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Boston Bound Ch. 07 Nightcap

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


Royce Engel sat relaxed, hands folded in his lap, in the dark back seat of a taxi, returning to the Brown Palace Hotel after a glorious Independence Day at the Denver City Park. The successful 30-year old lawyer was flanked by his 18-year old ward and client, Clementine McFee, drifting in and out of sleep with her head on his left shoulder, and Stella Stone, his striking red-headed 22-year old confidential assistant, leaning, wide-awake but quiet, upon his right shoulder.

Stella loved the piquant musky bouquet of Royce’s sweat-infused white dress shirt, the more so since it was the direct result of their delicious athletic fuck twelve hours earlier. Her pussy had tingled happily all day as they strolled through the museum exhibits and among the various zoo sections. She inhaled a long deep breath and sighed as she felt her cunny moisten. Still, beyond milking Engel’s dick in the rowboat for Clementine’s benefit, she had not had, as she had hoped, an opportunity to further advance the youngster’s sexual instruction.

Stella toyed with the center shirt button behind Royce’s tie, while she tipped her head slightly and said, quietly, “Mmmmm, I really do love your manly scent. Even so, you are on the ripe side…” She kissed his neck to remove any possible insult. “Did you notice how the cabby wrinkled his nose when we got in the car?” She chortled softly deep in her throat.

Nodding agreement with the observation, Royce snorted derisively. “Maybe he’s just jealous because I have two good looking skirts in tow while all he has waiting at home is a bottle of Hinds Honey and Almond cream and a cum-stained Tijuana Bible!” Laughing, he added, “Still, your point is well-taken. When we get up to the suite, maybe you can help Sleeping Beauty over here get ready for bed while I take a quick bath?”

Stella pushed her hand through the open placket of Engel’s shirt and scratched his nipple with a fingernail. “Hunh!” She exclaimed, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” She kissed his jaw and lowered her face again.

Royce moved his right hand from his lap to Stella’s left knee, then crept up her thigh, under her skirt, until he found her curly nest. He lightly stroked his long middle finger through the bush and parted her pliant pussy lips, already tacky with her honey. She shifted on the seat, widening her knees, and moaned into Royce’s shoulder as his digit drilled deeper. Engel grinned in the dark when his tip struck oil and Stella’s sap began running freely, coating him, while her kegel muscles reflexively drew him in. Adding his index and ring fingers to the party, Royce asked, sotto voce, “By the way, speaking of ‘ripe,’ Stel’, we weren’t exactly… CAUTIOUS… today.” He pushed and curled his fingers. She gasped, biting into his shirt and stifling the squeal which was rising in her throat. “I assume you are… safe… without protection?” Royce plunged and pulled, slowly, rhythmically, steadily, while he enjoyed feeling her breasts rise and fall rapidly on his ribs as her breathing quickened into short bursting pants.

Stella, grunting helplessly, pinched and twisted Royce’s nipple. “Nyyuhh! Hhhnnnnn!” Royce juiced her cunny like a halved grapefruit, holding his middle fingers, stiff and straight, in his assistant’s tight tunnel while he pulsed his thumb and pinky outside her sensitive labia. Engel’s oxford cloth shirt effectively gagged Stella as her crisis arrived and she squirted onto his cupped hand and the taxi’s upholstery, while the cabbie, just four feet away, drove on unaware of the drama behind him.

Clementine, however, sensed, or felt, the motions. In her half-sleep, she touched her left hand to Royce’s chest, there discovering Stella’s twiddling hand rippling under Engel’s shirt. Clementine moved along, trailing her small hand to Royce’s lap and his stiff log, which was caught, pointing the wrong direction, along his left leg. She petted it, inside its soft flannel armor, poking its nose with her pinky’s tip; pressing her thumb down where she guessed its root joined his scrotum.

“Ahem!” Royce choked, recognizing a real impending peril.

“Yessir?” Called the chauffeur through the side of his mouth, “change of plans, sir?”

“NO,” Royce exclaimed quickly, huskily and more loudly than he intended. Lowering his voice, he continued, “Just clearing my throat, Driver… but tell me, how long until we reach The Brown?”

“Five minutes, give or take. Traffic’s still heavy… You’d think it was a national holiday, or something!” He laughed at his own joke and fell silent.

Engel removed his right hand from under Stella’s skirt and picked Clementine’s little mitt off his throbbing cock with his left hand. Very quietly he said, “Sorry girls, no more play… We’re almost there.”

Clementine freed her hand, reached across Royce and pulled his gooey right hand to her mouth. “I should help make you presentable, then,” she cooed and pursed her lips Gaziantep Escort around his sticky fingers.

