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“Wow, you are tight” he said after he had finally gotten his full length impaled into me and I sighed in relief. It was more painful than anything I had ever experienced. People always tell you that the first time hurts like a motherfucker but in that moment I felt like that was an understatement.

“How long has it been?” he asked as his hands moved to caress my breast and he started to move.

“A year and a half” I lied and closed my eyes allowing myself to relax and feel good.

He began to move a little faster before grunting. He pulled out right flopped next to next to me. He waited for his breathing to even out before turning to me,

“Are you good?” he asked.

I plastered a smile on my face and nodded. I got up to go wash away the sweat and other body fluids from my very first sexual encounter. I stood under the shower letting the hot water soothe what seemed to be the beginnings of another knot in my neck. He came behind me and wrapped his strong arms around me.

“You are hot; I can’t believe you haven’t slept with anyone in over a year. We should do this more often…”

I zoned out as he kept on his ramblings. My mind was back to the last couple hours. I had stumbled back into my room from a club at the crack of dawn with achy feet from dancing all night and a slight buzz in my head from all the green-hulks I had been drinking. Waking up in time to make it to my Saturday Pilates class had been a struggle but afterwards I felt revived.

While applying makeup a text notification on my phone had stolen my attention.

‘Hey, what’s up.’

I smiled when I saw a text from Jaime. Jaime was a really good looking guy who lived down the hall from me. He and I had been talking since I had moved into my apartment downtown about two months ago.

‘Nothing much. You?’

I sent the quick reply and before placing my phone down a quick reply came in.

‘Just wondering if you want go to brunch with me.’

I Etiler escort beamed at this but not wanting to seem eager I had set my phone aside and went to finish my makeup. Ten minutes later I had replied.

‘Yeah sure.’ In an attempt to seem nonchalant.

‘Haha awesome. Pick you up in 10.’ He replied.

Two minutes later as I tried to figure out what to wear there was a knock at my door. With just underwear under my robe I had rushed to open my door.

“Hey. I’m early I know.” He said before flashing me his biggest smile. My breath caught, how was it possible that he even managed to even get more handsome.

“Yeah, I’m still getting ready. Come in. Make yourself comfortable I will be ready in a few.” I said as I made my way to my bedroom to get dressed.

Seeing the weather was nice I went with my white and green plunging neckline summer jumpsuit shorts and a pair of flats for my achy heels.

“Ready?” I asked as I picked up my keys and purse.

“Yeah” he said as he raised his face to look at me.

“Wow. You look great.” He said as he checked me out with that smile except this one said he was seeing me naked.

I smiled at him and placed my hand in his held out one. We made our way to Sarabeth’s, despite the place being moderately packed, as I sat there opposite Jaime, everything else seemed to fade and it was just me and him. Conversation flowed easily after brunch we made our way back to my apartment and watch Netflix.

We never watched Netflix as one eye contact moment had lead to a steamy make out session before he had carried me to my bedroom and less than ten minutes later I was standing in the shower the moment over. Jaime had been my first but I was still to experience that breathlessness.

Following the shower, I had curled up in my bed waiting for him to stop talking so I can take a nap. He must have gotten the cue because then he left under the excuse that Beşiktaş escort he had to go to work. I still couldn’t sleep but thoughts of Jaime’s hot body pressing down on mine, the feel of his thick cock he wasn’t sure how to use on my tongue and his huge hands cupping my breasts left my clit wet. I reached in my night stand and pulled out my vibrator and turned on the highest setting. Just then someone decided to knock on my door. Thinking its Jaime I left my robe untied and opened it only to find the one work friend I had made so far, Josie.

She turned red immediately and couldn’t get her eyes off my body to face me. Josie was probably the shyest and the nerdiest person I had ever met in my entire life. She had black her and right now it was in a milk maid braid with her bangs framing her forehead. She pushed her glasses back up with her index finger and finally looked me in the face. Seeing how she had looked at me had turned me one even further my nipples not were perked up even further. Her eyes said she was equally turned on but uncomfortable. So I reluctantly bound my robe and let her in. I opened the door to my balcony and sat on one of the bean bag chairs, she followed suit.

“Sorry about that.” I mumbled, truth is I really wasn’t it.

She attempted to respond but instead just moved closer to me. She moved fast that I had no time to prepare for the advancement. Seeing as now I was the one all shy Josie quickly gained all confidence and was soon licking on my neck and making her way to my lips. One hand snaked into my robe and found a tit. She tugged and twisted at the little nub and I moaned when her mouth never made it to my lips but went straight to my nipple.

She untied the robe and soon I laid naked sprawled on a bean bag while she sat on her knees admiring me. I began undressing her too. It was hot outside but here she was in a blazer, a blouse, a scarf, a panty hose and a short skirt. She stood up when she Taksim escort took the panty hose off and I laid there admiring her milky white skin, her very slender body, her small tits with very pink nipples and the thick bush between her thin legs. I could see her starting to get red from being in the sun. I guess that explained the way she dressed. She stretched out her hand and I took it. She indicated for me to lay on the floor while she went to rummage through her bags. She came back with the biggest dildo I had ever seen and a vibrator.

“Do you just walk around with those?” I asked as she made her way back to where I was laying. She never responded as her lips were now on mine. She claimed my mouth with such confidence I could barely control my body as it shook.

She started to move my long torso and started to pay attention to the differences in our bodies. I was shorter than her, my brown skin next to hers gave a beautiful juxtaposition, I was as slender as she was, which a bare clit and long black hair. When she finally lapped my clit with her tongue my brain short circuited as I came really hard. She didn’t slow down, she kept going and grabbed her dildo, she wore it and impaled me. Sitting up I pulled her face to my neck where she went and bit on it while I met her stroke for stroke.

I switched positions so she was laying on her back and I was riding her dildo, I grabbed the vibrator with my other hand and brought it to her clit while my mouth work on hers. Soon she was shaking beneath me from her orgasm and I was right behind her. I unstrapped the dildo and started to lick her wet pussy. Her moaning was all the encouragement I needed to stick my fingers in her while I moved my mouth to her ass. My first lick of her tight rosebud made her jump and come for the second time. I didn’t stop my ministrations until she shifted me so we were in 69. She brought a vibrator up to my clit and my face went to town on her clit.

A long while later we laid on the rug in my living room completely drawn out and sore. I had a small smile on my face, my first time with a guy had been missing a lot but my first with a girl had by far made up for it. Now that I had had the taste of the breathlessness, I wanted more.

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