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Birthday treat.

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A little story written for a special someone as a birthday treat and hope you all enjoy as well. I’m not a writer by any stretch so please bear with me and my grammar…or lack of.


The bar I’d chosen for us to meet is fairly quiet when I walk in and order a drink at the bar. I hand over my card to the barmen and open a tab, find out the reserved table and pay for the surprise I had been long waiting to spring on you.

I take a seat at the table which has the single red rose upon it that I’d requested for my beautiful, English rose. I glance at my watch as I wait for you, thinking of you.

The waiter brings over our drinks just as you walk through the door, god you look stunning! I rise from my seat as you see me and walk towards me, your gorgeous smile lighting up the room and I can’t help but silently growl.

I take you in my arms and kiss your soft lips tenderly, we both want more but now is not the time.

“Happy birthday, beautiful,” I whisper, “there’s no need to rush when we have all the time in the world.”

We sit down looking at each other with silly smiles on our faces as we catch up on our lives, conversation and laughter flowing freely. I reach and take your hand in mine as I feel your feet touching my leg under the table.

“Fuck, I want you so bad.” I tell you. The smile and the glint in your pretty eyes tell me the same.

I pour us another drink and beckon over the waiter and order another bottle. As he starts to bring it over to us I catch his eye, mouthing the words…”upstairs.”

You look at me, questioningly. I smile and wink at you.

“They have rooms here babe,” I admit, “now take those panties off, right now and give them to me.”

I see the surprised look on your face as your eyes quickly scan the bar, that lip bite giving away how turned on you are right now.

I watch as your hands go underneath the table and see you rise slightly from the seat as you start to pull them down. You start to giggle as you reach down to take them off your ankles and rest your clenched hands on your lap.

I reach out my hand to you…”Are thy wet?” I ask.

You nod sheepishly looking so damn cute as I take them from you. Feeling your heat and the dampness in my hands my cock throbs at the thought of where they have just been touching and the alluring smell clinging to them that lingers in the air.

“Show me how wet you are,” I say, “touch yourself and show me baby.”

Your right hand drops down in between your lovely legs as you take your drink in the other. I watch as you bring the drink to your lips and your eyes close as reach and run your delicate finger up and down your juicy slit, squirming slightly in your seat and as you bring your hand back up to rest upon the table, I can see the wetness glistening on two fingers.

“Naughty girl,” I smirk, “now tastes yourself and kiss me baby.”

You smile and lick your lips as you bring your fingers to your pretty mouth, I actually groan out aloud as I watch you run a finger over your luscious lips coating them with your desire.

I can’t take no more, “Kiss me and share yourself with me.” I practically beg.

We lean forwards to each, our lips meeting as if there is no one else around us.

The smell and taste of you intoxicating as I feel my cock straining against me.

We snap back into reality, smiling into each other’s eyes.

“Right,” I say as I get to stand up, “let’s get up those stairs so I can properly taste you, then fuck the life out of you my pretty little girl.”

We leave the bar area and head towards the stairs leading to the room.

I open the door for you and feel you brush you hand over my already hard cock as you walk through, fuck!!

You lead the way up and I watch your gorgeous arse as you climb the stairs, it’s so fucking almanbahis adres hot I can’t help but playfully grab and smack it!! I hear you giggle and smile to myself as I think, plenty more of that coming your way, baby.

We finally reach the room and we stop and wrap our arms around each other and kiss, just lightly as we savour this moment. Our lips are still touching as I press the card onto the reader and push open the door. I pull back from your luscious lips and look deep into your eyes.

“Get that sexy body inside beautiful,” I tell you, “I can’t wait a moment longer to have you, devour you. And make you mine.”

We step inside the plush room noticing the champagne bucket and walk over and pour two glasses and walk over to you. We clink glasses and smile at each other, no words needed.

I put my glass down and reach for you, pulling you close to my body, feeling the warmth of your body close to mine. I take in the smell of your perfume as my lips touch your exposed neck, gentle kisses forming over you as my hands caress your beautiful body.

As my hands reach your ass I pull you even closer, I feel my hard cock trapped between our bodies as you start to breath more heavily. Hearing a small gasp escape your mouth as my teeth gently bites into your soft neck as I I continue to explore you, exciting me even more.

I reluctantly step away, wanting to see you. Needing to see you.

