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I was very happy to be graduating from college and sharing the big graduation ceremony with my family. The day after graduation my parents helped me finish packing my personal things and had them shipped back home.

College was an adventure for me. It was my first time living away from home, and during my college years I got married and divorced. I also had multiple lovers of both sexes and continued my incestuous relationship with my brother and father. While my brother had married and moved out, my father was thrilled that I was returning home to live.

“Are you still pushing that computer of yours to the limit?” My Dad asked as we were on the plane flying towards home.

“It’s so antiquated I’m surprised I made it through college with it,” I replied.

“You’ll appreciate your graduation gift I bought you,” Dad said, and added nothing more.

I saw my new computer for the first time when I walked into my bedroom. My Dad was standing just behind me and I turned to give him a thank-you hug and said, “I love it Daddy… but I hate the thought of having to deal with transferring my stuff into it”.

“Don’t worry… Gilbert set it up for me and Gilbert is going to come by in a couple of days to make the computer transfer for you,” Dad said.

“I love it even more,” I declared and gave my father another loving hug.

Over the next few days things got back to normal for me rather quickly. I played with my new computer just to make sure it was as good as I expected it would be and my Dad and I had a couple of quick sexual sessions while Mom was out grocery shopping.

While I was anxious to have my old computer information installed into my new computer I had to wait until Gilbert was able to come. It was almost a two weeks before Gilbert came by on a Saturday morning to finish the job. Gilbert was the nerdish, slightly overweight younger brother of a guy I attended high school with. It didn’t surprise me that he was into computers and electronic stuff as he was always playing some kind of computer game when I visited his brother and saw him.

“Hey Gilbert… How’s your brother?” I asked as she came into my room and immediately started to tinker with my computers.

“He’s doing good… He always does good,” Gilbert grumbled as if he resented my question.

“Sounds like I touched on a sore subject?” I said.

“Nahhh… well maybe. My brother was always the popular guy,” He grumbled.

“I won’t mention him again… I promise,” I said.

“You two dated for a while didn’t you? Gilbert asked as he connected my two computers by Bluetooth.

“We shared some friends and hung out… but I’m not sure we actually dated,” I explained as I tried to recall exactly how serious our friendship had been.

“He didn’t even have to date a girl to get close to her,” Gilbert replied.

“We were never close… at least not close physically?” I said.

“Don’t tell me he didn’t try to get into your panties?” Gilbert said as he got the computers communicating with each other and then sat back onto the bed several feet away from me and watched the screens.

“He didn’t get into them!” I said confidently.

“If he didn’t you were the odd girl,” He said, as the screen message read “Transfer Complete”.

“Is that it?” I asked confidently.

“Don’t you want me to set up your e-mail for you?” He asked as if I was too stupid to think about it.

“Sure, that would be nice,” I said.

“What’s your e-mail address?” He asked as he was poised at the keyboard ready to type. I gave him my address and he immediately asked me for my password and gave it to him to type into the system.

“Looks like your e-mail is set up just fine,” He said and rattled the keys of the keyboard with his fingers some more and the screen returned to start-up mode.

“I think you’re all set. I won’t bore you any longer,” He said and gathered his things together and left my room without giving me so much as a look.

“Do I owe you anything?” I asked.

“Your Dad has you covered,” He said as he walked out of the house and disappeared.

I was excited to get into my computer to see if everything was transferred correctly but as soon as I sat in front of it and fired it up my Dad knocked lightly against my open door.

“Are you all set?” He asked, as I turned to acknowledge him and he walked into my room.

“I think so, but I haven’t really taken a serious look at my files,” I said as he rested his hands on my shoulders.

“I’ve missed you, and it’s been very hectic since you’ve been home,” He said as his fingers caressed my shoulders.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked, as his fingertips moved to caress my breasts through the material of my blouse and bra.

“This is her bridge club day,” he said softly, “We have plenty of time.”

As we have done many times before I moved to my knees in front of my father and helped to get his pants out of the way so I could begin to suck his cock. Our time together ended with us fucking escort izmit on my bed before Dad used a possible unexpected return from Mom to end things after he had his orgasm.

