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Body Paint

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I decided on chocolate. The website I found offered everything I would need for $39.99. So, I waited until she was at work to put in my order. The package arrived on Thursday – just in time, and as soon as I opened it, I knew we were both in for a treat.

We had reservations at Leonardo’s for 7:00 pm and by the time we got home at 9:00, she had that look on her face, the one that screamed for a long, sweaty sex-soaked night.

Damn, she was hot.

My sweet, sexy little cowgirl; she was my dream come true

It was her 26th birthday, but it was only the second one we’d celebrated together. Last year had been about romance and soft, sweet emotions. This year, she had quietly asked for something a little naughtier.

Of course, I’d agreed without a second’s hesitation. She didn’t know what I had planned, but she and I both knew this night would be one to remember.

I was tingling with excitement on the drive home. I was really going to enjoy this.

As soon as we walked through the door, I pulled her close.

“I have something for you.”

She kissed me hard, her tongue slipping and sliding over mine.

“Is it time for my present?”

Her voice, so close to my lips, sent thunderbolts through my clit. And, the mischievous little smile she wore scattered thousands of butterflies through my belly.

“Yes,” I replied, leaning close once again to taste her sweet lips.

“Show me,” she whispered, licking the corner of my mouth.

It was her birthday and as much as I was looking forward to the next few hours, I knew I was already holding the best present of all – her.

With one last honey sweetened kiss, I took her by the hand.

Her fingers were warm and as I led her upstairs to our bedroom, she gently caressed my palm. I wanted this; maybe as much as she did, maybe more. But the instant she opened the door and spied the small wrapped box, I forgot about my own desire and focused completely on her.

With a cute little squeal of pleasure, she snatched up the box and turned to me.

“Can I open it?”

She was like a child, so excited and happy.

I smiled and nodded my approval.

In seconds, she was holding the three small bottles of chocolate paint and the soft edible paintbrush that accompanied them.

“You remembered…”

Her voice was hushed, almost reverent.

I smiled.

“So you like it?” I asked, loving the look of pure joy in her eyes.

“Oh yeah, I like…”

While she examined her present, I thought back to how this all started. The body paint idea was hers, but not directly. The topic came up a few months ago when she stumbled on a website dedicated to professional artists using beautiful nude women as their canvas.

“Check it out honey, this is too cool.”

Her voice had been casual, but her sexy blue eyes were like molten lava when she whispered, “We should try that sometime…”

And, that was as far as we’d gotten. Nothing more was said, but I never forgot that look in her eyes.

So when she asked for something naughty, my mind flashed back to that night and I decided to see if I could recreate the heat behind that look.

Thus, the chocolate body paint experiment was born.

“There are three kinds, white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. And…,” I added, my voice dropping low. “…the brush is edible.”

The scorching smile that flashed across her face sent an electric shock wave directly to my clit.


That did it. I wanted to do this and I wanted to do it now.

I gestured toward the bed.

“You get comfortable. I’ll run downstairs and warm the chocolate.”

My voice quivered with anticipation.

She flashed me a slow, sexy smile that spoke volumes.


That Maltepe Escort was one thing she didn’t have to worry about. I slipped downstairs and slid the chocolate in the microwave. It didn’t take long to heat since I only needed it warm, not hot.

While it heated, I grabbed a tray from the counter. At the ding, I slid the jars and the brush on the tray and headed for the stairs.

I was greeted by the soft glow of candlelight as I opened our bedroom door.

And, there she was.

My rough and tumble cowgirl lay spread out before me like an Egyptian goddess. Her silky black tresses caressed the smooth, olive skin of her shoulders and rested lightly on the curve of one luscious breast. Her left leg lay curled over the calf of her right and her toes rested gently behind her on the bed.

She was breathtaking.

“Wow,” was all I could think to say.

“Come here, baby.”

My eyes traveled over the soft contours of her gloriously naked body, lingering on the slow rise and fall of her firm, succulent breasts.

On trembling knees, I crossed the carpeted floor and placed the wooden tray down on the bedside table.

“Lose the clothes, Elle.”

So, I did.

Her liquid fire eyes never left me as I slid out of my shirt and low riders. And, as the satin bra dropped from my fingertips, a soft moan escaped her lips.

