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Blossoming Ch. 06

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So that was Lana’s story….well part of it at least. And perhaps now you can see why she likes her job so much, especially when someone as gorgeous as Nicole shows up with her lover.

Mark sat in a large comfy lounge chair in the corner of the room and just soaked up the whole thing. The soft music, the dim lighting, the way the room was so tastefully and yet at the same time, so erotically furnished with large paintings of nudes on the walls, and small bronze and marble statues of more naked bodies placed around the room amid all the heavy wooden furniture and the massive four posted bed that took pride of place in the centre of one wall.

As Mark was looking around his eyes were drawn to the bed and what was hanging from the posts…..ropes. Not the crappy rough sort of rope you buy in a hardware store but the soft velvety rope so often used in the photo’s of Shibari that he was so fond of. Wow, this could really turn out to be one of his fantasies come true. He’d always wanted to tie Nicole up and have his way with her. He didn’t want to hurt her, he would never do that, but just the thought of her laying on a bed completely helpless and vulnerable eager to be plundered made his cock hard.

His mind was soon brought back to the two visions of loveliness in front of him and he was completely captivated by the way that these two gorgeous women looked into each other’s eyes with such sexual intensity and at the same time loving tenderness. This was going to be heavenly.

The girls were standing facing each other and both were breathing heavily in anticipation of what was to come. Nicole could feel that all too familiar feeling of pussy juices starting to make their way from the inside of her panties to the outside to a point where she thought she was wetting herself. Lana wasn’t far from the same scenario, her mind flashing back to that night in Thailand and the things that she was shown and how she was now hoping and wishing that Nicole would be up for as well.

Lana’s right arm went out and rested on Nicole’s left shoulder where she gently hooked her pinkie finger under the strap of the dress that Nic was wearing and slowly pulled it so that it dropped off her shoulder. Then with her left hand, she did the same to the strap on Nic’s right shoulder. Nicole just stood there staring at Lana, breathing more heavily now and drinking in the aroma of her pussy combined with the juices that were flowing from Lana’s pussy. God, Nic could hardly wait to feast her eyes, and her lips and her tongue istanbul travesti and her fingers and Mark’s cock on Lana’s pussy, and whatever else she was willing to offer up.

Mark just sat there mesmerised, his cock growing harder and harder by the second with pre-cum now starting to stain the front of his pants.

Lana’s hands went to the top hem of Nic dress and slowly pulled it down over her breasts which were covered so seductively by the most gorgeous half cup bra that mark had bought her. Not enough to cover her nipples which meant that by now they were achingly hard and dying to be kissed and licked and sucked…………….and fucked.

Nicole’s eyes slowly closed as she drank in the feelings of Lana’s hands so loving exploring her upper body. Without even knowing she pushed her tits out towards Lana in a desperate attempt to have her doing something with them….ANYTHING. She was shaking as Lana’s hands gently traced light lines over her shoulders, across the top of her chest and over her nice big firm tits. Mark always loved Nicole’s breasts, so firm and so damn delicious.

By now, mark had his hard cock in his hands and was gently stroking his hand up and down the shaft being careful not to cum. His balls were filling with cum that he was determined to have all over the girls by the time he had finished with them, but in the mean time he was content to sit back and watch a most erotic show.

Lana pushed the rest of Nic’s dress to the floor leaving Nicole standing in the lingerie that Mark had bought her, and dear God, did she look good. Feet slightly apart, pussy drenched to the point where Mark could now actually see the river of juice running down the inside of Nic’s thigh. He can’t remember the last time he had seen her so Horny….was it with Angela perhaps?

He didn’t really care. All he wanted tonight was for Nicole to enjoy herself…..nothing got him off more than watching and hearing his lover getting off….

Slowly Lana leaned forward and cupped one of Nicole’s heaving breasts in her hand and gently brought the nipple up to her lips. Her tongue lightly licking the hard nipple circling it and then gradually took it into her mouth and sucked. Gently to begin with and gradually increasing the pressure until Nic was actually holding the back of Lana’s head and pulling her forward as if wanting her to devour her whole heavy breast.

Nicole was in sapphic heaven as Lana sucked and licked with total abandon. She wasn’t going without though istanbul travestileri as her left hand has slowly but surely made its way up her own dress and very soon had two fingers plunging in and out of her own dripping wet sex.

