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Blackhole of Soho Ch. 01

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A strange way to start a story but my problem is I did not get enough of sex because my cock is huge. I wish I was smaller but unfortunately when I am erect my cock is like a pole a full 11 inches. The only place where I probably would be welcome would be a porn movie. Sex I get in a whorehouse. Last week when I went to Soho and asked for a hairy woman (I like them very hairy especially long bushy armpit hair), the pimp directed me to Gabriela who the pimp claimed was the hairiest woman in Europe. I went into the dark room and waited for her. A few minutes later she came in. She was dressed very neatly and surprisingly was quite pretty. She pulled the curtain to give us some privacy and advanced towards the bed, deliberately swaying her hips. “Could you unbutton your trousers, please?.” She unbuttoned my shirt and looked at my hairy chest and said, “Gosh, you sure have a very hairy chest for a young man your age!” as she slowly uncovered my bare chest. I was mesmerized by the unobstructed view of her ample cleavage.

I pulled of my trousers as her fingers clasped the waistband, already stretched by my growing hardon. Eventually, she managed to pull my pajamas over my hardening rod as I lay, breathless, mesmerized by the large orbs of flesh of her barely covered tits. I could not see her hairy armpits or her hirsute pussy and I was dying to see her hairiness. She forcefully tugged at the waistband, exposing my semi-erect tool to her shocked eyes. Immediately, she drew a deep breath, covered her mouth with one hand while transfixed by the sight of my colossal pillar of maleness.

From under her raised arms and through the armholes of her sleeved top I saw the thicket in her underarms. It was jet-black and gleaming and the pimp had not been lying. I was overwhelmed by the sight and seeking me looking at her armpits she said ‘you like my hairy armpits luv.” Marmaris Escort I nodded mesmerized by the excessive growth of hair in her bushy armpits. I reached out and pulled the long strands of hair and was a little surprised at the coarseness of the tufty hair in her unshaven pits.

Even though I wasn’t anywhere near my full hardness, the size of my genitalia obviously took her by surprise. After what seemed like an eternity, her gaze left my engorging crank and she looked at me, almost giggling, her hand still covering her mouth. My god, Luv you are so big,” she whispered, slowly stroking my massive piece of man meat to its erection. I groaned as her delicate fingers encircled my rock hard dick.

I could clearly see that she wore no bra because her nipples were jutting out. Damn she looked good. She put on the lights and I could see that her pants just clung to her body in a way that revealed everything she had! I even noticed that she didn’t have on any panties. I could make out the outline of her pussy mound and lips and I could faintly see the tufts of dark hair between her legs running all down her inside thighs.

Pre-cum was oozing from my cock head dripping down the entire length, running onto her hand. With one slow motion Gabriela’s hand moved up my shaft until just the head appeared above her hand, then down she went. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Gabriela worked her hand up and down for a few more strokes when finally she placed her mouth above my cock head. “Is this what you want luv?” She playfully said as she slipped me into her mouth. My cock head was all that she took in. Her tongue danced around the head and she finally worked it into the slit at the top. I almost shot my load.

I looked at her pussy as she took of her pants. Her pussy lips were extremely large and engorged for her body size and Marmaris Escort Bayan I could see drops of dew running down her inner thighs as she parted her legs for a better view. Though her pubic jungle was long and thick it could not hide the pinkness of her inner lips.

I lifted Gabriela’s tight T-shirt over her head and was suddenly inches from the thatches in her hairy underarms. I stared at the masses of hair growing wildly in her untrimmed armpits. It grew long and stuck out about 4-5 inches and was extremely thick and bushy. It grew almost till her tits as I began working on unhooking her tiny bra. I don’t know how she was able to contain her incredible tits in that tiny material. It was definitely creating some awesome cleavage. I finally got the bra unhooked and slid it off her revealing the most incredible set of tits I’d ever seen. They were perfect in every way I could imagine including the nipples that had to be the biggest I’d ever seen. I brought my mouth down to them and began sucking her tit into my mouth. I then moved sideways into the thicket in her furry armpits. The thick bushy underarm hair was very coarse as my tongue licked the salty taste in her matted armpits. It smelled heavenly as the sweat had made it moist but the curling bush in her armpits was hard to push through.

“Do you want to touch my hairy pussy luv? Would you like to stick your fat cock into my hot pussy?” Gabriela said as my hands explored her pussy jungle, parting her legs and running my fingers up between her pussy lips. I had my mouth in her bushy armpits and my fingers inside her thick pubic hair. My cock was sticking out straight and aching as my tongue delved into the overgrown hair in her unshaven pits.

I now needed to fuck this hirsute woman. Gabriela stepped up onto the couch and draped her legs over my lap and sat down. Escort Marmaris I could feel the wetness of her bushy pussy grinding against my cock. She reached between us and raised herself up and squatted above my cock, which was now in her hand, aiming towards her moist opening. I waited with anticipation for her hot pussy to engulf my raging hard-on. She steadied my hard member and slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips rested on top of my cock head. I pushed my pelvis up and slipped my shaft in slightly, the feeling was awesome. With one slow motion, she lowered herself, completely forcing my throbbing cock all the way inside of her tight pussy. I hadn’t felt this tight a pussy in such a long time that I damn near exploded in her. My hands were exploring her furry armpits, which was drenched with sweat and therefore less coarse. It seemed a lot silkier as my fingers twirled the long hard hair of her awesome pits.

I then pushed her on the bed first putting my throbbing member in the heavy fur in her armpits. I pushed slowly into the thick mass of hair as I saw most of my cock disappear into the thick crop of jet-black hair in her amazing armpits. I pushed in and out as she bent her arms to make a small hole to accommodate my heaving prick as my oozing cock and her sweaty armpits created quite a nice sensation. It felt strange to fuck her bushy armpits but she did not seem to med. I was now sweating from my exertions and she said, “Like fucking my bushy armpits luv.” Fucking her hairy pussy was now imperative.

I now grabbed my cock and placed it against her bristled pussy. I started to ease it inside a bit at a time. I eventually got the entire length inside of her and she impressed me by taking it without too much hesitation. I got myself into a good rhythm and was fucking her with a fair amount of intensity and she was meeting my every thrust.

I unfortunately did not last long. Staring at the gleaming hair in her unshaven armpits made it impossible for me to hold back as my jism starting erupting from my exploding penis. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh I am cuming you hairy slut” I screamed as I spurted deep inside her bushy pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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