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Birthday Present Surprise

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My name is Mike and I’d like to tell you what happened to me last week. My wife Sue was away for a few days on business and I felt at a loose end. As so often, I was browsing through this site in the hope that I might find some threesome fun, but without much expectation. There are so many men looking for the same thing. Then I came upon an ad that went:

“Fit, active and discreet man age 30-45 wanted to fuck my partner while I watch and take video for own use only. We are John and Jill mid 30s attractive couple and this will be my birthday present. Send face and naked photos with reply. No one liners.”

Well, I sent off a reply, not expecting an answer and, to my joy, received an email from them saying that they were seriously interested. They were only a half hour’s drive away and they wanted to meet to see if we clicked. He enclosed a holiday photo of the two of them holding hands on the beach. She was a blond in a bikini, with all the right curves and a nice tan. He was dark and slim and well muscled.

We met in a pub near their house and got along fine. Jill did most of the talking, saying that John was a virile man who had a big cock with which he liked to pound her. She loved it but just occasionally, she liked to turn the tables on him and dominate him. She would then make him lie on his back so that she could ride his cock. She liked to feel in control, saying that this felt so much better when it was over a strong man like John than it would have been if she had been controlling a mere weakling. John put in there that he enjoyed this too, though he wouldn’t want to do it all the time. Jill asked if I had good stamina, did I like to be dominant with my cock and was I all right with bareback anal. They seemed to like my answers and soon asked if I was still up for it, and of course I said I was indeed.

So we lost no time in going back to their house and having another drink. I was soon feeling randy and when Jill suggested we all strip I was sporting a good hard-on, as was John. He did have a big cock, probably an inch or so longer than mine; and he, like Jill, was shaved smooth. But Jill seemed quite happy with my equipment, because she came and sat beside me and began to stroke and kiss it and smear the precum around the tip, making it slippery.

Soon we were kissing deeply, exchanging saliva and strumming tongues, while my cock had become impressively hard. I was really looking forward to fucking Jill and the possibility of anal.

John was doing something to Jill’s pussy and she was moaning appreciatively. It was then that she seemed to shake herself and to break away from what she was doing, saying that it was time to get down to what we were here for. She said she was really going to enjoy her birthday present.

I was surprised and confused; “I thought it was John’s birthday, not yours.”

“No, didn’t I make it clear in my advert? I have always had a fantasy of seeing John lose his anal cherry to a man who rams him up the arse. So it is my present, not his. But it shouldn’t matter to you whose present it is.”

Horror. She didn’t realise. They really thought I had come expecting to fuck John, whereas I was expecting to do Jill. Neither they nor I had realised that the advert was ambiguous and we had jumped to our own conclusions. They must have thought I was bisexual or even gay. What could Demetevler Escort I say? I had never been attracted to men, so I should put them straight but, ridiculous as it must sound, my first thought was that it was my mistake and that I should have known what they intended. I felt foolish and was afraid that I had made a stupid mistake; and to admit this seemed a worse prospect even than physical contact with John.

Stupidly it hadn’t occurred to me at the time that the advert could be taken either way. Perhaps another factor was that Jill’s ministrations had left me feeling really randy and I wanted to do anything to relieve my erection, no matter what. The upshot was that I went along with them and pretended that the only confusion was that of whose birthday it was.

Jill took the lead, saying with relish that it was time for John’s humiliation to begin. She ordered him to bend over the arm of the sofa. “Hasn’t he got a nice arse, Mike? I love to spank it until it is red hot. Let’s start by warming him up.” I had to agree that he did have a nice arse. It was smooth and, unlike the rest of his body, it was an even white where his swimming trunks had protected it from the sun. This made him appear almost delicate, quite unlike the picture Jill had painted of a virile, potent man.

With that she gave him a resounding slap across his buttock, followed by another and a third on the other side. I could see the marks of her hand and even individual fingers upon his bottom. John flinched but didn’t utter a sound. “The trouble is I think this hurts me more than him.” She shook her hand. “I’ll use the paddle instead.” John groaned. He obviously knew the feel of the paddle.

“If you take that side I’ll go on warming this.” So this is what we did. I found that we were talking about what to do almost as if John didn’t exist and certainly as if he didn’t have any choice in the matter. Soon his buttocks were bright red and hot to the touch and my hand was really sore since I didn’t have the benefit of the paddle. “I think that will do for now, so we’ll go on to the next stage.”

She made him hold his buttocks apart, opening up the crack and revealing his anus. “I’ll start to lubricate him and then you can take over.” With that she bent down and spat upon his arse and licked it. To my surprise I found this very erotic. I looked closely and could see that he had a neat, tight anus that slightly expanded and contracted under the attention. It was so like my Susan’s and I reassured myself by thinking that really one anus was just like another and it didn’t make any difference who it belonged to, man or woman. “Your turn, Mike, you take over.”

By this time lust had overcome any hesitation and I set to licking around and into his bumhole. He had quite a strong, musky scent, not unpleasant. Then I probed it tentatively with a finger. Gradually I felt the ring relax and I was able to slip my finger in up to the second joint. Gently I finger fucked him, feeling his prostate in the front and trying to find his G spot, before adding a second finger. He began to pant, while Jill had stopped seeing to him and was sitting back watching the performance and pointing the camcorder. “Put your cock in Mike, he is well ready for it.”

So I withdrew my fingers, which were covered in thick, Otele gelen escort slimy mucus, which I smeared all around the opening, adding to Jill’s spit. For good measure I picked up the tube of lubricant that was lying on the floor and squeezed a good inch on and into his anus, with some more on my penis. Then with a smooth movement I placed my cock at the entrance to his slippery hole and ran the tip up and down and around his crinkled hole. I had to admit that the sensation was delicious.

