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Bitesize Nylon Tales

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Solo Male

I’ve decided to do a bit of an anthology collection dedicated to some fantasy and real scenarios that my partner and I have engaged in (some of my favourite memories). I hope my followers and anyone reading these will get something out of these and may get some inspiration for their next nylon play session. Would love to read your feedback and your own experiences with nylons if you’d like to share. Love, Nylonian. I’ll be referring to my Partner as “Tess” for the sake of her anonymity. Sorry it took so long for me to get this one out; life has been hectic but I am well.

Perfect Dress, Perfect Tights

Tess and I had just came back from a nice casual dinner out with one of our good friends and we were lying on the couch watching some aviation YouTube (we love travelling, learning about new destinations and ogling at cute flight attendants). Tess was wearing Wolford tights, 50 denier but I forgot which ones. It wasn’t meant be to a sexy thing, she was mainly wearing them for warmth. She had a nice black and white patterned Blackmilk dress on and I love it when she wears that dress as it’s always really smooth and slick to the touch.

I started rubbing on her tights and I got really excited since we were watching a video about the new AA flight attendant uniforms and she started stroking my hair in return and started kissing me on the cheek as she noticed that my jeans started to bulge up. As a power-move I took my jeans off altogether and started rubbing my bare legs as against her tights. We were on our sectional so it meant that our legs could intertwine as we watched TV.

“Gosh, you’re insatiable, Nylonian. These are just tights, not even stockings, can’t you just keep it in?” Tess teased and pretended to be annoyed by this. I didn’t actually thinking I’d get this excited by the tights actually but she started rubbing my bare legs and kissing my neck as we continued to watch videos. One thing lead to another and I started kissing her feet as I straddled her leg and started rubbing my bare thighs against her nyloned thighs.

“Having fun there, Nylonian? Do you wanna take this to the bedroom?” I didn’t answer her, I just kept worshipping her feet and rubbing. I felt like I was in a trance so I wasn’t about to let such an organic moment pass. Tess didn’t chase me for an answer so I assumed that she was happy to go along with whatever I was into. She then took my underwear off as I was being distracted by her feet and told me to turn around and straddle her thigh. I turned around and started humping her thigh whilst she stroked my cock and wrapped the fabric of her dress around my cock to enhance the feeling with a gliding sensation. All the while, she was casually watching YouTube and admiring the view in front of her; my very erect cock on her soft black tights.

Sensing that I was getting close, she signalled for me to stand up and she made a hole between her thighs by crossing her legs but leaving a small opening between them. I took that as a sign she wanted me to fuck that opening and her wish was my command at that point! I started running my hands across the tights and slowly eased my cock into the opening and out of nowhere she started spanking me. I started fucking the nylon cocoon faster and faster and it was honestly a different sensation than what I was used to as we usually play with nylons of a lower denier. More soft, fluffy and warm and less of the signature electricity you get with lower denier nylons. I did this at a steady pace until I sprayed a very generous load all over her thighs and her lovely tights and her hands as she was trying to contain everything!

WHACK! She gave me once last whack. “That’s for cumming on my tights. Now I have to do laundry and I wasn’t planning on doing that until tomorrow.” She gave me a little kiss and slowly took off her tights and put them in the laundry.

I thought it was a pretty exciting end to something that started off pretty casually and it was definitely one of my favourite spontaneous recent experiences with Tess and definitely made me think about her dress and tights in general differently from that point on.

No Stroke Edging

I remember reading about a lady who edged her husband with smooth 20 denier stockings over her hands but didn’t stroke his cock even once; she just focused on his balls, the head of his penis and the frenulum. She did eventually finish him off with a blowjob but Tess knows that I don’t expect anything like that and making her cum first is always everything. I think knowing that makes her feel more powerful as well. Knowing my fetish and her control of my pleasure.

I was curious on if Tess could get me to the PONR (point of no return) without even stroking it once. I don’t remember where I read this Bayan Eskort and it’s bugging me so I’ll edit this story if I ever find it.

