the groom appeared to be somewhat less than straight and when I pressed Vicky on this point she confided in me (although to be honest I think most people knew) that she was marrying a gay man so he could get a residency visa and stay in the country. I hugged her and whispered that since her husband to be was gay, perhaps I should be the one who helped consummate her marriage.

Anyway, the wedding was beautifully arranged and the reception was pretty wild to say the least, but now here I was in Vicky’s bed enjoying the vapour of sex that hung in the air.

Lazily she began to trace her finger over my dick and round my balls. My cock began to get reluctantly hard (well, I had just screwed her seven ways from Sunday), but when her finger moved between my balls and arse my cock started to harden rapidly. Noticing this, she smiled at me and proceeded to tickle my ring.

“You like that don’t you? I can see you’re ready for some action again!”

At this point I was moaning softly, and when she popped her finger into my hole I gasped.

“That’s good, isn’t it?”

“Ohhhh, Vicky, don’t stop…”

Suddenly, she did stop and from the look on my face she knew my disappointment.

“I didn’t know you liked it in the arse…” she mused. “How long has that been going on?”

I told her I was relatively new to anal play and explained how I had slutted myself up at university and stretched my hole for the first time with that pink vibrator.

“Women’s underwear as well, eh? Well, you certainly have gone up a notch or two…have you ever had a real cock?”

“No, I haven’t, but you know what? I’m dying to get my hands on one…”

“Well,” she purred, “why don’t you get some sleep…I’ve got plans for you in the morning. But first, put these on.”

She handed me the pair of white silk panties that were part of her wedding outfit, and eagerly I pulled them over my legs, savouring the soft material’s caress on my cock. I drifted slowly to sleep, my mind racing at what she had planned…

The next day I awoke to find myself alone in the room. Vicky had left a note on her pillow telling me to shower and wait for her return. I got out of bed, noticing the panties I was wearing, and I went down the hall to clean myself up.

When I got back, Vicky was there and she had with her a large plastic bag bulging with goodies.

“So…if you’re going to have some cock, we had better make you look like a woman. We both know that women have silky smooth legs, so let’s get rid of your hair.”

Out of the bag she took a tube of hair removing cream and motioned for me to get on the bed on top of the towel she had placed there. As she smeared the cool cream over my legs she talked about how excited she was that I would soon know what it’s like for a woman to feel and suck her first cock. The why she was talking and the cool cream spread to the tops of my legs up to the edges of my groin caused blood to pump into my dick and before long I was at my full length.

After a few minutes she began to scrape away the cream, and with it my hair.

“Feel how soft and smooth you are…such sexy legs…”

I ran the tips of my fingers along them; they didn’t feel like they were a part of me and I couldn’t help but reach for my dick.

“No!” shouted Vicky, “we’ve still got a long way to go. Besides, as you are becoming a woman you will have to forget about that thing of yours. Women are different…you have to be patient if you want to come. Now, how would you like to have a bald pussy?”

The reference to my pussy made my cock twitch and all I could do was nod. Vicky began to trim the hair from my dick, balls and arsehole. When she was done she took a disposable razor and some shaving foam and started to shave my most sensitive parts. The rasp of the razor had me gasping for breath and I could feel my hole expanding and contracting.

“There,” she said, reaching for a mirror and displaying to me the nakedness of my genitals, “little sluts like you always want to show off their bits because they know it drives men wild.”

The sight of it certainly drove me wild, but I remembered what Mersin Escort Vicky had told me about patience and I resisted the urge to touch myself.

“OK, now it’s time to get you ready for your man…come over here.”

I stood and walked over to Vicky who had moved to her drawers. She reached inside and took out the creamy white basque she had worn beneath her wedding dress the day before.

“Seeing as you are a cock virgin, I have decided to dress you up as if it were you who got married yesterday and not me. We will enact your wedding night and I’ve enlisted my husband’s assistance for the experience. Now let’s get you into this basque.”

