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Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation

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When I started with the company Roger was the top salesman, he had the best clients, the best bonus and the best company car. Within three months I had eclipsed him. It stood to reason, I was fifteen years younger than his forty, I was hungrier, I was more ambitious. I was just plain better than he was. He didn’t like it and resented me and I knew he plotted to discredit and do me down at every occasion. But that only seemed to affect him and his sales, I just ignored him.

Then after six months with the company I fell in love with Julie. She was a beautiful brunette with a fantastic figure and a great personality. She lit up the room when she entered and better than that she worked with us. Problem was that Roger was kind of casually dating her at the time I fell for her (and she for me) and our love was unstoppable so that was another black mark against me as far as Roger was concerned. But I didn’t care, I was young and unstoppable – nothing could touch me.

Since this tale centres on him I should describe Roger to you. He was much taller than me at six foot two, was well put together, had a straight back and flecks of distinguished grey to the sides of his hair. He always had had an aloof attitude towards me since I started but since I had got together and married Julie he had become, much more distant with everyone and rarely spoke of what he did in his own time. Which didn’t bother me one little bit.

A year into my idyllic marriage (Julie quit and got a better job in the interim) and three into the job my life was turned around by Roger and by my own stupidness. Simply put I had been falsifying my expenses and misusing company funds. I started small scale but soon found it was easy and I found I couldn’t stop and besides who got hurt by it? No-one, and no-one knew so where was the harm. I was working late in the office one night, even the cleaners had been around so it must have been after six when Roger strode up to my desk and threw a folder full of paper onto my desk.

I looked up irritated and demanded what was this, but my bravado disappeared quickly when he told me it was copies of all my fraudulent claims and transfers and that the originals were nice and safe. And smiled a crocodile smile at me.

I panicked, losing my job, my pay, my future; even jail flew through my mind as he casually tidied the folder and picked it up.

“W-What do you want? Money?”, praying I could bribe my way out of this.

“I don’t want your money boy. What I want is for you to get your ass to the disabled toilets and we’ll discuss it there. Where we won’t be interrupted.”

I could do little else but pull back my chair and head along to the destination, Roger was in control here and we both knew it. I entered the room realising I had never been in there before, it was much larger that the gent cubicles and I stood in plenty of space as I waited on Roger joining me, wondering how I could get out of this situation.

I stood in that toilet for what seemed and eternity, in reality it was only five minutes but as my mind raced through all the possibilities and ways to save my skin time seemed to stand still. Eventually the thick red handle turned down and a very confident Roger joined me it the room and suddenly it didn’t feel so spacious. In fact when he clicked the lock closed on the door I felt pretty much claustrophobic in there.

I stood waiting for him to speak, figuring that I should let him make all the running. He stood staring at me contemptuously before speaking.

“I hate you. You know don’t you? I dare say you hate me as well, but I don’t really care. Fact is I can destroy you with that information, can’t I? You’ll never know how much I want to but I’m going to give you an option. If you do exactly as I say, obey my every command I will return my copies to you to despose of and you’ll never be found out. Are you willing to do that?”

Of course I was and stammered my agreement, hurrying over the words, giving scant though to what he would make me do.

“Yes, I thought you’d go for that. However, believe me when I say this, if you refuse to obey me we’ll just stop and I hand that folder over to the bosses. Understand? Good, then to begin I want you to get down on your knees.”

I stood gaping like a fool for a moment then returned to my senses and hurried to get on my knees before him, thinking (hoping) he just wanted me to beg and grovel to him. Well fine, I could handle a little embarrassment to get out of this mess. Scuffing the knees of my expensive trousers I knelt before him, now feeling even more cramped in the room. That feeling only worsened when he deliberately stepped forward so his crotch was inches from my face. To my horror I noticed a hardening bulge there.

“Unbuckle my belt” , Roger barked out his order like he was a drill Sergeant.

I looked up at him and shook my head. I was not liking where this was going one little bit. No way was I doing that.

“OK, then” he said and turned to leave. güvenilir bahis I panicked and grabbed his trousers and wouldn’t let him go and found my hands shakily undoing his large belt buckle until it came loose. When I undid it I looked up to see a look of triumph on Roger’s face. I think he knew then that he had me.

