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Brian and Laura’s Chat

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The following story is my 2nd erotic story and is much more explicit than the first. This may also belong in the Letters and Transcripts genre but feels more like it belongs in the Erotic Couplings. It is fictional and based on two people having an erotic interlude online via instant messenger. All feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy.

=================== ====================

Brian: Ok, just relax and concentrate on what I’m saying. If you want to say something just type it out. I’ll be typing little bits at a time.

Brian: So, imagine you’ve just arrived at my home and we’re all alone for the weekend.

Brian: I invite you into the cozy warm house and greet you with a long warm full body hug. I immediately notice you’re wearing my favorite perfume, “Blue” by Ralph Lauren. I smile as I deeply inhale your beautiful scent.

Brian: You melt into my arms and feel immediate relief, emotions and even teary eyes at our touching each other.

Brian: You feel the warmth of my breath on your neck and ear as we embrace and the strength of my arms around your body holding you tight. Did I tell you how wonderful you smell?

Brian: We stand like this for awhile in the embrace until you finally are ready and pull away ever so slightly and seek out my lips with yours

Brian: We begin a slow gradual kiss and then my tongue seeks out yours as I gently part your lips with my warm and wet tongue.

Brian: You open your mouth wider and allow my tongue to enter and our tongues begin a dance…as you begin to moan against me. I feel you shiver.

Brian: My hands are now all over your back feeling lower and lower to your lower back and then to your hips and finally to your firm but pleasingly soft round butt, caressing ever so softly….

Brian: We are really kissing hard and deep now…

Laura: Yes keep on going.

Brian: I reach down past the hem of your skirt and allow my gentle knowing hands to caress the backs of your thighs.

Brian: I slowly draw my hands up under your skirt to your bottom and caress your sexy purple lace thong panties.

Laura: Take them off!

Brian: I allow my hand to slip between your thighs ever so slightly…just enough to feel the warm moistness growing in your pussy….you moan into my mouth

Laura: Yes…yes….!

Brian: I raise your skirt and feel for the band on your panties and hook my thumbs into them and quickly pull them off your body as you shudder with delicious anticipation.

Laura: Don’t stop…. mmmmmm….Yessssss.

Brian: You can feel the hardness of my cock pressing urgently against you.

Laura: Put it in.

Brian: I reach back between your ass cheeks and gently play with your little rosebud before continuing down into your pussy where I feel the moisture quickly gathering and running down your legs… but I decide not to rush things too quickly….I have something better planned….

Brian: I pull away from you while you try clinging to me….and I take your hand…

Laura: Yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

Brian: I lead you to the massage room….and by now you have removed your skirt leaving only your halter top. You aren’t wearing a bra, as is evidenced by your pointed and sensitive nipples poking through the thin cotton material. ?

Laura: More more

Brian: Don’t worry, there’s a lot more. I’m not stopping.

Brian: I then reach the massage room where I have candles lit and Enya is playing softly in the background. We begin kissing again while I lift the hem of your shirt up and over your head exposing breasts and your sensitive nipples to my body. I shudder in delight as I fill my hands with your breasts relishing the feel of the warmth and smoothness of your supple skin along with the crinkly hard nipples pressing against my palms. I love that your areolas as so large. You moan again into my mouth and are now dry humping my leg wanting more but I again pull away, being the ever so elusive lover and I help you up onto the table placing you face down. You are truly a vision of sexy beauty. I then remove my clothes while you’re not looking and I tell you not to look up. I then sit at a chair at the head of the table and take my hands and run them through your soft luxurious hair, kissing the top of your head ever so sweetly…mmmmmm you smell so good

Laura: ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss

Brian: I then begin to massage your scalp and I hear your moan as the sensation runs through your entire body. I then apply some warm cinnamon mint oil in my hands and begin rubbing the warm oil into your neck and shoulders. The oil is natural and not only smells wonderful but also tastes wonderful.

Laura: Oohhhh, that feels so good.

Brian: You then moan very deeply while a shudder of delight ripples through your body as you begin to squirm in anticipation

Brian: I continue rubbing deeply into the muscles of your shoulders and upper back and neck as you begin to feel the tension Kocaeli Escort ebb from your stressed body…all cares are now escaping your body…as your mind drifts off to another time and place when we were first together and I gave you that first massage in your home, remember that? Who knew it would lead to this?