“Show me you baby,” I say, “I want to watch you undress for me, let me take in your beautiful body before I devour every single inch of you.”

That little smile creeps across your pretty face as you reach behind your dress to lower the zipper.

“At the same time, please.” You shyly say.

I smirk and nod as I begin to unbutton the cuffs of my shirt, rolling the sleeves up teasingly like you’ve seen me do before.

I watch you as you let your dress seductively drop to floor, I growl once more at you stood before me just in your bra looking fucking amazing.

I unbutton my shirt and slowly take it of and just literally throw it on the floor, I have to have you!

I unbutton my belt and slide it through the loops of my trousers holding it teasingly close to you, I put it close by. I undo my trousers and let them slide down to the floor, standing in just my tight black boxers before you as my rock hard cock strains at the thin material.

I watch as you scan my body with your pretty eyes, that mischievous glint shining through as you bite your bottom lip…god that looks so fucking sexy!!

Looking back over your shoulder, you turn your back to me as you ask me to help undo the clasp of your sexy bra. I step forward and rest my hands on your shoulders as I feel them warmth of your hot body close to mine.

I run my hands over you, caressing your back until I reach the clasp, I lean forward into your neck as my hands carefully free the clasp as I guide the straps over your sexy shoulders and gently remove the material from you body, looking over you I see your beautiful breasts in all their natural glory.

I growl into your ear as my hand reaches around to caress you, my hands slowly exploring and teasing you. I feel your nipples harden at my touch and hear the little moans escape your lips as you push your ass into my crotch, feeling the hardness of my cock through the material on your bare skin.

“Turn around and finish undressing me kitten,” I whisper, “I need to feel my skin on yours.”

You turn around and stand naked before me, the beauty that’s on the inside of you radiating to the outside just as brightly.

I feel your soft hands on my chest as you mimic my actions, your delicate fingers roaming over my body. You stop at my nipples and gently run your fingers over one as your mouth opens and your tongue flicks over the other. You carry this almanbahis adres on for a moment as I revel in your touch and then feel your pretty mouth kissing it’s way down my body as you sink to your knees before me.

I look down at you into your beautiful eyes as your hands grab the waistband of my boxers, your face so close to my cock I can feel your hot breath on me. Teasingly slowly you pull them down over my hips and thighs exposing my rock hard cock to you, for you.

Your delicate fingers gently stroke the shaft, the feeling of your soft touch running through my body making me groan with desire for you. Looking up at me you smile your beautiful smile and lean in closer gently kissing me, your tongue exploring every inch of me like only you can.

You open your pretty mouth and take the head of me inside your warm and welcoming mouth and slowly close your lips around me, your head starting to slowly move up and down as you find your own rhythm of pace. I slowly stroke your hair as the incredible feelings of you sucking me continue, my hands wandering to the sides of your head as I want to feel my cock deeper in you and control you like you want me too.

I take control of your head and push myself deeper inside your mouth as you look up at me. Your eyes telling me…it’s ok, take me as you want. I love the feel of your hot lips around me, your desire to please so overwhelming.

I watch as your hand drops between your open legs, kitty hungry and wanting to purrrrr for me.

“That’s it baby,” I say between deep breaths, “get your fingers nice and wet, I need to taste you once again.”

You follow what I say and push two fingers inside your dripping pussy, moaning around my cock and sending shivers through me.

You offer your hand to me and I lean forward and take it I’m mine, bringing it to my mouth. I can smell you on them and take a deep breath in as I put them in my mouth, savouring every fucking moment of you.

“Get on the bed, it’s your turn kitten,” I growl, ” I need to taste every inch of you now until you cum all over my probing tongue.”

You stand and seductively walk to the bed, laying down upon it with that expectant look in your eyes.

I lay beside you and kiss your mouth giving you a taste of yourself as my hands roam your sexy body slowly tracing my kisses over you, not missing a single part.

My lips find your hard nipples and I hear you moan as my tongue flicks over them, my teeth gently clamping onto you, the waves of pleasure and pain being sent through your body.

I trace my kisses further down your hot body, the smell of your arousal coming and closer to me…Fuck!!! I finally reach in between your open legs and just stare briefly at such a beautiful sight before me, I feel your hands on my head as your fingers run through my hair urging me to taste you, tease you and devour every part of you!