I know I will get plenty of complaints that I rushed this scene, but this story isn’t about my father and I.

Moving on… It was two days later when I came home and checked the mailbox outside as I normally did and found a priority mail envelope addressed to me. I certainly hadn’t ordered anything recently and couldn’t imagine what I would be getting in the mail. The package was thick, but thin enough to fit into a nine by twelve envelope. I gave the rest of the mail to my mom and went to my room to open the envelope.

Inside the mailing envelope was a five by seven frame with a photo print of me. The picture must have been taken three days ago in my room as I was wearing a sundress I’d purchased at school and had never worn it at home. The photo had a simplistic artistic quality about it as it showed me reflected in my full length closet door mirror as my back was turned towards the camera.

I had no memory of the photo being taken and couldn’t imagine my father could have been sneaky enough to get the picture without my being aware he’d taken it. I couldn’t imagine anyone else could have taken the photo, so I was about to call my Dad to thank him for his surprise when my smart phone announced I had mail. I opened my mail on my phone since it was the quickest and easiest way to preview my mail and I was confused to see an incoming message from myself. I wondered how this was possible and assumed it was some kind of computer anomaly. I opened the mail and it said, “Do you like your gift?”

“What gift? Who is this?” I replied, and realized after I sent the message that I’d just sent a message to myself and my phone alerted me to it as it arrived in my mail. I opened the mail and sure enough it was my own message so I closed it and was alerted to another incoming message.

“Don’t be silly… your framed picture,” It said.

“Who are you and how are you sending me messages from my own e-mail? I typed and sent. Once again as I sent the message out as a reply, it returned immediately to me, followed by another message.

“It’s magic! Do you like magic?” It said.

“Are you my father playing a practical joke on me?” I typed and again got the echo message before his reply.

“I wish,” It said, with a smiley icon included.

“I’m not going to play this game with you. You’ve obviously hacked into my system somehow,” I typed and sent and as I got the message echo and feeling frustrated I turned off the power to my phone.

After finding some calm with my telephone turned off I considered calling my father to discuss the intrusion with him, but decided he had enough things on his mind and hoped this wouldn’t become a big deal. I turned my telephone back on as I sat in front of my new computer and turned it on as well. There were several more e-mails from me, to me and as much as it twisted a knot in my stomach I opened the first one which I hadn’t viewed yet.

The first message simply said: “This is not a game”.

The next message said it posted 10 minutes later and said: “Am I getting the silent treatment?”

The next message posted 15 minutes later and said: “If you’re not going to talk to me I’ll just browse through my images of you.” The message also had two photo files attached which opened automatically in my system. The first photo was a photo of me with my side turned toward the camera. It was taken in the same angle as the framed photo which was sent, but this photo showed me topless, wearing nothing but a pair of cream colored panties. The second photo attached showed me from behind while I was completely naked.

Immediately I went to the spot I was in the photos and turned to look in the direction of where the camera must have been and amongst the clutter in the bookshelf above my computer I realized something was there which I didn’t recognize. As I moved to take a closer look my computer and telephone announced a new e-mail had arrived. I glanced at my smart phone and saw it was a message from myself so I looked at my computer and saw it was another new message from my own mail. I skipped over the few unread messages which were still in my system and opened the newest incoming message.

“You’re such a smart little detective aren’t you,” it said with an added smiley icon. “Unfortunately for you the damage is done and I wouldn’t advise blocking, turning, or removing my camera,” it said.

I sat down at the keyboard and replied, “Why the fuck wouldn’t I you fucking asshole?” And sent the message off to myself.

It was almost instantly that a new message posted: “Because you don’t want your darkest secret revealed.” It said, and once again two new images posted into the e-mail. The firt was me kneeling in front of my Father with his cock against my lips. The second was my father behind me riding me doggy style with his cock deep inside my pussy. As I izmit escort was still nervously shaking from the images I had just seen my computer announced a new mail had arrived.