He spoke to me as if I was a naughty child and he my strict headmaster.

“Now undo my button and lower my zip” the large bulge in his trousers was lengthening and stiffening as he spoke each word.

Despite myself I found my hands reaching forward and undoing the button at the top of his zip then automatically letting down the zip. At it’s lowest point the zip halted and with no other interaction his trousers plummeted to the ground around his ankles and to my growing horror I discovered he wasn’t wearing any underpants and a giant penis was rearing up at me inches from my face. I looked at it as it continued to stiffen and, while my estimates may have been off being so close to it, it was massive. It was easily 10 inches long and at least 2 inches in girth (thicker at the purple helmet so close to me).

For a long moment I was mesmerised by the large member bobbing in front of me, unable to take my eyes off it. I looked up eventually into the eyes of my blackmailer and knew there and then what I would have to do to get his silence. I was sickened and disgusted at the thought of being like this before Roger and being at his mercy, but I would be lying if I did not admit that there was a small part of me turned on by the situation.

“Big, isn’t it?” were the first words Roger spoke after what seemed like hours. I just knelt there unable to coherently answer. The thing was it was big, much bigger than the small thing that hung between my legs, which was lucky to be 5 inches when fully erect.

“Come on, answer me, tell me how big I am” he demanded as his right hand slapped my cheek contemptuously.

I think I had zoned out and the confident, successful, normal me was being supplanted by a stammering, weak willed wimp.

“You are huge, massive, gigantic”, I feebly answered.

“Bigger than you?” he sneered.

“Oh Yes”, I answered far too quickly, which got a cruel laugh from above.

And then he said the words I had been dreading.

“I want you to lick it, if you don’t I am handing over that evidence.”

I swallowed slightly, said a little prayer to god, moved my head forwards, hesitated, paused, thought, then moved forward again this time extending my tongue past my teeth and was soon licking the tip of my rival’s rock hard cock. A shiver of humiliation and revulsion spread through me. How could I be doing this?

“Come on you can do better than that, I want you to lick the whole of it”.

I responded by following his command and before I knew it I was tracing the veiny outline of his cock with my tongue. Backwards then forwards, the helmet and below until for the first time my mouth made contact with another man’s pubic hair and balls. I nearly retched but continued to lick hoping this would please him enough not to pass on the info he had over me, knowing that it was unlikely to be so. It wasn’t.

“Right that’s enough lets see how much you can swallow. Come on get sucking, always thought you were a little cocksucker!” , he laughed at his own joke or maybe it was at the sight of me stretching my mouth and allowing the thick bell end of his penis to invade my mouth, swiftly followed by as much of the shaft of his cock as I could take.

A musky, sweaty, smell of man meat pervaded my nostrils that I can still smell to this day and I had to close my eyes and pretend I was elsewhere as his thick shaft travelled over my accommodating tongue and into the target of my throat. God my first time sucking a cock and he was deep throating me! Not that I had any say in the matter as he held my head dominantly and thrust his hips forward fiercely, forcing himself deeper into my choking mouth. I was astonished and dismayed to feel his large,hairy balls whacking off my chin and his thick, wire like pubic hair tickling at my nostrils. He ordered me to open my eyes and look up at him, I did so only to be blinded by the repeated flashes of a handheld camera snapping what I was doing to my increasing dismay. But after that Roger lost himself in his pleasure and concentrated on my mouth doing the work.

The member slid back and forward in my mouth, lubricated by my saliva and my mouth soon settled into a rhythm, and I breathed through my nose as Roger hit his own rhythm and our bodies fitted into each other more and more smoothly. And to my horror I found my own cock was hardening in my trousers. How could that be? God, I wasn’t gay. This was tantamount to rape, how could I be turned on? But I was and I found each thrust by Roger being met with increasing levels of enthusiasm.