Brian: I then stand up and begin pouring the warm oil onto your back and start rubbing it all through your aching needy muscles until I work my way down to your butt.

Laura: That feels so good.

Brian: I then pour more warm oil onto your bottom where I then gently begin to caress your bottom before beginning to exert more pressure into your butt muscles where you find them to be very sensitive and are surprisingly enjoying the firm pleasurable strokes more than you thought possible.

Brian: My hands eventually slip between your ass cheeks and begin running up and down the slit in your ass….lightly allowing my fingers to rub around your tight anal ring. I feel your flinch against my finger as I gently probe the sensitive opening.

Brian: I hear you moan and feel you lift your ass against my probing finger and tell me to please, push it in, carefully…so with the well lubricated finger I begin slightly pushing against the entrance but stop….I then lean down and begin placing kisses all over your beautiful bottom and then begin using my tongue to further add to the stimulation.

Laura: Yessssssssssssssssssssssss

Brian: I then begin licking your crack where I taste the delicious cinnamon and mint oil…and then I begin lightly licking your hole….

Brian: You begin bucking your hips up against me begging for more while at the same time I’m licking your rosebud my fingers have now roamed down to your extremely wet and hot pussy… it’s on fire and begging for attention but I’m careful to avoid touching your clit…. for now.

Brian: I continue licking your ass getting it ready for more play… meanwhile my cock is extremely hard and dripping pre-cum….

Laura: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh

Brian: After tonguing your ass for quite awhile I then bring my well lubricated fingers up to my mouth and suck off your pussy juice that is dripping from them, relishing the sweet taste of your pussy….mmmmmmmm damn I’m fucking hard right now…. I continue stroking your pussy with my fingers getting them lubricated with your juices.

Brian: Now I take my slick fingers and begin probing your asshole and gently begin slipping in my first finger into your warm inviting depths, ever so slowly. You sharply inhale a deep breath of air when you feel my finger first enter.

Brian: The pleasure is mixed with a slight amount of pain and you aren’t sure at first if you can take it… but I wait patiently and you begin to relax as I slowly and gently begin entering… deeper and deeper.

Laura: Deeper!!

Brian: You are now groaning and telling me that you didn’t know this could feel so good. You are dripping with anticipation and I can smell your sex heavy in the air… I want to lick up and taste your flowing juices so bad.

Brian: After I get in the first finger I then begin to work in the middle finger… ever so slowly… you flinch in pain at first but then gradually become used to the new invader….you are so tight but the pleasure is overwhelming you….and you’re now beginning to feel the beginning tremors of a pending explosive orgasm.

Laura: Yes yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, don’t stop!!

Brian: After getting the first finger and middle finger deep into your tight warm ass I begin making circular motions with the fingers… reaming you out… and fucking your ass with my fingers as you begin panting hard… bucking harder against me… then I slip my ring finger and pinkie finger deep into your wet pussy with no warning at all causing you to scream in pleasure as your first orgasm overtakes you.

Brian: I can barely keep my fingers lodged in your ass and pussy as you begin bucking wildly and uncontrollably.

Brian: After about a minute and a half long orgasm you begin to slow down and you almost pass out while I continue slowly and gently continue fucking you with my fingers…. I can still feel your pussy and ass spasming against me.

Brian: The intoxicating smell of sex is heavy in the air.

Brian: (I can’t wait to bury my face between your legs or to have you straddle my face in bed while you ride yourself to as many orgasms as you can handle…..mashing your pussy all over my face as you ride out orgasm after orgasm drenching me in your pussy juices while I hungrily drink the sweet essence from your body….)

Brian: I then clean up my fingers that were in your ass and then insert the first 2 fingers back into your pussy…where I begin gently massaging your g-spot for the first time causing you to almost immediately enter into your next wave of orgasms but I’m able to back off just enough to allow you to cum back down from the near orgasm.

Laura: Kocaeli Escort Bayan Don’t stop don’t stopppppppppppppppppppppp

Brian: I want you to feel the pleasure of your g-spot being massaged for awhile longer before allowing you to cum with what I know will be a tremendous orgasm.

