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Breaking Convention

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Breaking Convention

The convention heaved with attendees, both human and furry alike mingling and drinking with lightness in their hearts and laughter on their lips. It seemed easy to relax in the hotel spaces, rooms set aside for events and meeting of the furry persuasion, of course, as the convention itself was set to enjoy and explore the anthropomorphic fandom and all the delights that it held in the wings.

For, although furries were very much a reality in the world, it didn’t mean, of course, that an equine could not have a feline fursona and masquerade as an alternate version of themselves. Whereas it had begun as a human nuance, the fandom had grown and grown to include actual furries who also found the fun in becoming something else, if only for a time, in the case of donning fursuits and, in some cases, skinsuits too. With all the recent advancements in costumes and designs, some were of a truly remarkable quality, causing many to look twice to check whether an individual was actually a furry or a human. Often, it was only the lack of muscle movement in the face that gave them away, terrifyingly so.

Arilen sashayed through the convention with a bounce in his step, hooves clip-clopping from one smooth surface to carpet that would surely be worn down after the passage of so many feet, paws and hooves over the course of time. Although slender, the light brown equine had a considerable amount of height on him and matched most males, although the curve of his hips spoke of a more feminine persuasion than may have otherwise been noted. His golden-yellow hair had been lightly curled that morning and even though most of the curls had fallen out as the day had progressed, a gentle wave remained for the evening fun of dancing and drinking and purely making merry with friends that he may otherwise not have the chance to see again for months – if not until the next year!

His clothes caught the eye too – not that that was something that he was immediately against. It was one of the safe places where anyone could dress pretty much however they wanted to, as long as they were decent for the public. Cross-dressing? Sure thing! Long socks? You know it! Rave gear and flashing bands? Well, that was a standard. Although he had not taken the liberty of dying his mane and tail like many others, he had taken advantage of the lack of ‘social rules’ to wear a tight pair of booty shorts that left little to the imagination along with a more demure yet sheer harem-style shirt that flowed down enough at the front to keep the eyes away from the risqué bulge he left on show.

He didn’t need much to show off his body, confident in his sexuality just as he pleased, though he had, for once, chosen to forgo the long socks that he favoured too for another evening where they would look better flung up over the shoulders of another attendee, a muzzle perhaps swallowing down the length of his cock. Arilen shivered, taking his attention away the best he could, lest he make the bulge in his shorts even larger than it actually was. The lighter blue of the shirt complimented the shorts nicely, although the bulge he showed was rather pushing the line so he made sure to not draw too much attention to himself even as he mingled.

“Hey, Arilen!”

“Good to see you!”

It was somehow easier to be social at a convention, even though Arilen was typically an outgoing equine at heart. His ears flicked and twitched, a greeting whinny on his lips as he was pulled from one group to another, laughing and sharing drinks as the bar staff rushed to keep up with the needs of an exceptionally thirsty crowd. At least they’d fixed the issue of not having enough staff on hand to deal with furry fans, which had caused a great deal of upset and frustration the very first year at that venue.

Nicely buzzed, Arilen giggled and pulled himself off the lap of a smaller otter, Jerome, one of his human friends, reaching after him with his convention badges swinging from his neck.

“Aw, c’mon,” he cajoled. “Don’t head off just yet, you social butterfly!”

Fluttering his fingertips at his friend, Arilen swung his hips, adding a flirty flick of his tail into the mix too just for good measure.

“I’ll be back for you, don’t you worry!”

He may work his way back around or he may not: that decision was entirely down to Arilen and everyone knew that. He was not a pony to be swayed easily and he enjoyed his freedom, rarely being pinned down for any length of time unless he wanted to be. Arilen shivered, flowing through the crowd as he aimed for the revolving doors: fresh air would be good. But fresh air would not soothe the heat from his skin when it prickled for something more, need rising in the pit of his stomach. After all, he was a stallion and a stallion had needs that had to be fulfilled. güvenilir bahis Especially if those needs allowed him to be bound spread-eagled across a bed and fucked until he couldn’t walk.

Arilen grinned privately to himself, putting an extra little bit of a bounce into his step. Yes, that would be a very fine way to end the night; but the night was still very much young and he had to find that perfect partner, even if they would only be with each other for one night and one night alone!

