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Birthday Stripper

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Today is a special day. It’s Uncle Frank’s birthday, he turns 40 today and there’s a party planned. Fred, {Frank’s bother and Becky’s dad} has the weekend plan out they going camping and then he has a stripper coming as a gag. They pack up the truck and went up into the mountains to set up camp. Becky is taking Frank up later after Fred calls her. Becky watches her Uncle as he talks on the phone, thanking Grandma for the gifts she sent. She thought he look great. all her friends thought so to. They all wondered what he would be like in bed. And she did to. {her cell phone rang}

“Hello, yes dad okay I’ll tell him. What, are you sure? Okay we will be there in an hour ” she said.

“Uncle Frank dad said it’s time to go.” she said.

“okay little one. Mom have to go now.” he said.

Pulling into the camp site two hours later, they go out and Fred met them at the truck.

“Go put your stuff in the tent Frank and I’ll get the food. Frank grab his bag and went to the tent.

“Becky I need you to be the stripper, she called to say she can’t come, think you can do this.” he ask. She told him she could and went to practice. An hour later her dad came to ask her if she was ready. She told him she was as ready as she would ever be.

“Come on Fred what have you got for me? I want a young hot looking girl, with big tits and a nice pussy and ass.” Frank said.

“Well little bother, bursa suriyeli escort escort I tried to get some of your friends to come up here, but they couldn’t get away from they wife’s. But I did get you a hot looking stripper. So I want you to sit tight and hold onto your self.” Fred said, as he turn on the music. Becky heard the music and dance her way out.

As she slowly took off her clothes, Frank felt his cock stiffen. When Becky’s drop her top and turn towards him, he saw her large tits and his hand went to his cock. Rubbing his cock, he stroke it. As she took off her bottoms she saw his large cock and watch him stroking it. She went over to him and her dad and gave them each a lap dance. When she went to Frank’s lap, she brush her pussy against his hard throbbing cock. Frank pulled her to him and push her back and forth on his cock length. She felt his cock moving against her and then she felt someone squeezing her tit’s.


“Go ahead Frank, put your cock in her pussy.” Fred told him.

“AAAAAAAGGGHHH” she cried out, as she felt his cock slide inside.

“Now stand her up I want to get up her ass.” Fred said.

“AAAAGGGHHHH GOD SHE FUCKING TIGHT.” Frank cried out. As he lean against the truck, Frank bursa ucuz escort squeezed and held Becky’s ass cheeks. She felt her dad’s cock push in.

“OH FUCKING GOD SHE IS TIGHT.” Fred cried out.

“Oh Yes Take me, fuck me, I want it.” Becky yells.

Frank is the first one to come back. Becky looks at him with a smile and she leans into him and gives him a kiss. He takes her tongue into his mouth and gives his to her, kissing her back with all the feelings he’s kept at bay this last three years. Pulling back she looks at him.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Frank.” she whisper.

“Oh Becky your a great ass fuck baby, but you got to promise me not to say anything to your mother, she would kill me.” her dad said.

“I wont tell anyone daddy.” she said. She watch as he went to his tent.

Frank layed back in the truck pulling her with him.

“Oh Becky I can’t tell how much this birthday means to me. I’ve wanted you in the worst way when you turn 18 last year. Your dad got me drinking and my mouth as bigger than my brain at the time, and I ask him if he ever felt like getting his cock inside you. He told me that he wanted to, but your mom would kill him, now he feels bad that he fuck you. Why don’t you go into his tent and seduce him, climb on top of him and fuck him. He wont stop you, he wants you that badly.” Frank told her. bursa üniversiteli escort She got up and went over to her dad’s tent.

“Dad can I talk to you.” she asks.

“Yes honey come in.” he calls out.

Fred watches as his daughter walks in.

“Daddy I need you to do something for me.” she said. He watch as she walks over and stands above him, looking up at her he saw her pussy. He watch as she kneel down over his hips, he felt her brush his hard cock.

“Oh Daddy I want to feel your hard, hot cock sliding inside my hot pussy.” she told him. She held his cock as she push down on him.

“Oh god baby, feels so fucking good, being inside you.” he groans.

” Not as good as having your big cock inside me.” she told him. Leaning over him she licks his lips, slipping her tongue in his mouth.

“Oh what a sight, Baby I’m going to get my hard cock up your hot little ass baby.” Frank said as he walk into the tent. She felt his cock push into her asshole hard and quick. Her dad was squeezing her titties, pulling them into his mouth to suck on the nipples. She knew her dad and Uncle was ready to spill their cum inside of her. {her cell phone rings}

“Hello Yes mom, no dad and Uncle Frank went into town for some more Beer. Oh that’s two young men I found up here camping, Yes mother I know, but man Oh man I’ve never had two cocks inside me at the same time and I just couldn’t try them out, beside Dad said they wouldn’t be back for an hour. I….. Oh God mom They going to cum I have to go. I’ll tell dad as soon as he cum.” she told her. They exploded together, Frank took them to their sides and they fall asleep still inside of her.

The rest of the weekend they fuck her any where, and in every hole they could fit their cocks.

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