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Bought , Paid For Ch. 05

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Ivory took a few tentative steps towards Risk, but decided to start out as she meant to go on. She stopped in the middle of her journey to his side and asked him very coolly, “Is tonight part of day one or not?”

“Which answer will I have to give to get what I want from you right now,” Risk rejoined.

“Well I don’t work for free darling,” Ivory drawled sarcastically. “You figure it out.”

Risk took an immediate dislike to her new persona, but decided to let it go. It wouldn’t last long once he got her on her back. “Tonight starts the six months, now come here.”

Ivory moved over to his side and leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek.

Risk raised his eyebrow at her “kiss.” “Did I miss something,” he enquired with less patience than he would have preferred.

“Nothing at all,” Ivory denied. “But seeing as to how we just had sex, I thought you’d like to rest before engaging in another round.”

“If I’m to get my money’s worth, then I should have you on your back every moment you’re awake,” Risk drawled. “But you’re right; enough’s enough for one night. Pack your bags. We’ll leave in an hour.”

“I can’t just leave and not tell my mother where I’m going,” Ivory denied him hotly.

“From what I could tell, your mother would like nothing so much as for you to go out and have some fun. In fact, when your mother left me here I got the distinct impression that she wouldn’t mind at all if I fucked your brains out.”

“Well you certainly met her expectations in that regards,” Ivory returned in anger.

“You’re outrageously beautiful when you’re angry,” Risk complimented, watching Ivory’s eyes bristle as they darkened to midnight blue. “Get packed. I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

Risk walked down the winding staircases thinking over his impromptu offer. He had never asked a woman to live with him ever, and now he’d just invited a stranger into his home. He’d taken greater risks and lived to tell the tale, what was one more? He smiled as he looked at his watch. “Fifty-eighty minutes,” he called up the stairs. He heard Ivory’s ‘Whatever,’ and sat down to wait with a smile on his face.

Ivory sulked around the room pulling a few items from the closet and mumbling under her breath all the while. She was just zipping up her bag when she heard the phone ring. She turned to snatch it up, but it stopped ringing before she could get her hands on it.

On a premonition, she picked the phone up anyway, expecting to be met with a dial tone. Instead she was greeted by Risk’s cool tones indicating that she would no longer be working.

“No, she unfortunately cannot work out two weeks notice. She has had an urgent family problem arise.”

Ivory marveled that he didn’t even hesitate as he uttered the lie. But what else should she expect from such a manipulative controlling megalomaniac? Ivory quietly put down the received, not wishing to hear anymore.

Ivory finished packing and descended the stairs with twenty minutes to spare, not liking the idea of him getting idle and coming back upstairs to remind himself why she was worth so much money.

“Prompt. I like that.” He kissed the side of her cheek as she had kissed his earlier, but he continued with the motion trailing light nibbles down the side of her jaw and ending at her mouth. He leaned in for one of his deep evocative kisses, slowly exploring her mouth, inviting her to participate. She tried to resist his seductive tongue, but he won her over in the end and she fell into the kiss like she did everything else dealing with him. He pulled away only when she reached her arms up to curl them around his neck.

They completed the drive to his home in near silence. It was broken only once when she commented that they were not going the right way.

“I think I know how to get home.”

And that’s me told off, she mused, so she kept her mouth shut and let him drive.

After passing through two gates they drove a quarter mile through what had to be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of trees, fountains, and landscaping before pulling in front of a four story house. Well, mansion was a better word for it, she corrected herself. It was all gleaming cream and peach on the outside with flood lights pointed every which way.

She was still gazing at the property in awe as he came around and opened her door, taking her bag and guiding her up the front stairs.

“This is your house?” she asked somewhat stupidly, wondering why he would keep an apartment, no matter how fabulous, only 30 minutes away.

“Who else’s would it be?” he snapped, not understanding her obtuse line of questioning.

“Then why do you own that apartment, if you have a house this wonderful to come home to?” she snapped back, not liking his impatient tone one bit. And she was supposed to live with him for 6 months. Huh!

“I need a place to take my one night stands, bimbo’s, mistresses, and other bits on the side.”

