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Blast From The Past

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I first met Tom when I was 16. He was 18. He was also my best friend’s boyfriend. Even then I had a soft spot for him. I was a pretty awkward teenager. Lacking self confidence, I was convinced I was ugly. Even though Michelle was my best friend I was insanely jealous of her. She was good looking and, even at 16, had a fabulous figure that made her a hit with the boys. I’d never had a boyfriend, probably because I didn’t have the confidence to make the most of my looks.

As I said, I liked Tom. It wasn’t that he was particularly good looking, although he wasn’t bad. It was more because he was all ways really nice to me. He treated me as a real person and not, as I thought of myself, as Michelle’s ugly friend. He was always someone friendly to talk to. Someone that would take time to listen to my worries and never dismiss me as just some silly girl. The fact that, according to Michelle, he was fantastic in bed only added to his appeal. If anything, I think I was more upset than Michelle when they split up and he left to go to university.

Michelle was always totally frank about her sex life. She’d been doing it since she was 15. I’m convinced she insisted in telling me all the details to boost her ego, knowing that since I’d never done more than have a quick snog at a school disco, I’d be bound to be jealous. Sometimes I almost hated her but I found the details highly arousing. At night I’d lie in bed fantasizing about the things she’d told me that she and Tom had done. Usually I simply imagined them at it but sometimes, if I was feeling particularly daring, I would imagine that Tom was with me, his cock pumping in and out of my virgin pussy, taking me to unexplored height of passion.

I haven’t seen Michelle since we left school but I’ll always be grateful for those lurid descriptions. Thanks to them I developed a vivid imagination that has brought me a lot of pleasure over the intervening years. As for Tom, well our paths would cross again about six years later.

It was a warm, sultry August evening, around 7pm, and I was on my home from work. I was a student and I’d taken a summer job as a waitress in a near by restaurant. It wasn’t much but it kept my fed and put a roof over my head. My local pub was about two minutes from my flat. In the summer there were tables in the front courtyard. As it was such a lovely evening I decided to stop off for a quick drink.

The inside was crowded. I made my way to the bar and ordered a large glass of wine. As I turned around I bumped into the person behind me almost spilling my drink. “Oops, sorry,” I said. I stepped back. As I got a proper look at him I was hit by a sudden flash of recognition. “Tom?” I enquired, not quite believing my eyes. He looked puzzled for a moment, hardly surprising given how much my appearance had changed in the last six years. His momentary confusion passed. “Julie? Bloody hell, Julie. How are you?”

“Fine. Just fine,” I replied, “you?”

“Pretty good. What are you doing here?”

“I’m just having a quick drink on my way home from work. What about you?”

“I’m just here with a couple of friends. You can join us if you like.”

I agreed. Tom lead me towards his table where he introduced me to Steve and Tracey. They were friends of his from university and he was staying with them few days before heading back down to Manchester where he had been working since he graduated two years earlier.

We chatted and had a few more drinks. It was about an hour later when Tracey decided it was time for her and Steve to leave. Smiling at Tom she said, “You two obviously have a lot of catching up to do so we’ll leave you to it.”

“You don’t have to go,” I replied. I was enjoying their company, although the idea of having Tom to myself for a while was quite appealing.

“No, it’s fine,” she replied, “it’s been nice meeting you. You got keys to get in?”

Tom nodded, “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t wait up,” he said cheekily.

“Don’t worry, we won’t. And don’t make too much noise when you get back.”

“I won’t if you two don’t,” he replied with a knowing smirk.

Tracey poked her tongue out at him in mock anger then kissed him on the cheek. “Have a nice night you two.”

“Thanks. We will, see you guys later,” said Tom.

With that, they left. We had a few more drinks as we reminisced, chatting about friends from school and other matters. It must have been about 9 o’ clock when it dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime. “You hungry?” I asked. Then, with a smile I added, “‘Cos I’m starving.”

Tom laughed then replied, “Well, now you mention it, I am a bit peckish.”

“There’s a pizza place about two minutes from here and my flat’s just round the corner,” I ventured, “if you like me could get something there and nip back to mine.”

It was a totally innocent request with no, conscious, ulterior motive. Until then I’d been perfectly content just talking to him. I must confess that I felt something begin to stir inside me almanbahis adres when he smiled then replied, “Sure, great idea. Lead the way.”