An eternity later I felt the hard slab of flesh in my mouth begin to pulse and throb and spasm much harder than before and I güvenilir bahis siteleri knew Roger was on the verge of cumming. This would be humiliating wherever he decided to do it – in my throat or on my face – and as I knelt there anticipation mixed with the worry. After all it was going to happen whatever I did, I began to wonder how it would feel and taste. I did not have long to wait. With an almighty groan he shot a large wad of sticky stuff into my throat, he pulled out as he continued to spray cum from his cock and some pooled in my mouth, while the final trails plastered themselves over my wet lips.

“Stay like that”, he ordered as he took another set of pictures of me on my knees before his spent cock with cum in my mouth and on my face.

He ordered me to swallow the residue as he wiped his messy cock in my hair and again I tasted it. To my amazement I found that it tasted OK, a little bland maybe but if you didn’t know where it had originated or what it was then it would have been no big deal. Thing was I did know and I still found myself excited, even more so when Roger bent over to pick up his trousers and sneakily felt my crotch, pawing my erection through the fabric of my trousers.

“I knew you’d get excited, I could tell. You’re my bitch now and don’t think this wipes out your debt. I’ll tell you know we’re going to be in here tomorrow at the same time and as well as repeating this I am going to force you to lick my arse. So I’ll leave it with you, be here and that happens, don’t and everyone finds out about what you’re like. And I don’t just mean your expenses (as he waved the camera at me).”

He left the toilet first, leaving me on my knees contemplating what had happened and my reactions to it. Eventually I stood up and faced the mirror. I was a mess, appearance wise and mentally – what had I done? I gulped down large mouthfuls of tap water trying to lose the taste of sperm but failing.

That night I let on nothing to Julie but she sensed something was wrong with me and we had a quiet night. As I lay in bed, my wife fast asleep I could not escape the image of me delivering a blow job to the man who once lusted after her, the humiliation I felt, and also the feelings of pleasure and excitement that I could not explain. The image of Roger’s hairy arse also figured highly in my thoughts and although I tried to convince myself that there was no way I would lick it, I knew exactly what I would be doing tomorrow after work.

The next day was a blur to me. I couldn’t concentrate, made simple mistakes and could not bring myself to even look at Roger. He by contrast was ebullient, making jokes in the office and generally being unusually merry. Around two thirty he cornered me at the water cooler.

“Been avoiding me Simon? Funny, you seemed to be getting to know me intimately yesterday. Still prepared to do my bidding tonight?”

I nodded unconsciously, totally unsure as to what I should do.

“Good. Now here’s the thing, lets make it a bit more exciting shall we? I want you to head to the disabled toilet at five to six, once you are there I want you to strip naked, pile your clothes up neatly in the corner , hang this around your neck (handing me a piece of paper and string) and kneel on the floor. Do not lock the door.”

I looked at the sign, it read “I AM A WORTHLESS COCKSUCKER” in thick black writing and had string passed through the punch holes.

I shook my head weakly but before I could refuse to do it, he reminded me of the evidence he possessed as to my cheating the company and the pictures he had taken last night as I had sucked his cock. He left me there saying, “We both know you’ll do the right thing, besides remember how excited you got last evening.”

He was right, by five past six that night I was naked and on my knees with the sign hung around my neck waiting for the door handle to crack downwards and Roger to enter. I had been like that for ten minutes now and I cursed Roger for making me wait – I also cursed myself for doing this, how pathetic was I? Then I heard steps approaching in the corridor and heard whistling. God, Roger never whistled. What if it wasn’t him? What if it was someone else in the company? What if…..

The handle snapped down and into the small room stepped Roger, he flashed me another crocodile smile and snapped a few pictures of me kneeling there in the nude with that sign around my neck. He locked the door behind him and his first act was to bend down and grope my exposed cock and balls, squeezing them in his hand until they reacted and my cock twitched under his touch. He smiled again and stripped off his suit and under garments until he stood in his naked glory before me. He was well put together for his age, if a little flabby but the over riding thought I had was how hairy he was. It was all over him, his arms, legs, chest, back and arse. And it was his arse I had a close up view right then as he bent forward, holding onto the door and reversed his big, hairy arse towards iddaa siteleri me to do the needful.

I felt sick yet unmistakably there was further twitching in my groin, good grief I was turned on by this!