I wore the black lace thong for her. She loved it on me, therefore I loved wearing it. But, at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to get it as far away from my body as I could.

I wanted… no, I needed to be free of all restraints and boundaries. Nothing was allowed to stand between me and my baby. Not tonight.

So, with a moan that matched hers, I hooked my thumbs under the edge of my thong and eased it down. Lower and lower I moved, until I was able to slide it over my ankles and drop it to the soft carpet below.


The raw need in her voice sent chills over my body and washed me in a wave of desire so fierce I had to stand still for a moment until I was able to trust my legs to carry me the rest of the way to her.

“Baby, please…”

And, that was all it took.

Two steps and she was in my arms, warm and soft, all angles and curves. I loved the way we fit together, like we were two halves of a whole.

She was my love, my life.

I grazed her lips with my own, head swimming, heart racing and as her slender fingers roamed over my skin, I sighed with the raw, undiluted pleasure coursing through my veins. I lost track of time and myself as I kissed my way to her earlobe.

“Time for dessert,” I whispered, my breath hot in her ear.

As I lowered my body over hers, I noticed the old, worn sheet covering our bed. My smart girl, she was prepared and that was good. That meant I didn’t have to worry about the mess I was about to make.

I loved feeling her under me, open and willing on that old sheet. With a sigh of pure pleasure, I reached for the still-warm jar of dark chocolate on the old wooden tray. Using my other hand, I swirled the edible brush through the creamy chocolate and turned back to the sexy treat waiting for me.

Her ocean blue eyes swam with desire as they met mine.

“Ready, Sara?” I asked, my voice raspy and foreign to my own ears.

She nodded slightly and closed her eyes, her whole body relaxed and open.

“Lie still. No moving, darling. Can you handle that?”

“Touch me, Elle,” was her response.

That brought a groan of pleasure from somewhere deep inside me.

With slightly trembling fingers, I lifted the brush to her chest. My chocolate art would start with her nipples. She loved having them touched. They were large and round, perfect targets for my tongue. But tonight was about Maltepe Escort Bayan more than that.

I brought the tip of the short, fat brush to her right nipple and drew a slow circle around and over it, lingering a moment.

Her back arched and a sigh escaped her lips. My clit twitched at the sound and I thought it might be entirely possible I could cum just by watching her.

Dipping the brush back into the creamy chocolate, I drew a curved line from her right nipple, down her breast and around the smooth skin below. With gentle precision, I dragged the soft bristles up and onto her left nipple, circling it just as I had the other.

I now had two dark chocolate circles surrounding her proud, erect nipples and a curved necklace of sweet, creamy goodness connecting the two.

With a sigh of contentment, I plunged the brush into the jar of solid white chocolate and brought it back to rest on her belly, just below her chest.

Her skin twitched as I drew the brush in a straight line from the dark chocolate to her belly button, stopping there to push the soft bristles inside.


She always loved it when I touched her there… with my mouth, my tongue, my fingers, and I knew the slightly rough texture of the brush would drive her crazy.

“Just wait till I lick that clean later,” I murmured, already anticipating the reaction I would get when I did just that.


I immersed the brush once more into the creamy, white chocolate and picked up where I left off. This time I started just below her belly button and moved in a curvy line until I was just above the shiny, quivering lips of her cleanly shaven pussy.

I was rewarded with a moan that sent a delicious spike of heat directly to my swollen clit. With the barest pressure, I swirled the brush over the outer lips of her pussy, never coming close to her hard little clit.

She thrust her hips into the air, frantically searching for the ticklish bristles of the soft brush.

“Not yet, Angel…”

“Elle…please,” she begged, her voice cracking with the effort it took not to reach for me or for that gloriously rigid clit just begging to be touched.

I smiled. I couldn’t help it. This was exactly what I wanted – what I needed. She was so vulnerable, so willing… and the sight of her in that state was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen.

My own self-control was starting to waver, but I vowed to hold out as long as I could. With a slight tremble in my hand, I dropped the brush back into the white chocolate and leaned close to her steamy cunt once again.