“Un-huh.” Ivory decided to keep all further questions to herself. almanbahis adres Who wanted to hear those kinds of answers? Honestly.

“I’ll introduce you to the staff before I go to work tomorrow morning. I’ll have Millie give you a tour of the house after breakfast. In the meantime, are you hungry?”

Ivory tried and failed to interpret his enigmatic look. “Not really.”

“Good. Lets go to bed then.”

Ivory followed him up the stairs not at all surprised that they were going to bed so early. It wasn’t as if they would be sleeping and she did have an exorbitant salary to earn.

Risk spent only a moment getting her familiarized with the layout of his bedroom and the connecting bathroom. The breath caught in her throat at the sheer size of the shower. Plenty of room for monkey business in there, and if his past antics were any indication, he would be taking full advantage of it.

She went unresisting into his arms making swift work of the buttons on his shirt before moving down to his pants. Risk stood before her, a hard and dominating example of all that was right in the world, and Ivory helplessly gave in to the desire his physical perfection invoked.

Standing before him fully clothed, Ivory brushed her lips across his chest, her left hand tangling with his as she brought it up to her mouth. She sucked first one finger into her mouth, playing with it as she sucked it just a little deeper before sliding her mouth almost off the glistening digit, repeating the steps again and again adding the gentle glide of her tongue and the erotic vibrations of her moans.

Ivory maintained eye contact with Risk the entire time she paid decisive attention to his left hand and felt his body stiffen against hers. The tiny shivers that chased between her thighs were just a small part of what she had to endure for the greater good of this charade.

She led him over to the bed and pushed him down onto it, pulling her dress up, easing her panties off, and climbing onto the bed. He stared up into her dewy folds and licked his lips, his intentions clear, but she slid down his hard length before he could do more than form the thought.

Risk’s hands tightened on her waist, but Ivory gently guided them away, making it clear that she wanted to control the action. “Allow me the pleasure.”

Deciding to allow her this one show, Risk allowed his hands to engage other delights on her body as she began to glide smoothly up and down. Her motions were very controlled, slow, maddening.

He pushed her breasts together and brushed his thumbs over the distended tips with obvious enjoyment, lifting his hips the slightest bit to encourage her to lean forward so he could taste the delightful teasing tips through her dress.

Ivory fought to stifle a cat who got the cream smile as she slowly dragged her body of his length and settled it equally slowly back down. She could tell from the low growl in the back of his throat that she was killing him. She kept it going waiting for the moment when he would grow impatient, only then would she show him her worth.

His response wasn’t long in coming as his hands found their way back onto her hips. She smoothed her hands over his sliding them down his thighs, but he was not so easily dissuaded this time and his hands tightened around her slender waist.

“Let me earn my pay,” she invited, still trying to entice him into giving up his foolish quest for control. She quickened her pace to show him she was worthy of any trust he placed in her in regards to his pleasure. He allowed her to slide his hands from her waist down onto the mattress.

Though it pained her to do so, Ivory eased herself off his turgid length before he could stop her, easing her way down his body to take his glistening length into her mouth. The taste of her own wicked desire mingled with his was her undoing and she took the tasting to a whole new level practically swallowing him whole in her bid to get more and more of him inside of her.

His orgasm when it came was no surprise and neither was the hot rush of cum that nearly choked her, but she swallowed as fast as she could and kept his semi-erect flesh in the warm cavern of her mouth until she had drained it completely.

Ivory pulled away as soon as she felt the last traces of pleasure chase through his body. She was feeling more confused than she had earlier. How she could feel so content and good about giving him pleasure with her mouth she had no idea. She almost felt as though her emotions were getting involved and that scared her.

The fingers that tightened around her wrist and pulled her back were an unwelcome reminder of why she was feeling so out of sorts.

“That was fantastic.” The unexpected praise fell on her like warm kisses and went a long way towards easing the tension she felt.

“Not half so fantastic as you,” she praised, letting her eyes devour his body even as she pulled on her captured appendage.

“What’s the rush?”