Nicole gestured for Lana to stand up and pulled her gently towards her and kissed her passionately on the lips, open mouths and soft tongues gently exploring each others mouths, breathing in each others perfumes and aromas.

Nicole soon returned Lana’s favor and pushed her dress to the floor revealing an absolute vision, so much so that Mark stopped stroking his cock momentarily and Nicole actually looked over to him with a look that said “Can you believe what’s happening here?”.

Nicole looked Lana up and down and her sexual desires went into overdrive. She wanted the lot. She wanted Mark’s cock in her mouth, she wanted Lana’s tongue on her pussy, she wanted Mark’s hands on her tit’s, she wanted Lana’s finger in her arse and she wanted it now.

Lana sensed the pent up sexual desperation in Nicole and gently put a finger to her lips and whispered “ssshhhhhh”, and then gently kissed her again. Lana broke away and walked seductively over to a chair near where mark was sitting and poured herself and Nicole some more champagne. For Mark, she poured a glass of scotch.

Mark could not believe (well actually he could) how good Nicole looked tonight, her skin was glowing and she was looking fantastic as she’d been working out again. He loved looking at her, it didn’t matter whether she was dressed or undressed (preference to undressed), she turned him on so much….not only that, he just liked being around her.

“So, Nicole…….you seem to enjoy being with a woman” Lana said.

Was she kidding?

“Actually, I love being with women, don’t get me wrong, I love men, but there is just something so good about a smooth juicy pussy that just makes me wet myself”

Lana’s eyebrows went up in feigned surprise and a wry smile crossed her lips. “Well then, I think tonight will shape up just fine”, “Please excuse me, I’ll be right back”, said Lana, and she left the room.

Nicole walked over to where mark was sitting and noticed that he was still gently stroking his hard cock and couldn’t miss the river of pre-cum that was running over his fist as he slowly pumped. She asked him if he was enjoying himself, and the look on his face suggested that no words were necessary. She slowly bent over and kissed deeply and passionately just the way he travesti istanbul liked it. She took his cock in her hand and started to slowly massage the hard rod that she was going to have any way she could get by night end.

Nicole slowly sank to her knees between Mark’s legs and took his cock in her mouth and gently sucked. Mark’s eyes rolled back in his head as his swollen manhood disappeared down Nicole’s throat and he let out a long, low groan. He loved being sucked by Nic, she was so fucking good at it, and he was only too happy to let her practice.

She cupped his balls with one hand while the other ran up and down his cock as she sucked. Mark opened his eyes and found that he could see the reflection of Nicole’s gorgeous arse being divided by the g-string panties that he had bought her for this very night. He loved that sight….you know the one….the girl bent over and her pussy rolling through just waiting to be fucked.

Nicole was so busy sucking mark’s cock that she didn’t notice that Lana had slipped back into the room, but Mark did and smiled at her as she came in, finger to her lips motioning for Mark to stay quiet and not alert Nic to the fact that she had come back. Lana made her way quietly closer to the two, her eyes fixed on Nicole’s gorgeous round arse in the air as she devoured Mark’s sex. Mark looked at Lana and got a quiet thrill out of being watched as his girl sucked him. The noises coming from Nicole making it obvious that she was really enjoying her meal.

Mark kept her going by keeping his hand on the back of Nic’s head and she was only too happy to oblige, she loved sucking him, she loved knowing how much he enjoyed it and funnily enough she loved his cum. And you know what…..so did he but that’s another story.

Nic could feel Mark’s balls tighten as he approached orgasm and kept going. She knew he was good for a few more. She sucked harder and his hips started to buck forward a little quicker as the inevitable approached. Mark let out a big groan as his cum shot from his cock into Nic’s hungry waiting mouth. It felt like it was never going to end as gush after gush made its way into his lover.

As the orgasm subsided Nicole decided to surprise Mark by keeping a little cum in her mouth and then coming up and kissing him making sure that he could taste what he’d given her. Mark was only too happy to oblige with that and this turned her on no end.

But now it was Nic’s turn. Her arse still on show for all the world suddenly had the hands and lips of Lana on it. She jumped and squealed only to be reassured by Mark that it was only Lana and that it was now her turn to be the centre of attention from two very willing people. Mark and Lana were going to take Nicole to places she had never even dreamed of.

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