John was moaning and even pushing back at me. Clearly he wanted more so I stopped what I was doing and gently pushed the tip of my cock into the centre of his hole. John gasped but didn’t try to pull away and all at once I had buried the first inch into him. I found the sensation of his anus gripping my cock quite pleasurable. I reassured myself that it was indeed no different from fucking Sue’s bum. His anal muscles started to relax and this encouraged me to resume, pausing until I had slid in another couple of inches. I began to move my cock slowly in and out and watched as his anal ring moved in and out with it.

Soon I was really enjoying not only the sensation but also the situation, in which Jill was clearly loving to watch and film as she manoeuvred herself round to get a better and closer view of the action. As I became more confident I took hold of John’s erect cock in my slippery hand and ran it up and down the shaft in time with my fucking movements.

Jill was becoming really excited, “That’s good. Give it him. Harder!” John was starting to make grunts and to push back in time with my thrusts. I felt his cock stiffen and could see his balls contracting. Then he seemed to go into spasm; he shouted out and spunk flooded out of the tip of his cock on to my hand, which was already so slippery, and the bed.

I was so aroused that by now my sole intent was to shoot my load into his bowels. I didn’t care if John was for the moment satisfied; I wanted my own relief to the exclusion of all else. I had an ally in Jill, who was gleefully egging me on to fill him up. John was going limp in more than one way, but I didn’t care and I redoubled my thrusts, quickly reaching the point of no return. With a yell I squirted my load up that willing anus.

Jill was ecstatic, “That was wonderful; the most erotic thing I have ever seen. I am just longing to see it on the film. But first John must clean Mike up.”

I withdrew my fast-softening cock, noticing the anus closing behind it and a string of cum stretching from there to the tip of my penis, which I now presented to John, who took it in his mouth and sucked out the remaining juice. Jill, in her enthusiasm, fell upon John’s arse, separated his buttocks and started to slurp up and into his anal crack with her lips and tongue.

“That was a lovely birthday present. Now, to complete it, I want to be thoroughly fucked by the two of you. Look, Mike, I’ll attend to you if you work on John and suck him till he’s hard again.”

Having ejaculated I was much less keen than I might have been, but I felt I had no option, so I took John’s limp cock in my mouth and started to play with it, pressing the tip of my tongue into the little hole in its end. At the same time I changed my position so that Jill was able to take my semi soft cock Balgat Escort into her mouth.

It wasn’t long before I began to feel the familiar stirrings down below. This became more pronounced when I felt Jill’s finger entering my anus. She pushed it in and moved it around in a manner that I had never experienced before. I must get Sue to do this. I was having success with John, whose own cock was becoming firm. Following Jill’s example I probed his arse with my finger and then with a second. He was still quite relaxed and sloppy and I finger fucked him until he had a good erection.

Jill resumed control. She told John to lie on his back and she straddled him, impaling herself on his cock. She then leaned forward to kiss him and managed to tell me at the same time to put my cock up her bum. She was leaning well forward, in an ideal position for easy penetration. To have a woman there was more to my liking, so I pressed apart her cheeks and gave her anus a thorough licking, including sticking the firm point of my tongue into the opening. Then I placed the still slimy end of my penis at her opening and rubbed it around to persuade the muscles to relax. Gently I pressed it in. She was not as tight as John had been. I wondered if she had had anal before or perhaps it was just that she was less tense than John, the anal virgin. I could feel John’s cock through the recto-vaginal wall, which made it all the more interesting. We began to move in conjunction with each other. Jill was getting more and more excited and she began egging us on, “Come on…, fill me up…, both my holes…,try to come together.” With that she screamed in orgasmic ecstasy.

This was too much for me. I couldn’t help it. “I’m coming.”

“So am I….OH!….!” We did come together. It was quite an achievement, really.

Jill wasn’t finished. She wanted to be thoroughly licked out. I was to lick John’s spunk out of her vagina, while he was to see to her anus. Entering into the spirit of the challenge I rolled Jill on to her back and raised her knees so that her bottom pointed up to the ceiling. I turned so that I was crouched, with my arse just above her face and, by leaning forward, I was well placed to give her pussy a good licking, which I now did while John took over the cleaning of her anus. For her part Jill licked my balls and in and around my bumhole.

Very soon Jill had to stop licking me as she began to pant and groan in her biggest orgasm yet. “Keep going…,don’t stop…,that is wonderful… oh… oooh!!”

By this time we were all pretty well knackered. Jill was the first to recover and she apologised for interrupting our cleaning efforts by having an orgasm. She said that, as the birthday girl, she wanted us all to enjoy each other’s spunk, so we must all take turns licking and sucking everyone’s cock, pussy and arse. She wanted us to suck up any last remaining juice but, instead of swallowing, she wanted us to feed it into each other’s mouths.

So we set to to do her bidding, slurping noisily and sucking up the remaining mixtures of semen and mucus. Earlier the very idea would have disgusted and repelled me, but now I found it really exciting as I exchanged my cocktail with those of the others and savoured the many flavours.

At last Jill allowed us a well deserved shower.

I was tired and sore but happy and fulfilled. It would have been an anticlimax to have had to drive home to my empty house, so I was glad that they asked me to share their bed for the night and too tired to worry that Jill and John had placed me between the two of them, in close contact with John.

I really must tell them that I am straight and that this was a one-off.

Or was it?


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