Brian: As I continue to massage your g-spot I let my ring finger find your clit and begin massaging circles around it with my other hand….causing you to moan into the table and scream unintelligible words.

Brian: You began yelling “fuck me Brian…fuck meeeeee!!!!”….I tell you not yet…but we will….we will….

Laura: Now now now nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Brian: I finally begin rubbing even harder on your g-spot for a few seconds bringing you to the brink of another orgasm before suddenly removing my hand completely.

Brian: You scream my name in frustration. I smile and instead I quickly tell you to turn over where I can get better access to you.

Brian: You flip over and I immediately dive into your pussy with my hot mouth and thrust 3 fingers into your tight cunt and you immediately grip my fingers with amazing strength.

Brian: I begin thrusting my fingers now deep into your pussy rubbing your g-spot while tonguing your clit with all my force. This time there is no stopping.

Brian: You feel the orgasm approaching quickly and try to warn me that you are going to have your orgasm and that you are going to cum hard… lots of gushing fluid… I leave my mouth on your pussy while I keep thrusting my fingers deep into your pussy.

Brian: Rubbing your clit with my tongue, aided by your hood piercing, and your g-spot with my fingers I then slip a pinky into your ass with the same hand with which I’m fucking your pussy. This sends you over the top and you immediately begin having the one of the most intense orgasms of your life. You ride out your orgasm for 3-4 minutes bucking wildly and screaming “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…oh shit……fuck me sweetie that feels so damn good….keep going…yessssss!!”

Brian: …and I do….until you finally pass out in exhaustion with my fingers still buried deep in your pussy and ass and my face laying on your wet drenched pussy…. the ejaculate that erupted from you during the orgasm completely soaked my face and I lapped up as much as I possibly could….we both lay there completely spent

Brian: You finally begin coming to after a few minutes of coming down from your high.

Brian: My cock is now so hard it actually hurts with need….

Brian: I take you in my arms and help lift from the table, and gently guide you to the bed and lay you down. I begin cleaning you up by licking up the juices on your breasts and tummy, your drenched pussy… tickling you with my mustache and tongue.

Laura: Please don’t tease me anymore, I need you, now….

Brian: I crawl up next to you and begin kissing you. You can smell and taste yourself on me as you moan into my mouth. You immediately respond by pulling away and telling me to lay on my back and this is where you take over now….

Brian: You have me lay back…and then you crawl on top of me in a 69 position and scoot forward until your dripping pussy is hovering over my face and your lips are beginning to touch my cock.

Brian: You lick my cock and savor the taste of my manhood and the pre-cum that has been running all over it now while you feel my tongue flicking out and licking deeply into your wet pussy and you let out a moan…. I feel the vibrations from your moan on my cock causing it to jerk in reflex which also causes even more pre-cum to leak out

Brian: You then take the head of my cock into your mouth while you taste my cum and savor my essence.

Brian: Meanwhile you lower the rest of your weight onto my eager cum-hungry mouth and begin wiggling yourself all over my face while I tongue fuck you.

Brian: You are now playing with my balls stroking them and playing with them while you gently kiss, lick and suck my steel hard cock that is throbbing in your mouth.

Laura: Fuck me, fuck me and fuck me hard.

Brian: I don’t know how long I can hold out while you suck my cock so I know I have to hurry and get you off again with my mouth…. I reach around your hips and spread your cheeks apart and angle my head so I’m now licking from your clit to your asshole, causing you to moan and shiver in delight. I then push 2 fingers gently into your ass while I continue tongue fucking your hot dripping cunt.

Brian: I feel the signs of your pussy as it begins to tremble, signaling another intense orgasm. I keep licking and probing while you continue sucking me. I don’t know if I can hold out… you keep sucking me while I’m tongue fucking your pussy and ass fucking you with my fingers when your orgasm hits with amazing intensity.

Brian: You immediately erupt with a huge explosion of your sweet female orgasmic juices flooding my face with your delicious nectar…while I eagerly Escort Kocaeli drink from your hot pussy as I ride out your orgasm.

Brian: I feel my own eruption coming and know I can’t hold it in anymore. You sense this too as you latch onto my hard cock urging me to cum down your throat.

