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Breeding Kat

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The plane was late, but that was nothing new at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Still, the waiting was driving me crazy. Kat and I had met at EP and begun a relationship that had built to this. We began by emailing on the site, then messenger, then texts and phone, and during a spring business trip to California for me, she and I met. And now, it was time to fulfill the goal we’d both desired from the moment of our first contact: To black breed her at a gangbang. I was almost trembling with excitement as I waited for her to clear security and meet her in baggage claim.

She bounded through the exit and flashed me a huge smile as we hugged. “You look great,” I told her, giving her an elevator look across her gorgeous 23-year-old, 5-foot 10-inch body that was covered by a sexy blue dress. Her high heels made her gorgeous legs even better. “Thanks, I thought the plane would never get her,” she said. “Is everything ready?” “It is,” I replied. “Better than I’d expected.”
We got her bag, and headed for the parking garage, got in the car and headed for the nearby Marriott. “Are you more nervous or more excited,” I asked. “Probably more excited,” she replied, fidgeting with her dress that revealed her silky legs. All I could do was smile back, knowing what was ahead for her.
We quickly arrived and headed for the room. I’d already checked in earlier to streamline everything – a corner suite awaited. I swiped the room card, and opened the door for her. She stopped just past the bathroom, studying the room with its king-sized bed, ottoman, whirlpool, kitchenette, and couch. Her brown eyes seemed to wander, memorizing every detail of the place where she would become a mother. “Looks great, thank you for setting it up,” she gushed.

Kat and I had begun chatting because of our common interest in impregnation. I’d also had an interest in gangbangs, and combining the two seemed to excite both of us. I’d been to several parties in the city, and knew enough people to arrange the kind of party that Kat wanted: All black partners. So, two months before this day, I sent a note to my contact who forwarded it to his roster of gangbang participants. They’d submitted face, body, and cock pictures. Kat and I selected the best of the lot: well endowed, multiple cummers, and best of all, those who were into bareback. And now, it was time to breed Kat.
“Why don’t you grab a shower,” I suggested. “You’ll feel sexier.” She nodded and kissed me. “Thank you again for this.. It means the world to me.” She turned and closed the door the bathroom. I went to the refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of pino griggo, and uncorked it. Moments later I heard the shower, and as I poured a glass, I imagined Kat’s beautiful body being rained on, 130 pounds of wet allure that would make any man happy. I turned down the bed, and went to the couch to sip my wine and wait.
A few minutes later, Kat walked out in a black teddy that showed off her 34-22-32 figure. The black contrasted well against her finger- and toenails that were a deep red. She stepped into a pair of black heels. I watched, took a gulp of wine, and offered her a glass. “I don’t think I need it,” she said. “Take it,” I came back. “You should be relaxed.” She accepted, and took a sip.

A few minutes later, I got the escort first text, asking for the room number. In short order four more arrived, and five replies went out. They arrived just about in the same order. First was Devon, who at 6-10 was the tallest of the group. Steve arrived next; he was the most muscular of the six we’d selected, and claimed to have fathered five children. Quentin, knocked on the door loudly, and was so proper that it seemed out of character for him to be interested in breeding a white woman, but he was. Paul and Jamaal arrived together, and seemed to know each other well. Each greeted Kat with a kiss, admired her vocally, and made themselves comfortable near her on the couch.

With the arrival of the last guest, I thanked each of them for participating, and handed each a release (freeing them of child support), and asked if they wanted a glass of wine or a beer. Everyone signed the document, Quentin took a glass of red, and Devon accepted my offer of a Dos Equis. “This is one of the sexiest ladies I have ever seen,” said Paul, who sandwiched Kat on the couch with Steve on the other side. “I agree,” I said before. “And she wants all of you to cum in her and knock her up.” That brought smiles to everyone’s face, with the biggest one spreading across Kat’s face. It also increased the pace of stroking on Kat’s thigh that Paul and Steve were doing. “Well, why don’t we get started,” Jamaal said, moving in to scoop up Kat in his arms and carry her to the bed. He kissed her as he sat her down on the edge, lingering to enjoy her mouth with his lips and tongue, his hands wandering across her body. The other men followed him. I poured another glass of wine, and found a chair from where I could survey the room. Jamaal kissed Kat’s neck as she clung to him, this tiny fragile white female body against his large muscular black frame. The other guys were watching every move, and starting to undress.

Steve and Paul, who’d been on the couch with Kat, moved in to join her and Jamaal. She was standing on her knees, and Steve moved behind her to caress her breasts from behind, while Paul laid on his back, unsnapped the crotch of her teddy, and slid his face under her to begin licking her love tunnel. She began to moan. Her breasts were swollen and tender, and her whole body was on fire. Devon finished his beer and was the first of the five to be totally naked. He stood near the bed, a fine specimen of a healthy man in his 30s. He had a long, thick cock that I estimated at 9 inches in length and with the diameter of a salami. Kat caught a glimpse of his manhood, lifted off Paul’s face, and moved off the bed. I knew what she was doing from the moment I saw her eyes catch sight of his penis.