I love the restrictiveness of women’s underwear and the basque was no exception, it’s rigid curves shaping my body into that of a woman. Next came her silky stockings which we pulled up right to the tops of my newly softened legs before clipping into place. At this point we stopped to see how I was looking in the mirror.

I thought I looked wonderfully feminine, apart from my raging hard on poking forth like a charmed snake, but Vicky wasn’t satisfied.

“You’re lacking in one very important respect…your tits.”

With this she reached into the bag and pulled out two soft plastic globes which she had bought earlier. She pulled the front of the basque away from my body and we contrived to fit them inside its cups.

I looked at myself again and this time I saw I now had a perfect set of C cup breasts. Turning so I could see from different angles how I looked, I noticed that my new tits counterbalanced the pertness of my arse.

God knows I was getting hornier by the minute, but I didn’t realise Vicky was until I felt the crack of her palm across my butt cheeks. She lifted her short skirt to reveal a minute pair of black crotchless panties with pink lace trim surrounding her pussy. She reached down with her left hand and started to frig her clit. I could see pussy juice glistening on her swollen lips.

Suddenly, I felt the crack of her hand again but this time much harder. My stinging arse was as red as my blushing cheeks.

“Look at you, you little whore. That’s twice I’ve slapped you, and your cock is harder than ever. What are we going to do with a fuck slut like you?”

“Finish getting me ready…I’m dying for that cock…”

With another slap of my backside, Vicky reached into her drawer and handed me a pair of panties. They were a similar colour to the corset and had black ribbon lacing that began at the crotch and held together the panties up the back. Half way up there was a small bow where the ribbon was tied.

I sat on the bed and stepped my legs into the pants. Holding my cock against my lower stomach, I pulled them into place. I had to tease them up over my arse, but when I was in them I couldn’t help but comment on the delicate way they caressed me. Vicky told me to get on the bed on all fours.

“Now this bow will come in handy when you want that hole of yours fucked. All we need to do is pull it, like this, and you’re ready.”

I felt the panties split apart and expose my ring to the air. Vicky bent between my cheeks and blew on my arse. I could feel it contracting immediately, and when Vicky pressed her hot and moist tongue to it I let out a low moan, thrusting my ‘pussy’ into her mouth.

“Don’t get carried away,” she purred, “we still haven’t finished.”

Next came a brunette wig which reached half way down my back, and this was followed by Vicky’s wedding dress. It was a shoulderless and strapless affair in ivory satin with flowery embroidery hand stitched in silk. True to form, Vicky had chosen a designer who had abandoned traditional styles and had cut the bottom of the dress perilously short.

It was barely long enough to cover my stocking tops, as I’m a couple of inches taller than Vicky, but it enveloped my body like a glove and accentuated my curves.

“Now,” said Vicky, “while you were asleep I sneaked a look at your shoe size and I’ve borrowed pair of boots from my friend which will fit you.”

With this she took from the bag a pair of thigh high white leather boots with four inch heels, particularly severe arches and toes that tapered into a point. I sat back down again and started to put them on.

They were quite a tight fit, but with a little effort I got my feet into them and slowly drew each zip up the insides of my legs, the sound burning it’s sluttish imagery into my mind.

This sound obviously had a similar effect on Vicky because when I looked up at her she was once again playing with her pussy, although this time she had a couple of fingers buried inside it. Teasingly she withdrew them, gave her clit one last loving swirl and held them forth to my mouth.

I held out my tongue and lapped gently at them, tasting and breathing in her sweet nectar before sucking them greedily to the back of my mouth.

“So you like the taste of women as well, do you? You wouldn’t think a little virgin like you was just as eager to taste her own kind as she Mersin Escort Bayan was to gobble a juicy cock…”

The mention of cock made me suck harder on her fingers, but she snatched them away from me.

“Just a few more touches and then you’ll be ready for him.”

Vicky led me to her dressing table and began to rifle through her make-up bag. She took out some foundation, eye-shadow, eye-liner, lip-liner, lipstick, mascara and a pair of false eyelashes.

“Before I doll you up, we should pluck your eyebrows into a more feminine line.”