She gasped when the bristles came into contact with the soft skin on her inner thigh. This was another one of those spots for her and I could tell by the way she jumped that the combination of the warm chocolate and the silky brush was getting to her.

We were getting close, but I wanted to tease her just a little more. I wanted her burning for me, aching for my touch and I wanted her to be right on the edge before we gave in.

I lifted the brush from her hot thighs and dipped it in the remaining jar of chocolate. It was a creamy, light brown and a perfect shade for what I had in mind.

Ignoring the steady clench and release of my own throbbing pussy, I used soft chocolate to draw a series of swirls and dots down both her slim arms. When I finished that, I went back to the semi-warm jar of white chocolate.

Time was running out. My chocolate was starting to cool and would become too hard to spread soon, so I had to work fast.

With the gooey white chocolate dripping from the edge of my brush, I touched the tip of first one nipple and then the other.

And, as she arched beneath me, I used my left hand to spread her glistening Escort Maltepe pussy lips. Once she was wide open before me, I dragged the chocolate-covered brush over her clit and down to her beckoning cunt.

“Yesss….Elle, please baby…”

For a moment more, I teased the opening of her hot box and without warning, rotated the handle of the brush so that it became a miniature dildo.

A single thrust and I was inside.

Her cry matched mine as I slid the brush into her hot cunt all the way to the hilt. The only thing left outside her clenching pussy was the chocolate covered tip I’d used on her just moments before.

I held still, allowing her body time to adjust to the feeling of having the paintbrush handle shoved deep inside her hot hole and then while she watched, I lowered my swirling head close to her hot pussy lips.

I stopped only when the chocolate-covered bristles were an inch away from my mouth.

“Fuck, Elle…that’s it, do it honey.”

And, as she thrust up, her hips tense with the effort, I took the bristles in my mouth and surrounded them with my lips, bobbing my head up and down slightly, all the while creating friction inside her pussy with the rigid brush handle.

I could feel the muscles of her inner thighs tighten around me and I knew she was close. I wasn’t ready to let her go just yet. Almost… but not yet, so easing my head back, I looked up into her eyes.

“Almost, honey…,” I promised.

As she looked on with hooded eyes, I reached for the jar of dark chocolate one last time.

Using the first two fingers on my right hand, I dipped them as far down into the jar as I could. When I drew them out, I had a thick chocolate coating all the way down to my knuckles.


I turned back to Sara and to a look that carried so much heat, I thought my skin would catch fire.

This time the moan was all mine.

“Baby…,” I whispered, my voice betraying the pure physical assault she was having on my senses.

Her lips parted in a silent invitation and I complied, leaning close to taste her in a deep, hard kiss.

After seconds, minutes, hours… I drew away and brought my chocolate covered fingers to her lips.

“Wanna taste?”

Her sharp tongue flicked over my fingers, down and up, around and over. My heart began to race and my clit became a solid steel button, aching for release. I had to stop her after a few more seconds of that sweet torture or else I would be forced to forfeit the rest of my plan altogether.

With painful effort, I withdrew my fingers and slid them down her body until they rested on either side of her swollen clit. I let them rest there as I bent my head down and slid my tongue over both my fingers and her hard, little button at the same time.

My left hand drifted back to the invading paintbrush and began to rock it back and forth, in and out….until my mouth and my hand were working in perfect rhythm.

As my pace increased, she started to rock against me. She was so wet and open. I couldn’t help myself. With barely a pause, I straightened the first two fingers on my left hand and slid them inside her hot cunt, along with the fat handle of the paintbrush.

The tremors started almost instantly.

“Oh fuck…Yessssssssss……..”

I rode the waves with her, never letting go of her granite clit. Even as I felt her pussy walls clench and pull at my fingers, I refused to stop the motion.

I fucked her through the first orgasm and then the second, creamy chocolate mixing with sweet cum and then when she took a ragged breath and begged for a break, I used my tongue to clean her up, top to bottom. I licked off every ounce of that delicious blend until there was no evidence of my chocolate body paint experiment except for the warm creamy taste filling my mouth.

Afterward, she pulled me to her chest, where I lay silent and aching until she murmured the words that sent chills throughout my body and a shock of searing heat to my throbbing clit.

“Your turn…”

08-02-08 For Marcy

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