I clicked it open and it read: “Don’t forget I own your e-mail contacts list and I could send an e-mail out from you to all your contacts with some photos or even a video confessing your sins.

Another message arrived as I was still reading the previous mail and when I was finished reading the mail and digesting the images I opened it. The message was brief and to the point: “I own you and don’t you forget it. Don’t fuck with the camera and don’t tell your father or it’ll be the second biggest mistake you make in your life.” I could only assume his feelings were that getting involved with my Father was my biggest mistake. I looked up at the camera and felt queasy, but knew I dared not mess with it because I couldn’t risk the retaliation which would follow.

Another message arrived which read, “Forget my camera is there and forget that I will always be watching you.”

I was terrified at the thought, and couldn’t imagine there could be any way I would ever forget. For the rest of the day and that evening I was careful not to change clothes in my room, but chose to take my clothes to the bathroom to change and found an old pair of pajama’s to wear to bed. I was getting into bed when my smart phone announced an incoming mail and with hesitation I looked at my mail to see it was one of his messages. “Don’t be a silly bitch. Forget the camera is there and go about your life normally. Don’t change in other rooms and sleep naked like you always have!” it read. I was beneath my covers, but I complied with his demands and removed my pajama’s and placed them on the floor beside my bed.

I can’t remember getting any sleep that night as my mind was overloaded trying to think of any way to get out of my current situation. I knew I could just take the camera and throw it away, but if he really did forward photos or a video of my having sex with my father to my friends and family in my contact list my life would be over. As desperate as I felt at the moment I knew if this happened I would likely kill myself and I felt so twisted by the situation I wondered if that would be my only solution to rid myself of him.

I didn’t really know it was a guy, but I suspected it had to be and of course the most obvious person it could have been was Gilbert. Even as I was sure it was Gilbert it didn’t help me resolve the situation, but it helped me to understand the source of my dilemma.

I was tossing and turning restlessly in bed and decided to get up out of bed and without doing anything to cover my nakedness went to my computer and opened my mail. I was thankful I didn’t have any new messages from him. I opened the window to begin a new outgoing mail and put my e-mail address into the “send to” box and typed, “Are you watching me now?”, and sent the message to myself. I received it into my inbox and waited. It was twenty-five minutes before he responded.

“I’m watching you now. Can’t you sleep?” He asked.

“I know who you are,” I replied and each message I sent to myself and received myself made me feel more and more hopeless.

“Even if you do. How does that help you?” He replied, and as I read his words on my monitor I knew he was correct.

“It doesn’t, but I don’t know why you’re hiding when you know I know?” I replied.

His reply came quickly: “If you’re so sure why don’t you say my name? If you’re wrong I’ll send that person a nice photo of you, and if you’re right you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re right,” He typed. I thought to myself for a moment and wondered if I could be absolutely sure? I couldn’t be sure if anyone else had been given access to my room while I was away at college. I suddenly had a sickening feeling that it was possible the camera wasn’t installed by Gilbert, but by my Ex-husband whom I divorced while I was away at school. The fear that he had become aware of my incest with my father was more frightening to me than if my cam-stalker was Gilbert. I settled myself nervously back into bed, knowing that whoever he was, was likely watching me as I had likely awaken him and aroused his attention.

Finally I was overcome with sleep exhaustion and fell asleep. I woke early enough to be sure I could join my father while he had his cold cereal and coffee for breakfast.

“Good morning Princess,” What are you doing up so early this morning,” Dad asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” I said as I moved to get a coffee mug from the cabinet and poured myself a cup of coffee and then added an ample amount of creamer and a dash of sugar before sitting down across from him at the kitchen nook table.

“It’s nice to have you home again,” Dad said as he pushed his newspaper to the side and gave me his full attention.

“It’s good to be home,” I said, but in my heart I didn’t really feel that way because of my cam-stalker.

“I’m curious about something,” izmit kendi evi olan escort I said, regaining my father’s attention as he had begun to bring the newspaper back towards him.

“What’s that Honey?” He asked.

“Has anyone had access to my room, or the house while I was away at school?” I asked.