“Hey, the new Wolfords you ordered arrived today! Are you excited? I think these were the Pure 10s that you were talking about.” It was the day my Wolford Pure 10s arrived in the mail, I ordered a nude pair for myself and for Tess as well. I figured that with the arrival of new nylons, it was an opportunity to try the no-stroke edging technique that we were daydreaming about. I had a growing bulge thinking about the erotic edgeplay that we were potentially going to engage in that night.

“Tess, how about we do that thing tonight… You know? The no-stroke thing. See how far we go.” I suggested. “Hmmm, we’ll see. That’ll depend on the quality of your dinner.” She teased. Fortunately my dinner was up to scratch that night: silky mashed potatoes, Moroccan spiced green beans and broccolini and scotch fillet done medium rare.

Tess, my nylon goddess was already wearing her Wolfords along with a miniskirt and white blouse. A classy, seductive combo. Since I was cooking, I was in my jeans so nothing to write home about there. We turned off the TV earlier that night since we finished catching up on all our shows anyway and headed for the bedroom for play.

“Nylonian take your top off,” she commanded. So I did, no complaints there. She then took the the Pure 10s that arrived that day and pulled them taut over her hands like gloves. I rested my head against the pillow and was eager with anticipation of the surreal sensations to come.

Tess started by rubbing the soft and smooth fabric against my chest and she started drawing little spirals from my chest down to my stomach and slowly made her way down to my pubes. I helped her out by unbuttoning my jeans and pulling my underwear down in one fell swoop. “Eager are we? I am gonna have so much fun teasing you with these.”

She snuck her other hand under my balls and gave them a little tug and that gave me the biggest shock and I thought I couldn’t get any harder but at this point my erection was bordering on aching. She eased off and went back to rubbing the softest nylon I’ve ever felt on my stomach whilst her left hand played with my frenulum and the sensitive head of my dragon. Meanwhile, my nylon witch’s legs were intertwined with mine and she was rubbing her left foot up and down the length of my calves in synchronicity with the pace she was teasing the head of my cock. I was in awe of her coordination as much as the sensations all over my body.

I was getting pretty close at this point so I knew it could probably be done and Tess probably sensed this as well so she intensified the sensations in order to bring me closer to the edge. She moved the hand that was rubbing my chest and my nipples to my balls and started drawing little circles with her nyloned hand over my balls and the feeling was surreal since at this point I was feeling her nyloned legs teasing me, her right hand rubbing the head of my cock and also this new intense sensation on my balls. I was so close to the point of no return but she knew me better than anyone else so she eased off by slowing the rate of her stroking and kept me at the edge like that… It was beyond intense and very hard to describe with words but at one point it felt like an out-of-body experience.

I was spasming and making all sorts of indescribable, intense sounds and moans of pleasure as she gave me a few tugs every couple of seconds to keep me on edge whilst mainly keeping the focus on my sensitive nipples and my balls. “I bet it must feel so, so good, Nylonian. Can you describe how it feels for me?” I tried my best to put the sensation into words. “Well since my balls and my nipples are so sensitive, the way you… You glide over them sends waves of pleasure with every contact. I like how you use a variety of techniques on my body as the variety of sensations keep me guessing and you let the nylons run all over my body… The material is so soft, so gossamer. You know just the right amount of pressure to use with each stroke and the tempo you use just shows how well you know me,” I managed to slowly utter out between breaths as she eased the frequency of the waves.

Eventually, after taking her foot “off the pedal” and taking me to the edge a few times, she decided to give me the ultimate climax by starting off slow and giving me a passionate kiss whilst she gently starts stroking my chest with the stockings and the head of my cock with her other hand. Tess started pumping my cock loosely with her right hand; slowly at first but increasing her tempo as she continued to tease my balls and massage them by drawing little circles and giving them little flicks. “Don’t stop, Tess. I am close. I…. I am sooo close!” Anadolu Yakası Escort I howled in ecstasy as my cum came gushing out and soiled our sheets and we even got some on our face! “Delicious as always, Nylonian. Glad you had fun too.” She grinned devilishly as she licked every bit of cum she could find off my chest and our sheets.