She worked quickly and deftly with the tweezers until there was nothing left but a fine curve which seemed to accentuate my cheekbones and make my eyes look bigger. Next she attached the false eyelashes which further widened my eyes.

She applied the foundation after that with a small sponge, and moved onto the eye shadow. All the while the smell of make-up was arousing me and I could feel my cock straining to break free from the sexy little panties I was wearing.

Slowly but surely my face was transformed into that of a woman and as it changed I felt myself becoming more and more feminine. This was shaping up to be much more interesting than my experience at university!

Vicky next glued false finger nails to my hands and I delighted in the way they had flesh coloured bases and were finished in white at the tips.

Eventually all was complete, except for my lips.

“Now, which colour lipstick do you want? Red or bubblegum pink?”

Thinking of all the sluts I had seen giving blowjobs on the internet and which colour I preferred to see on a set of parted lips, I opted for the bubblegum pink. Once it was applied, we blotted it and Vicky put on the finishing touch with a slick coat of lip-gloss.

I looked at myself in the mirror and looking back at me was a 22-year-old virgin bride, with a gorgeous dress, a fine and firm pair of breasts, a pert arse straining outwards to be spanked, a long mane of brunette hair, wide innocent eyes and a wet, warm and willing mouth which was every inch as slutty as the thigh high leather boots in which she was standing.

“Let’s go and find your husband,” said Vicky, taking me by the hand and leading me out of her room.

In the living room we found Andy, dressed in his groom’s outfit, smoking a cigarette and toying with a glass of champagne.

“Hello, darling,” he said as he moved towards me, “would you like some champagne?”

My heart was in my mouth at this point, so all I could do was nod. He poured me a glass and brought it over. When I had it in my hand he circled his arm round my lower back and drew me towards him.

The kiss was very gentle, and when his slightly parted mouth touched mine a bolt of electricity ran down my spine and into my loins making my knees buckle slightly so that I leaned into him. I opened my lips when I felt his tongue flicking across them and before long we were thrusting our tongues into each other’s mouths.

I withdrew a little and started licking at his lips, working it up into a frenzy, enjoying the kiss as immensely as I would a kiss with a woman.

He pulled back after a while and asked me to join him on the sofa. When I was seated I crossed my legs as high as possible to enhance the pressure in my cock which was by now almost unbearable. Suddenly I heard Vicky’s voice…I had forgotten all about her.

She was sat there in an armchair with a video camera, which I now know had been rolling since Andy spoke to me.

“If this experience is going to work, you must imagine that you are in the honeymoon suite at the most expensive hotel in London.”

This wasn’t particularly hard as Andy was typical of the gay male; he had a very cushy job in banking and without the financial responsibility of children he could afford to live in a penthouse apartment in the middle of the City.

All around us were acres of glass and chrome, we were sipping Cristal from our champagne flutes and reclining on leather upholstery designed by no less than Giorgio Armani.

“Enjoy yourselves!” Said Vicky as she set the camera on a tripod and left in the direction of her bedroom.

“Don’t worry,” said Andy, seeing the sudden nervousness on my face, “I’ll be gentle with you.”

With this reassurance I put my around him and began to kiss him once more. I was enjoying this so much that I was snapped out of my world when he took my hand and placed it on his trouser leg.

Beneath the fabric lay the hard, hot length of his penis. I merely rested my hand there at first, but as our kisses grew more desperately passionate I began to run it up and down his full length.

I was so horny now that, taking the initiative, I broke from our kiss, got on my knees on the couch and slowly unzipped his fly. I unbuttoned his shorts and reached inside. Wrapping my slut’s hand around his shaft I pulled him free.

I gasped when it sprung free, and I realised I hadn’t been breathing for about twenty seconds. Even though I have held my Escort Mersin own dick, I was amazed at how heavy and hot it seemed and I noted with some interest that he was circumcised.

Slowly I bent towards it and gently I kissed its tip. Andy drew in a short breath. It was all the encouragement I needed. My tongue snaked out from between my lips and began to flick over his helmet, enjoying the salty heat it gave forth.