“Why? Is something missing? Dad asked, sounding concerned.

“Not really… at least I don’t think so, but it feels like someone has been in my room,” I replied.

“I should have asked your permission, but I let Jeff have access when he said he needed to get some personal things from your room. And Gilbert of course when he did the initial set up your new computer. And I had some security camera’s installed by our alarm company… but not in your bedroom,” Dad explained.

“Did the alarm installers have access to my bedroom without supervision?” I asked.

“What’s wrong? Something’s wrong!” My father replied.

I lost my composure and immediately began to sob as I lowered my face into the palms of my hands.

“Sweetheart… what’s wrong?” My dad asked as he moved to stand beside me and cradled his arms around me.

“Something terrible,” I said as I continued to sob and I was surprised he could understand my words.

“Tell me and we can fix it,” He said and he sounded so confident that I wanted to believe he really could fix things.

“I’m not supposed to tell you,” I sobbed.

“What a silly thought… of course you need to tell me,” He said softly and made me look at him and brushed his finger against my cheek to collect the latest tear which was streaking from my eye.

“If I tell you bad things will happen,” I said, as I finally stopped my uncontrollable sobs, but still felt the emotional tension inside.

“It looks like bad things have already happened?” He said, “What’s wrong?”

Just as I was about to share my dilemma I caught movement from the corner of my eye and realized my Mother was awake and had decided to join us.

“What are you two plotting this morning?” Mom said as I tried to be discrete and wiped my cheeks with my napkin.

“I was just asking Daddy if I could have lunch with him today,” I said, and tried to sound as cheerful as possible.

“I’m sure he said yes,” Mom said as she sat down beside my dad.

“Do you want to meet me at the office?” He asked.

“I can meet you there and we can go to lunch from there,” I said.

“I’ll just presume I’m not invited,” Mom said sarcastically.

“I wanted to surprise you and have lunch alone with you another day,” I said.

“Divide and conquer? Hmmm… I wonder what it is you want?”

“Whatever I can get,” I teased, trying to pretend nothing was bothering me.

“Stop by any time. I don’t have much on my calendar today,” Dad said as he stood from the table and took his bowl and coffee mug with him to rinse out in the sink and loaded them directly into the dishwasher.

“Should I call first?” I asked.

“You don’t need to, just come by when you can,” he said. As he left for work I told my mother I was going to return to my room and go back to sleep. I went to my room and my phone announced a text message had arrived. I opened it anxiously and it was a message from my father, “Whatever it is we can work it out”.

“I love you daddy” I replied.

I closed my eyes for a while, but didn’t feel as if I got any sleep. I put on a sun dress while I assumed he was either watching or recording me but I was confident he wasn’t seeing any part of me that he hadn’t see already. When I was finished dressing I waved at the camera and left the room.

My mother was gone shopping for groceries or something as her car was gone from the garage. I was walking to my car parked on the street when my cell phone alerted me to a new e-mail. I opened it and it read, “You’re a real smart-ass, aren’t you?” I deleted the message and got to my car and began driving to my father’s office.

My father owns and runs a small independent insurance agency and has a receptionist who has been with him for ten years along with two other sales agents which work for him. Dad was behind a closed door when I arrived, but Alice notified him I was here to visit and he came right out of his office to greet me. “Do you want to go right out for lunch?” He asked.

“I want to see your office first,” I said, not sure what else I could say to get him in private.

“It doesn’t change much,” He teased, but followed me back into his office and I pulled the door closed after he entered.

“I’m not even hungry for lunch, but I need to talk to you,” I said. I had been thinking and rethinking my situation and knew I would go crazy if I didn’t share my dilemma with my dad.

“Have a seat… the office is soundproof,” He said as he sat in his oversized desk chair, across his desk from me.

“I’m not sure how to tell you this without being blunt… Someone put a camera in my room and has been watching and taping me. I don’t know who it is, but in taping me, they’ve also taped us,” I explained. The look on my father’s face was a look I was unfamiliar with. It appeared to be a combination of confusion and anger.

“That explains the questions this morning,” He said solemnly.

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