In less than fifteen minutes we were back at mine, eating our pizzas and washing them down with the remains of a bottle of wine from my fridge. Having already drunk more than I’d intended the wine had gone to my head. That, combined with Tom’s proximity, added to a growing sense of frustrated longing. I wanted him to take me, as he’d done so often in my fantasies.

Maybe Tom was having the same feelings about me; maybe it was just that the wine had loosened or inhibitions. One minute we were sitting together on the sofa chatting, the next we were in each others’ arms, our lips pressed firmly together.

A shiver ran through me as I felt his hands explore my body. I felt his hand move to the front of my blouse, slowly undoing the buttons. He kissed down my neck then over the swelling of my breasts. My hand found its way to his jeans and quickly had them open. Tom’s teeth pinched my nipple through the material of my bra as my hand slid inside his shorts and, for the first time, touched the proud, hard erection that I’d fantasised about so often.

Tom gasped softly as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to stroke it slowly. I let out a low moan of lust as he pushed the cup of my bra aside and sucked my exposed nipple in to his mouth, flicking it lightly with his tongue. My pussy was on fire, my knickers already felt uncomfortably wet.

Without warning I broke his embrace and slid off the sofa to kneel in front of him. I looked up and smiled as I grabbed the waist of his jeans and began to tug. Distantly I heard him ask, “Are you sure about this Julie?” I put a finger to my lips. “Sshh,” I said softly, “I’ve wanted to do this with you for years.” He smiled and raised his hips to make it easier for me. I pulled his jeans and shorts down with one movement and was rewarded with my first glimpse of his cock. It was as long and as thick as I ‘d imagined it could be. Smiling to myself, I realised that Michelle had described to me pretty accurately. I held it in my left hand and leaned forward. Tom moaned as I kissed the tip then ran my tongue slowly up and down its length, coating it from balls to tip with a fine film of saliva.

I opened my hungry mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh Julie!” he murmured as I slowly slid my mouth down his shaft, taking the tip into the back of my throat. When I had as much of his cock in my mouth as I could take I wrapped my fingers around the remaining couple of inches. Moving my hand and mouth together, I slowly began to slide up and down the length of his cock.

“Fuck Julie, that’s fantastic,” he sighed appreciatively.

I stopped for a moment. With an arch little smile I asked, “Hope you’re not comparing me with Michelle?”

He laughed. “Not a chance,” he replied, “but then how could I? She never did this.”

“She didn’t?” I was genuinely surprised. “According to her she could never get enough.”

He shook his head. “A bit unadventurous was our Michelle.” Then, with a note of longing, he added, “Do we really have to talk about her just now?”

I laughed and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure as my tongue flicked over the crown of his cock. Sucking him deep into my mouth again I slipped off my blouse. My head bobbed up and down as I deftly removed my bra. By now my knickers were uncomfortably wet so I hitched my skirt up and pulled them off while, at the same time, my lips continued to glide up and down his thick shaft.

Finally, my mouth needed a rest. I let his cock slip from between my lips. Leaning forward, I positioned myself with my breasts on either side of his dick. Pinching my nipples, I pressed my breasts firmly against his cock, engulfing it in my cleavage, and began to rub up and down.

Tom groaned contentedly as I slowly wanked him with my breasts. At the bottom of each stroke the head of his prick passed before my mouth. I flicked my tongue over the slit and round the rim causing him to clench his teeth to stifle a moan. Looking up at him I smiled. “You like?” I asked huskily.

Tom sighed then said, “You’re kidding aren’t you? You’re fucking fantastic! I’m not going to last much longer if you keep this up.”

Smiling I replied, “Just warn me before you cum. If you’re able to that is.” With that I swirled my tongue over the tip of his cock, pressed my breasts even more firmly around him and began wanking him again in earnest.

Within minutes Tom was moaning and breathing hard. “Julie. Oh Julie!” he gasped, “I can’t hold on, I’m going to cum!” I took the tip of his cock between my lips and flicked the slit with my tongue. With one hand I stroked his cock, the other gently cupped and squeezed his balls. I marvelled at how heavy and full they felt. Tom’s body was shaking as he tried to hold back. I let my mouth relax in readiness.

With out any further warning he erupted. almanbahis adres Hot jets of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed urgently, determined not to waste a single drop. As his climax subsided I began to suck harder and, using my fingers, I milked every last drop of cum from him, savouring its taste and texture as it trickled down my throat.