Brian: My orgasm hits so hard I begin bucking off the bed while my cock is lodged deep in your throat. You pull back just enough so that you can actually see the first orgasmic wave of cum hit you in the back of the throat and you immediately clamp back down to suck down the rest of my cum juice while you ride out my orgasm.

Laura: Yes yes yes yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Brian: I return to licking your now sensitive clit bringing you close to another orgasm but we’re not done yet.

Brian: After you lick me clean and scoop up the cum that leaked from your mouth and lick it clean from your fingers you turn around and begin kissing me deeply….we can taste the mingled result of our orgasmic juices on each other and the taste is wonderful when combined together. I never want to forget that scent. I would give anything to have it with me all the time.

Brian: We stay cuddling for some time allowing me to recover. As we are talking I caress and massage your body with my arms wrapped around you tightly and I can feel your hot pussy rubbing eagerly against my now slowly hardening cock.

Brian: You continue rubbing it and grinding your hips into mine while you feel me harden in anticipation. You finally tilt your pelvis forward and ease my cock slowly along your slit allowing me to feel the moisture and heat. Your eyes lock onto mine and we remain in this silent communication, this unequaled coupling of the windows to our souls. I can then feel the tight entrance to your hot velvet-like pussy as it envelops the head of my cock. This is what we’ve been waiting for…. The feeling is extremely intense! I didn’t know it could feel this wonderful. This is what I’ve been missing….

Brian: You don’t press down hard right away but allow me to savor the first feel of your pussy……the feeling I’ve wanted for so long….and have dreamed about over and over…. This is a fantasy come true…. No, this is better than any fantasy I could dream up. The intensity in your gaze is like nothing I’ve known.

Brian: You then slowly lower your hips back down to mine enveloping my cock into your warm depths…it feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before… it is absolutely exquisite… we fit each other perfectly…. THIS is perfect…. This is what’s supposed to be….

Brian: You let out a low moan, a growl as you feel me fill your tight cunt up with my hard cock. You are already on the brink of another orgasm as you lift yourself slowly until just the head of my cock is still inside.

Brian: You then slam back down hard and begin fucking me slowly at first and then you gradually pick up the pace and begin fucking me in earnest…..beads of sweat are forming all over our bodies as we begin the mating ritual that has been enjoyed by so many throughout time, an ageless act that brings untold pleasures…and yet, I’m sure nobody has ever had it this good before.

Brian: My arms are locked around your back as my hands are grabbing your ass and kneading them while you continue fucking me. Now the fucking has turned into a frenzy of motion and our bodies are a blur. Still our mutual eye contact hasn’t stopped. I feel an intense emotion, a surge of love.

Brian: Our bodies are slapping against each other so hard that I almost lose my breath as you slam down into me.

Brian: You feel me getting close and slow down wanting this to last longer….

Brian: I sense what you are doing and will myself not to cum… Not yet… Please not yet… I want this to last.

Brian: I then gently roll us over staying inside you.

Brian: I begin kissing you as I gently rock my hips back and forth…you are feeling my cock deep in your pussy rubbing the inside of your vaginal walls and you tell me how incredible it feels to have me deep inside you.

Brian: I see tears of joy in your eyes and the love in my heart swells with pride causing me to begin to cry as we now, at long last, begin making gentle love… no longer the fast furious fucking that we were enjoying just moments before…but instead slow gentle loving.

Brian: You start kissing me passionately…and begin playing with my very sensitive nipples which adds the most intense pleasure and I don’t know if I can stand much more. I feel the orgasmic release quickly approaching… while at the same time I feel your pussy muscles beginning to tighten and your breathing begin to increase in speed and intensity.

Laura: Hold me tight to your body! Cum in me whenever you’re ready….don’t hold back any longer….do it now!

Brian: You are now biting my shoulder ever so gently as you feel the orgasm building until finally you feel me erupt deep into your waiting pussy. The fiery hot sperm that you feel hitting deep against your cervix sends you over the edge and you begin clutching uncontrollably as the orgasm overtakes your body and you begin screaming and crying at the same time…. I continue pumping in and out as my cock begins to soften just as you are finishing your intense orgasm….

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