Stepping out into the fresh air, he breathed easy, closing his eyes as his nostrils fluttered with each breath. Sometimes it was easy to forget just how hot and heavy it could get inside the convention building but the contrast in the cool air of the outside world proved refreshing, cooling his skin as he swished his tail lazily just to create an extra little bit of air movement around his buttocks. The lack of clothing, at least, helped him cool down just a little bit more but he frowned sceptically at the rain pouring down beyond the overhang, which kept the space right at the entrance to the hotel, set in its private grounds, dry and clear. Well, there were still attendees about but it was mostly dry as fursuits bounced around and caused all manner of havoc and play amongst other guests.

He patted his pocket without thinking, checking for his phone, and then tried the other, a line of worry crossing his muzzle. Damn it! Had he really left his phone back in the room again? That wasn’t like him! Something must have been wrong with his memory of late and Arilen grumbled lightly to himself, an annoyed twitch to his tail as the dock forced the hairs to flick one way and then the other, a sharp, aggravated motion. Well, he’d just have to go back and get it but he didn’t too much fancy weaving his way through the throng of people inside just to get to the elevators or the stairs when he had the cool of outside to enjoy for the moment.

Tapping the side of his muzzle, he smiled and broke into a light walk, hooves ringing out over the pavement as he eased towards the side of the building. The restaurant overlooked the grounds and, just beyond that, there was another entrance that would allow him in, bypassing the worst of the throng. He’d be down in the dry and avoiding the crowds in the blink of an eye with his phone right back in his paw where it belonged. Result!

Set on his plan, he got through to the edge but found his way blocked by a grey stallion who leaned back against the wall with a cigarette between his lips. The smoke curled up sinuously, the depleting butt of the cigarette glowing as it was slowly consumed to fill his lungs. It was hypnotic in its own way, but all Arilen could think about was the fact that he couldn’t possibly get around the stallion without stepping out into the cold and the wet. And he wasn’t really a stallion who liked to get his hooves wet at the best of times.

“Hey,” Arilen breathed, struggling to catch himself. “Can I get by?”

The stallion raised an eyebrow and scooted to the side of the pavement, the cigarette dangling from his lips.


It wasn’t all that eloquent and the grey stallion seemed to scowl as he stared off into the distance, although his face simply wasn’t making very much of an expression at all. He hung the cigarette from his fingers, exhaling the smoke lazily, even though he didn’t actually seem all that interested in smoking the cigarette at all.

Arilen frowned minutely and rolled his eyes. Some stallions were weird. But it didn’t matter when he could just get by without stepping out from under the overhang, staying dry even as a car went by, sending up a fine spray of water.

“Sorry about that…”

He muttered it as he passed, not really meaning the apology but wanting to smooth things over the best he could. It was a turn of phrase only and the stallion barely seemed to acknowledge his presence as he eased by, intent only on staying both dry and on his way to getting well enough on with his night.

Yet he was still trying to edge through the small space, his progress perhaps comically slow as he cast the horse who really had not given him all that much room in which to move, a frown that spoke volumes, when another voice cut through the patter of raindrops on the overhanging roof.

“Madoc? Madoc, where the hell are you?”

A bulkier bay equine strode through the crowd, although it was not that he was pushing others out of the way but more that the throng naturally parted around him to allow him through. He didn’t seem to notice, intent on reaching open space and he took a deep breath as soon as he was out in the open air again, lips parted even though he could not breathe through his mouth, only his nostrils. His attempt at getting more air into his lungs was futile but perhaps a learned behaviour, some of the tension instantly slipping from his shoulders as he came out into the open space. Madoc seemed to perk up or, at least, his ears did, flicking straight at the taller stallion as he made his way up and clapped him on the shoulder. Caught up in the middle of everything, Arilen güvenilir bahis siteleri licked his lips and tried to move on but only managed to slip off the pavement entirely and drop a hoof into a puddle.

“Damn it!”

That caught the bay stallion’s attention and he snorted softly, nostrils puckering with a hint of pink. His face was not the same brown as the rest of his coat but white, a black mane stretching shortly down the length of his neck as if he had gone to have it trimmed just before making his way to the convention. His paw was out before Arilen could react, grasping his forearm and pulling him back onto the pavement – but completely onto the wrong side of the grey stallion and right back where he had begun.

