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In my previous story, I described how my boyfriend, Cole, found out I got turned on by stories involving women being blackmailed into having sex, and that he told me about when he caught his friend’s fiancé cheating on him. Cole recorded her infidelity on his cell phone, and played it back for her, then blackmailed her for blowjobs, handjobs and fuck sessions during the several months leading up to the wedding.

While Cole was telling me this story, I had one hand between my legs, rubbing out two major orgasms, while the other hand was jerking Cole’s cock like crazy. After Cole described forcing Teri to suck him off, cook him dinner in the nude, stroke him while he ate, then ride his cock cowgirl style on the sofa while they watched TV, my pussy had become absolutely drenched. I couldn’t wait any longer, and had Cole fuck me from behind, doggystyle, until we both had massive orgasms. I told Cole how horny that story had made me, and he said, “Well, it’s not over yet….”

So, the next day, when we had settled onto the couch for the evening, I pulled Cole’s boxers off, grabbed his cock in my hand and started stroking and sucking it, as his story continued. I pulled off my own panties, so I could reach between my legs to rub myself, as I was sure Cole’s story would get my juices flowing all over again. And so, Cole’s story continued……

Cole knew that Jeremy wouldn’t return from his business trip for several more days, so the next day when he got home from work, he called Teri on the phone, and told her to come across the hall to his apartment wearing nothing but a night shirt….no bra, no panties. Teri grumbled for a few minutes, but eventually agreed – what choice did she really have?

When she knocked on his door, Cole opened it, and was standing there completely naked. His dick wasn’t entirely flaccid, but it wasn’t quite hard yet, either. Teri glanced at his cock as she entered his apartment.

Cole closed the door behind her and said, “Let’s go ahead and get this off of you,” as he pulled the night shirt over her head. Now Teri was completely naked, too. Cole grabbed her left tit with one hand, while he pushed her to her knees with the other. Then he grabbed his prick and shoved it into her mouth, telling her “you know what to do, Teri….let’s get started.” Teri began sucking his dick into and out of her mouth, while Cole stood there with his hands on his hips, rocking slightly to the rhythm of her bobbing head.

“Stroke it, too……and play with my balls.” He said. Teri started pumping his shaft and massaging his nut sack, while continuing to suck his dick, as Cole reached down and began squeezing and groping escort bayan her tits. He gently pinched one nipple, then the other, as they stiffened to his touch. After about 5 minutes of this, Cole’s dick was fully erect, and he pulled Teri up by the elbows and spun her around, facing away from him. She was a little embarrassed to notice that sucking Cole’s cock and his attention to her tits had excited her, and she could feel her wet pussy starting to drip down the inside of one thigh.

Once she was on her feet, Cole grabbed his stiff rod in one hand, rubbed it along her pussy crack until he found the opening, then shoved it into her from behind, causing Teri to grunt from the sudden thrust. Holding her hips, Cole began slamming his shaft into her over and over, then fuck-walked her across the room to the sofa. When he got to the sofa, Cole turned and sat down, pulling her down with him, so that his long shaft remained deep in her cunt the whole time. Now he was sitting on the couch, his cock stuffed inside Teri’s pussy, with her legs straddling his lap. For several minutes he had his hands on both hips, bouncing her up and down on his rigid staff, as her big tits bounced freely in front of her. When he released her hips to grab her swinging tits, he noticed that she continued bouncing up and down on his prick all by herself.

In this position, and with his hands groping and slapping her tits, Cole didn’t last long….he exploded into a huge orgasm, spewing cum deep into Teri’s cunt. Teri continued to bounce on Cole’s shaft, as he kept shooting rope after rope of cum into her pussy. She had reached one hand down to her crotch and had been rubbing her clitoris, which was moving her closer and closer to her own climax. Between her fingers rubbing her clit, and Cole’s cock still deep in her cunt, it wasn’t long before Teri erupted into her own orgasm. With a groan, she continued sliding up and down on Cole’s still stiff pole, enjoying her orgasm, then – as the tingling sensation of her climax ebbed – she just sat on his lap with his cock still deep inside her, as she rocked and ground her pussy against the base of his shaft.

When their breathing had returned to normal, Cole told Teri to grab a towel from the bathroom and clean them both off. Then – just like the previous evening – he made her cook him dinner in the nude, and then fondle and stroke his prick while they both ate at the dinette table.

When they had finished eating, they went back into the living room, sat on the couch – still completely naked – and watched TV. Cole had Teri lay to his right on the couch, like the previous night, with her head in his lap, fondling kocaeli escort bayan his flaccid penis, occasionally sucking the head into her mouth and using her tongue to play with it.

About an hour into the evening, the phone rang. When Cole answered it, it was Jeremy – looking for Teri.