“Come on Bitch, get that tongue of yours working. What’s wrong? You’re not usually so quiet, you’re usually such a cocky little bastard. Come on get on with it.”

I closed my eyes, my face red with shame and humiliation but my groin stirring with excitement and tentatively extended my tongue and licked the rough and hairy skin of Roger’s ass. I gave it a few laps with my tongue and hope that would please him but he shifted his legs apart, reached around grabbed the back of my head and forcibly pushed my face deep into ass crack and told me in no uncertain terms to “get that tongue of mine working harder.”

The smell of manhood and sweat was overpowering, though to my relief it appeared he had cleaned his asshole prior to this so it wasn’t quite the nauseating experience I dreaded. But still as my tongue began to probe his tight, puckered asshole I could barely comprehend what this man was making me do. Just days ago I had thought of him as nothing, a blip on my radar, a nobody who I was so superior to. Yet here I was rimming his asshole and from my cock’s reactions I was getting off on doing it. He evidently was as well as I could literally feel his skin stretch and tighten between his asshole and scrotum and I licked it and I sensed he had a huge erection from what we were doing.

After giving this rimjob for at least ten minutes, Roger pulled his ass off my tongue and whirled round, clearly on the verge of cumming. I opened my mouth automatically, expecting him to want me to dink his juice again but he had other plans. He pulled back on his cock and directed a thick stream of white cum over my face, he pumped continuously and emptied his balls load over me. Splashing trails into my eyes, onto my nose, lips, hair, everywhere covering me in his cum.

“Stay like that Bitch.”

He fumbled in his pile of clothes to produce his camera and take a string of photos of me kneeling my face covered in cum, no doubt to add to his collection. I just knelt there, feeling impotent in his power but my own cock very obviously erect in the pictures of me acting as his cum dump.

“Stand up, I want to see your pathetic effort” he ordered.

Worryingly I was becoming ever more obedient to Roger and starting to forget that I was only doing this because he was blackmailing me. Increasingly I was doing it because he told me to and I was feeling more and more subservient to him, I stood before stark naked, with his sticky cum plastered all over my features and my cock hard and erect pointing at him. He reached over and gave my balls a grope and made a few condescending remarks about the size (lack of) of my cock and told me that he wanted to watch me masturbate for him.

Somewhat self conscious of my predicament I may have been but there was no hesitation in me reaching down and gripping my member and furiously pumping it with my hand. I closed my eyes as I quickly came to climax but Roger ordered me to open them and look at him and to shoot my load onto the shiny floor. I came furiously, not nearly the load that Roger had ejaculated but a lot for me. I fired it in strings onto the floor and onto the door until I stood, spent with a limp dick in my hand.

Roger reached down and picked up my boxer shorts and wiped his messy cock clean on them, as he did so he told me matter of factly to clean my mess up. I moved to get a paper towel only to be ordered to use only my mouth to clean it up. I flashed him a glance of “What?????”

“Something wrong Bitch? Your tongue’s done worse today hasn’t it? Get on with it and when you lick it up keep it in your mouth. Don’t swallow it until I say so.”

So I got down onto my hands and knees and traced my tongue over the trails of semen I had spurted over the toilet while Roger calmly got dressed. I licked the surface of the floor and up the door until I felt I had captured it all then knelt before Roger with a mouthful of cum and my face splattered with his cum, like a dog begging in front of it’s master. He pushed my mouth open so he could see the load my mouth held. He leaned down and spat into my mouth and told me to swallow. I did, tasting myself for the first time.

He told me to get dressed as he moved to leave and left me with these comments “Tomorrow’s Friday, if you do as I say tomorrow then I will hand over my file and my pictures, you’ll have bought me off. In saying that at six tomorrow night I will expect you to be stretched over the Boardroom table, stark naked and arse in the air”, he paused then said “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

I nearly called in sick the next day I didn’t know what to do or really how I felt and maybe ignoring the problem would make it go away. Julie knew something was up but I couldn’t let her know and really it was her that convinced me to go in the next day, if I could go through with it, let Roger do what he wanted, have his fun with me then I would get the evidence and destroy it. Julie would never know and life could go back to normal. Yes, I really was that naïve (or dumb).

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