She dropped to her knees before him as if to worship him, took his rapidly growing cock in her hands, and began to suck it. Devon put his hands on her head to guide her, and closed his eyes in pleasure. She struggled to take more in and gagged. The group laughed at Kat’s discomfort, and soon surrounded her naked: Five plump cocks for her to suck on. She began by turning to her right and stroking the two closest ones to her. The guys took turns fucking Kat’s face, making her gag again and again. And like a trooper, she kept coming back for more.
After she’d gotten everyone izmit escort bayan good and hard, the guys helped her to her feet, and moved her to the bed. They’d been told they could fuck any hole they liked until it was time for the first one to cum, and at that point, she either had to be on all fours with her head buried in a pillow, or preferably, on her back with her hips elevated. They removed the teddy, and her boobs fell out, exposing her strawberry-like nipples. They admired the slutty tattoo near her shaved mound that said “100 percent black owed.” (Which was the truth, as Kat had told me she’d suck me off and swallow but would never allow white cock inside her for fear of having a white baby). They laid her on her back, and Quentin offered his cock to her mouth, and she readily took it in. Steve began sucking her right nipple and squeezing the other boob. Devon moved in to eat her pussy, licking it like an ice cream cone. Kat moaned and sighed at the attention, and reached out for the other two guys, and began stroking Paul and Jamaal, who were nearby.

Over the next hour, the group fucked Kat in every imaginable way, plunging in and out of her throat to the point of gagging her, taking her ass, and slapping their cocks against her boobs. They told her how much they wanted to knock her up, and how her boobs would grow and sag with milk, while her tummy swelled with the growing black seed they planned to pump inside her. They told her she’d need a new tat to go with the one she already had and suggested “Black Bred 1-15-13” so she’d always know the day she conceived her first black baby. She was in a frenzy, asked for a sip of wine, and downed the glass, lying flat with her legs spread and her wet ripe pussy exposed to all. Jamaal moved between her legs.

“Now you know why we’re here,” he said. She nodded and replied in the affirmative. “Yes, and it’s about time I got filled with black seed,” she said, glancing about the room. Jamaal slapped his cock against her well lubricated pink pussy. Her labia seemed to naturally open and when he took his hand and moved the tip to her lips, they opened like a flower. He pushed in, stretching the pink purse that was waiting for him. Her hips gyrated slowly, helping take his long, thick member deeper. She spread her legs wider, giving him room to hold himself up on both arms and fuck her hard and deep. I moved my chair closer to a point where I could see him mount her with an increasingly rapid pace. She clutched the sheets and called out in an orgasm that seemed to last for minutes. “You like that black cock?” he asked. “God yes,” she shot back. “Give it to me.” He did, holding her legs apart by locking his arms under her knees, fucking her hard and deep. His orgasm built up slowly and sweat built up on his forehead. I couldn’t see Kat’s face when he exploded, but I could see his ass muscles clinch, relax, and then clinch several times in a row, which meant he’d just filled her. He slowly pulled out, milking his cock as he did to put every drop inside her.

Within seconds, Steve moved in, grabbing a pillow and sliding it under Kat’s hips to elevate them. He opened her outer lips with one hand, and slid his cock inside her with the other one. His thrusting was more powerful, and his strokes izmit sınırsız escort were longer than Jamaal’s. With each withdrawl, I could see the tip appear, Kat’s creamy lubrication on his shaft, and his veiny tool. It would appear for only seconds and then shove in like a piston, stopping when his balls slapped her ass. The rhythm of their coupling soon became set to the sound of his thick, sperm-laden balls smacking her butt, and the guys elbowed and joked with each other than Steve was going to shove Jamaal’s sperm deeper. Steve stared ahead, his eyes fixed on the wall as he began a low whine that grew louder and higher pitched until I saw him thurst one more time and remain there as he spilled his seed in Kat. She clutched his arms as if to hold him in place until he was empty. Then he rolled off, and Quentin climbed onto the bed.
Quentin wasted no time with Kat’s now well creamed pussy. He slid right in, using the two previous deposits as lubrication to allow him access to the deepest recesses of Kat’s pussy. She flinched a few times (which she told me later was when he first touched her cervix) and pulled a pillow over her head while she screamed in pleasure. He pushed her legs up and set her feet on his shoulders. When he came, I could see his ballsack contracting, emptying its black seed into her.

Paul had a long thick cock that even to a straight man was awesome in its appearance. It was at least 10 inches long, and thick like my forearm. From the first inch of his penetration, she was moaning, and the deeper he went, the louder she got. He was intense, pushing in deep and then fucking her with fast, short strokes. I didn’t think she’d be able to take all of his length, but eventually, he was balls deep inside her. Her pink pussy lips gripped his shaft, milking him of his sperm within a few minutes.
Devon, the tall guy, pushed a second pillow under Kat, almost lifting her ass in the air so that her legs splayed open for him. She looked uncomfortable in this position, but it allowed Devon to kneel in front of her and fuck her wildly. He squeezed her boobs, and she squirmed under him as his cock assaulted her pussy unmercifully. His orgasm was lengthy and his abdomen and cock seemed to contract for minutes as he filled her with his baby batter.

By now, I’d finished a bottle of wine, amazed at the sight I’d seen. Kat was worn out, but the guys were ready for another round. They each fucked her again, bringing her to tears at least twice. By the time they were done three hours later, Kat had been seeded 14 times by five black cocks. With each round, they relaxed with a beverage and critiqued each other’s techniques. Of course, after Jamaal had made the last deposit and everybody’s balls were drained, they couldn’t resist taking a peek at the creamy mess they’d made. With her hips still elevated to keep their sperm inside her, Kat opened her lips and the guys saw an ocean of cum with plenty of sperm swimming inside. Kat smiled, they smiled, and I smiled too.
Kat remained in this position for an hour after the last man had dressed and left. There was so much cum inside her that I brought a towel to put between her legs as she made a sprint to the shower. When I saw it later, it was soaked with cum stains.

After she’d rested a bit, we went to a nice dinner in downtown Chicago, then returned to the room, where she sucked me off and swallowed my white cum. A month later she missed her period. She was finally black bred.

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