Stella giggled and replied, “YOU’RE ‘almost there,’ you mean… I’m THERE and GONE… thank you, so much!” She pulled her hand from inside Royce’s shirt and re-buttoned it. “And,” she added, under her breath, “To answer your question: Aunt Flo isn’t going to visit again until next week. You may be sure there will be no surprises from me!” Nodding in the direction of the teenage finger-cleaner, Stella concluded, “I can’t say I know the same about HER… you were probably wise to stock up on rubbers…” She laughed lightly and sat up straight, smoothing her hem. As she looked out the passenger window at the dark downtown shops, Stella thought to herself, “I hope the wet on my skirt won’t be obvious as we cross the lobby.”

The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel and the driver gratefully acknowledged Engel’s tip, wishing them all well before he re-entered traffic. In fact, the bold red blossom pattern on Stella’s black silk nicely camouflaged any tell-tale signs of her orgasm, although the cabbie, of course, would certainly discover the evidence upon his arrival back at the car barn. Engel handed the hamper off to the bell-captain, along with a five-dollar bill and instructions to share the gratuity with the catering staff along with his thanks for a job well done, then led the party to the lobby and up to the seventh floor suite maintained year-round by his firm.

Once inside, Royce closed the door and strode across the main room to a sideboard where he poured two fingers of J & B Rare Scotch whiskey into a heavy crystal glass and followed it with a burst from the soda siphon. “Can I fix either of you a nightcap?” He asked cheerily.

Stella shook her head and declined for both women. “Tomorrow is another busy day, Royce… but… didn’t you say you were going to… DO something?” She arched her eyebrows and fixed her sea-green eyes on her boss.

“Yes, Friday,” Engel answered, “I said I was going to draw a bath and soak… Must have forgot the ‘build myself a drink, first,’ clause!” He chuckled, set down his glass and crossed back to where Clementine and Stella stood at the front door. He pecked each on the lips and said, “Thanks, Stel’. Do you mind sticking around… you know… while I’m, uh, indisposed, as it were?” He chucked Clementine under the chin with his knuckle. “You wouldn’t mind the company, would you, kiddo? Unless of course, you’re so tired you just want to tumble into bed?”

The question was rhetorical and Engel turned away before receiving any answer. Returning to the bar, he picked up his highball and went into the bathroom. Clementine turned to Stella as they heard the water run behind the closed door. “Oh, please… DO stay! We’ve hardly had a chance to say two words alone and I just KNOW I want to know you better!”

Stella’s heart ached for the desperation she heard in Clementine’s plea. “Sure, kitten,” she responded soothingly, dropping her left arm around the young innocent’s shoulders and steering her to the bedroom, “Let’s get to know each other.” On the other side of the door, Stella kicked off pumps and said, “Take off you shoes, honey and then stand still… you look worn out. We had a full day and I’m guessing you didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night. Did you?” She smiled and peered through squinting eyes, appraising Clementine’s response.

“No, you’re right,” Clementine answered. “I was pretty excited about leavin’ home and seein’ the world, but I didn’t know what that MEANT!” She shook her head and shuddered. Stella licked her lips and felt her stomach flip.

Stella pulled the footstool away from the overstuffed easy chair in the room and sat, facing Clementine’s lacy sash. “Rest your hands on my shoulders if you need to, kitten,” she said. “I’m going to take off this dress.” Encircling the young girl’s legs with her left arm, Stella commenced undoing the long row of pearl buttons, which began at the hem and continued up to Clementine’s left hip, closing the wrap-around skirt of the dress. She took her time with each one, sliding her left hand gently up Clementine’s bare leg with every success, until the dress flared loose and her hand rested beneath Clementine’s silk chemise and on top of her tidy bottom behind her sheer silk tap pants.

Clementine sniffed sharply and squeaked at the intimate contact. Her hands squeezed Stella’s trapezius muscles through her blouse. “OHhh!” She exclaimed, catching her breath. “Wh-what are you doing?” She asked, although her body was already in the process of giving her an answer.

“Just what I said, honey,,, just what I said,” Stella cooed softly. “Help me out, now… unhook that little pearl closing your collar and open up the key-hole… please.” She watched the girl lift her hands to her throat and undo the dress top, spreading the stitched vent across her creamy bosom. “Perfect,” Stella complimented, Gaziantep Escort Bayan before reaching up and tugging the lace-trimmed quarter sleeves of the bodice. They slipped easily down Clementine’s arms. Seconds later the flowing dress was a pile of black, gold, white and red, gathered at the teen’s ankles. Stella stood, put her hands on Clementines’ waist and walked her backward out of the dress, sidestepping the ottoman, then turned her 180 degrees about. Maneuvering her again to the easy chair Stella said, with a slight push, “Now, sit!”