“Oh, hey, Jeremy,” Cole said. Teri immediately sat up, her eyes big and worried, like a deer caught in the headlights. She was frantically shaking her head “NO” to Cole, as Jeremy asked him if he knew where Teri was. Cole grinned at Teri and pointed at his cock, which had come alive, and was starting to grow as it lay across his thigh. Teri grabbed it with her hand and started jerking it, all the time staring at Cole with pleading eyes and shaking her head. With his right hand, Cole pushed Teri’s head toward his lap, and slipped the tip of his dick into her mouth. Teri bobbed her head up and down feverishly, as Cole continued his conversation with Jeremy.

“No, Jeremy, I haven’t seen her,” Cole said. “Maybe she’s at the store, or something?”

“I guess she could be, but that’s usually a weekend thing, so I wouldn’t think so,” Jeremy said.

“If you’d like, I can run across the hall and see if she’s in.”

Jeremy said, “that’d be great, Cole. I appreciate it. I just want to be sure she’s OK.”

Cole replied, “Ok…just give me a minute.”

Cole’s dick was now fully erect, but Teri had stopped sucking on it and was looking at Cole frightfully when she heard him say he would go across the hall check on her. Cole shoved his shaft back into her mouth and pushed it in and out several more times while Jeremy thought he was “going across the hall” to check on Teri. Then he pulled his cock out of Teri’s mouth, and turned her around on the couch so she was on her hands and knees. Laughing silently, he knocked on the coffee table, as if it was her apartment door, then – so Jeremy could hear him, he said, “Oh, hi, Teri. Jeremy called me in my apartment because he couldn’t get a hold of you on your cell. Here, you can use my phone.”

Cole handed Teri his phone, who took it from him with a worried look on her face. Cole then lined up his rigid prick with the entrance to Teri’s pussy, and shoved it into her, causing Teri to stifle a grunt from Cole’s assault on her cunt. With supreme effort, she managed to sound light and breezy when she spoke into the phone.

“Oh, hi, Jeremy. Sorry about that, I was working out and then in the shower, so I must not have heard my phone ring.”

Jeremy said, “No problem, I just wanted to be sure you were OK.”

As Teri and Jeremy talked, Cole continued kocaeli escort to slide his dick in and out of her pussy from behind, reaching around and grabbing her tits, as he did. Teri bit her lip, and stifled moans and grunts, while giving Jeremy an abbreviated review of her day. Cole picked up the pace, which made it even harder for Teri to keep her voice level, and she looked over her shoulder to catch Cole’s eye with a pleading look on her face.

Finally, Jeremy and Teri finished talking, said their ‘I love you’s’ and ‘goodbyes’, and Jeremy told her to hand the phone back to Cole. When Cole took the phone from Teri, he was pounding his dick into Teri’s pussy pretty hard,a and he could feel that his climax was imminent, but he tried to manage his breathing to hide it.

Jeremy said, “Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for checking on Teri for me. I appreciate it.”

“You bet!,” Cole said, perhaps a little too loudly, as he suddenly exploded inside Teri’s pussy, unloading a huge load of cum inside her cunt until it was leaking out from the sides of his cock, and down the sides of her legs. Jeremey didn’t seem to notice his exclamation, and they ended the call as Cole kept pumping his shaft into Teri from behind until his nut sack was empty. Then he plopped down on top of her, pushing her into a prone position beneath him, with his semi-hard dick still inside her, as they both caught their breath.

Teri growled, “What the fuck, Cole? You could have totally ruined everything for me!”

Cole laughed, and – slowly stroking his shaft in and out of her pussy – he said, “Nah. We pulled it off. He doesn’t know anything. And if you want it to stay that way, you’ll come by again tomorrow after work.”

When he was finally soft, Cole pulled his flaccid cock out of her pussy, stood up so that it dangled in her face, and said, “Now go ahead and clean me off so we can finish watching this movie.”

With a grumble, Teri sucked the head of his prick into her mouth, then used her tongue and lips to clean it off. They repositioned themselves on the sofa like before – with her head on his lap, fondling and sucking his flaccid cock while they watched the rest of the movie.

Like yesterday, I had rubbed myself to two orgasms listening to Cole, and my pussy was completely drenched. I had been pumping Cole’s stiff rod and he had been pulling on my tits and nipples the whole time he was telling this story, so I was primed and ready for him to shove his cock into me and fuck me like crazy. As he climbed on top of me and was pounding his dick deep into my cunt, he said that his ‘arrangement’ with Teri continued up to – and even after – the wedding…..whenever Jeremy was out of town on business trips. It lasted until about ten months after they got married, when Jeremy got transferred to another city with his company.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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