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BobbyJo Sue, Trailer Park Queen

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My name is Bobbie Jo Sue Langhorne. I been voted Trailer Park Queen in 1988, and in 1990 and 1991 I got voted Most Likely to Paint Tree Trunks White. I got married, got me a good job over to the Shoney’s Big Boy, and then got divorced when I come home to find my husband sprawled on top of my best friend, Betty Jo, except me and her done made up since then.

But I got to having a hankering for a man, and not just any man. No sir, I wanted me one of them dominants I done heard about on Jerry Springer. Them fellers was all fire and leather, I tell you what, looking all hot and talking about tying up a woman and having their way with her and all. It got me all in a sweat, so next time I went down to Miz Agnes’ beauty shop to get my hair do’ed up, I seen Betty Jo and told her I was getting me one of them kinda men.

“What’s wrong with Bill down to the muffler shop?” she ast me.

“Oh hell. Everbody knows Bill’s been sneakin’ out come the weekend to do some cock fighting,” says Miz Agnes.

“Miz Agnes, you are a droppin’ your ashes on me again,” I said, flicking the plastic cover that was draped over my shoulders. Miz Agnes tries to give up smoking cigars now and then, but gets to be a cranky old bitch when she does, so everbody always takes her a pack of Pantellas just to keep her cheered up. You don’t want nobody messing with putting a perm in your hair if they are in a bitchy mood and need a smoke. Last time she tried to quit smoking and was dyeing my hair, she made me a brunette. It took me a lot of peroxide to get my hair back to the blonde I like.

Well, me and Betty Jo and Miz Agnes done talked it over and I thunk on it for a few days, until Betty Jo comes over to my double-wide one night and tells me she done found me a man.

“Shut your mouth!” says I, all excited like. “Where?”

Well, Betty Jo done flipped through all the personal ads in the Kwality Rite shopper. She been looking for a sale on a La-Z-Boy that Corky, that’s her husband now, been wanting. So she seen them ads and sure enough, there was one from a man who was a looking for a woman to be his submissive. I tell you what, I was all on fire just thinking about it.

Next thing you know, Betty Jo is over there giggling and holding her hand over her mouth and I’m on the phone, waving my hand at her to shut up, and me and this feller set up a place to meet. She tells me I got to keep a journal of all this. That women going on journeys like this got to keep a journal, so that’s what I’m a doing.

Me and him hit it off together just fine, I thought. We met over to Ed’s Steak House. I wore jeans and a cute shirt and sandals. This man looked mighty fine, tall and black hair and big blue eyes, clean-shaven. He pulled out my chair for me, which Macey, my husband, never done. We ate and he asked me questions and I asked him stuff. All the time I was wondering why he wasn’t wearing none of that leather, but he had on a fine business suit, all soft gray and a tie, real classy like. He told me all about how he’d like to tie me to a bed and honey, I was ready, let me tell you. Says his name is Arthur, just like out of a book about knights.

Now he calls me the next day, just like a gentleman, all polite and classy, like I said. Tells me that if I’m still intrested, I can be his submissive. Well sir, I said yes. So he tells me from now on, I got to call him Master. Well I’m thinking that if he ties me to a bed and we have some hot sex, that would be fine by me. So I says ok.

Next thing I know, I’m moving out of my double-wide and renting it to Cassie, Betty Jo’s cousin. Cassie went to beauty school and wanted to go help Miz Agnes. I warned Cassie not to let Miz Agnes stop smoking and if she did, to watch out for Miz Agnes getting all nervous and mixing up the dye bottles again. Cassie says ok. Her boyfriend John Mack come by and started moving stuff in, so I started moving my stuff out.

I get over to Master’s about 3:30, and I’m rushing because I got to get ready for work. It’s a Friday, and başakşehir escort you can get a lot of tips on a Friday night cause people get paid, they ready to eat and relax, and we got a special on fish, too.

But Master was there when I got there, and he says no, I don’t need to work there no more. He calls my boss and next thing I know, I’m out of a job, but he’s saying not to worry.

Then he watches me while I hang up my clothes. I know he liked my snakeskin boots a lot because he kept picking them up and saying “incredible.”

Now his house was a palace. That’s just all there is to it; a regular palace. So me and him go downstairs to eat, cause it’s getting to be 5:00 and he says he dines at 5:00. I like that word, “dines.” I done never dined before.

We get over to the table, and what does he do but lean down, kiss my hand, smile with them big ‘ol blue eyes of his, and tell me I got to take off alla my clothes. I argue, he smiles, keeps holding my hand, keeps telling me nobody is around but me and him and some butler. I tell him I done never set down to eat butt nekkid before. Master tells me from now on, that’s how I eat.

