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I guess that my life started to take shape in elementary school. My seventh grade teacher, Miss Schmidt, started to treat me better then the other children in my class. I was a little above average intelligence. My parents were of the type that believed that the teacher had complete authority over me, as their student. I was well mannered and clean. I guess I didn’t realize it at the time I was very attractive. I was not really attracted to girls yet and they used to annoy me, the way they got that silly look on their faces when they looked at me. Little did I know this was going to shape my life in the future. They used to chase me around the schoolyard trying to kiss me. I was a very tough boy, and the little kids used to run to me if someone was bullying them. No one every messed with me. I was the youngest in my family and I could kick my brother’s butt. He was two years older then I was and for the most part very passive, everyone liked him. They were afraid of me, and respected me. I seldom fought, but most boys were afraid to mess with me. I was built and had the body of a weight lifter. I never lifted weights at that age.

One day this new kid came into our school, he was a tough kid and was looking to establish his place in the pecking order. I was top dog. So he figured that he would start with me. He pushed me in the schoolyard, so I pushed him back. He threw a punch at my head. I blocked it, the way my father had taught me and put him on his back with one punch. You see dad was a bouncer at a very rough neighborhood bar and taught my sister, brother and I how to fight.
George got a bloody nose and scrapped elbows. The teacher, Mr. Cooper, came over and took us to the principles office. Mr. Carroll, the principle, knew my family very well and knew that I almost never caused trouble.

He took George and I down into the basement of the school. This was a concrete floor where we would line up when it was cold outside or raining and wait to be admitted to the classrooms.

“So, You guys want to fight huh. Ok, Go at it then.” Mr. Carroll stood back and waited for it to begin.

I stood with my right foot forward and left foot back. This was a left-handed fighting stance, with my hands at my sides. In this stance my groin was not an available target. George stood with his feet in a right-handed stance, but his feet were not positioned to protect his groin. George tried to hit me with his right hand in the face. I just used an inside-out block to deflect his punch. Before George recovered, Mr. Carroll grabbed him and pushed him face-forward into the wall. I backed off.

“John, return to class.” Mr. Carroll instructed me.

I turned and returned to recess.

The next day my father received a note from Mr. Carroll.
Two days later Dad came to school. George’s father was there as well. My dad and George’s father knew each other and seemed like old friends. We were in Mr. Carroll’s office when we met. George had a swollen nose and his both eyes had been blackened.

“Good day, Mr. Robert Blaugh and Mr. Rocco Tucci. I am sorry to have to bring both of you in today. The boys got into a fight in the schoolyard on Monday and apparently, I can’t allow this to go unresolved. I need to find out what caused this problem.”

My dad looked at me, cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips.

“John. Let me hear your version, please.” Said Mr. Carroll.

“I have no idea, why he swung at me. All I did was protect myself. I blocked his punch and decked him.” I said.

“George? Is what he said true?” Asked Mr. Carroll.

George looked nervous. “No he started it!”

My father looked at me and raised his one eyebrow. I shook my head no.
Mr. Tucci slapped George on the back of the head. “George, tell the truth!”

“I swung first!” George blurted out.

“I’m sorry John. I believe your son, Mr. Blaugh. Why George?” Said Mr. Tucci.

“He is the toughest kid in the school, I just wanted to be the toughest.” Said George.

Mr. Carroll asked. “Who told you he was the toughest kid in the school?”

“Everyone!” Said George.

I was trying my hardest not to smile. He heard right. I was the toughest. My dad just looked at me and I could see his chest rise with pride, but not so openly.

“Shake hands you two.” Said Mr. Tucci.

I stuck my hand out and George hesitantly shook my hand.

“John? What did you hit him with?” Asked Mr. Tucci.

I was confused. “I had just used my hand.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to confuse you. You have some punch their John.” Said Mr. Tucci.

“Thanks, my dad taught me.” I said with pride.

“Oh, no wonder!” Smiled Mr. Tucci. “George, next time you want to test yourself, do it outside of school. Oh, and I suggest you choose a different one to test yourself with.”

Mr. Tucci and George left the office.
“Mr. Blaugh, I am sorry to have dragged you in here today. I didn’t think that John started it.” Apologized Mr. Carroll.

“No problem Ed. I expect these things from John. He seldom starts anything, but seems to be involved in most of them. Better him then his brother. His brother is very quiet, but if John is the toughest, then his brother is second.” Said my dad.

I went back to my classroom. izmit escort Miss Schmidt called me to her desk and asked me to stay after school for a short time. I agreed to stay.

