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Bookstore Frolicking

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I was in my neighborhood bookstore looking for a computer magazine. That magazine was down on the lowest shelf, so I bent over to reach for it. Just as I put my hand on the magazine, I felt someone rubbing my ass! I raised up in indignation. Who could be feeling me? As I turned around I was staring at a handsome male, probably half my age.

This guy had black hair and a handsome face. He was maybe twenty five years old. He just looked into my eyes and grinned. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. This guy made it simple for me. He turned away and headed for the men’s restroom. Ok, I decided to take the bait and find out what was going on.

By the time I stepped into the restroom, I could see a stall door close. I walked over to it and asked what the hell was going on? The stall door opened and this guy pulled me by the arm into this stall. By the time I stepped inside, my mysterious friend had pulled his pants and undies down and had his dick exposed to me.

He had a generous cock with a beautiful mushroom head on the end of it. I am not gay, but I bahis siteleri had to admire his cock.

“What is going on?” I asked.

He placed a finger to his mouth as to tell me to quiet down. He then put both hands on my shoulders and pushed down on them. He wanted me to get to my knees, I fought it at first, but this guy was insistant I kneel down. I don’t know what possessed me. I knelt down and was now staring directly at this guy’s cock.

He had it in his hand now, stroking the shaft up and down. I knelt there almost hynotized by what was going on. He slowly moved closer to me, shaking the end of his cock at my mouth. I knew he wanted me to take it, but I hesitated. My new friend helped me overcome any nervousness by putting a hand on the back of my head. He then forced my lips onto his raging hard cock.

As I opened for him, I could see the veins popping out of his stiff shaft. He pushed forward and I enveloped that thick pecker of his. I took it down my throat, just as he wanted me to. I never pulled back, I just worked my lips all over his erect canlı bahis siteleri member. I just took the whole length down to the root. Yes I was gagging at first. My friend worked his cock in and out of my mouth. He let me become accustomed to sucking him.

I was so wrapped up in this wild sex, I hadn’t bothered to hear if people were coming into the restroom while I was having oral sex. I guess it didn’t matter much after a few minutes. I am sure someone must have heard the slurping noises my mouth was making. I was too wrapped up in bringing off my lover.

It didn’t take too long before my dark haired lover was fully fucking my face. His balls were hitting my chin with each pumping motion he made. I looked up one time to see his head thrown back as I gobbled up his pecker. I knew I was starting to get into it when I reached for his sacs and started to squeeze. My lover then started to moan and he told me to go deep as I could. He said he was getting so close now. The final straw was when I pushed a finger into his tight ass.

It was then he canlı bahis went off like a fountain. His hot spray took me by surprise, but I never pulled off from his wet cock. I just sucked and drank down his load until I could feel him slowing down from fucking my face. Soon his cock was just resting in my mouth as I licked and sucked the remaining strains of seed from his cock tip. I had to admit that I didn’t mind the taste of a man’s cum. It wasn’t too bad and most of it was deep in my stomach now, anyways.

My dark haired lover finally pulled his cock from my mouth. It made a plopping noise as it came out. He just stood there and let his shaft dangle in front of my eyes. It was still long and very wet from saliva and his seed. I slurped up the last remains of the cum that was draining from the tip. My lover then bent down and pulled his pants and underwear up. I stood up and watched him get dressed again.

My new friend then pulled out a pen and paper and wrote a phone number down and then gave it to me. He told me if I ever wanted to do this again to call this number.

Right now I am home and staring at the slip of paper. I never was interested in men before, women only for me. If I call this number I know I am going down a road that I can’t turn back on. What would you do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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