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Birthday Vibe Surprise

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This is the story of a night out I will never forget.

It was my birthday, and my husband and I were getting ready for a night out to the club. We often like to dress up for a night on the town and dance with a group of couples we know. My favorite outfit is a tight shirt, short mini-skirt, and high heels.

I had been wearing ben wa balls occasionally when we went out for a bit of extra fun. They felt great moving around when I danced, while also helping to tighten my muscle. This particular night just before we went out he came up to me holding one in his hand and said, “How about you wear your toys out tonight?”

Not thinking much of it said, “Sure.”

He promptly reached up my skirt and placed it inside me. I enjoyed getting a quick preview for having his fingers inside me later.

We got our things together and headed out for the evening. Upon arriving at the club, we settled in with a drink and met up with our friends as they arrived. We enjoyed some time on the dance floor. It was a warm night, so I was getting a bit hot and sweaty. The ball inside was also contributing. I ask my husband to go grab me another drink while I continued to dance with my friends.

He was standing at the bar ordering drinks, when suddenly I felt a buzz from deep inside my pussy. The surprise caught me so off-guard that my knees went week and I almost hit the floor. It then stopped.

One of my girlfriends asked if I was ok. I responded, “Just tripped on my heels. Let’s sit down a minute.”

As we walked to the edge of the dance floor, the buzz started again. I took a quick pause mid-step. I now realized what had escort izmit happened. My husband had snuck a vibrator inside me instead of the regular ball.

As we sat down, the rest of the girls in our group came and joined us. Knowing I was the birthday girl, they were being polite and joining us for the company. The rest of the guys wandered towards the bar where my husband was still in line, keeping his back to me so as not to make eye contact.

The vibe inside was turning me on quickly. I could feel my pussy muscles clenching the vibe as it created a low rumble inside me. I tried to relax, but each clench pressed on the vibe intensify the sensation making it hard to release. And the vibe was moving up deeper inside me. I crossed my legs tightly so my friends would not notice my thigh muscles twitching. Thankfully we were all warm, so no one would notice my blushing.

I finally got somewhat use to the sensation and joined the conversation. A few moments later the guys returned with drinks for everyone. As my husband approached I gave him an evil eye. He of course just grinned and winked, acknowledging what he had done.

I was now extraordinarily wet. I could feel my panties were damp. My clit was also swollen and throbbing for attention. Of course there was not much I could do about that, as much as I wanted to reach under my skirt.

I noticed the other guys were all glancing precariously at my chest. Then I looked down and noticed my nipples were rock hard, pointing through my tight shirt. Now I was embarrassed. But there was nothing I could do to cover that up. So I just sat that and tried to act normal.

My izmit escort husband then reached for my hand and walked me back out onto the dance floor. I was happy to get a bit of privacy and also a moment to speak my mind.

He whispered in my ear, “Having fun?”

I responded, “That’s enough for now.”

He then said, “Sorry, but I am not in control anymore.”

It took me a minute to understand his statement, but then it hit me. Literally. The vibrator kicked up a notch and then back down. I then I noticed our friends circling around us.

I exclaimed, “You didn’t.”

And then he said, “Happy birthday.”

One of the girls started waiving a remote around, and everyone cheered. As far as embarrassment, there is only one way to go from here. So might as well go along with it.

My husband started dancing, and I joined him. The others did the same around use. I felt the vibe going from low to high and back as my friend played with the remote. When it hit the highest setting, my whole body froze for a moment and everyone started whistling. She then started to pass it around to the others.

My pussy muscles were still clenching with each change to the speed. The dancing was also pushing the vibe against different spots inside, alternating between pressure on g-spot and deep in the cervix. While they were all having fun with me, I knew there was no way they could appreciate just how this felt.

After the remote made it around to everyone, they handed it back to my husband. He then asked me, “Are you ready to finish?”

I just nodded my head. He turned the vibe all the way izmit kendi evi olan escort to high, then came in close behind me and wrapped his arms around my waste. Given how turned on I was, all I could think about was taking his hands and pushing them lower. This was like the ultimate tease.

I felt the sensation build as we continued to dance. I closed my eyes to forget people were watching and take in the sensation. In my mind, I imaged that his dick was inside me pressing around while we danced. And the motions he made on my stomach were rubs against my clit. It did not take long for my breathing to get heavy. I knew it was near. Then my body clenched and began to ripple. It was all I could do to stay standing with leaning against my husband for support.

When I came down off the sensation I turned around and gave him a kiss. The cheer from my friends reminded me I was being watched. As I looked around, the look of aw filled their faces. I then quickly realized they my juices were dripping down the inside of my legs. That moment of embarrassment faded as I noticed all our friends either now had bulges in their pants or pointy nipples. Satisfaction then set in knowing that not only had I gotten a birthday treat, but had succeeded in getting all my friends hot and bothered.

I then excused myself to the ladies room to take out the vibe and clean-up. I had to take some extra time, not knowing how to return to face my friends.

When I returned, they were all sitting having another round of drinks. As I sat down it got quiet as they were all looking for me to make a statement. I decided to make and exit and say, “It’s time for me to punish my husband for what he did.” I got a number of looks knowing what I meant, but also thanking me for excusing them as they were all horny themselves.

Needless to say, when we got home the birthday celebration continued.

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