After the bell rung for the day, I remained seated, as everyone left.
Miss Schmidt called me to her desk. “So John, what happened with you and George.”

I explained the incident and she hugged me. “Oh, you poor boy.”

Miss Schmidt had the nicest set of breasts in the school. All of us guys drooled over them. She pulled my face into them. ‘Instant erection.’

Her one hand pulled my butt into her hip, between spread legs up against her wet crouch. When she felt my erection hit her panties, she moaned. She kissed my lips. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there. It really felt great. I was intoxicated with the smell of her. The soft breasts pushing into my face was outstanding.

“Would you like to come to my house after school one of these days?” She asked.

‘Sure!” I said.

“Do you know where I live?” She asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Don’t let anyone know your coming though, ok?” She said.

“No problem.” I said smiling. She let me go and I walked out of the room. I felt a wet spot on my pants, and it wasn’t from me.
I wiped my hand on it and smelled it. It was musty, but smelled very intriguing.

I had a girl friend Jennie that lived next store to me. She was just a friend, nothing more. When I got home she waved to me and I went to her house and I went inside. I usually spent some time with her. She was a tomboy.

“Jennie, smell this.” I said.

I wipe my hands on my pants and she smelled my hands.
She blushed. “Where did you get that from.”

“Why what is it?”

“I don’t know how to tell you. It’s a girl smell.”

“A what?”

“Wait here a minute.” She ran upstairs and came back down with something in her hands. She held her hands to my face and said “Smell this.”

I sniffed and it smelled kind of like my hand.

“What is it?” I asked.

She opened her hand and held up a pair of girl’s panties.
I was stunned and confused.

I guess she was to embarrass to say it out loud. She whispered it in my ear. “These are my sister’s panties.”

That was a lie. They were her panties. Her sister was a lot larger then she was.

“When a girl gets excited, she gets wet down there.” She explained.
I still looked confused.

“You know when you get hard and it sticks out.” She looked at my crotch.

“Oh! That’s what happens to girls? Do you get wet too?” I asked.

“Do you get hard?” She asked smiling.

“Can I smell them again? Please.” She held her hand out to me.

I took a big whiff. “Wow! The smell gets me hard.” I said looking down at my crotch. Her eyes followed and looked. My erection was clearly visible through my pants. “Can I have the panties?”

She hesitated then handed them to me.

“These are yours, right?” I asked.

She shook her head yes.

“You smell great! And look what you’ve done to me.” I said thrusting my hip toward her.

She licked her lips and stared at my groin.

I held the panties to my face and smelled them. “Wow!”

She gulped. “You better go home now. I’ll see you later. OK?”

“Ok.” I said disappointed.

“And don’t let anybody see or smell my panties.”

“I wouldn’t. It will be our secret.” I hugged her for the first time and she returned the hug. After about a minute, we broke the hug and I headed for the door.

I went home hiding the panties and went to my room. I had to take care of myself. I was really horny.

After I finished, I went to the bathroom and washed and then changed into my jeans. I went out the door and headed for Jennie’s house.

She met me at the door and we headed for the park. We were going to play some catch.

As we walked there, Jennie said to me. “You don’t know anything about sex do you?”

“No, not really.”

“Don’t you ever peek at your sister and her boyfriend?” She asked.

“They are not allowed to be alone in my house. I see them kiss, but it is short and quick, nothing else. Do you peek at your sister?”

“Yes, all of the time, I get to see them doing it.” Jennie said blushing.

“Really! I would love to see that.” I said.

Jennie smiled. “I bet you would.”

“I would.”

She giggled and raced to the park with me following her.
We met our friends there and had a small game of baseball.
We left around six thirty in the afternoon and headed home.

“How often do you sister and Alan do it?” I asked.

“Almost every night.” Said Jennie.

“Oh my god. You sure are lucky.”

“Your not going to give me any rest on this are you?” Jennie asked.

“I’m sorry, Jennie. I drop it if you want. I don’t want to annoy you. You’re my best friend.”

“Will your parents allow you to do homework at my house?” Asked Jennie.

“Sure. They like you and they like me to help my friends.” I said.

“If I call you tonight after supper can you come over, ‘ahem’, and help me with my homework?” Asked Jennie.

“Sure, why.”

“Alan is coming over tonight and mom is going out. Dad will be watching the Braves. So kocaeli escort they will be in Lacey’s room. No guarantees, but we might get lucky.” Said Jennie.

“All right!”

“If I don’t call you by seven, then something came up. Ok?”

