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Birthday Quickies: Father/Daughter

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Ray had always been a good man, but at the same time he considered himself a pragmatist. For example, Ray held no illusion that sex with his hot 19 year old daughter in real life would be fraught with trauma, consequences, and horror, yet he could appreciate in private the pure sexuality of stroking his cock while imagining it buried deep in his daughter’s tight pussy.

Ray was normally the sort of father who drove his daughter back to college even though the drive was eight hours and he would have to fly a plane home, since his daughter needed the car for the semester. There was nothing but a Super-Mart near her small college campus.

Rachel, Ray’s daughter, was sitting in the back seat because the front seat made her nauseated. Even so, at the four hour mark she was pleading with her father for a break.

“Please daddy,” she begged earnestly. “You know I hate long car rides, especially in the afternoon. Can we please just pull over and stay at a motel and drive the rest of the way tomorrow?”

Ray sighed, but he knew she would win out in the end. He didn’t begrudge her too much anyway, since he was happy to get a chance to spend a night with his daughter before she went back to college.

“All right, sweetie,” Ray replied. “We’ll pull off at the next motel sign we see.”

Fifteen minutes later they were settling into a motel room with a single twin sized bed. On short notice it was the only thing they found at the tiny motel they pulled Isparta Escort up to. Truth be told it was more of a tiny cabin than a motel room.

“Daddy I just want to go to sleep. I think we can just sleep and drive to the school tomorrow morning first thing” Rachel said, looking around at the ramshackle room.

“I agree, sweet pea” Ray said back, “but I’m not sure about the size of this bed.”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy, we’ll just cuddle. It’s not too warm in here anyway” Rachel said, as if sharing a bed with her father was totally normal.

Another fifteen minutes later and Ray found himself trying to hide his straining erection from his daughter Rachel. All of his pragmatic fantasizing about his hot daughter’s hot pussy had not anticipated a situation like this! Ray closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

Rachel heard her father begin to snore, and wondered why he had turned his back to her. She reached over his sleeping body and felt around his crotch area. She felt his hard cock underneath his soft pajama pants. She grinned wickedly. She had often thought about her daddy’s dick and found the boys at college couldn’t compare to her fantasy of fucking her dad. She could only ever orgasm when she imagined her father’s dick sliding in and out of her pussy. This was finally her chance.

Rachel’s pussy was already wet and swollen from her own masturbation. Her father, trying to hide his arousal from her, hadn’t Isparta Escort Bayan notice her small fingers rubbing around her swollen clitoris. She was ready. She quickly straddled her daddy and pushed him onto his back. She pulled down his pajama pants with her right hand, and his erection sprang free. Grasping her father’s erection in her right hand, she lined up his cock with her pussy hole. She looked at his face to see he was awake, eyed wide in horror, unable to make a sound.

Rachel slowly lowered herself onto her fathers cock, and she watched his eyes flick down to his own manhood sliding into his daughters vagina.

Ray couldn’t believe this was really happening, but the throbbing pleasure from his cock made it undeniable. His daughter was obviously playing out some fantasy, the same fantasy he watched in porn almost every night. And now here he was, bare fucking his daughter’s pussy. Well, actually, she was riding his cock on top of him.

This wasn’t right to Ray. If he was going to fuck his daughter, he was going to do the fucking. He was going to take charge.

To Rachel’s delight, Ray grabbed her and pulled her towards him, embracing her tightly. He rolled them over in the small bed and Rachel squealed as she found herself on her back, with her daddy’s big body on top of her, and his big dick still deep inside her. She closed her eyes and gave into the sensation of her father’s cock thrusting in and out Escort Isparta of her, as he moaned loudly, knowing no one was coming no matter what they heard.

Ray was enjoying himself now. His daughter, though she was 19, was still his little girl, but she also had a hot little body, and he liked fucking her tight pussy with his dick. He was supposed to protect her but right now he wanted to fill her up with his cum. He could see the uncertainty on her face as Rachel realized she might not be ready for her daddy to fill her pussy up with his seed, but he growled at her and fucked her harder to let her know it wasn’t her choice anymore. She gave up her control when she slid her dad’s dick into her wet and ready vagina.

Ray felt himself getting close to orgasm. He put one hand around his daughter’s throat loosely, so she could breathe but couldn’t move, and he made his final strokes slow and hard. With the last thrust he left his cock deep inside and in the silence they both felt his dick throb and pump cum into her. Ray came deep in his daughter, the natural outcome of a daughter’s wayward seduction, and in that moment the post-coital horror crashed down on Ray and Rachel. They looked in each other’s eyes in that moment of incestuous bleakness… but then Ray resumed fucking her. Rachel began to cry, and Ray began to fuck harder, a second orgasm coming out of nowhere. His crying daughter triggered something deep in him that made him want to fuck harder, and cum again. He grabbed her breasts and pinned her down, ravaging her vagina with his hard cock as Rachel sobbed. Finally, Ray felt his dick throb once more, cumming again into his daughters worn and weary pussy. He collapsed onto her, and her sobs softened. His dick, still hard inside his daughter, throbbed.

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