I stood up, licking the last traces of his cum from my lips. I undid my skirt and let it fall to the ground. Smiling, I said, “That’s just for starters.” I offered Tom my hand to hand to help him from the sofa. As he stood up he removed the last remnants of his clothes. I cast an admiring eye over his lean, well muscled frame then, taking his hand, we walked, naked, to my bedroom.

With my pussy on fire I pushed him to the bed and climbed on top of him. Our lips met, his tongue invaded my mouth. The tension inside me mounted, straining for release. Instinctively I knew his cock had still to recover so I took the only available option.

I moved up until I sat with my legs astride his head and my pussy hovering over his mouth. Tom needed no instruction. His tongue parted my lips, licked along the length of my slit then lightly flicked my swollen clit. “Yes!” I cried out; his tongue on my clit sending shivers of pleasure through my body.

I cupped my hands around my breasts, running the palms over my hard nipples. Tom’s breath was like fire on my sensitive flesh. His tongue lapped and probed my pussy. I was so turned on I knew that my climax would soon be pulsing through me. “Oh Tom! Oh yes!” I moaned as first one then two fingers slid into me. I clenched my pussy, gripping his fingers tight as they twisted inside me. His tongue pounded my clit. My fingers squeezed and twisted my nipples between them. I felt my womb contract, sending the first tremors of orgasm through me.

The pressure mounted as Tom’s tongue kept its rhythm. His fingers fucked me relentlessly. The spasms in my womb grew stronger. I tried to hold back, the pressure mounted until I thought I would explode. My body shook and my nerves felt like they were on fire. A raw scream of lust tore from my throat, proclaiming to the world just how much pleasure his tongue was bringing me.

Unable to contain any more I let go. The dam burst and my orgasm washed over me, carrying me away on waves of joy.

Barely able to move I slid down his body until I felt his cock press against me. I kissed him. Tasting myself on his lips. I pushed my hips back and felt him slide easily into me. With the remains of my strength I ground myself against him, rocking my hips so that his cock slid slowly in and out of my pussy. Tom began to move. Each downward motion of my hips was met by an upward thrust of his. Both of us combining to push his cock deeper inside me.

Drained by my earlier release I gripped his cock deep within my pussy and rolled over. For a while I lay there, simply taking pleasure from the sensations as his cock stroked in and out. Slowly at first, then getting progressively faster, his thrusts pinned me to the bed. I began to roll my hips upwards to meet each stroke. I opened my legs wider and brought my knees up so that he could penetrate me even more deeply. I dug my fingers into his arse cheeks, urging him on. “Oh Tom,” I cried, “fuck me. That feels so good. Fuck me harder!”

Tom plunged into me, spearing me over and over with his cock. His balls slapped against me with every thrust. Pulling back, so far that he almost slid out of my soaking pussy, he slammed his cock back into me with a force that brought tears to my eyes.

Over and over, in and out, Tom hammered my cunt with his cock, stroking in and out like a piston. My fingers clawed at him. Yelling obscenities, I urged him on. In response he groaned, “Oh yes! Oh Julie. Your cunt’s so hot. I’m going to cum in your tight little cunt.”

“Oh God yes!” I replied as he thrust his cock into me with long, hard, powerful strokes. “Fuck me. Screw me. Cum in my pussy, fill me with your hot cum. Fill me now!”

With a groan and one massive final thrust, Tom buried his cock inside me. I felt the first jet of cum erupt from his cock, splashing against my cervix. He continued to grind his cock in and out of my pussy. With every thrust he shot more and more sperm deep inside me.

Exhausted, Tom withdrew and collapsed beside me. As his cum trickled out of me I dipped my fingers to my pussy, coating them with a hot, sticky mixture of our juices. I raised them to my lips and licked them clean.

Beside me, Tom chuckled softly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m just trying to work out what happened to the quiet, sensible little Julie I knew in school. I’m having trouble reconciling her with the tiger that’s just fucked my brains out.”

I laughed. “I finally discovered members of the opposite sex and left her behind years ago.” Then, with a smile, I added, “You may not realize it but you’re at least partially responsible almanbahis adresi for the transformation.”

“I am?” he asked. “How?”

“Well,” I replied, “when you were going out with Michelle, she used to tell me all about the things you that the pair of you, allegedly used to get up to. I’d never had a boyfriend but I had a pretty vivid imagination and very capable fingers. I guess my earliest sexual experiences were when I would lie awake at night, fingering myself to a climax, while imagining you were doing to me the things that, according to Michelle, you were doing to her.”