Soon, I took a deep breath and slowly lowered myself for the first time onto some male meat. I couldn’t believe how hot it was, how it filled me deliciously and how it made me feel.

I suddenly became the slut I had always wanted to be, pumping up and down on his prick, stopping to swirl my tongue on his tip, letting him out occasionally to wank him off, my burning saliva acting as the perfect lubricant.

The hem of my dress had ridden up over my arse and Andy reached over to spank it as I drew him back into my mouth. The smack of his hand and the exposedness of my rear made me feel so depraved and wanton and I began to understand why women love sucking cock so much.

Suddenly I heard the click of a pair of stilettos coming across the hard wood floor. Looking up I saw a woman dressed in a short black pvc outfit with a frilly lace pinafore at the front. She was balanced on top of a pair of strappy six-inch heels. I let Andy’s cock flick out of my mouth, and gazed at her in embarrassment.

“Don’t worry,” she laughed, “I’m only the maid.”

I twigged that this was Vicky, and her outfit was just another part of the experience.

I immediately went back to fucking Andy’s cock with my aching mouth, caressing and gently squeezing his heavy balls when I felt another slap on my arse that I realised must have been Vicky’s as Andy now had both his hands on the back of my head.

He started pushing my head up and down on his tool and after the first couple of movements I surrendered to his control. Before long I felt a tug at the back of my panties and they split open, exposing my hole. Vicky smeared some lubricant on it and began to exert some pressure with her index finger.

Andy was kind enough to pause for a moment as she slipped her finger into me, but he paused only for a moment. Before I had time to gasp, his cock was back in my mouth and he was fucking it with a new brutality. So much for being gentle!

I could feel it banging against the very back of my throat, and a couple of times I gagged on the mouthful of cock he was ramming into me. All the while Vicky was working her finger in and out, stopping inside every now and then to wiggle it back and forth. Before long she added a second. This was more like it!!

My butt cheeks were stinging hot now, and I knew they were bright red, whereas my arsehole was radiating a more tranquil warmth throug my cock and balls. I was finally getting accustomed to Andy’s drilling of my mouth when, as if from another world, I heard the buzzer to his penthouse go. He stopped his maniacal thrusting, slid out from under me and went to the entry-phone.

Vicky took this opportunity to sit back down and kiss me vigorously. She also let me touch her cunt which was thick with blobs of her creamy secretions. When Andy said “Come up” my heart skipped a couple of beats.

“Who is it?” I whispered to Vicky.

“It’s room service,” she breathed into my ear.

My mind was racing now. What’s going on? Who is room service? What are they going to do to me?

These questions were gone almost as quickly as they arrived since Andy had now removed a cushion from the sofa, placed it on the floor, lifted me by my hand, and was motioning for me to get on my knees.

With a ping the lift doors to his apartment opened and in came five more men. My mouth fell open and soon they had me surrounded.

“I know you are still a virgin, but seeing as you have demonstrated what a little slut you want to be I decided to invite some friends over to see for themselves…”

Andy pushed his cock towards me and I took it into my mouth, looking into the faces of the other guys. One of them unzipped his fly and, having taken out his dick, advanced in my direction. I let Andy out, but held on so I could continue to work him, and with my other hand grabbed this second cock. Once I had it in my mouth, I closed my eyes and went to work. I had only ever imagined doing one cock, so this was beyond my wildest dreams. When I opened my eyes again I saw Vicky had drawn up a chair and was using one hand to feel her pussy and the other to film this scene in close-up.

I gazed around and saw the four other men wanking themselves at the sight of me, so I let go of Andy and reached for my third. These two guys wanted to get both cocks in my mouth which, after a struggle, they did but only up to the base of their tips.

God I was feeling good, so many dicks around me, my arse still warm from Vicky’s fingering and me dressed up like an inexperienced bride with a whorish twist and two pieces of meat in my mouth.

Letting the two cocks free and leading their owners round to my sides, I put on my best slut’s face and asked who wanted to use me next. Up until now each penis had been of an average size, but the one that came looming in front of me had to be about nine inches.

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