“Ok. Jennie you’re the greatest.”

I went into my house and couldn’t wait to eat. At around seven, the phone rang. Mom answered it. “Sure Jennie, Just a minute. John, can you go over and help Jennie with her home work?’

“I got up and walked over to the phone so Jennie could here me.
“Sure mom, if it’s ok with Mr. and Mrs. Courtney.’

She said her dad said it was all right.

“Please tell her I’m on my way. Thanks, Mom.”

“John, don’t stay longer then ten o’clock.”

“Ok, mom. See you later.”

I had changed into clean under ware and had on my sweat clothes.
I knocked and Mr. Courtney answered the door. “Oh hi John. Jennie is in her room. You know where it is right?”

“Yes Mr. Courtney. Thank you.”

I walked up the stairs and knocked on Jennie’s room. She opened the door and pulled me in. She turned on some R&B on the radio and whispered. “They are in Lacey’s room. We have to be quite. We have to go up into the attic. Follow me.”

Jennie had a skirt on? She seldom wore skirts. I thought at first that they were scorts. She went up the ladder in front of me. I looked up and saw white panties, under her skirt. I felt guilty, but didn’t stop looking. She had to take two rungs at the top of the ladder and she really had to spread her legs for that. I was stunned at that sight.
When she was up she looked down at me. I had my mouth wide open.

She rolled her eyes. “Pig!” She whispered with a giggle.

I whispered back at her. “Sorry. I thought they were scorts.”

“Well they’re not. Did you get a good look?” She teased.

“No your panties were in the way.”

She shook her fist at me. When I got to the top of the ladder. I kissed her on the forehead.

She smiled, then waved me over. We both lay on our stomachs and looked through a crack in the ceiling border. The bed was in plain sight and on it were Alan and Lacey. They were just talking. We waited for three minutes, before they finally kissed. I felt the body heat of Jennie next to me. I turned and looked at her. She was watching the pair below.

Jennie had very long blond hair that she wore in a ponytail under her baseball cap. Her hair was loose right now and it shined in the light from the bedroom. I knew from our playing together, that Jennie’s body was hard with muscle. My arm was against her arm and her skin felt smooth. She smelled like herbs. I threw one arm across her shoulders trying to get comfortable. She threw her arm across my waist. I was looking at how pretty Jennie was when she felt my gaze. She frowned a second and I looked down. Alan had his hand inside of Lacey’s blouse, which was unbuttoned down the front. Lacey’s hand was on Alan’s pants rubbing his erection. My breath caught and I looked at Jennie. Her gaze was fixed on me. I smiled. Then we both turned to watch. Lacey’s blouse went, then her bra. Her breasts were around a 34 c, I later learned. The nipples were small the size of dimes and reddish-brown in color. They were protruding from the flesh of her tits pointing at the ceiling. As if being offered up to us.

I sighed. “Ohhhh.”

Jennie turned to me and smiled.

I mouthed “Wow!”

She looked back and I followed her look. Lacey had his fly down and had her hand in his pants.

I had to turn to the side; my cock was being crushed against the wooden floor. I turned to face Jennie. Reached down with the hand I had on Jennie’s shoulders and adjusted myself. Her eyes followed my hand. She giggled covering her mouth with her hand that was at my waist. After fixing myself, I returned my hand to her waist. I could feel the beginning of her ass swell under my hand. She placed her hand on my arm and remained flat on her tummy.

It looked like Lacey was removing Alan’s pants and his cock swung up against his stomach in full erection. Lacey removed his pants and shirt. Her pants and panties followed. There they were naked on the bed, kissing each other. To my surprise, Lacey had no hair on her pussy.

Jennie whispered. “She shaves it.”

Alan also looked like he trimmed his hair as well.

My hand slide, an inch or two, down Jennie’s back. It now rested on the up-slope of her ass, from the top down.

I noticed that Jennie was slowly rocking her hip against the floor.
Lacey wrapped her hand around Alan’s cock and started to kiss down his body. Eventually, she engulfed his cock in her mouth.
Jennie looked at me I looked at her.

Jennie’s hand slide to my hip.

I whispered. “Are you wet?”

She shook her head. She looked down and didn’t even have to ask me. There was a tent in my pants.

I looked at Lacey. She moved over Alan’s body and placed a leg on each side of his head. His hands gripped her ass and spread the cheeks. I saw her asshole and cunt with Alan’s tongue playing between them.

“Jennie. I have to leave here otherwise I’m gonna die. Or rape you.”

She smiled. “You can’t rape a willing girl.”