I gently kiss my way around you wanting to savour this moment, my tongue teasing your wet lips as I breath in your scent. I trace the tip of my tongue all over your smooth cunt as I hear you purrrrrr like the good little kitten you are.

“Open your legs wider baby girl and show me all of you.” I growl.

As you do as I say I watch in awe of your beauty. I see your tight little rosebud before me and can’t resist my tongue tracing its way down to it, teasing you with the tip of my tongue. Gently probing inside you as you love every moment, you dirty little girl. I kiss my way back up to as I need to feel your wetness drip all over my face as you cum for me, on me.

I know you’re close as my tongue flicks over your exposed clit, your hands pulling me into you as I take my two fingers and push them into you. Slowly sliding them in and out of your tight pussy, I look up at you and growl into you as I see your beautiful face moaning almanbahis adres in ecstasy. I speed up with my fingers and tongue, the sounds of my fingers sliding in and out of your dripping hole adding to my excitement.

“Cum, beautiful, cum for me now!” I order. That’s all it take is you throw your head back as your orgasm washes all over your body as I feel you clamp around my fingers as my tongue dips inside your cunt making your whole body shiver with desire. I slowly let your body relax a little and pull my fingers out of you and bring them to your open mouth, feeling your wet lips tasting yourself is just as hot as feeling them wrapped around my cock.

I gently start to work my kisses back up your glistening body, fuck you look so sexy! As I reach your mouth you smile that gorgeous smile as our lips entwine, sharing your scent and taste on our lips and tongues.

“Please baby,” you say, “please, fuck me. I need to feel you inside me, now!”

I growl as I feel your hand grasp hold of my hard cock, a finger running over its head spreading my leaking pre cum all over it, watching you bring them to your mouth once again licking them clean. I kiss you passionately once again as you take me in your hand and rub my rock hard cock in between your lips, teasing yourself with me, teasing me with your wetness. I feel you bury your neck into mine as the head of my prick slides effortlessly inside you, your teeth biting into me as I take control and push myself further and deeper.

Fuck, you feel so amazing!! I love the way you feel around me, your warmth and wetness driving me wild with desire for you…holding still for a moment as I savour the moment, savouring the perfect fit.

I feel your hands travel down my back as I slowly start to drive myself in and out of you, pushing myself until I’m buried fully inside your willing cunt. Your fingers digging into my arse cheeks, marking me as yours.

I pick up the pace as we get into our perfect rhythm, sliding myself I and out until I’m just about to pull out of you, thrusting my cock into you fully, over and over again.

“Oh Fuck,” I hear you moan,” please, harder. Make me cum on your hard cock and make me yours, sir.”

I smirk at myself as I thrust back into you. Fucking your tight little hole, pounding into you as you thrust your hips into mine, meeting every stroke I make.

I lean down to your pretty lips, kissing you hard as you moan into my mouth, feeling every inch of me inside you as I fuck you hard and fast. I take my mouth from yours and watch your beautiful face, looking down at your breasts bouncing in time with our frantic thrusts. I lean down to your hard nipple and take it in my mouth, my teeth clamping over it…biting down as I feel you about to cum.

“Oh fuck,” you scream, “bite me harder, please! I going to cum all over your big hard cock.”

I do as you say and mark you as mine, biting you as your orgasm rips through your body, my cock pounding your tight dripping wet hole. I feel your whole body stiffen and the grip you have on my cock, tighten even more!

“Fuck!!” I yell as I feel my own orgasm start to rip through me. I thrust into you as hard and fast as I can, your legs wrapped around me holding me into you as I start to cum with you.

One final thrust is all it takes for me to fill you with my desire, spurt after spurt coating your soaking wet insides as your cunt clamps down on me, contracting around my throbbing cock as you milk every bit of me into you. Our mouths frantically kissing at each other as we share each others desire over me and in you. I’m still slowly fucking you as our orgasms finally starts to subside, my cock still half erect within your hot depths.

We slowly roll onto our sides, you keeping me inside as we face each other with silly grins on our faces.

Planting soft kisses on your lips as I stroke your hair. My whispering words telling you how amazing that just was, how fucking amazing you are as you nuzzle into my chest.

“Rest beautiful,” I whisper into your ear, “there is so much more to cum.”

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