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Brian and Aunt Em Ch. 05

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As the years went on, these children were growing up. Marie was 19, Gloria was 18 and Brian Jnr. was 17.

Brian had previously had two children with Aunt Em. Sylvia now 21 and Garth 20.

He had been a very busy Daddy.

Garth (Brian’s son by Em) got into the action with Marie, his stepsister (the elder daughter of Brian and Rachael). Marie fell pregnant. Garth wasn’t going to let the grass grow under his feet. He had set his eyes on his Mother, (Aunt Em).

One day he walked into her bedroom, knowing that she had just gotten out of the shower. Em was standing with her back to him with only a towel wrapped around her waist. Her boobs were hanging down a little but Garth wasn’t worried. He snuck up behind her and slipped his hands around her waist and up to her sagging breasts. Em was so surprised, at first she thought it was Brian but then she realised the hands were not his. She tried to turn around to see who it was and Garth ducked down so that she wouldn’t see him straight away. All the time he was rubbing her nipples and holding onto her boobs. He came around to the front of her and took one of her nipples into his mouth. Em shrieked and tried to pull him off. But Garth wasn’t going to be diverted from his quest. His mother!

He held her with one hand on her waist while the other played with her breast and he suckled her tit on one side. Changing hands and nipples he continued on the other side. By this time Ankara bayan escort Em was starting to feel very wet in the groin area.

She realized that it was her son, but she couldn’t say no to him. Garth was having a feast on these beautiful breasts, and being his mother made it all the more exciting.

By this time, Em was starting to lose feeling in her legs and pulled away and staggered over to the bed. Garth grabbed her, picked her up and placed her on the bed.

“Now, Mom I am going to show you a good time. I have wanted you for a long time and just had to wait until you were ready for me.”

Em looked at him and whispered, “Take me then baby.”

Garth bent over her and gave her a very intimate kiss, with his tongue making its way into her mouth and challenging hers to a duel. This went on for about ten minutes. He kissed around her neck and earlobes and again on her lips.

She lay back on the bed and Garth began again to suckle on her awesome boobs. His fingers slid down to her belly button – followed by his tongue, and he swirled it around her navel and then down to the top of her mons. He slipped down and began to lick and suck her toes and ankles. Em was loving this attention and wriggled about with the feeling. Garth slowly made his way up her legs, licking them, until he arrived at the upper thighs. He wasn’t going to go to her love hole just yet. He wanted to make her beg for his tongue and Escort bayan Ankara cock. He licked and slurped on the outer lips of her vagina and eventually, his tongue found the hood of her clitoris and he lifted it.

Em jumped in the bed and came down groaning. “Ohhhhhhhh…….. babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………. . That is sooo…….good. I want moreeeeeeee…… .”

Garth whispered to her, “You ain’t had nothin’ yet, Moma.”

With that he flicked his tongue onto her clit. Then settled down to feast on that fleshy nub. He nibbled and softly bit on the flesh of her clit, building himself up as well as Em, in the moments he continued to feast. This went on until Em cried out, “Baby, Moma wants you to fuck her.”

Bracing himself on his hands, Garth lifted his body over her and kissed her again. His cock was between them and Em could feel it on her upper legs.

She sat up suddenly and grabbed Garth by his stiff rod. “No, sweetie, I am going to eat you now. I want to suck on that beautiful cock and get it to ready to come in my pussy.”

“Well, Mom you can have me for a little while, but not too long as I am nearly ready to shoot my load into your cunt.”

Em ran her tongue up and down the stalk of his hot rod, licking around the head and sliding the foreskin backwards and forwards as she sucked. Garth had a large cock, about 8inches and very thick through. Em tried to suck it right down her throat but found Bayan escort Ankara she gagged before it went down too far, so she just continued to suck up and down and swirl her tongue around the tip.

Garth pulled away and braced himself over her.

“Now, Moma, I am going to fuck you. I can’t wait any longer.”

Em lay back down and stretched her legs wide to allow a good access for her son’s cock to have easy access.

With that he slowly slid his huge cock into the entrance of his mother’s cunt. Inch by inch until he struck her cervix with the head of his prick. He rested there for a moment and began to rhythmically push in and out of her wonderful love hole. They both worked together until they knew that there was going to be an explosion.

And then it happened, Vesuvius erupted.

Garth collapsed on top of her, then rolled over onto his side. They were both breathless and couldn’t say a thing for quite a while.

Laying there Garth finally told his Mom, that he had been dreaming of fucking her for many years. He had seen how she and Brian loved each other but after he got Marie got pregnant, he knew that it was THE TIME.

He turned on his side and kissed her tenderly and said that he hoped he could continue making love to her for many years to come. “And I want you to have my baby too.”

Em replied, “Garth, as long as you want me, I would love to be yours. Except that Brian has first priority with me.”

“That’s okay, Moma, I think that Brian will busy with other things very soon.”

So between Sylvia, Marie and Em, both Brian and Garth had plenty of breastfeeding to come.

They hadn’t realized that Brian Jnr. was growing up.

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