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Brian and Aunt Em

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This is a fantasy of Brian and his Aunt Em – which evolved into a full blown relationship.

My Aunt Emmy was the younger sister in my mother’s family. Back in 1962, when I was just eighteen, she was thirty-eight years old. At five foot five inches tall, she weighed about 140 pounds. Her blonde hair, which was dyed, fell at shoulder length. Although her figure was average, she had some prominent features. Her 38D size breasts, a rounded belly from child bearing matched her slightly large ass, and beautiful legs that ended at her well trimmed pubic hair. Her most striking feature of all was her milk white complexion.

She, like most people back then, smoked a bit and she loved the taste of her alcohol. It was not uncommon to see Aunt Emmy drunk, regardless of the occasion, but it didn’t bother me. In fact, I welcomed it because our sex became hotter and more intense.

Aunt Emmy never married, but she did have three children by three different men. Well, at least that’s what I was told.

Her oldest child, Angie, who was twenty years old, had already left home and lived someplace further north from her family. She was built very much like her mother and was about 5′ 3″ tall. She was like a second mother to young Tommy.

Liz, her next child, was sixteen. She too looked like her mother in the build department and was also about 5′ 5″, but she had a baby girl at the age of fourteen.

Her youngest, Tommy, was just a few months old. Although Tommy was only an infant, it was due to him that my Aunt and I started our sexual relationship.

I was about five foot six, 130 pounds, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. All my features were fairly average concerning my appearance, build and intelligence. I was tanned due to the amount of time I spent outdoors. Even Eyüp Escort my uncircumcised cock was average, about six inches long in full erection, but it was thicker than most and my pubic patch was as dark brown as my hair

I had enjoyed masturbating since I was about nine years old

I had often spent time over at my Aunt Emmy’s house, but it wasn’t until little Tommy was born, that my visits became more frequent. Being a adolescent male, with all my hormones in full gear, I started making sure that I would get over to her house when I knew she was breast feeding young Tommy

I remember the day I came in and she was sitting on the bed in a robe, breast feeding him. She allowed me to sit and watch, but I was becoming excited. My cock started to get hard looking at her beautiful large breasts and extended nipples. Tommy, of course, was feeding for dear life on one nipple, making little suckling noises and grabbing the other boob with his small hand. Unknown to me, Aunt Emmy was getting turned on by having me watch.

Watching her breastfeed Tommy became a normal thing. One day, after a few weeks, Aunt Emmy finally broke through my thoughts as I stared at her breasts.

“Bri, are you getting excited watching Tommy suck on my breasts?” said Aunt Emmy.

I sat stunned and didn’t know how to reply.

“Come on over here,” she said.

I got up, walked over and stood looking down at her breasts.

“Go ahead, touch them,” she said.

My hand was shaking as I reached out to touch a breast for the first time. It felt so soft and warm. I could feel my cock pressing hard against my pants and this became obvious to Aunt Emmy.

“Do you want to suck my other nipple like Tommy? Aunt Emmy asked. Just don’t drain me, you have to Eyüp Escort Bayan leave some for the baby.”

I nodded my head yes, bent down and moved Tommy’s hand off Aunty Em’s pink boob. I then sucked on her nipple, tasting the sweet milk. I jumped a bit when I felt her hand rubbing my pants and squeezing my hard cock. I thought I was going to cum right then and there, but managed to hold off.

“Oh,” she began, “you dirty little devil. Has Aunty made your hard?”

I nodded ‘yes’ to her question; I couldn’t think of what else to say.

“Did looking at Auntie’s titties make you nice and hard?” she asked as she moved little Tommy to the breast I had been sucking only moments before. Of course I then reverted to the side that he had been sucking and retrieved the last of that milk.

After she’d finished feeding the baby, she spent a few minutes pacifying him, before carrying him upstairs and laying him in his cot. I followed her upstairs. She waited for the baby to settle and sat down on her own bed. I was standing in front of her, and I still had a huge bulge in my pants. Suddenly she reached out, unzipped my pants and pulled them down, leaving me in just my underpants and shirt.

“You had better take off that shirt too, Bri….”

She made some remark about how big I was, and asked if it was because I had seen and touched her titties. I think I just nodded once again. My cock was so hard and stood almost upright. She took hold of it and started to rub it. She kept calling it my Prick, and saying things like….”Oogh, Bri,…do you like your Aunty playing with your prick?”…..

I must have said yes, because she started to rub it harder, and make moaning noises as she did it. It couldn’t have lasted for much more than 4 or 5 Escort Eyüp minutes before I came all over her hand. She cleaned her hands with some tissues, and pulled her dress up to her waist. I could see her white panties.

She then said something like “Have you ever seen a woman’s cunt?”….

I think I shook my head. “No,” I whispered.

She stood up and stepped out of her panties, then sat down on the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide. Before that, the only women I had seen naked were pictures in my dad’s porn magazines. Aunt Em’s cunt didn’t have an awful lot of hair around it, and what there was, was neatly trimmed. I could clearly see her pussy lips, and I noticed that her slit was very wet. My Aunt was quite foul mouthed and kept referring to her cunt and my prick. I loved to hear her talk dirty like that, because it excited me, and made me feel dirty too.

She told me to watch her make herself cum. My prick was hard again as I gazed in fascination, as she fucked herself with both hands. One hand was buried in her cunt hole and the other was seriously rubbing her vaginal lips and her clit. I was totally spellbound. All the time she was encouraging me to “wank that beautiful prick babe.” She continued to masturbate herself like this for about 10 minutes until she gave a loud groan and fell back onto the pillow. I finally let fly with a great rope of sperm which landed on her face and hair, then directed it to her boobs. I was totally exhausted by then and just fell down on the floor.

“Ow, that felt so good Bri….. . I haven’t been able to cum like that since before the baby was born. In fact, I haven’t had a man since I fell pregnant, so I hope from now on we can satisfy each other.”

The only thing we did on that first day was masturbate. She made me cum, and I got to watch her cum. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to touch her between her legs, but she more than made up for that in the days and weeks to come…………………………..

The story continues and heats up from here –

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