“Nothing,” she denied. “I almanbahis adresi just wanted to get out of this dress and have a shower.”

“I’ll join you.” Stilling the negation he knew was on the tip of her tongue. “And I’ll help put out the fire that’s making you so antsy.”

Ivory gave a sigh of surrender and followed him into the bathroom resigned to falling into his wicked snare.

* * * * *

The next few weeks flew by. They fell into a comfortable routine and Ivory acclimated herself with her new life. Her mother had taken the edited version of the truth with grace and was happy that her daughter was finally pursuing a ‘serious relationship’ as she called it.

Ivory fell into the habit of grocery shopping and preparing dinner for Risk on most days. She also took it upon herself to choose fresh flowers for the bedroom as well as all the main rooms. She was by his side at any and all social functions he had to go to, charming his friends and business acquaintances. She knew herself for what she was everywhere they went, the envy of every woman present.

It was a bit strange for Ivory, serving as a wife, but possessing none of the love, dedication, or security. She disregarded it as the price she had to pay for being with Risk.

As the days passed and they learned more of each other she found herself falling a little bit more in love with each day that passed, but she kept that secret to herself, always careful to hold a part of herself back lest the day arrive when he no longer had a use for her and she was broken by his dismissal.

Three weeks on and Ivory marveled that she was still happier than she could ever remember being before. She greeted Risk at the door that evening with her usual sunny smile and a kiss. Risk plunged his tongue between her lips turning her weak greeting into a sensual feast.

Ivory surrendered herself to his demanding kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. She took little nibbling bites at his lips and backed him against the counter so they could bring this love play to its natural conclusion. It was Risk who called a halt. His heartfelt wish to continue was clear, but his quiet words were sensible and true. “Anymore and I won’t be hungry for dinner.”

“Who needs to eat?” she flippantly threw at him, more than eager to forego dinner in favor of jumping straight to dessert.

“I value your culinary delights too much to forsake them,” he gently chided, retiring upstairs to freshen up before he thought better of his decision.

They enjoyed the lasagna in companionable silence as their passion prevented any meaningful conversation. It was as Ivory was clearing the dinner plates that Risk asked her to hold dessert. Ivory felt a slight frisson of unease, but cast it away as foolishness and cleared the plates before returning to sit with him.

“You look serious,” she teased. “What’s up?” Ivory marveled that he almost managed to look nervous. Almost.

“I bought something for you,” he informed, withdrawing the small box from his pocket. She knew it was jewelry before she even touched the box and looked at it with something like revulsion as he pushed the box towards her.

Although Risk saw the look on her face he misinterpreted it as dismay that she hadn’t gotten anything for him. “It in no way matches your beauty, but I thought of you when I saw it.”

“No!” Ivory quickly rose from the table and walked away from him towards the veranda, trying to distance herself from the appalling piece of jewelry. It didn’t matter what was in the box; couldn’t he see that anything he bought for her of such an expensive nature that reeked of mistress would make her feel cheap, would belittle the emotion behind her giving nature?

“Ivory,” he called after her, his tone demanding an explanation for her ridiculous reaction to such a simple gift.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t accept it.” Ivory continued to pace like a trapped animal. He had her cornered on the terrace and her only thought was escape. Escape from his presence and his belittling gift.

She whirled around so quickly she actually caught him off guard and managed to slip past him back into the house. She headed up the stairs and to their room expecting him to respect her need for space.

Risk followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom brandishing the box like a weapon.

“I don’t understand. You buy me things all the time.”

Ivory’s look made a lie of his words.

“You buy food and flowers for me all the time,” he accused, daring to compare those simple gifts with the multi thousand dollar one he was currently holding.

“The food and the flowers are for us. For both of our enjoyment.”

“We will both enjoy this necklace. You the wearing of, and me the viewing. Where is the shame in that?” he demanded angry aggression at her refusal of his gift spilling from every word.

“The shame,” she derided, “Is in that you have already paid for the pleasure of my body once. Why should you have to pay for it twice?”

“Is almanbahis adres that what you’re here for? My pleasure?”

“You know it is,” she agreed.

