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Bred by the Hive Ch. 28

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Once Marion’s daughter Susan had finished training her, Marion’s sister Chloe was ecstatic to learn that Marion had made the change successfully. She turned Marion around and looked at her thick double banded rider and then gave her a big hug and kissed Marion hard on the lips. “What have you become, dear?”

“I am a lesbian,” said Marion promptly. “I love women. I love sucking tits. I love eating pussy.”

“Really?” said Chloe, pretending to sound surprised. “Am I talking to the same sister who was afraid to show her titties in my hot tub?”

“No,” said Marion, standing naked proudly before Chloe, Chloe’s family, as well as her own. Her breasts stuck out in front of her, her muscular legs were spread wide, unabashedly showing off her thick red labial lips in the area of her freshly shaved pubis.

“Am I talking to the woman who was afraid to have sex with other men?”

“No,” said Marion. “I love having sex with men. And now I also love having sex with women.” She gave Susan a confident smile. ” I love bringing them into the Hive. I love fucking them. I love feeling my rider splitting on my back. I love bringing a new penis or a new vagina into the Hive. I love it all.” Her eyes blazed.

“You have changed, Sister,” said Chloe. “But really, are you a lesbian? With your own daughter?”

“It’s true, Aunt Chloe,” said Susan.

“Is it?” Chloe gave an odd smile, and Marion realized it was all an act, an act meant to lead to something else. She turned to Marion. “Then convince me.”

“Of course,” said Marion smoothly.

And then, in front of everyone, Marion took her sister in her arms and started to make love to her.


Chloe was a truly useful servant for the Hive. When she had been brought into the Hive, at first she had fought it tooth and nail. It had taken a second band and intense training to break her. But once she had been broken, she turned that intensity and dedication to the Hive’s use. She quickly and efficiently brought her family into the Hive, first Stephan, then Christopher, and finally Michelle, without any remorse or hesitation. She helped identify people who could be especially useful to the Hive, like her sexy sister Marion. The fact that Marion was her sister was neither here nor there for Chloe; she only thought about the needs of the Hive.

Well, almost only. It would be a mistake to say that Chloe was a total automation; she was still allowed to have wishes and desires, where they didn’t conflict with the Hive. She wanted to have Paul, once he was brought into the Hive. And so Paul was given to her, as a reward for her cooperation. But even more than Paul, she wanted Marion. Chloe had been jealous of her good looks and winning personality ever since they were teenagers. Marion had always been the popular one. Chloe wanted Marion disgraced, humiliated, and ultimately destroyed, which is why she enjoyed bringing her into the Hive so much. But once Chloe was brought into the Hive, she realized that her desires for Marion touched on more than just revenge. Marion’s soft looks, her large breasts, her sexy legs, all of them started to appeal to Chloe. And so although Chloe wasn’t a lesbian, she found herself yearning for her sister, in a very physical way.

The Hive did not turn Marion into a lesbian to please Chloe; the Hive had its own plans for Marion Weatherly. But once the Hive did decide to turn Marion into a lesbian, Chloe was permitted to insert some additional programming which suited her and didn’t conflict with the Hive’s needs.


And now Marion was getting her fondest wish: to make love to her older sister.

“You are so sexy, Chloe,” said Marion, taking her sister into her arms. She kissed her eagerly. “Let’s make love, Chloe. Let me make love to you!”

“In front of your entire family? In front of my family? What will they think?” said Chloe, pretending to be coy.

“They will think I am madly in love with you,” said Marion, giving her a long, long kiss. When she pulled back, she said, “You’re so fuckable! I want you so bad!”

Chloe smiled and let Marion lead her to a couch. She was conscious of the eyes of everyone on them. In seconds the Weatherly girls were on the couch, grinding their sexually mature bodies against each other.

“Thank you, thank you,” Marion murmured into her ear while kissing her sister wildly.

“What are you thanking me for?” Chloe asked, as she felt her sister’s heavy breasts rubbing against her much smaller ones.

“For everything!” Marion said. “For bringing me into the Hive! For enslaving me! For making me bring my family in!”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Every moment of it!” Marion whispered, as she grinded her heavy breasts against her sister’s smaller ones. Two sets of erect nipples brushed against each other, one pointed up and another pointed down. “I’ll never forget the night I was taken, how you made me lean against the wall and beg to be taken.”

“Did you like it?”

“Chloe, I looooved it!” She rubbed her titties against her sister’s vigorously to emphasize almanbahis the point. “It felt so good to be helpless-“

“It felt so good to see you submissive,” said Chloe affectionately, rubbing against her back.

