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Blackmail…It’s a Wonderful Thing

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“When you make a video of yourself for someone, make sure you take the tape out of the video camera.”

This was the E-mail I sent to my niece, Jenni.

Let me back up a little and tell you about the events leading up to this E-mail. My name is Kyle. I’m 28, live in NJ with my fiancée and have been away from the rest of the family (in Michigan) for 6 years. Jenni is my niece. She just turned 20, is a college student, is very attractive, flirty, and has lots of friends, both guys and girls.

Jenni was always the innocent little thing, so everyone thought. Last fall, one branch of the family met in Iowa for a music recital being presented by Jenni’s mom (my sister). I really got an eye-opener that weekend. Jenni wasn’t the sweet innocent little girl I remembered from a few years ago. College had helped her grow up. We rode together in a separate car to the event because there was no room for all of us in one car. I learned all about Jenni’s love of sex, how many guys she’s had.. She made jokes about “doing it right” and “having enough to satisfy”… Being the “cool uncle” I took it all in stride, not letting the shock show, and just laughing along with her… The few years had also treated her well physically. Jenni was a tall blonde, slender, great boobs… OK.. I looked… I’m a pervert. I can’t help it. A woman has big boobs and I notice. Somehow in conversation she informed me that she was a 34DD… The only reason I know this was we were talking about my new job… CEO of a new website specializing in hard to find bra sizes.

Anyway… My mother, who was also at the recital, came back with me to NJ to spend Thanksgiving with the future in-laws. Since she lives in Michigan, and I reside in NJ, she has really been “out of the loop” on the wedding plans. We decided to take her to all the places we had contracted with so she could see all the things we’ve been talking about. She was also bringing my cam-corder which I had purchased as a present to my dad before he passed away. We thought it would be fun to tape all the places so she could take the tape home and show everyone our elaborate plans.

The weather sucked, the video camera stayed in the bag the whole weekend and that was that. Weeks later, I was planning to use the video camera for something, and noticed there was a tape in it… Curiosity got the best of me, and I watched. It was really very stupid. A few years back when Jenni was a high school senior had made a birthday tape for some guy she met online. She had just turned 18, was through with finals, and enjoying a week of summer before her summer job started and college began. I fast forwarded through most of it, but right at the end she was showing the guy her “flat stomach” long legs, and a cleavage shot… Then she shocked me…

“I know this isn’t what you really wanted to see… I did that… But taped over it because I was so embarrassed. So… I’ll compromise with you…” and with that she lifted up her t-shirt and jiggled her boobs… They were huge… Big nipples, firm, tan lines covering just the nipples… Very erotic…

So there’s Başakşehir Escort where the E-mail begins….

“When you make a video of yourself for someone, make sure you take the tape out of the video camera.”

Her reply was simply… “Ummm… OK…”

Clearly she had forgotten this tape from a couple years ago… I sent one back…

“Just be glad that I found the tape and not your parents, or grandma…”

”Oh no!! You saw that?? You can’t tell anyone…”

“Blackmail… It’s a wonderful thing…”

That was it. No replies, no further baiting from me… I spoke to her on the phone once and nothing was said.. Just the regular, bubbly Jenni…

Being the pervert I am, I have, of course, spent many afternoons jerking off to the image of her tits, thinking of all the fun I could have with her if she would be willing… Thinking about how I could blackmail her… But I’d never do that… It’s just fantasy…

Months went by, and suddenly it was the week of the wedding. The whole family was in town, staying at a nearby hotel, getting ready for the big day…Everyone was incredibly happy… My soon-to-be bride was beaming, her family was excited, my family was excited (Why would SHE pick YOU???)… Even I was excited… This was the woman of my dreams… For the most part… I loved her with all my heart… But she was a sexual stick in the mud… She didn’t like it, didn’t need it, and didn’t really want it… I, on the other hand, love sex… Everything about it. I like to experiment, try new things, re-work old things… But that’s a small part of the relationship, and everything else is perfect.

The night before the wedding, I decided to stay at the hotel with the rest of my family. Get a room, and try to relax before the big night. Since I couldn’t stay with my fiancée, I thought this was the best alternative. The hotel was close to the church, and would just make life easier. We did the dinner with the wedding party and families and such, danced a little, and just had fun… I danced with all my nieces, my sisters, everyone who was there. When Jenni stepped up to dance, I just whispered in her ear that she should come to my room later to discuss the tape I had.

OK… The alcohol was flowing, under normal completely sober circumstances I would have never said that, but I was a little happy. Not drunk, just… relaxed… After I said good bye to my better half, to her family, and everyone else, I retired to my room. I had no idea whether or not Jenni would be dropping in, and I wasn’t sure what I would do if she did!

When I heard a knock at the door I was almost scared to open it. There she was, standing there. A 20 year old goddess. That she was related to me made no difference. This was a gorgeous young woman. She came into the room, sat on the couch and stared across the room where I was sitting in a chair. She was just waiting. I wasn’t sure what to do. What to say. I was confused. I wanted to do things with this young woman that I shouldn’t do: it’s my niece, and I’m getting married tomorrow…

“Well,” she said… “What Başakşehir Escort Bayan have you got in mind?”

“Nothing, really…” I replied.

“That’s not what the bulge in your pants says.”

“Well, you’re gorgeous, I don’t get any, and I know what you look like under your shirt.”