“Then it would please me to see you wearing this necklace,” he challenged. “In fact, it would please me more to see you wearing only this necklace.”

“Then for your pleasure I will do so,” she flung the words at him like a weapon, angry that he was pressing the point, and even more so that he was playing the if you want to please me card. “You have only to name the time and the place,” she demurred, not meaning the words, but needing the conversation to end.

“How about now?” he invited. Wicked intent shining from his eyes as he extended the damning box towards her.

Ivory felt a shiver of pleasure at the hot desire that sprung immediately to life in his eyes. Silently, she disrobed, turning her back to him so he could fasten the glittering diamond necklace around her throat. She had been wrong to assume it was worth several thousand she realized. The sparkling piece in the mirror told her it was worth nothing less than a hundred thousand. It was too much, but she did as he demanded.

Risk’s hands slid from her neck down to her shoulders. He massaged some of the tension from her stiff body before sliding his hands around her body to cup her breasts, enjoying the weight of their perfection as their eyes met in the mirror. He tormented her until her head rolled back and her eyes closed.

He quickly sheathed himself in her tight lush folds. Her eyes cracked open for a moment to see the decadent picture they made in the mirror. He, fully clothed, and she, naked as the day she was born, being worked up and down as they stood across from the mirror.

Ivory’s soft moans filled the air and she barely heard him over the sound and his ragged breathing in her ear. “This is why we’re together. Remember that.”

Her eyes narrowed to tiny slivers as she felt the orgasm creep up on her, but managed to keep eye contact with him as he exercised the ultimate control and climaxed silently, not even a groan passing through his tight lips. The only sign he had even enjoyed their encounter was the sweat sticking to his clothes. He had taken her in anger and it had been a lesson in defying him. Ivory collapsed back against him, waiting, eyes still locked to his.

Both their breathing slowed to a normal pace and still he said nothing, only held her in a possessive hold that reeked of ownership. Ivory pulled away from him unclasping the necklace as she did so.

He ignored her outstretched hand as she tried to give the precious piece back to him. “It’s a gift,” he reminded her in that cool tone that spoke of his irritation. “There is no need to return it.”

“I only wanted to give it to you for safekeeping,” she prevaricated. “I would hate to leave something so expensive laying about.”

His eyes glittered with displeasure, but he said nothing more, securing the necklace back in the case and adding it to the collection of valuable items in his safe.

He drew her back into his arms after locking the piece away, his passion far from assuaged. Ivory went willingly now that the hateful piece had been removed from her sight, giving herself generously to him over the coming hours.

That night marked a turning point in their relationship as weeks turned into months and revealed an ever growing collection of precious stones fit for a queen. Each piece was accompanied by words she was almost certain he couldn’t mean. “These match your eyes. These remind me of your nipples. This almost matches your skin, but nothing can compare to the silky alabaster tone you possess.” Trite words to make her feel beautiful, special, pampered, succeeding only in making her feel whorish when accompanied with his over the top gifts.

She wore each piece in bed to please him and returned them to him afterwards each time. He occasionally bade her to wear a set to one of the many events she attended on his arm, and to please him, she did so.

* * * * *

Risk sat in his office, not working, staring at the latest trinket he had purchases for Ivory. A pearl whose size and texture reminded him of her clit. Even as the thought crossed his mind his body hardened. His desire for her never failed and he feared the impossible, that he was falling in love with his mistress. His mistress who only ever gave of herself in bed, when he seduced the emotions from her beautiful body that should have been his by right of love. Every other time she charmed him, laughed with him, and prepared his meals, but he had a strange feeling that it was all being done from a distance. That she was treating him much as she would treat any other client.

Always in the back of his mind was the niggling thought that she was only with him because he had bought her and the time would come when she would turn her back on him and walk away from their relationship as though he had been nothing more than a job. He wanted her heart, but exposing himself to her ridicule was a risk he couldn’t take.

For Ivory, the day began like any other. She eased away Risk’s morning wood with her eager tongue and caressing hands, and fell back asleep trying to recover from the mind blowing orgasm he gifted her with for breakfast.

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