I cupped her ass. She ground izmit escort bayan her hip into the floor and shut her eyes. Her hand covered my cock inside of my pants and just held it.
Jennie then turned and scrambled silently to the ladder and descended into the room. I followed.

My sweat pants hid nothing. I went to Jennie and put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. My cock poked her between her legs and slide up her stomach. I dropped my hand and pulled her hip to me, my hand on her ass. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed her tits into my chest. My hands went under her dress and felt her panties. Pulling her hip into me. I found the waistband of her panties and slide my hands inside cupping both of her ass cheeks. Her tongue started to push between my lips. I had never done this before so I followed her lead. We tangled our tongues in her mouth then mine. Her one hand slide down my back and into my sweats. Her hand came to rest on my ass and she squeezed my butt.

I broke the kiss and whispered in her ear. “Oh, Jennie. I need to cum.’

She whispered back. “Me too.”

I lifted her blouse over her head. She had an undershirt on. Her nipples were clearly outlined on the undershirt. I pulled that up. She tried to stop it but I kissed her, and she let me get it off of her.
My shirt followed. I pulled her to me feeling her skin next to me and her hair between us. I ran my fingers through her beautiful hair.

I whispered. “I never knew just how soft and beautiful your hair is and it smell like herbs.”

She responded to my caressing her hair, by moving her head in my hands. She leaned out from me as I guided her head back. I wanted to lick her nipples and suck on them. When there was enough room I started licking down her chest and settled on her left breast.

“Jennie, can I take your skirt and panties off please?”

She just shook her head yes.

I dropped to my knees and reached under her skirt and drew her pants off of her feet. As she stepped out of her panties her feet remained about a foot apart. I drew the panties to my face and sniffed them. She smiled down at me. I reached behind her found the button and unhooked the skirt. I guided it down slowly. The first thing that came into sight was the top of her pussy, where it looks like a camel toe. I planted a kiss on it. Then moved the shirt to her knees. I looked at her naked pussy. No hair showed, except for some very light blond hair. I licked as far as I could reach between her legs to her tummy. Then removed the skirt, completely. I pressed her knees outward and she bowed her legs. I stood up and hugged her to me. Her hands went down the front of my sweats and grabbed my cock. She explored it, the dropped to my balls and checked them out. He dropped to her knees and pulled my sweats down to my knees. She kissed the tip of my cock then continued to remove my pants and under ware. I guided her to the bed and we reversed our positions, placing her head at my hip mine at her hip. We explored each other; the she started to masturbate me. I worked my fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. I came all over her face and some in her mouth. When she started to buck her hip I covered her cunt with my mouth and started to lick her. She came for around five minutes, then pushed my face from her body.
I reversed my body and held her to me and we kissed as I massaged her chest. I looked at the clock after a few minutes and saw we had a half-hour left. I cuddled with her and told her that she was my best friend and maybe more.

“Let’s not spoil our friendship. When we are ready to go all the way, I want it to be with you. Not as my lover, but as my friend. If we do fall in love then ok, but let’s not force it. Ok?” Jennie smiled.

“Jennie you will always be my best friend. I’ll help you with the guys you help me with the girls. Deal?”

“What happens if one or both of us is BI?”

“Then we can group and still help each other. Deal?”

“Deal!” Said Jennie.

We kissed and sealed it.

“Do you like girls?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. Watching my sister, has got me wanting to try it though.”

“Cool, if I can help let me know. I don’t think I can help with your sister.”

“I have a plan. It might work. Can I take a picture of your cock?”

“If you want to. Why.”

“You saw how small Alan’s was. You have him beat by a mile. If I can leave the picture, so she can find it. She may want to try a bigger one.” Said Jennie.

“Ok. But what happens if your mom or dad find it?” I said.

“Let me worry about that. I don’t think my mom can identify you by the picture, can she?” Said Jennie with the devil in her eyes.

I made a face at her. “Well, maybe all of the other guys that were with us might confuse her.” I teased.

Jennie played with me and licked it for about a minute and it got erect. She took a Polaroid of me close up so all you could see was my cock. “This should do it. Don’t be so sure about my mom. She really is very sexy and horny. Want me to help you with that?”

“Sure.” I said.

Jennie dropped to her knees and gave me a hand job and blowjob together. When I came, she held it in her mouth and swallowed all I had to give her. She was great.

“Have you ever had sex before?” I asked.

“No. I just watched my sister. She is good.”

“Bye Jennie. Thanks for everything. See you tomorrow.”
I smiled and got dressed and left for the night.

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