Tom couldn’t help laughing. We spent the next half hour or so chatting as we lay there, naked, in each others’ arms. I told him all about the things Michelle had told me they’d done and Tom gave me his version of what had happened. In the end, it turned out that Michelle had been much more imaginative about describing her sexual exploits than she had been about taking part in them. It amused me that so many of my fantasies had clearly been based on hers.

As we talked, I found myself absently stroking his cock, slowly bringing it back to life. Reliving my teenage fantasies had got me fairly turned on again and, from the evidence at hand, had had a similar effect on Tom. “Think you could manage another?” I asked.

Grinning, Tom replied, “Oh, I’m sure I could be persuaded.”

I kissed him then moved down the bed. I licked my lips then took his cock into my mouth once more. His cock still tasted of a mixture of his cum and my own juices; I devoured him eagerly. Tom’s hands were on my head, pushing me forward, forcing me to take even more of his length into my mouth. My head bobbed rapidly up and down and I was rewarded with a series of sighs and groans.

Almost reluctantly, I let his cock slip from between my lips. Moving slightly up the bed, I positioned myself on all fours. Hungrily, I turned to Tom. “Alright big boy, show me what you can do,” I said. I parted my legs slightly, exposing my wet pussy and wriggled my bum suggestively.

Tom positioned himself behind me and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down the length of my slit. On several occasions he pushed briefly at my entrance then pulled away and continued his teasing. It was more than I could bear. “Stop teasing and fuck me,” I demanded. Tom placed the head of his cock at the outer edge of my cunt. Then, without warning, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back. “Oooh, uun, aahh,” I moaned as my pussy found itself filled once again with his dick. Tom started to thrust, sliding his cock in and out with short, sharp strokes. I thrust my hips back to meet each stroke of his cock, impaling myself on it completely. Supporting myself on one hand, I reached back to stroke my clit. Pushing my hand back further, his cock slipped between my fingers as it pumped in and out of me.

With my hand rubbing my clit I was trembling on the verge of a climax in next to no time. “Yes! Oh yes. Fuck me, oooh fuck me! Oooh yes,” I cried as, once again, my body released its sexual tension.

Tom slowed his pace as my orgasm shook me, feeling the contractions of my cunt along the length of his shaft. As my senses returned, I looked back at him and said, “There’s still one hole that’s waiting to be filled.” Tom didn’t hesitate. He pulled his cock from my pussy then ran it up and down the length of my slit, covering it with my juices. Each time he made contact with my clit a bolt like an electric shock pulsed through me. And then I felt the tip of his cock pressing at my other entrance. There was a brief moment of pain as my ring slowly stretched to accommodate him. “Oohhhh!” I moaned as, ever so slowly, I pushed my hips back, taking him deeper and deeper into my back passage. “Fuck Julie, that’s so tight. It’s incredible!” he said when, at last, his cock was buried fully inside my arse. He began to slide his well lubricated dick slowly in and out. I moaned, softly, as my asrehole stretched around his cock.

Tom began to thrust harder. Leaning forward he reached for my breasts as his cock pumped in and out of my arse. He teased my nipples and I stroked my clit furiously as his cock invaded my rear. “Yes, oh God yes! Fuck my arse, go on fuck it!” I cried as yet another climax approached. The intensity of the sensations I felt as it broke over me brought tears to my eyes. My hand fell away from my pussy as I struggled to hold myself up. My arsehole gripped Tom’s cock like a vice as it thrust eagerly into me.

My body was still shaking uncontrollably when, at last, I heard Tom announce “Oh, God. Oh Julie. I can’t hold on, I’m going to cum.”

“Yes! Oooh yes!” I responded. “Do it! Cum in my arse! Cum in my fucking arse!”

Tom thrust deeply. His balls slapped against my enflamed pussy. With a load moan, I felt his cock twitch uncontrollably. “Julie! Sweet fucking Julie! Ohhh!” he cried as he emptied his load deep into my bowels.

As I lay awake in bed that night, long after Tom had finally left, I relived the events of that evening. My fantasies now had that hard edge of reality as my fingers drove in and out of my pussy. I could still feel Tom inside me as I skilfully brought myself to a shuddering climax with my fingers before finally falling into a deep, satisfied sleep.

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