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Breaking in Eileen

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I’m a 24 yo African American barman and one of the great perks in my job is the number of girls I can put thu my bed. However Eileen was something else.

I first noticed Eileen when she came into the bar with her husband and another ” business” type couple. She was wearing a long slinky red dress – low cut with a thigh high split and clinging to her curves in all the right places. She looked good the kinda mature lady that I go for – early forties with a ripe mature body – just ready for ” pluckin”. When I took their order I checked her out, the other lady noticed us making a connection and I heard them kidding Eileen about “black guys” when I brought them their drinks.

I was disappointed not to see them in the bar the following night but as I had the remnants of a stag night to control I had plenty to keep me occupied. I was trying to keep the noise down and missed Eileen and Tom coming in to the bar. Once again she was wearing a long dress, low cut with thigh high front slit.

It was obvious she had been drinking quite heavily because when I went to take their order – whether by accident or design she had let the dress slip open and was displaying quite a bit of ripe creamy thigh above her hold-ups and what looked like black high cut pants straining to cover a very prominent cunt mound.

She smiled when she saw me take a look and as I mixed their drinks her display hadn’t gone unnoticed by the stag party and I heard a few ribald comments. When I went over with their drinks she crossed her legs to give me an even better display of thigh and stocking top and a sexy little smile which showed her interest. Ankara escort I could see her husband was annoyed and I heard them bickering about her showing herself off to me and the stag party, and eventually she stormed out.

He came to the bar to order a drink for himself and when I asked him had she gone to bed – he said no probably just to the loo.

We chatted for few minutes and I found out they had dined in the seafood restaurant across the street and Eileen had imbibed just a little too much champagne.

About twenty minutes later she came back into the bar and literally stopped conversations dead. Before she had been sexy in a sophisticated way now she was overtly on show in a completely see through black shirt over a thigh high short skin tight black skirt and 4-5″ heels. I gotta say I got an erection when I saw her walk to the bar with the big unbraed hangers bouncing and when she pulled herself up on a stool the skirt hiked right up to expose her big creamy thighs above her black lacy stocking tops and as she crossed her legs I got a glimpse of her big fat shaven box. It was obvious that she was looking for it and I hoped I was going to be the guy to get it.

To cut a long story short – she invited me to join them for a drink when I closed the bar and when her husband didn’t object I knew I was in for a good Night. He later told me they had often discussed having a threesome and he was fascinated to see how far she would go.

When I got up to their room it was obvious they were both up for it and I was soon where I wanted to be – between her big thighs with my cock right up her big cunt. Ankara escort bayan She does have a big box which took me with no trouble (and I am fairly well hung) and a big ripe very prominent pubic mound with big fat pussy lips. Hubby joined in the fun and we really gave her a good servicing. With her very readily taking us in turns in her big wet box and her pretty and very eager little mouth.

She was really up for it and quite energetic in action and very noisy when she climaxed – I’m sure we must have wakened up quite a few people in surrounding rooms. What I really wanted was her big fat ass- and was surprised but even more turned on when she said she didn’t do anal. There’s nothing I love better than breaking in a big assed mature white lady that hasn’t had it before.

Younger girls can have better bodies but I find it a real turn on to break in mature women like this. Once you have you can basically make them do anything for you. I have broken in about a dozen over 40s ladies and I love how they go from prim and proper ” wanting to have a little holiday fun” to sluts doing whatever you want. In fact after breaking them in I love seeing them get gang banged by some pals of mine. They usually go back to hubby with all their holes well fucked and open for anything.

She eventually agreed “if I was gentle” and put the big ass up to be taken. I love to see big creamy ripe hips put up to be parted and she maned as I gently dlipped a vaseilined finger into her pink puckered rose bud. When she started to respond by moaning and pushing against me I spread the big soft buttocks and eased the head of my cock into Escort Ankara her. Initially I eased it into her but as I was really up for it and Tom, her hubby, encouraged me to give it to her – I rammed the full length home. You should have heard her scream and it really did turn me on to really make her big cheeks wobble and hear her moaning and her hubby exhorting me to “give it to her” as I really reamed her out.

When I came off she lay sobbing face down on the bed – well broken in for her hubby who was straight on her ass and by the time he too was finished she was well and truly opened up. We later took her in a double penetrations ass/pussy which she really did seem to enjoy.

We both had her anyway we wanted for the next two nights and we had hoped to take things a bit further by taking her to a mainly black club to meet with some of the brothers I know who like mature white women.

Although she dressed to show the goods in a white lacy see thru dress with only a white g string and white hold-ups and she danced with quite a few of my guys – and didn’t object to them ” feeling the goods” she made it clear she wasn’t about to become a ” black hoe”.

Maybe when she comes up in October she might be persuaded to put out a bit further, especially as I understand hubby has been sharing her with a few friends. I do like Eileen, she’s no slut and I don’t want to make her one but I think she would enjoy making out with four/five brothers.

She’s not afraid to flaunt her stuff in public – she dresses to show off her tits, thighs and ass, she gives great head, she’s good on top of you/ she likes it doggy, she likes her tits ridden and I would feel her ass is well broken in by now… Also she is amusing, educated, financially independent and good fun – so what more could you want – if she wasn’t married I might have taken her on full time.

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