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Black Out Party

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My hometown’s bath house had a monthly black out party. A room totally devoid of light where anyone can walk in and play. It is the ultimate in anonymous sex. I had never attended, mostly because my schedule never aligned. So, my visit tonight was a first.

The Club has a dark room, or a few dark rooms, where the light was always dim but once your eyes adjusted you could see well. These dark rooms were my favorite places. Anybody in a dark room was there to hook up. Often no words were spoken and glance, a touch followed by body contact and within minutes somebody was sucking a cock.

The sounds in the room, usually heard over the loud dance music, were the sounds of hot sex. Slurping, slapping, hips against asses. The sound alone was enough to get me hard. I adored walking in, smelling and hearing men having an intensely good time. Lean against a wall, stand nest to a guy, reach a hand out under their towel and feel them respond was a super thrill. Sometimes they would lean in for a very hot, wet kiss. That always sent me into bottom slut mode.

But a black out is an absence of light. It was total anonymity, total chance to hook up without body type, age, size or racial stereotypes hindering who you met, who you sucked, who sucked you or who you bent over and got fucked by. It is the ultimate gay surrender to the most hedonistic impulses of men. Find a hole, fill a hole.

Craving this night for a long time, my nerves were on end. There are certain types I would never usually associate with. Heavily tattooed men, overly large men (thought I am no model of sculpted abs) and others. Tonight, all those self-imposed rules were laid aside. I was going to surrender to bodies and hard cocks.

I am a bottom, like most who visit bath houses. I adore being kissed and then feel his hands gently urge my face to their groin. His hands on my head as he guides me in the ways my mouth can please his cock is so much more exciting. Letting him know, without words, that I am eagerly going to try and please him in ways he prefers is what I enjoy. When I get a top who picks up on those signals and takes control — Oh my. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

I got my key, get naked in the locker room, wrapped my towel around me. The locker keys are on elastic loops so you can wear them, so you don’t loose them when your being used. I like to wear my key like a cock ring. If I am lucky enough to get fucked the key jingles a bit and its fun. I put my key on and headed out.

Normally the corridors are dim but not dark. Tonight, there is only one dim light for the entire hallway it is at the end farthest from the dark rooms, where the actual black out happens. I pulled my towel off as I walked down the hall, the sense of being nude in a public place never gets old. As I approach the room it is becoming increasingly difficult to make out any details. I began feeling the wall to be sure I don’t walk into anything. My hands brush over cloth. The bath house staff covered the glass block window into the dark room. It was going to be a true black out — no light.

I found the curtain covering the entrance and went in. It was warm, all the bodies istanbul travesti in the room were heating the space. It was utterly black. No hint of light at all. My hands reached out to feel, like a naked blind man, I had to work by feel and sound. I moved toward where I think the middle of the room is and where I heard the sounds of sex.

A few steps in my hand founds a shoulder. I run my hand down the arm. His hand finds me, runs down my torso and finds my hard cock. I do the same with him. Another body bumps into me from behind. I feel a hard cock brush my left ass cheek. My entire body is now alive, sensitive to any touch.

I turn to the man who is holding my cock and pull him into me and begin to kiss his neck as my hands explore him. He is a black man. I can smell and taste him, a scent and flavor I simply adore. He is about my height. He seems to be an average build, a bit of a guy but just normal for guys over 35. I leaned in hoping for a kiss his face but his face is gone. Then I feel wet lips engulf my cock. I moan at the surprising sensation. I push my hips out slightly. I can’t see the mouth sucking me. My senses seem heightened since I can’t see. I switch into top mode (which I can do with ease) and being to slowly fuck his face, long slow thrusts, making sure I don’t choke him.

A hand brushes my hip and stops. I started a bit when I felt the touch but enjoyed how it felt. That same hand then cupped my ass cheek, squeezed it a bit. Another hand cupped my other ass cheek, though I wasn’t sure, it felt like both hands were from one person. I pressed my hips back into his hands, hoping he would grope me further.

The mouth on my cock was becoming more intense, he wanted my cum. It was way to early for that. I put my hands on his shoulders and urged him to stand, which he did, reluctantly. I bent at the waist to take his cock in my mouth, and to indicate to the man fondling me he was free to use my ass if he wanted. I took the cock in front of me into my mouth. He was slightly larger than average, and he smelled intoxicating. The hands on my ass gripped me a few more time then gave them a parting pat and left.

Cool washes of air into the room told me people were coming and going but it felt like the room was getting busier. I was bumped into several times as I was sucking his cock. Nobody apologized, honestly, I don’t think I heard anybody speak at all. It seemed the protocol to not speak, adding to total anonymity of the room. If I were to meet the man whose cock was probing my throat tomorrow, I would not recognize him.

Other men’s hands ran down my back frequently. Petting me as it must have been apparent what I was doing. One hand ran down my back, to my hips. He second hand took my other hip and I feel his cock against me. I moaned at that sensation. I have no idea of the guy using my face even knew another cock was probing my ass. I doubt it. Only the motion of my body would hint at what was going on behind me. I stook still, letting the man in my mouth set his pace, slowly fucking my mouth, and occasionally gagging me. I never pulled off his cock though. I hope he knew that meant I was fine with being istanbul travestileri gagged by cocks.