Well, that food surely did look good and smell good, too, and I was right hungry, so I pull off my clothes, though he makes me slow down and take ’em off slow, like. Then I got to stand there for a few minutes while he touches me here and there, rubs his hand on my breast, til I’m all hot to go have sex but no, now we got to eat.

So he pulls out a chair for me and I sit down, right next to him. But then he ties a rope around my waist, tying me to the chair. And then he took my legs, opened them wide, tied them on each side of the chair. I was so all-fired hot and shaky for him to touch me, I didn’t much care right then. So he leaves my arms free. The chair was kinda uncomfortable because it had some kinda mesh and no cushion, but I figured submissives must set on a lotta uncomfortable chairs. He sets down, I’m waiting, and then the butler comes in with a silver tray all covered with a pretty cloth, sets it down, and walks out. I was all red in the face cause here I am naked as a jaybird, but Master, he just smiles and pulls the cover offa the tray.

I was right disappointed. I was waiting for one of them whips or something but instead, it was just a bunch of forks and spoons. He flips his napkin and tucks it onto one of his knees, and tells me I got to do the same. So I jerk my napkin off the table and push it onta my leg and all of a sudden, damnation, I feel this hot sting all over my butt.

“What the hell was that?” I yelped.

Well, he just chuckles and smiles and says that’s for not doing it right. So he shows me again. I can’t see what I’m doing wrong, but I try it again. No, I get my butt stung by that damn chair again.

“Ok, that’s it, I’m outta here,” I says, but of course, I can’t go because my legs are all tied and I can’t reach back there where he’s got it all knotted up.

“You agreed to stay here,” he said. “And where will you live? How will you earn a living?”

Well, he had me there. And I did agree. And he sure did look pretty, especially when he smiled.

I got stung three more times before I figured out how to lay my napkin down in my lap just right.

Finally, we get ready to eat. I was thinking no damn wonder he starts out at 5:00. By the time we go through alla this, it’s going to be pushing 6:00.

“Begin,” he said, nodding at my plate and the food on the table.

Well sir, I look down at my plate, and hell if there ain’t about 12 forks and knives just at my place! I knew that butler done messed up bad, but Master, he said no, he says I got to learn how to use them just right. I say why? He says so I can be ready, all proper like, to go to the big Farmingdale Country Dance and Dinner in the spring.

Well, now I’m excited. I heard all my life about the Farmingdale Country Club. Nobody in my family ever been there. Someone said Gertie Mae went onct, but I think that was kadıköy escort just Gertie Mae getting drunk and bragging like she always does. So I was excited and I decided if that’s what it meant, I’d learn me how to use them forks and knives and what not.

But ever time I picked up the wrong fork, I get my butt fried, and Master, he just laughed and smiled. I was beginning to hate his ass because he was zapping mine, but see, I couldn’t move outta that chair. So I learnt finally I got to start on the outside and work my way in with them forks and knives and spoons, and I can’t put my roll over on my plate, I got to use a little plate just for that. Then I thought I done got another glass of water, but that was for warshing my fingers.

When dinner was over, he untied me and had me to lean over the table, and I could feel him touching my butt, feel his fingers rubbing and probing and pushing up in me until I was about to drown right there on the table, and I didn’t care if the butler did walk right in on it, I was wanting Master to just throw me down on that table and have me right there with that Jell-O stuff that he kept calling aspic but was really Jell-O.

So upstairs we go, and sure enough, he ties me to the bed, and I lay there all naked and hot and feeling blood pounding in me way down there, a watching him undress while he smiles at me, slowly taking off his jacket and his pants, laying them gently on a chair, watching me watch him. And honey, he was fine. That man didn’t have an ounce of fat on him, no sir he did not. So I try to sit up but I’m tied, and I tug and he smiles a lot more and leans over me, touching and pinching and I’m about wild for wanting it and him, and honey, believe me when I say that man made me talk to God.

Now after a few days of me getting my butt stung on that damn chair and getting used to walking around all naked all the time, and then getting tied up at night or having him spank me, he tells me he wants me to learn to send out invitations. Well hell. I know how to do that.

But no, he says I got to pick out the ones I want. I got to learn all about embossing and paper colors and weights and do I want rough edges or smooth ones and matching envelopes. I got to learn how to address them right and put RSVP and I got to write nice and neat, too. And the whole time he’s a teaching me this, he got me leaning over a desk with my legs pulled open, tied to each of the desk legs, and he’s sitting near me. And if I mess up, he whacks my butt with this crop, see, or sometimes he would just slide it right up between my legs and rub it right on my clit, real slow, til I’d jump and then I’d mess up again, and he’d laugh and swat me again. So it took me a while to learn this and order them invites right and fix ’em and all.

