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Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 02

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As I pulled into the driveway I could feel my pussy aching even more. I had never had sex like that. I still had Allen’s cum leaking onto my panties. I wondered as I entered my front door if Dave was still awake.

I went into the bedroom and Dave was sound asleep. However I wanted him to be awake, I wanted him to smell Allen’s scent on me. Surprisingly I didn’t feel a bit of guilt about what I had just done.

I changed into my nightgown. I left Allen’s scent on me. I rubbed my clit using the cum that was still leaking out of me to get myself off. I was very relaxed and pondered the next time I could see Allen.

Dave’s alarm went off at 6am to go to work. He didn’t touch me which I was surprised at. He normally would kiss and hold me for a couple minutes before he got out of bed. I heard him get in the shower and I dozed off. I awoke around 7:45am and noticed Dave had left for work.

I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. A big mess of Allen’s cum dripped out of me. It felt like he had left a gallon of it inside my pussy. The soreness felt great. Kinda like a after the gym workout sore. I looked outside to Allen’s house and noticed his truck was gone. He must of been at work I figured.

As the day went on all I could do was dream about the intense sex I had. I should feel jealous and angry about Dave impregnating his coworker but all I wanted to do was feel Allen’s magic dick inside of me again.

Dave arrived home around 6pm. I had his dinner prepared and waiting on the table for him. I told him the kids would be gone til later this evening and we needed to discuss the situation nişantaşı escort with his coworker.

We sat down to dinner. I was surprised I wasn’t angry. Basically anything he had to say I could care less. If he wanted to run off with his coworker, fine, if he wanted to stay together, fine. I so wanted to tell him how good Allen had fucked me the night before but I decided to keep it to myself. I wasn’t sure how Dave would react to that and plus, he and Allen had hit it off pretty good.

Dave told me he wanted his coworker to have an abortion and focus on fixing us. I told him to do what needed to be done with her and we could work on our marriage later. He was surprised that I wasn’t emotional or upset at all.

As I put dishes away Dave went to the living room to watch tv. I heard Allen’s truck pull into his drive. I so wanted to go outside and greet him. I was hoping he had been thinking of me all day as I had been him.

About thirty minutes later I heard a car door shut. I looked outside and saw a car in Allen’s drive. A petite bikini model looking blonde got out and walked up to Allen’s front door. Now the green eyed monster of jealousy struck. How could this little bitch get some of that big cock that had fucked me silly the night before.

I knew I couldn’t be mad at Allen. He was a single guy and could see or date whoever he chose. I am sure wearing a uniform with his good looks that women approached him all the time. Here I was, jealous that my lover was with someone else but not at all upset that my husband had impregnated his coworker.

Dave went to bed around 10pm. I looked out şişli escort the front window and noticed the car in Allen’s driveway. I wanted to go slash the tires but decided not to. I walked outside and over to the far side of Allen’s house where his bedroom was.

I looked in the window and was able to see the blonde standing in front of his bed. She was totally nude except for wearing high heels. Allen was laying on his bed stroking his big cock watching the little blonde dance in front of him. Although my jealousy was there I felt my pussy start to tingle. It was a turn on to watch this.

The little blonde kneeled at the end of the bed as Allen sat on the edge. She was total opposite of me. Not a BBW, and her chest, although small, looked as if she had implants. She took his gorgeous cock and began sucking on it. I could hear Allen moan with pleasure. This little gal was sucking him like a vacuum. She sucked and stroked his dick like a pro. She looked to be in her late twenties. I wondered how Allen had met her.

After sucking him for several minutes Allen stood up. He picked the tiny blonde up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He lowered her on his dick ever so slowly. He was positioned in front of his closet mirrors so they both could watch. It looked like his big cock was impaling her.

He began pumping her, slowly at first and then he picked up the speed. I could hear her scream as he began fucking her hard like a machine. Her blonde hair flailed about wildly. I could see her juices flow out of her as Allen hit her Gspot several times. That guy could fuck.

Allen mecidiyeköy escort then let her down, she got on all fours and he entered her from behind. I ducked because I thought for sure they could see me looking at them. He was behind her and they both were facing the window. He had a white colored curtain that was parted just enough for me to see in fairly clearly. I looked around to make sure no neighbors had noticed me in Allen’s backyard window peeping. Thankfully the rest of the neighborhood was in for the evening.

I laughed at myself thinking how crazy this was. A grown woman peeping in her neighbors window, a neighbor who was a cop. What would he think if he saw me. Would he ever speak to me again.

I crept up to the window and saw Allen had her shoulders and head pinned to the floor and he fucked her from behind. I could hear her screams. She was telling Allen it hurt but not to stop. He continued fucking her hard until he let out a deep moan. I could see he was coming n her. I could see sweat glistening off his chest and forehead. After he came he collapsed on top of her. I decided it was time for me to leave.

I went back home and knew I needed a shower. With the humid August weather and the hot sex scene I had just witnessed I was quite turned on. While in the shower I used the shower wand and it pulsated my clit. The orgasm nearly caused me to blackout. I imagined Allen fucking me with his big cock and me tit fucking him with my big tits watching the head of his dick pop in and out.

Dave was sound asleep. I shook my head at him. He has no conscious at all I realized. I got in bed and thought how I could see Allen again. That is if he still wanted to see me.

My phone then chimed that a text came through. It was from Allen, the text read “I hope you enjoyed the show”.

To be continued…

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