After The Engagement Party

I have a friend who rarely wears nylons. Let’s call her “Diana”. Honestly, you couldn’t bribe Diana to wear pantyhose or stockings even in Winter. I speculate it’s because she always wore the cheap ones from the pharmacy. A common friend of ours were having their engagement party and she didn’t have a date for it so she asked if I wanted to go with her since Tess was working that evening. I told her that I didn’t mind since I always loved suiting up and soaked up every occasion to celebrate. The occasion in question called for black tie so I put on my suave burgundy tuxedo with a smart bowtie.

I picked Diana up from her parents’ place and she was wearing an elegant, asymmetrical black dress that had its hem fall just below her knees. To preface why I was taken aback a bit let me describe Diana. She was skinny with a slightly athletic build. She had short, dirty blonde hair and was a bit of a tomboy and the way she usually dresses kinda reflects this (jeans, shorts but never with nylons, grunge band shirts). “What? Is there something on my dress?” She enquired with a confused look. “No. It’s just that I’ve never seen you get so dolled up.”

“Well, mum actually made me get changed and said I actually had to wear a dress for black tie… Don’t make it a thing.” Diana snapped nervously. I shrugged and we were on our way to the party. We knew we were at the right place when the preppy bride-to-be waved us down and complimented us on our excellent timing since she’d arrived a minute earlier.

We dropped off a little engagement present at the welcome table for our friends and headed into the classy, jazz-filled room. The décor was to die for and I was glad that I dressed up and I am sure Diana was too since everyone got the memo and gave off Midcentury inspired sartorial vibes. The party was classy, but I am sure you’re not here to read about the party. Too much booze was imbibed. People who shouldn’t be drinking got so drunk they had to be helped up the stairs. But the atmosphere was cheerful and the night ended pretty uneventfully since it was a Wednesday.

My best friend, Damien who only had a glass of wine offered to drive us back to mine since he lives two blocks away from me and could walk back. I got into the back of my car with Diana and made small talk with her. “I did not know you could dance like that… Also that live pianist can SING!”

“You too, Nylonian. I can see how you got Tessa’s attention and got her number so quickly. I used to do ballet you know?” She winked cheekily at me; clearly buzzed from having three signature brambles and two glasses of red. “I did NOT know that.” She put a finger up to my lips and shushed me. “Now keep it a secret, lovely.”

She then scooched over so she could talk to Damien at the front. At this point my memory was blurry but burned into this blurry mess was a memory, a familiar sensation. My hand accidentally brushed against her leg and I felt the sensation of something familiar. Is Diana, the tomboy, the nylon hater wearing sheer stockings?! They seem to be pretty good quality, low denier ones from the brief contact I had with her thigh (her dress had ridden up to mid-thigh by this point). Either Diana didn’t notice or didn’t care. Throughout the trip, my wandering, curious hand kept finding its way to her thigh as if it’s magnetised. I was hypnotised by the smooth, electric sensation and aroused since this was a side of Diana I’ve never experienced. I had to know, so I was glad I had the liquid courage to help me ask the question. “Hey Dee, are you wearing nylons?”

“Huh? Oh. Yeah. I didn’t get time off to go to the beach I didn’t wanna spray-tan so I borrowed a pair from mum. What’s it to you?”

“Oh ermm… I was just curious.” The words awkwardly stumbled out of my mouth. I didn’t even notice that we were actually almost at mine since I was so distracted by her proximity to me. Her perfume, the nylons. The whole vibe was incredibly arousing. Damien snapped me out of the haze and announced: “Well here we are, lovebirds. I am gonna be walking home so I better get going.”

“Good night, Damien!” We chimed in together and had a giggle about it.

“Well Diana, would you like to come in and sober up a bit? I can make us some tea. Tess is probably gonna be home soon if you wanna catch up with her.”

“Sure. I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea. You still have that tea I brought back Pendik Escort from Japan?” I sure did and despite my inebriation, I was able to make that perfect cup of sencha for her. She sat next to me cross-legged and sipped on her tea. “Mmmm, that takes me back.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her reinforced-toe, slightly tan nylon legs. Her mom definitely had nice taste in pantyhose since these were high quality and did not feature a control top so they were entirely sheer and silky soft.