“Are you out here intimidating that poor colt?” He said, pushing the equine lightly so that he stumbled and dropped the cigarette. “Madoc, don’t you know any better?”

Arilen drew himself up tall, shoulder blades pushing back as ‘Madoc’ grumbled something and stomped on the cigarette to make sure that it was good and out. Colt?

“Excuse me?” Arilen nickered, wrenching his arm away to place his paw cockily on his hip. “I’m no colt!”

“I can see that…” The bay stallion snorted, though his eyes twinkled with mischief, forelock hanging down over just the one of them, perhaps left deliberately long for the look of it. “I’m Pulley, nice to meet you!”

He held out his paw to be shaken and Arilen took it, though the grip was firmer than he was expecting. The pony said to be Madoc snorted and shook his head.

“I thought we were heading upstairs? I was waiting for you.”

“Now, now,” Pulley said, winking at Arilen. “Hold your horses, surely there’s no rush here?”

Arilen couldn’t help but snicker even as Madoc grunted and looked away.

“I don’t like these cons as much as I used to,” he grumbled, ears folded back grumpily.

“Yeah, and you didn’t use to smoke either,” Pulley said, leaning across in front of Arilen to look down at the cigarette butt stomped into the pavement. “You gonna pick that up?”

Madoc hesitated but something in the other equine’s stance made him think twice, thumbing the soggy cigarette out of a groove in the pavement and depositing it where it belonged in the supplied ashtray.

But Arilen wasn’t looking at Madoc’s scowl and was instead lowering his gaze to two equine crotches with bulges that certainly showed off a lot more than his own. Of course, it wasn’t as if he wasn’t well-endowed but there was a limit to what he would allow himself to show in a convention space that anyone could wander into. And, of course, it wasn’t as if Arilen was already half-aroused like those stallions were, their cocks very obviously tenting out the front of their jeans. Shivering, he suppressed the urge to lick his lips and took a step back, ears flicking one way and then the other as he struggled to collect his thoughts swiftly and yet every thought came to him as if moving through sludge, eyes locked where they shouldn’t have been.

Of course, it did not go unnoticed. Nothing went unnoticed at a con, no matter how discreet someone thought they were being.

“Right, well,” Arilen cleared his throat and smiled, though the flush in his cheeks and neck seemed too obvious for anyone to miss. “I’ll be on my way then, if you’ll just let me by this time.”

That was a little more pointed than he’d intended but he held his ground sassily, both eyebrows raised. Far from being put off, Pulley bellowed a laugh and slapped Madoc on the shoulder, even the other equine cracking a smile in a face that could now be recognised as simply worried. But what did anybody have to be worried about at a con?

He was in motion when the arm fell across his shoulders, pulling him back for the second time. And then he was pressed up against a warm, solidly equine body, a gasp breaking his lips as he could not help but lean into that embrace, wanting something more. Pulley rumbled a chuckle even as Madoc sighed and rolled his eyes, the shadow of a smile pulling ever so faintly at his lips. But Arilen could not breathe, could not move, as Pulley drew him back against his body, that bulge at his crotch grinding into Arilen’s buttocks as if it was seeking entry of a particular hole.


Arilen murmured, eyes downcast, already lost as his cock strained against the underwear that he had worn especially to keep it restrained within his shorts and, of course, tucked back within its sheath. He had thought it prudent for the con but was no longer sure as tingling warmth coursed through, lust sweeping any thought of the evening chill from both his skin and his mind.

“You see something you like there?”

The equine was bold – bolder than him, but there was perhaps a hint of cider on his breath that told a tale of more drinks consumed than would have otherwise lent a lesser amount of confidence to his soul. Pulley nickered throatily and nuzzled the back of Arilen’s mane, whuffing lightly, and it seemed only natural that Arilen would allow himself to be guided down the pavement bordering the building to iddaa siteleri the door that he’d been aiming for originally. Perhaps he’d had too much to drink himself but Arilen could only think that he’d had just the right amount to land him right in the lap of two lovely horses who would surely show him a good time.