“OOOFF!” Clementine whooshed as she flopped back between the brocade chair arms. She laughed. “That gave me a jumble in my tummy!”

“Good!” Stella chuckled, adding silently, “that’s a start!” She wagged a finger at the plopped blonde. “Now, I’ll get out of mine!” Standing between Clementine’s outspread knees, Stella carefully unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her skirt waist. With a shimmy and wiggle she shook her arms out of the puffed sleeves and tossed the garment over her head. It landed nearly on top of Clementine’s dress.

“Are you undressin’ or dancin’,” Clementine inquired with a giggle, feeling oddly giddy, nervous and excited all at the same time.

“Both,” Stella breathed throatily, swaying and bumping Clementine’s inner legs with her calves as she unbuckled the red patent-leather belt about her waist and cast it away. “Do you like it? How do you feel watching me dance and undress?”

Clementine’s answer was caught in her dry throat. She swallowed hard, twice, and wheezed. “It’s… uh… n-nice,” she managed to say at last. “I feel all hot and tingly… kinda like whenever Poppa sucked on my titties, or my pussy.” She blushed at her confessed emotional and physical response to Stella’s gyrations. “and, like yesterday… and the day before… when Royce… f-fucked me” Clementine slumped back in the big chair. Her left hand, cupping her breast through her thin chemise, slid its fine material in a broad circle over her heart. Her thumb worked a smaller area, satisfying itself with her puffed pink-brown dollar-size areola and its proud popping nipple.

Stella had unhooked and stepped out of her dress while Clementine was clearing her throat and reporting her observations. Now she stood, swaying her perfect 34-23-34 hourglass figure, naked but for the skimpiest of camisoles, which hung by its slender spaghetti straps from her shoulders. The cami covered her breasts and navel but did not extend as far as her hip points. Stella’s coral-lipped cunt pouted beneath her trimmed coppery pubic curls. She stepped forward another two inches and held out her arms to Clementine. “Sit up, honey,” she directed, softly but with authority, “Look at my pussy… You didn’t get to see it much when we were in the bath this morning.” Clementine extended her right arm, while maintaining her palping clutch on her right tit. Her face felt hot. Her light head spun. Stella pulled her upright and held her by her shoulders. Clementine smelled the intoxicating sex scent steaming from Stella’s moist pearly slit. “Did you like tasting me when you licked Royce’s fingers clean in the taxi, kitten? TELL me… I THINK you DID but it was too dark to see… Come, now, kitty… lick ME clean… SHOW me you like me.” Stella crooned her litany as she urged Clementine forward.

“Uhn-hunh,” Clementine whispered, mesmerized by the close heat of Stella’s cunny. When her shoulders were pressed against the older girl’s thighs, Clementine grasped Stella’s bottom with both hands and tentatively touched her tongue to the glistening pink lips confronting her. Stella widened her stance and flexed her butt, flattening herself against Clementine’s face.

Clementine’s uncertainty fled with her first direct taste of Stella’s thick treacle. She pulled her face tight against the responsive flared channel, dredging it top to bottom and back again with her nose and tongue. Stella groaned in ecstasy and pinched the teen’s sliding cheeks between her slick inside thighs. Clementine, seeking better purchase and deeper ingress, clutched and separated Stella’s glutes with her small, but strong, fingers. She latched onto the swollen exposed clit and suckled greedily.

“NYyaahhHH!” Stella moaned, burying her hands in Clementine’s pale hair. “Uhnnn… h-huh-HUNnnneee!” She stuttered as she slammed her pelvis against Clementine and pinned her to her flooding squirting pussy. Stella’s bottom and thighs quivered. She arched her back and cried, “I’m COMING… for you… Kitten!”

Clementine felt as much pride and pleasure as if she had just coaxed her Poppa or Royce to spend their goodness inside her. She bubbled happily as Stella’s juices overflowed and dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Even without touching her own pussy, she was acutely aware of her building sexual tension. Her insides itched and her titties ached. “I’m gonna burst!” She thought to herself. She shook her head and shoulders, Escort Gaziantep breaking free from Stella. Tearing her mouth from the redhead’s gash, Clementine looked up, through Stella’s tented camisole, past the underside of her perfect boobs and cried plaintively, “I wanna COME too!”