“It felt so good to be submissive!” said Marion. “You actually made me beg to implant my master onto my body and in my mind!”

“And how do you feel about it?”

“I felt such a tingling in my cunt as I begged to be taken! It made me want it that much more!” She kissed Chloe especially hard, causing her to groan with pleasure. “When it was done, it felt so good to have my master implanted between my shoulder blades! It felt so good to be taken!”

Chloe’s eyes were shining. “And did you like your training?”

“I loved my training!” Marion cried, and she gave a deep, feminine laugh filled with joy. “I love how you insisted I train myself… that I enslave myself… to help my master take control of my mind… oh, Chloe, it felt so good… you were so devious, to turn me against myself.” She rubbed her pubis hard against Chloe’s and groaned. “Every day I felt a piece of myself slipping away. Every day I felt my master growing on my back and in my mind.” She kissed Chloe furiously.

Chloe gave as good as she got. “Did you like masturbating for me?”

Marion remembered pleasuring herself in the bathroom while Chloe watched on holo. She had shamelessly spread her legs and rubbed her clit for her sister to see. It had been the very first time she had masturbated in front of anyone, and she had loved every moment of it! “It felt so good. I loved having you watch. It made touching myself feel….

“Feel what?”

“I… I felt even more special when you were watching,” Marion stared deeply into her sister’s eyes and they kissed, grinding pubis against pubis.

“I felt the same way. I loved it when you watched while I took Paul for the first time,” said Chloe.

“Did you?”

“Yesss….” Chloe hissed, as Marion held her tight.

“Oh Chloe! You don’t know how good it felt!” said Marion. “His feeling of betrayal when he saw me fucking Ryan was priceless! And yet, even after that, he let me lead him to the bedroom! He let me fuck him! He let me make a master for him and fucked me all the harder! Only the Hive could have done that. Only the Hive could have let me have that kind of power over my husband!” She rubbed her vulva hard against Chloe and they both groaned.

Marion looked over at her former husband. He was a puppet now, his face blank, his penis erect, exactly how the Hive wanted him.

“What about when he first made love to me?” Chloe asked.

“Yes!” Marion cried, kissing her sister again with passion. “Watching you turn him against me. Seeing him come inside you! I loved helping him come inside you for the first time, helping the Hive take over his mind! It felt so wonderful, so incredible!” She gasped as a wave of pleasure flowed out of her rider, her breasts heaving.

“And Ryan?” Chloe asked.

“Ooooh,” Marion moaned. She kissed Chloe passionately “Chloe, the first time I felt free enough to expose my body to my 18 year old son was incredible. You should have seen the way he reacted to me. He got such an enormous erection! He fucked me hard, Chloe. He fucked me so hard, even while he knew I was making a master for him! Only the Hive could have made that happen, Chloe. Only the Hive could have let me seduce my own son and make him want me as much as I wanted him!”

She looked over at Ryan, her son, her former son, with his young, proud erection, complete with glowing Hive Stamp on the end of it. Even now Ryan stared at her with naked lust in his eyes as he watched his mother pleasure his aunt. Ryan had requested to have Marion again, which flattered her enormously, but now that she was bisexual she had competing priorities. If she was ordered to she would have sex with her son again, of course; but that was entirely up to the Hive now.

Marion kissed her sister again, and they kissed furiously for a long moment. Then Marion heard her rider whisper something to her. She nodded and pulled back so she was leaning away from Chloe. She put one leg under Chloe’s and one leg over it, so their vulvas were in direct contact. Then she started grinding her torso. Chloe quickly did the same.

“And how did you feel when Ryan brought Rachel into the Hive?” Chloe whispered.

“When Ryan took Rachel I was proud. So very proud,” Marion beamed, as she cast a glance at her son, who grinned at her. “My own boy, my own baby boy, was a fully functional, fully active tool of the Hive, experiencing his first reproduction, making a master for his very own sister!” She remembered Ryan’s rider sizzling on his back, his ass cheeks flexing, as he pounded in and out of his dear sister, experiencing such tremendous sexual pleasure as he helped his rider reproduce for the very first time.

Marion’s chest was tense and her body was tingling from head to toe. Her areolas were blood red, her nipples painfully erect. She ground her pelvis against her blonde almanbahis giriş sister all the harder. “Keep fucking me, you sexy cunt!” she cried.

Chloe grinned as she grinded against her sister’s labia. Waves of pleasure washed over her. Marion was her masterpiece, and Chloe’s master was pleased with her. “And Susan?”