“Would you like to see up close and personal? The tv could really distort things.”

Now we’re getting somewhere… I didn’t even have to ask! I just nodded dumbly… With that, Jenni stood up, told me to sit on the couch, and flipped her tshirt off. There she was. Standing in front of me, with her shirt off, her bra holding her huge tits in place. Very sexy. She reached around, unhooked the bra, and slipped it off, freeing her luscious tits. She held them in the palms of her hands, turned around… And sat on my lap…

“Go ahead… Touch…”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I cupped her firm tits in my hands, rolled her nipples around, pulled them gently. She was getting turned on, and I was way beyond “getting turned on”… I was HORNY! She started to wiggle a little on my lap, it was obvious to me that she could feel the bulge in my pants, and she was making it known. She leaned forward and put a huge tit in my mouth. I sucked it, licked it… Treated it like a nipple loves to be treated.

“Damn… You’re hard as a rock! That must hurt like hell…”

Well, now that you mention it sweetie… It is a lil uncomfy, I thought to myself… What came out was…

“Uh huh…” – Brilliant, ace…

She stood up, slipped her jeans off, leaving her clad in just a thong, knelt in front of me, and undid my zipper… She was a pro… She fished my rock hard cock out of there in no time… There it was. No hiding it. Long and hard, thick as hell, throbbing, and dripping waiting for her touch…

She rubbed my cock a little while looking up at me… It just got harder and harder to her touch…

“You know,” she said… “This would be much easier for me, and much better for you if you weren’t wearing these pants…”

I stood up, stepped out of them, and stood in front of my hot niece with just a t-shirt out. My hard member standing proudly at attention… She was now on her knees, looking lovingly at my thick cock… She cooed and moaned as she slipped it into her luscious wet mouth. My knees went weak, I was getting a blow job from my own niece… and it was absolutely incredible! I had to sit. I flopped back on the chair and enjoyed the oral talents of my favorite niece (if she wasn’t before, she was now!).

Up and down she went, sucking my cock like a Hoover. Jerking with one hand, sucking, moving me in and out of her wet little mouth. Truth is, my cock looked HUGE going in and out of her young mouth. She couldn’t take even half of it, but she had a great time trying. When I was ready to cum, I told her… She just kept up her work. And swallowed every drop I had for her… I didn’t go completely limp, but the wind did go out of my sail a little. She cleaned up my cock with her tongue, and climbed up on my lap.

Now she Escort Başakşehir began grinding her panty covered pussy against my quickly stiffening cock. She was so hot. Grinding on my rigid pole, moaning seductively, her tits pushed in my face, her ass in my hands, pulling her up and down on me. Her long blonde hair flowing in my face while she was just going wild…

“Feels like you’re ready for more” She whispered hotly in my ear… “I sure as hell am… Take me to bed!”

I picked her up, tossed her on the bed, and began kissing her passionately. Our tongues danced, lips pressed together, my hands roaming her body, squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples which were long and hard… I began to kiss down her body, taking my sweet time at her tits, sucking, licking, and biting them gently before moving further down.

When I got to her panties, they were obviously wet, and her scent was overpowering. This girl was HOT. I quickly pulled them off, revealing a completely shaved pussy. I began to lick her box with wild abandon. Sucking her click, probing her dripping pussy with my tongue while fingering her pussy with 2 fingers. She was going wild, bucking, writhing on the bed. Her hand in my hair, pulling me closer, harder into her pussy. Her legs clamped around my head, and she began an incredible climax. Her whole body shook, her moans were unbelievably loud, and her pussy was contracting on my fingers. I kept my mouth on her clit through the whole spasm.

When she calmed down a little, I had climbed up next to her. She was now playing with my cock. Rock hard, ready for action – especially for a hot pussy like Jenni has. She began by working her way down and sucking me gently into her mouth. Then she climbed up, positioned her hot little pussy right above my throbbing cock… She rubbed the head of my prick all over her wet pussy, teasing us both…

“Do you want me?” She breathed…

“Hell yes I do…” Was my reply.


“I will not. Get off if that’s the game you’re going to play.”

With that I shoved her away… She climbed back on top of me…

“No.. Please… I need your cock so bad.. I’m so horny.. I need you to fuck me… I’m on the pill. I need to feel your cum…”

So the tables had turned… I grabbed her ass, and pulled her down on my cock. She started screaming and riding while putting her huge tits in my mouth…She fucked me so long and hard… Watching my thick pole slide in and out of her juicy tight pussy was incredible. Her juices covered my cock making it shine… She was fucking me harder and faster, getting ready to cum… I flipped her over, pinned her legs back and started pounding her. Long powerful strokes. Her tits bouncing with each thrust of my cock, her pussy gripping my enormous cock. My balls slapping her ass…

”Oh god… fuck me.. Fuck me harder… I’m gonna cum!! Fuck me…”

With that her body started shaking again. Her eyes rolled back, and her pussy gripped my cock like a vise. That was all it took. I unloaded in her cunt. I kept pumping away at her pussy, shooting spurt after spurt in her pussy… After it was all over, she got up, showered, and went back to her room.

The next morning, I got up very early and left the tape in a box by her door. Of course I had made a copy of it, but I wouldn’t be watching it, I had a new one to watch. Our whole evening was caught on tape.

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