The plea shamed Stella for her selfishness. “Oh, honey!” She cried, “Of COURSE you do!” She pushed Clementine backward and fell to her knees in front of the easy chair. In a flash, Stella spread Clementine’s legs wide and drove her tongue up along the inside of her left leg to its ultimate junction. She swept the crotch of Clementine’s sheer taps to the side with her right hand and slid her left inside the loose leg hole and under the teen’s bottom. Stella thus executed an exquisite, perfectly timed, three-point attack. Simultaneously she teased Clementine’s clitoris with her right middle and index fingers while her left hand, insinuated into the dividing crease of the desperate girl’s buttocks, tickled her starry bung.

“YYYYEEEEESSSSS!” Clementine screamed. Her world exploded when Stella’s tongue tip pierced her os. She locked her legs behind Stella’s hunched back and clawed her fingers into her own doubled up creamy hams. “Ohhhhhh YES! YES! YES!” She chirped repeatedly as her orgasmic waves rolled. She closed her eyes and curled her toes. She giggled uncontrollably as she felt her pussy vibrate and realized Stella was laughing with delight, even as she slurped and swallowed the prodigious climactic flow.

Royce was toweling off when he heard Clementine’s passionate screech. He stepped naked, towel in hand, into the bedroom and surveyed the scene with a grin. Clementine’s knuckles were white from their grip on her upended naked thighs. Stella rooted in Clementine’s rut like a wild hog after acorns. Clementine’s eyes were squinched tight and her blonde hair flew as she tossed her head from side-to-side in her obvious, noisy, ecstasy.

With speed and silence, though the self-absorbed women were hardly likely to hear him, Royce pulled the hassock back to the chair and draped his towel over the gold-stitched upholstery. Standing behind Stella, with his cock as stiff as a pump handle, Royce grabbed her waist and roughly pulled her from between Clementine’s legs. He sat swiftly, throwing Stella crosswise over his thighs, drawing a bead on his target. With his dick standing upright between his gut and Stella’s left hip, Royce lowered his open right hand forcefully onto her right butt cheek.

WHACK! Stella yelped, surprised by the rapid change of venue and the sudden searing pain. “SO! You Naughty Girl!” Royce growled, delivering another blow. WHACK! “So NAUGHTY… not to WAIT!” WHACK! By the third smack Stella was struggling. The heat in her bottom melted her cunt and flashed through her abdomen to her tits. Tears welled up, then flowed, over her face, across her folded forearms onto the Oriental rug. She kicked her heels awkwardly against her calves as she squirmed on Royce’s legs. WHACK! “STOP that!” Royce snarled, effectively holding her in place with his left forearm along her spine and his strong hand splayed across the small of her back, pushing her onto his quads. WHACK! “It’ll be the worse for you… if you make me… restrain you!” Royce was panting from the exertion but showed no sign of weakening. Stella sucked her lip into her mouth and quit fighting.

Meanwhile, Clementine sat bolt upright in the big chair. Her wide-eyes showed her panic at the abrupt strenuous punishment she was witnessing. Her belt-session with Mitch, years ago, flashed through her brain and her face flushed with heat. “Royce!” She shouted, “NO! Please DON’T!”

Royce fixed her with an icy blue stare and hissed, “QUIET! Just sit there and be QUIET!” WHACK! “Watch… what happens to… Naughty… GIRLS!”

Clementine scooted, as far as she was able, to the back of the chair, tucking her legs up under her chin, obtaining as much protection as possible from her meager chemise. Her cupid’s bow mouth turned down and her lower lip quivered, but she froze otherwise and obeyed Royce’s command.

Stella grinned through her drying tears as the pain subsided and morphed into pleasure. Her burning bottom transformed to a radiant glow spreading its wonderful warmth everywhere. Royce could not help but notice the change as he felt Stella’s pussy drain its elixir onto his legs and her yelps became whimpering moans. He brought his hand to her red-streaked ass for a seventh time, except now, like a feather-duster, and lightly grazed it over her tenderized muscle. She flinched involuntarily, expecting harsher contact, then flexed and flattened her backside beneath his palm. “Nnnhhhhh,” groaned Stella, softly, as, more deeply, yet still with care, Royce massaged her sensitized skin.

Clementine’s tensed shoulders and clenched hands relaxed while she observed Stella’s changing attitude and Royce’s correspondingly gentler treatment. She also realized that, in fact, Stella probably could have broken Royce’s hold and scrambled free earlier, had she but wanted that. It dawned on Clementine this event was certainly not the same as when she had been helplessly strapped as a child. “Stella was crying… but did she LIKE it?” Clementine asked herself, vexed by the conundrum.

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