The man behind me began to hump my ass. His cock sliding up and down my crack. It was such a tease. Having become a bottom slut the minute I put a cock in my mouth I craved that cock in my ass. I tried to move so his cock would be against my hole but the man behind me just refused to be captured. I began to suck that cock like only a real slut in heat can. My mind was shutting down. I was devolving into a total wanton cum whore that had no thoughts other than more than more cock and more cum. My mind went blank in pursuit of the most primal of urges.

I felt a body to my left, he was also bent over because we were bumping shoulders and hips. I feel his body rhythmically bouncing — he was being fucked. I reached behind me grabbed the cock and pointed it as my hole and pushed back on it. I needed it, like a junkie needs a fix. He obliged and rammed himself deep into me, I screamed into the cock in mouth. The burning pain in my ass began to subside quicky and I felt his hands on my hips about to take control. It was a long cock, not too thick but nice and long. He begin to pump into me. I put my hands on the hips of the guy in my mouth and let the fucking motion drive me onto his cock. Without warning the cock in my mouth was gone. He just pulled out. Maybe for the same reason I did. It didn’t matter why — it was gone. Bodies went by my face as I was bounced on the cock in my ass. I started moaning. With each trust I whimpered. A hand found my head, pushed it down slightly and a new cock filled my mouth, maybe just to shut me up.

I was being split roasted. It had only happened three other times, but this was by far the hottest. I slobbered and sucked while I ground and rotated my hips for the two men using me. I know I was dripping precum because I felt a string running down from my cock.

The man fucking me suddenly began to pound me hard — he was close. I grabbed his thighs pulling him into me. I wanted him to breed me, and my hands told him that.

It’s a simple fact that any trip into a bath house has risks. You can be safe, use condoms at every encounter and have some higher level of confidence you won’t pick up an STD. But a dark room, a true dark room, those rules go out the window. I am sure somewhere in here there was a bowl of condoms as I am equally sure they were untouched. This was a raw even. Everybody was bareback. I understood that before I even go there, and I accepted it.

I pulled his hips into me and with a sudden few hard thrust he began to grunt as he spewed his cum into me. I ground as deeply as I could on him, getting as much as deep as I could. He paused a bit then pulled out.

I stood, feeling wet cum on my ass. I had no cocks. I wandered toward where I assumed a wall was to rest a bit. My hands found a vertical surface and I leaned against it. I was breathing hard, sweat running down my body and face. I felt a hand coming from the same direction I had, most likely somebody seeking a bit of recovery. He slipped in next to me and I felt his body thump into the wall.

We stood together travesti istanbul for a bit when I felt his hands on my ass. It moved a bit and found the slick cum near my hole. He probed it a bit, then put his cum covered fingers to my lips. I took it in. This seemed to be all he needed to hear. His strong hands turned me to face the wall and he pushed his cock to my entrance. He gave me a couple of seconds to say no and when I didn’t move — he did. Deep into me.

Being fucked against a wall is, for some reason, what makes me feel the sluttiest. I feel like a cheap street hooker being a dirty and nasty cum dump, and it makes me vibrate with sexual energy. He was good. His cock was big, thick. He pressed my face into the wall, clearly making me a fuck doll for him. The only thing missing from this fantasy is people watching what a pathetic slut I am. It’s a dark room. A room full of horny men and not a soul to see me.

I began to bounce off the wall. Each hard thrust of his hips slamming into mine and I bounced into the wall. That created a bit of a steady rhythm that seemed to attract guys. I found myself being caressed and fondled by many hands. It was electric. Every hand a new point of stimulation. I wanted to fuck for all of them, that’s how slutty I felt.

He grunted, slammed into me and injected me with his cum. The cock in my pulled out, a stream of cum fell out with it. I paused, vibrating in place and another cock took its place. I pushed back he thrust forward. At this point my mind went blank and I was consumed by lust. I think of at least three men fucked me — but I am not sure. Cum ran down my legs.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more. I was exhausted and moved around the room to my left against the wall. I felt the opening and went through. My towel lost in the room. Cum was running down my leg and leaving small wet spots where I walked. I found my way to the showers and cleaned up. Across the hall from the showers was a room with tiered benches against one wall, normally a video room but tonight the monitors were all off.

I laid back to rest. My eyes closed. They opened a few minutes later when a mouth took my cock in. I closed them again and let the mouth do what he wanted. I was so crazy horny, but I had never thought of cumming myself. I could make him out dimly. A black guy. He might be the guy who started sucking me. I sat up and slid forward so it would be easier for him to suck me. I let him do what he did best — and he did it very well. I began to build to my orgasm and I told him. He simply kept sucking me. It began in my balls but it swept over me like a wave. I grabbed his head and thrust deeply into his mouth.

I erupted. Wave after shuddering wave washed over me. He buried his nose in my abdomen taking as much cock as I had to give. I felt his throat swallowing as I came. He continued to suck but I pushed his head away. I get very sensitive after I cum. He stood up, leaned over and kissed me, sharing some of my cum with me. It was him, the first guy I met.

“I knew I would get your cum,” he said, smiling as he walked away. I was completely drained. Went to my locker, dressed, checked out and went home. I collapsed into bed, felt cum still leaking out of me and wondered if I was infected.

Three months later I all my tests were negative. I will do it again. I won’t be able to say no. Being invisible and used like that was amazing — and I want more.

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