She looked at me looking at her feet and I quickly darted my eyes away but I knew at this point I didn’t get away with anything so I looked at her sheepishly whilst I took a sip of my tea to calm my nerves. “Oh so that’s why you were asking! Judging by the way Tess dresses, I should have connected the dots sooner.” Yep. The cat’s out of the bag so to speak by this point. She flexed her toes and uncrossed her legs so she could give me a better look at her feet as she turned to face me on the couch. She placed them squarely on my lap and her nylons whispered as they landed on my lap as if they were saying: “Look at us… See how sheer and fucking sexy we are!”

“What is it about them you like, Nylonian? Do you like feet or is it just about the nylons?” Of course, everyone has to ask that question when they first find out about the fetish. I find it comical but I answered truthfully. “Nylons on their own are nice and I do appreciate the sensation but the way they look on a nice pair of legs is probably the most seductive and sexy thing in the world to me.”

“Put the tea down and rub them for me so you can feel them more.” I gave her feet a good a massage as I would usually give Tess. Focusing on her toes that were probably sore from dancing in heels and drew sensual circles around her soles. “Oh fuck, that actually feels really good. I didn’t think the stockings could enhance the massage like that.” I thought to myself: “Diana could be turned to the cult of nylons yet.”

She set her tea down and unzipped my tuxedo pants like it was the most casual thing in the world. Like she was opening an envelope to some bills. She released her right foot from my grasp and I took the hint and slid my boxers down. For someone who probably didn’t know how to give a footjob, she was eager to please or just liked the challenge. Either way, I was a happy man. Her foot immediately went to my shaft and she pressed against it and tried to get it to fall against my stomach and I imagine she was trying to get it hard enough that it’d stay up. My cock wasn’t being cooperative and kept escaping from her foot. “Argh. This is trickier than I thought it’d be.”

Knowing Diana, she’s competitive and likes a good challenge so I didn’t offer to help her. Plus it was providing me with some entertainment. She tried to enlist her left foot to help out but I was holding on to it firmly and started licking it up and down. The taste was a mix of the leather from her heels and her sweat (vinegary, not overly unpleasant).

“Nylonian, give me my foot back.” She laughed, tinged with a hint of frustration.

I let go of her left foot and she got to work gripping my cock with her soles placed on either side of my cock. The familiar, sheer, warm tingling of nylon against my slowly hardening dragon was getting it up despite all the alcohol. The utterly erotic sight of Diana, in a fucking gorgeous dress, lying down on the couch that Tessa and I were used to fooling around on, giving me what’s probably her first footjob was definite what got it going.

The hiss-hiss of her pantyhose, my hands against her skin encased in that sensual fabric. Diana was curious at the first but I think she was slowly getting turned on by how excited it was getting just from the action from her feet. “That’s it huh? Fuck look how big it’s getting. Nylonian, do nylons have this sort of effect on other guys too or just you? This is actually kinda hot.”

“Trust me. Any guy would be more than happy to feel this on their cock. Even if they don’t know it yet.”

I closed my eyes and try to make the sensation last. Hss, hsss, hss. She has a long way to go yet and her strokes were still kinda awkward but she definitely made up for it in curiosity and enthusiasm. I helped her out by guiding her feet and set the pacing of the strokes by suggesting the tempo and used this as a opportunity to feel her pantyhose against my hands again. “Much better.” I sighed as I made the necessary adjustments. The sensation was building up quickly now. She sensed that I was close and cooed. “Come on…. Cum on them… Oh…” It was on her asymmetrical black dress. “Oh my gosh, your dress…” It kept gushing out like white lava on her nude nylons. She took a paper towel and wiped it clean but not before sampling a bit of it herself.

“Tessa’s home.” She chuckled and quickly gave our couch a wipe-down as she licked the corner of her mouth. Diana put her heels back on and winked. A mischievous wink knowing that she’s discovered my weakness… “Dee, I’ll pay for the drycleaning. Just send me the bill.”

“No need, silly.”

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