“Ooooooh!” Marion moaned, as she cast a glance at her daughter. “My dear, sweet daughter. My pride and joy, who I would have done anything to protect! She was a virgin, you know, Chloe!”

“I know,” said Chloe, enjoying the feeling of Marion’s vulva grinding against her own.

“She knew nothing about sex!”

“I know!” Chloe grinned, feeling a tingling in her cunt.

“She was totally innocent and unprepared!”

“Yesss…..” Chloe hissed.

“And you took her in the most abrupt way possible, and you erased everything she was, and corrupted her completely, shaped her, conditioned her, and remade her in the image of the Hive. The perfect tool to use against me—a woman with the face and tits and cunt of my dear daughter, but the mind of the Hive! Ooooh!”

Marion looked over at her daughter. Dear, sweet Susan who was now totally naked, shamelessly rubbing herself between her legs as she watched her mother fuck her aunt. Their eyes met and Susan winked at her, sending a chill through Marion’s body. She turned back to her sister and growled with intense resolve: “Come for me, Chloe! “Come for me now, you sexy fucker!”

“Ah, oh, oh oh oh,” Chloe started to pant, as Marion rubbed against her more intensively.

Marion gasped loudly as her large breasts heaved. Her nipples ached. “I love giving my family to the Hive! I love the rider on my back and in my mind! I love it in my tits and my cunt-“

“oh, oh, ho, ho, hah, ahah, ahah, ahahahahahah,” Chloe gasped, as Marion gritted her teeth and ground her vulva more intensively against her sister, aiming for her ultra-sensitive clit.

“-using me like a fuck machine, making me betray everything I love, turning me into the ultimate tool of the Hive-“

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Chloe cried out, her wide eyes, her grip tight on her sister as she felt indescribable pleasure in her head and her cunt, as if a barrier had burst and released a floodgate throughout her body. Her body jerked like a puppet being pulled on strings, and as she came, so did Marion, collapsing on top of her sister, crying out as she felt a delicious release of tensions, radiating outwards from the rider on her back into her mind and her tits and her cunt.

As the lovers lay together, panting, their arms and legs intertwined, their former family members applauded and cheered.


After they rested for a few moments, Marion made love to Chloe a second time. It was a more leisurely lovemaking, and this time it was entirely one-sided. Marion was consumed with the burning desire to show her love and appreciation for her dear sister, for everything she had done for her. And so as Chloe spread her legs Marion got down on her knees and spread her sister’s vaginal lips and sucked on her clit, just as Susan taught her. She felt all eyes on her as she peeled back Chloe’s vulva and started licking. She felt no shame, no embarrassment, only love burning in her heart for her dear sister.

While Marion was pleasuring Chloe, Stephan was fondling Michelle’s titties. Christopher had a blank expression on his face. Marion was aware that Ryan was staring at her, idly playing with his penis. Rachel stared at her mother with a mocking smile. Susan had a superior look on her face. And Paul… Paul was actively masturbating himself, as he stared intently at his former wife and daughter.

All the while Marion continued to obediently suck on Chloe’s clit, making her groan with pleasure.

Chloe gave a wide grin. “You do that so well, dear! What happened to the chaste mother of three who was afraid to show her titties in a hot tub? Why, she’s sucking me out while her family watches!”

Everyone laughed outrageously, except for Marion. Marion gave no response because her mouth was fully engaged. The sounds of slurping mixed in with groans filled the room as Marion gave pleasure and Chloe received it. Marion’s rider looked incredibly heavy on her back; it had grown so large now that it covered most of her shoulder blades and went down half her back. She could no longer wear bras with horizontal straps anymore, and soon vertical straps would no longer fit either. The double set of bright golden bands on her rider shone brightly in the lights of the living room, symbolizing the Hive’s control over Marion, and how deep she had fallen into it. With the almost glowing double bands on her back Marion looked like the perfect slave. It made the men in the room hard just looking at her.

Stephan quietly went over to Ryan and put an arm around him while Marion pleased Chloe. “How does this make you feel, Ryan?”

“Good,” said Ryan. “Mom is really hot. I really enjoyed it when she trained me. I loved fucking her. My only regret is that I had to turn her almanbahis yeni giriş over to Sis.”

“You could get another chance with her, you know, if you serve the Hive well,” said Stephan.

“I could?” said Ryan, watching Marion’s well rounded ass glisten with sweat as she went down on Chloe again.

“Yes. Obedience has many rewards,” said Stephan. He turned to Rachel. “And how do you feel?”

