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Breaking Kerrie

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Your body is sore and your hands feel like there’s no blood in them. The ropes tied around them are tight. Your shoulders are hurting you from your arms being above your head for so long and your legs are weak from not being able to move them. The spacer bar that is keeping them apart is rubbing your ankles and making them hurt. You can feel your juices running down your legs. You feel the air chill it as it runs down your inner thighs. It makes your nipples scream. You need to touch them, to work them, to feel pleasure from it. But there is no way to touch them or to rub them on anything as you’re tied. They are dying to be felt and played with. The hunger grows and grows. You start to jerk and your breathing is getting faster. You know it’s going to happen again. You’ve lost count of how many you’ve had because as soon as one is over you start to feel the tickle of the next one start to build.

You start remembering back to an hour and a half ago when I was tying you up. I put your hands in the cuffs as I’m kissing you. You remember spreading your legs apart as I placed the spacer bar on your last ankle. You remember how wet you were as my hand touched your body. You remember the tingle as my hands ran down your leg to tie your ankle. And you hungered for the thrill as my hands started to slowly come up your leg. Remembering how you took in a breath as my hand moved up to your inner thigh and the heat of my hand. How having my hand that close to your pussy made her wet. Then you could feel the juices as the cool air hit her lips. You could follow its movement by the wet and cold feeling that the juice was leaving as it trickled down your thigh towards the ground.

Another wave hits your body again. Your ankles hurt from being tightened. You want to raise them or bend your legs, but if you do you know the rest of your body will scream from the weight of the spacer bar. Then your legs will start to hurt all over again. You start to remember when I quickly hooked your cuffs to the rope and pulled them high. That’s when the fear had set in; the fear of realizing that you’re not in control. Now all you can do is wait for me to let you down. You start to ask me to let you go. Then you see the look in my eye and know that it’s not a question you should ask. You already know what the answer will be.

You şişli escort remember the thrill of it as I moved from front to back and you tried to follow. I see you watching me and I smile as I walk behind you. The lights go out and the blind fold I put on you keeps you from seeing. You start to panic and strain to hear what I’m doing. Then you feel my hands on your ass. You remember me spreading them and licking your ass with my tongue. The pleasure it brought you. Then you felt something cold, wet, and hard touch your asshole. You feel it start to probe and push into it. At first it felt painful as your body fought to relax, but finally your body can’t fight it anymore as you finally give in to the pleasure it brings. I kept pushing it in deeper and deeper and it kept getting wider and wider. Then when you were about to scream it started to get thinner; a lot thinner. It stops moving in and your asshole starts to close around it.

God…you thought …I’m so full. Then you feel something new that is colder and harder than before. Its blunt and it doesn’t have a point on it like the last thing. It’s more round and softer, but still stiff. I press it against your pussy. You feel me push it in fast and hard and you remember thanking God that you were already really wet. It goes in deep and presses hard inside of you as you feel it hit bottom. Then you feel a string being tied around your waist. You feel the heat of my hand as I reach between your legs and grab another string that I tie onto the one around your waist. You try to push the hard objects out of your ass and pussy, but they don’t move. The more you move the tighter the strings pull around you and they stay put. I laugh and smack your ass hard.

You tell me you can take it. I say oh really? How about this then? You feel the heat of my hand as I turn on the things in your pussy and ass. Your whole body starts to vibrate. The feelings are good but you know you can take it and you even tell me you can. Then you hear the door open and close fast and you hear it lock. That was over an hour and a half ago. You finally hear the key in the lock as you feel the next wave come over you. You’re screaming with pleasure as the door opens and closes. You can feel me in the room looking at you and the warmth of my body getting closer to you. Then you feel mecdiyeköy escort heat and pain as I grab your nipples and start to pinch, twist, and pull them all at the same time. God…you think…it hurts…no wait it feels good, but hurts at the same time. Your mind can’t tell them apart anymore.

So, my little girl, do you want more time with your new toys? It sounds like your having so much fun with them. You fight to get control of your body… to try and speak to him. Your voice comes out broken and shaky. You know you can’t take anymore of them. You have passed out two times already and both of your holes hurt so bad they feel like they’re on fire. You tell me that you can’t take them anymore and to please pull them out. I laugh and say okay. But first answer this question. Who do you belong to? What is my name? You scream as another wave hits you and you hiss and say I’ll never tell you. I just laugh at you. You hear me moving around and hear a cabinet being opened. You hear me rummage around in it and suddenly everything goes quiet.

I ask you again. Tell me who do you belong to? What is my name? You scream and again you say I’ll never tell you! Whack! You feel the heat on your ass and as the pain sets in you scream. Then the burning starts and you feel my hand as I stroke your ass where I just hit you. Your body pushes out towards my hand wanting to feel more of me. Then another whack….this time it hits the other cheek and the heat and pain wash over you. You find that your pussy is getting wetter. But why you ask yourself? Why does my body want this so badly? Whack! I hit even harder across your ass and you start to cum harder than you ever have before. You feel your drool fall onto your breasts as you lose control of body function.

You just hang there and shake. I throw water in your face. The shock of it brings you out of your haze. I ask you the same questions again. You start to cry and say… no, please don’t make me say it. I get mad and tell you this is the last time today I will ask you. You hear my voice become deeper and with a growl I ask you for the last time. Who do you belong to? What is my name? You cry out and say…please….no. I say fine. I’ll take everything away from you and then we’ll see how you fair overnight without anything. I rip the strings from your waist and in between your legs as I pull the toys out of you. Then I take the spacer bar off and lower you down to the floor as you fall into a heap. I remove your hand cuffs and roll you into a leather sleeve. As I start to lace it up you panic and swing wildly at me. You feel the sting from my hand as I smack you across the cheek. You fall backwards and by the time your head clears the bag is already laced up.

You can’t move and you can hardly breathe. You smell the scent of your juices wafting through the leather as your head is lying in the puddle your body made earlier. You feel the heat of me right next to your face as I tell you that you will have no contact at all from me until tomorrow night. I tell you that you can lay there and think about all that I have taken away from you. You start to panic and try to wriggle out of the leather contraption, but you can’t move your arms or legs. You can’t even bend at the waist. Your mind begins to scream…you can take anything but this. No feelings, no voice, no touch and no life. It takes you back to when you were married and desperately trying to hang on to the hope of a life of happiness; a life of pain and pleasure. To feel anything but the numbness you felt of walking through life without feeling anything like this before. The screams inside your mind begin to take voice. You hear yourself scream, cry, beg, and promise, please…do anything and take everything you want, but don’t leave me like this.

You hear me start to walk slowly to the door. The words scream out from your lips before you even realize what is happening….. MASTER!! Please don’t go! I belong to you! You hear the footsteps stop. I ask you one final time in a demanding low growl that you have never heard before. Who do you belong to? What is my name? I hear you whimper as you reply…I belong to you Shawn… till death or till I don’t please you anymore. What do you call me? MASTER…my beautiful master. I walk back to you and cut the strings that are holding the bag shut. You crawl out of it, sink to your knees, and bow your head. You feel a collar go around your neck. You look up at me, smile, and say… I’ll make you happy Master. And with that you grab my cock and start to worship me. I carry you upstairs and give you a hot bath then lay you in my bed. I lay down next to you; you reach out for me to grab me so you can keep me close, to feel my heat, and to hear my heart. That is the last thing you remember before you fall asleep.

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