And my butt was all red and sore, too, but then he put me on the bed and kissed my butt all over and done flipped me over and started a kissing me there, too, his tongue all nasty and hot and pushing in me until I’m just whimpering and begging him. Now he likes that, me begging. Well, I was begging all right. I woulda got more invitations if he’da kept on doing that thing with his tongue. Macey never done that. I wisht he had cause I surely do love it. And then Master would tie my wrists and ankles and tease me with his tongue, then he’d stop, then he’d pull out that crop or a flogger and tap me, strike me with it, just real soft sometimes, til I was all wild again and sobbing and begging and stuff, and after a we’d have sex, the whole time I’m tied up, and I’d just want more and more and more.

Now we had to learn me how to walk in high heels, I mean higher than what I used to wear to church socials, like about 4 inches high. And one day he took me on a plane he owned – he owns a plane! – and we went a flying for a long time and we went to this place called Saks Fifth Avenue, and he got me all kinds of stuff to wear. I told him he could get a better deal at one a them K-Mart blue light specials, and I esenyurt escort bayan think he might try it cause he said “incredible” a lot, just like he done when he seen my boots.

But it was good he got me clothes, cause I want you to know, when we got back home, that butler done took everthing I had and ruint it. He said he was trying to get it cleaned up, but I bet he wanted them snakeskin boots of mine because I knowed he liked ’em too. He used to do the same thing Master did, just look at them and say “incredible. Positively amazing.” So I think he done took it all just to hide he took my boots, but I don’t know why cause he couldn’t wear ’em none, his feet was too big. But Master, he wouldn’t fire him or nothing, and I got me all these fine clothes, so I just keep my mouth shut after that. But I kept an eye on that butler.

Well, I learned me how to walk in high heels, except Master would have me walk up and down in front of him while I wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing except them heels, up and down, up and down. Ever time I lose my balance, swat! right on my butt or sometimes right on my clit, except that I’d get all hot and excited when he done that, and then after a while before you knowed it, he’d tie me to a table or bed and we’d be having sex. So I liked them heels.

Then he made me get my hair done. I think maybe he done had a bad experience with a woman who had real blonde hair like mine, because he would just say “I can’t bear to look at it.” So I figured it done reminded him of some lost love, so I says yes and I get it all cut and dyed and it’s a real pretty soft brown again like it used to be in high school. But that hairdresser wouldn’t use no rollers on me, and he cut out most of the perm that Miz Agnes done put in it, so I knowed she would be mad if she knew that, don’t matter how many Panatellas I took her next time.

Next I got to learn how to walk real slow and careful in them high heels while I’m wearing this real low cut dress that’s all tight and slinky. I tell Master I need to wear it like I would if I was a going out. He says to me “how so?” and I says “like with my bra and panties” and he just laughs and tells me I ain’t got no bra and no panties no more, that butler done throwed ’em out. So now I’m thinking I don’t want to know what that butler has been doing with my panties, no how.

So I have to practice a walking around in high heels and this real tight dress and I ain’t wearing no underwear at all, and it’s a real short dress, too. So I got to learn how to be careful like when I go up stairs, I’m thinking. And we kept working on how to use silverware, and I got to know which glass I drink from, and ever time I mess up, my butt gets zapped by that damn chair, or he spanks me or flogs my butt. But I can’t complain none because I loved him a tying me up and I surely did love what he did with his tongue. That surely must be what the preacher was a talking about when he talks about sin and lust because that tongue of Master’s is surely a demon, but I do love it.

Well it gets to be time to go to the big dance and dinner, and I’m that excited. I notice him carrying his bag that has his ropes and his crop and so on, but he just smiles at me and won’t say a word. So I think we might be going somewhere after the dinner, like maybe to a hotel. So I took my journal, because I want to add that, too.

Now the dinner was all fancy, and I was sure glad I knew what I was doing with alla them spoons and forks. Everbody was real nice. I kept nodding a lot because Master said he felt it was better if I didn’t speak. I figure that’s another submissive lesson I’ll get learnt me. So I just nodded and smiled a lot.

When we done finished dinner and dancing, we went out on the back porch, what he called a patio, and we was looking at the moon and I was thinking how glad I was Betty Jo looked at the Kwality Rite. So he was a holding me and telling me how intresting his life was now and how pretty I looked.

Now he tells me I got to learn me how to speak different. So I’m thinking my butt is gonna get stung by that damn chair again, though I don’t see nothing wrong no way with how I talk.

But if he uses that tongue a his, I bet I’ll be saying them fancy words quicker’n a greased pig running from a butcher.

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