“I like it,” said Rachel, with an almost blank expression on her face. “Mom is sexy.”

“But of course you realize she’s no longer your mother,” said Chloe.

“No, of course not,” Rachel quickly agreed, as her rider pulsated on her back. Her’s was still only single banded, but was expanding rapidly. “She is simply a vagina, like us, to be used as the Hive sees fit.”

Excellent. Stephan looked at the rider on Rachel’s back. It was getting thicker. A few more sessions and she would be double banded. The Hive had special plans for her.

Marion moved up so that her mouth was level with Chloe’s. They kissed passionately while Marion expertly used her hand to finish what her mouth had begun. Her hand started building up that special rhythm… She looked into Chloe’s eyes, and watched it build, higher and higher….

As Paul watched Marion stimulate Chloe, he unabashedly stroked his hard penis.

Stephan smiled. “Paul dear, how do you like seeing Marion and Chloe together?”

“I like it,” said Paul, his face as blank as Rachel’s as he stroked himself harder.

Stephan put an arm on Paul’s shoulder even as he masturbated himself. “Look at her, Paul. Isn’t she so sexy?”

“Ooooh, yes,” said Paul, moving his hand faster.

“She needs you, Paul, but the Hive has given her to Chloe. She’s using Chloe like she’s using you Paul, using Chloe to get her climaxes.” He reached down and slapped Paul’s hand away, and started jerking him off himself.

Paul started to moan with pleasure.

“Kiss me,” Stephan commanded.

Paul, not quite sure what he was doing, pressed his lips against Stephan even as his penis continued to be stroked. Stephan’s lips felt cold and frostlike.

In moments Chloe and Marion started to gasp at the same time. “Ah… ah… Aaaah!” they cried, as they both achieved a perfectly synchronized orgasm, courtesy of their riders. Marion looked into her sister’s eyes, and instead of being fearful or repulsed, felt pure lust and affection, and a new sense of connection, something closer even than being sisters.

Paul erupted at the same time, sperm shooting out of his penis in an arc that landed on Chloe and Marion.

As they were bathed in Paul’s sperm, Chloe and Marion looked into each other’s eyes and their fingers intertwined as they kissed gently, riding the receding wave of their high tides. They were full fledged lovers now. Somehow her sister, her dear, sweet sister Chloe, had become her lover. When exactly had that happened? Marion didn’t know. But as she looked into her blonde lover’s eyes and squeezed her hand, she realized she was glad it did.

“I love you so much,” she said, kissing her tightly.

“I know,” Chloe grinned, even though her smile was tinged with sadness. The taking had been wonderful for her, but that experience, of having Marion for the very first time, could never be had again.

When Chloe and Marion got up, Ryan, Rachel, and Susan came over to congratulate them with hugs and kisses.

“You were so sexy, Mom,” said Ryan.

“I was?” said Marion, almost shyly.

“Yes,” said Ryan, his penis erect. “Mom, can we do it again sometime?”

“If the Hive permits it, dear,” said Marion, feeling flattered by his interest… and the stiffness protruding between his legs

Rachel said, “Mom, you were great. I’ve never seen you so… energized. You have such a sexy body.”

Marion kissed her. “You do too, dear.” She turned to Susan. Dear Susan. “Thank you so much for training me, dear.”

Susan hugged her mother. “You’re going to make a wonderful lesbian, Mom. I just know it.”

A thrill went down Marion’s spine.

She went over to Paul. “Paul, did you enjoy my… performance?” She looked at her former husband. He had a blank look on his face.

“Paul, Marion asked you a question,” said Chloe smoothly.

“Yes, I liked it,” said Paul, allowing a slow grin on his face.

Did he like seeing me, or Chloe? Marion wondered. Paul had changed. She no longer knew what he was thinking.

And then it was Chloe’s and Paul’s turn. Despite having just climaxed, Paul was erect again.

“Paul, dear, would you like to make love to me again?” Chloe asked. Her titties grew hard at the thought of having her sister and her husband back to back.

“Yes,” said Paul calmly.

Chloe turned to her sister. “What do you think, Marion? Would you like me to make love to Paul?”

“Why not?” Marion grinned.

“Then tell him.”

“Do it, Paul,” said Marion, with the same outlandish grin. “Make love to Chloe. Show me how your dick works with other girls.”

And so, as Marion watched, Paul mounted her sister and made love to her. As her former husband’s hard shaft moved in and out of Chloe, his rider pulsating on his back in tune with every thrust, Marion watched with an empty smile, her face a blank. Stephan came over and put a hand around her waist.

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