“You’re always the same,” Madoc teased, clip-clopping smartly to keep up as they ducked into the elevator. “Picking up some hottie on the corner…”

Pulley may have had some smart reply or not but his lips pressed to Arilen’s as the slenderer horse moaned into his mouth, arms encircling his strongly muscled neck, losing himself in the moment. The equine bore him back against the wall of the elevator as it juddered to life, moving them up from floor to floor as even Madoc’s paws curiously explored Arilen’s backside and hips, moaning softly as he too ground up with lustful intent.

Toppling onto one of the double beds in their clearly shared room came but naturally to Arilen, but he was swiftly losing track of whose paws were on him as he was quickly stripped of his clothing, a mixture of fabric tossed in pile on the floor. And then Pulley was laying back as Madoc moved over him, mottled cock swelling with blood once freed from the confines of his own underwear, needing all that the others laid so blissfully out before him had to offer and so very much more.

Madoc’s eyes burned into Arilen’s and the stallion whimpered submissively, pink cock jutting up from his crotch as he trembled and strove not to swoon. His tongue hung over the edge of his lips, near enough drooling as he adored the length of stallion-meat with his eyes, balls churning already with a need to cum that would surely not be satisfied with just the one session. But the control of the matter was no longer in his own paws and, well, any thoughts of going to get his phone and carry on with his convention experience had most certainly taken a most pleasurable turn.

He didn’t need to declare that he was on top to take the two of them down a peg, challenging their position as stallions as he growled into Pulley’s muzzle, kissing him fiercely. Their tongues battled together as the bay stallion allowed himself to be pinned down, although there would surely be no contest if he had chosen to flip Madoc off him completely, even though they were both studied equines of the gym for sure.


Madoc hissed through his teeth, breaking the kiss as his cock jerked and slapped against his own stomach, needing attention. Thankfully, that was attention that Arilen was only too willing to give, squirming between them as he handled both equine shafts with his paws, murring softly when his fingers would not close entirely around them. How lucky was he to be there with two fucking hot studs like them?

Madoc rumbled his approval and arched his back, allowing Arilen better access to his cock as he lapped down the bay stallion’s neck and nipped lightly, making the muscled stud tremble beneath him. But Arilen was not about to waste time as they kissed, both powerful and yet not fighting for dominance, ducking down and taking the flatter head of Madoc’s cock into his mouth.

And it was as exquisite as any he’d had before, driving lustfully into the back of his throat as the grey stallion grunted and thrust, lower back rounding as he strove to power forward. All Arilen could do in the heat of the moment was gulp around that meaty length, groaning deep in the back of his throat as a glob of pre-cum shot forth. He struggled to swallow at such an angle but managed all the same as a paw twisted into his mane, holding him down there whether he liked it or not. And, truth be told, he liked it rather a lot.

The thick length of stallion-cock driving into his mouth was just what he needed, the slurp of pre-cum mixing with saliva just the lubricant he needed to slide down his throat, even if he would have preferred Madoc to be sliding into something a little different. His tail hole clenched down reflexively on nothing at all as he tried to push back, wishing that there was something there as he clasped the only other cock in his paw, fingers squeezing around the medial ring.

Pulley grunted his approval, tail shifting beneath his buttocks as if he was trying to flag it, rocking his cock lightly into Arilen’s paw. It was hard for the stallion to split his attention between the two of them as they both demanded his attention, the sloppy kiss above his head rising in intensity. There was only so much three sweaty, equine bodies could take, however, before things reached a fever point, even if they had not quite yet pushed themselves to that point as yet.


Madoc’s tone came firmly as he shifted up onto his knees, rocking his hips all the while as Arilen slurped and suckled on his length, trying to get his lips down past his medial ring to no avail. Madoc was simply too long for him to do that and the girth strained his lips as wide as they could possibly go, Arilen’s eyes rolling wantonly into the back of his skull as he gulped and swallowed rapidly to take care of the steady flow of pre-cum filling his mouth. He could not do the same for the cock in his paw, however, which simply pumped and drooled pre over the poor stallion’s stomach – not that Pulley seemed to mind or react in the slightest to the creamy coating.

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